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About IMANI |
Writer & Astrologer

Los Angeles based.

Jamaica born and raised.

It was during my pursuit to become a writer that I delved into a self-taught study of astrology.

I had already been reading lil newspaper horoscope sections every now and then, but never dug deeper into astrology past that. However, freshman year of college, age 17, year 2012, marked the beginning of my spiritual awakening. And when I became lost to myself, the one thing that remained sure that I could tether myself to was the day I was born. 

Astrology is more than a personality test; it's a map back to yourself. It's a guide to awaken you to your purpose, and a guide to understanding how to navigate this world as your authentic self. After extensive study of my birth chart and countless others', it's my desire to show everyone how they can use this Divine craft to better their own lives and build their own realities.

After receiving a B.A. in English, Creative Writing and an M.F.A. in Screenwriting, I had set aside a few projects which are currently being written into ebooks; on track to be self-published in 2028. As a hopeful romantic, these fiction & non-fiction ebooks will center around Love, i.e. (1) understanding how to cultivate the Divine Masculine and Feminine within ourselves, (2) embracing the desire to find Love and releasing any shame involved,

(3) unlearning possession and knowing healthy detachment,

(4) revisiting traumas and building new, better relationship dynamics, etc. The longer you stay on your spiritual journey, the more you learn, know, and experience the energy of Love as the highest frequency you can vibrate on. 


Love is my muse, and I'm excited to share all that I've learned about it through these entertaining but real stories that come from my heart. It is also my hope that through my astrology chart reading services, learning how to apply your birth chart will open your heart and have you rising in Love with yourself again.

Connect with me more @theimaniamanda on IG, Twitter, TikTok, and get into all my astrology takes, and my other interests as well.

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