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  • Capricorn Full Moon Horoscopes (1)

    The Capricorn Full Moon arrives on Friday, June 21, 2024, 6:08 p.m. PDT. It's the first of two full moons this season that will represent the beginning of the reset point in our lives. There's an overwhelming pressure to go even harder as many people may feel like they haven't gotten to where they wanted to be yet by this time of the year. However, the best thing to do is to first assess which resources you already have that you haven't yet squeezed to their fullest potential. If there's anything you've put off, now's the time to take a look at that, at the very least, just to cancel some things off your to-do list before adding more. We can spend so much time looking at what needs to get done, but now is the time to appreciate what is here and available to you. It's a great time to get out in Nature, or even just hang out by the pool. When you get back in tune with your surroundings, you'll be surprised by the influx of ideas you receive. The idea is to get from this tense, constricted energy into a more relaxed flow. People can see rest as a type of distraction, but it can be something you use to support your goals. The real problem is that what some people define as rest is instead really just different types of escapism, which is indeed a distraction. To spot the difference, ask yourself if what you're doing draws you deeper within yourself and your truth, or if it takes you out of reality completely. Once we get into this state of flow, the next thing we want to do is ask ourselves, what are our values? What do we want to prioritize? When we know the answer, we have to find a way to commit to it! Many times, we know what we want, but our actions still portray the more outdated version of thinking. It's time to get into alignment by having our words match our behavior. This not only helps to build trust, but also helps to strengthen the emotional connection with ourself. It makes it easier to positively affirm ourselves, and love ourselves throughout all the human mistakes we may make. Under this moon, there's also a shedding of the more materialistic desires and the embracing of the soul's purpose. There's no ulterior motive behind doing things, no strategy, no marketing. There's just what lights you up inside. In order to stay pure in heart on this path, it's more important than ever to hone and reconnect to your spiritual practices and rituals. This can be as simple as daily prayer or card pulls in the rising. Use this time to rebuild a sanctuary for yourself, not just to have a space to unburden yourself from life's challenges, but also to have somewhere to be with yourself fully and wholly, a place where outside influences have no entry ticket, where you can build boundaries around what you allow to be impressed upon you. If possible, stay away from those who you know try to derail you from what you know you need to do for your life. That may be particularly hard to do depending on how much of an authoritative hold you feel they have on your life, but remember that it's also all about perspective. If everything in your reality can be used for your benefit, how can you then use their presence as a positive effect? By the second full moon, you'll have a chance to see what's worked, and what still needs revision so there's no need to try and accomplish everything at once. Start where change comes most naturally for you, and proceed from there. Below are the horoscopes for the Capricorn Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses. CANCER Sometimes we get exactly what we want but because it didn't come how or when we wanted it to, we sabotage it. Your challenge this full moon will be to resist that urge. Silence the ego. Put your pride to the side. This is the only way to be in the mode of receiving all we desire and more! You know a lot, more than most, but certainly not more than the guiding forces of the universe. When we reject the way that things appear, we only miss key elements of the lesson and stack more work unto our karmic debt. Stay in alignment by using everything that appears to your benefit no matter how vulnerable and out of control it makes you feel. LEO You can't force change. It comes when it's good and ready. At the same time, remaining inactive and doing nothing breeds no results. Right now, it's about finding that balance in letting yourself bloom naturally. Focus on the synchronicities that appear in your life now. Let the universe show you what choices to make next. It's a good time to draw inspiration from nature, dreams, music, animal sightings, etc. Use the words that stick out to you on a page to create a new story. This is all for you to tap back into that creative energy where your soul feels the most uplifted. When you feel the love that you can generate on your own, you'll automatically gravitate to the actions that are only for your betterment. VIRGO Since running away from your problems isn't a solution, how can you focus on making your responsibilities a little lighter of a load to carry? It's all good and well to pace yourself but have you tried just not caring about whether your tasks get done or not? As much as you think they're oh so important, what if you told yourself they actually weren't? If they get done, cool, but if they don't, why should that have any control over your happiness? At the end of the day, if it is something that needs to be tended to in order for other things to move along and progress, then clearly that step will have to be taken at some point. But it doesn't have to be now, and it doesn't have to necessarily be by you. Blow off some steam by throwing away your to-do list and focusing for once on what really gets you excited. LIBRA There's a focus now on what makes the body feel good. For a lot of people, that's sex, and that's nothing to be ashamed about. Whether or not you've been in a period of celibacy, giving that part of yourself to another is a deeply intimate act, even when you've been in partnership for years at a time. It's absolutely valid for you to feel cautious about stepping into your sexual energy. But there's also a side of you that deserves to let it all be unleashed. Discernment on who you share this with is still very much necessary, mainly for your protection, but even if you can't find a partner or two, there's always the fun you can have with yourself! Seduce yourself with a sexy outfit and some mirror work. Record voice notes and play them back to yourself. SCORPIO Don't make promises you can't keep. You may feel like you don't know when life will switch up and you'll be unable to follow through with a commitment, but at the same time, that knowledge of the unpredictability of life should always be factored into what you say and the plans you make. You can't make everyone happy, and this isn't for others' sake either. While yes, others' trust in you is diminished with each broken oath, your trust in your own capability to be reliable also gets shaky. When you can't count on yourself, you destroy the foundation for you to build anything on top of. Under this moon, focus on making your word your bond. SAGITTARIUS Boundaries is a huge things for you with this full moon. You're on a new path and in this new life, you're not tolerating and allowing anything that you did previously. It's clear to you what was right for you from what was wrong, and you're more than determined to follow your heart and your gut now. Still, there can be some emotional tugs on your fear that you'll lose what you have gained but cut those cords and stay aligned regardless. Boundaries are not a guarantee that you'll get to keep what you want, but it is a guarantee that you will always get what you need. Trust the process. Always take the time to get clear with yourself on what is your soul speaking versus your fear and desperation. CAPRICORN You could make the realization now that the reason you can't move forward is that you haven't been paying any attention at all to your current situation. You may feel like that's all you've been able to think about but when you analyze it properly, perhaps you can see that you were numbing to it all as opposed to being fully present. There's that feeling with some emotions and emotionally charged situations that if you really sat down with it all that you wouldn't be able to get back up, that you'd be so filled with rage or sadness that you would be heavier than iron. But the reason these things feel so big is because how tight you're holding on to it all. Allow this moon to give you the release you needed so that you can finally move out of the past and into the future. AQUARIUS There's been worry about who you're allowing into your safe space and sanctuary. There also can be a bit of regret now as you find yourself doing the same thing that you've once said you would never allow again. For one, remember that you get nowhere in beating yourself up. Two, what looks like a repeated mistake is actually a second chance at enlightenment. Things you didn't understand the first time around about your involvement in the situation become clear, and with this new embodied wisdom, you become magnetic to the things you do want to create and replicate. This is the time to be the rose in the concrete. Try to find where the pleasure and sweet relief is and bloom from that place. PISCES The problem isn't getting your hopes up. It's your fixation and insistence on one particular outcome. It's that if that exact occurrence doesn't happen, then nothing else will be able to make you happy. Start to remind yourself that there's a million and infinity ways that you can be happy and you'll be shocked at how many more doors open for you. You may have felt like it was wrong to be your authentic self because that included being too excited and in awe and wonder about certain possibilities, but that's exactly the quality that gets your manifestations magnetized to you. You just have to make sure that you're also not closing doors through having a limited mindset. It's okay and it's safe to keep your heart open to all that's in store for you. ARIES It's all about intentional action. Get clear about the why to ensure that you're putting the right energy behind all your efforts. So much of our behavior is from subconscious programming but now is the time to get to the root of it, and change each reaction one by one to be more conscious. This moon reminds you that you're in complete control and no one can take that away from you. You can only give it away. It may feel like others can emotionally sway you here and there, but if you stay rooted in the knowing that you are the driver of the ship, you can always be sure that you make the right decision for you in every moment. TAURUS Everyone knows that you have the capability to rip someone a new one if you get pushed to the edge, but part of that explosive anger is due to taking so much on the chin when you really should express it. Your natural energy is to accept others and show love, but you can still have love for someone and disagree with their actions or how they made you feel. You build more self-respect when you abandon the idea of being the chill vibe for everyone, and embrace the full truth of your emotions for what they are when they are. This doesn't mean you have to be the raging bull in every situation, but when you say how you feel for the small things, you actually avoid ever having to get your blood pressure raised too high, and you accomplish your original goal of being the person that's calm, cool, and collected. GEMINI This is about changing your idea of what the word "consistency" means. To most, it's showing up on the same day, same time, with the same attitude, when really, it's more about the internal pace and flow that you naturally run on. Most likely, you are someone who has bursts of energy in one moment, and can be completely drained in the next. Regardless of if your burst comes in the same interval of time or not, what's consistent is that you'll be super energized in one period, followed by a few hours or days of low energy. Get tuned into to what your internal pace is and do the most work on those days. It's never going to work if you're trying to force yourself on a schedule that is someone else's and fully out of alignment with your mind, body, and soul.


    The Sun enters Cancer on Thursday, June 20, 2024, 1:51 p.m. PDT. It's time for a little rest and reflection after a season of arguments and discord. We're pulling into Cancer Season with big boss, big confidence energy, knowing that if we got through the last few weeks, surely, we can get through anything. The nostalgic vibes will be extra turned up as both Saturn and Neptune go retrograde this season, but as long as we use the past for review and learning as opposed to holding us back, we can rest assured that we'll be on the forward moving train, diving into a brand new reality. The big event this season is that there will be two full moons! As the moon is the natural ruler of Cancer, we can guarantee that these phases will hit us where we're most sensitive. With both moons happening in Capricorn, we can look forward to some well-needed redirection unto a path less traveled. It's going to be hard work emotionally, but it's ultimately what we need to level up in our finances and also our self-discipline. The biggest lesson and reality check will be that as much as we wish and as much as we try to, we can't have our cake and eat it too. In order to move forward, we'll be required to let go of some things. But try to find solace in that it's all for the better. Saturn and Neptune in retrograde will turn our heads back to moments where we were deeply triggered so that we can finally get to the root of where that wounding began. A lot of us may be tempted to revisit the situation by getting back in touch with the parties involved, but it's key to use discernment here. If you're holding an expectation that the time apart would have helped them recognize the error of their ways, there's a high possibility you'll be sorely disappointed. You must assess where you're still looking for your external reality to change before you make the move to shift inwardly, and understand that the ripple effect of everything in your life comes from you first. Learn that it's not so much in getting what you're owed as it is finding forgiveness in self. We'll have some Leo energy creeping in with both Mercury and Venus entering Leo in July, which will have us confronting ourselves on where we're still holding back our highest expression. Which topics, areas, relationships are we still not charging into because we're believing we're not prepared for them? On the flip side, for those who have been moving along the path in the darkness, this will be the time for the path to finally be illuminated, for them to get the spotlight on them, for them to be rewarded for having trust and faith in the journey. For many of us, these transits will heal the trust issues that we've had with ourselves, and we'll feel start to feel that harmony we need to ascend to greater heights and a new level of consciousness. If you made a vision board in Gemini Season, it's time to take an honest look and assess which things you've made steps towards, and which things were not really aligned in the first place. For the dream that still feel quite distant, play with the idea that the only thing keeping it away is you. There's this feeling of always wanting to make sure you have a safety net underneath you, when the whole time, you had wings and could fly. With Jupiter in Gemini, there's that support where if you just always believe in and back yourself, you'll make it to any destination you'd like. Don't overthink yourself into the shell. Let the winds of creative imagination take you into the stratosphere and beyond. Key Transits occurring in Cancer Season 2024: The full moon in Capricorn will be on June 21, 6:08 p.m. PDT Saturn stations retrograde in Pisces on June 29, 12:06 p.m. PDT Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces on July 2, 3:41 a.m. PDT Mercury enters Leo on July 2, 5:50 a.m. PDT The new moon in Cancer will be on July 5, 3:57 p.m. PDT Venus enters Leo on July 11, 9:19 a.m. PDT Mars enters Gemini on July 20, 1:43 p.m. PDT The second full moon in Capricorn will be on July 21, 3:17 a.m. PDT Last full day of Cancer Season on July 21

  • Gemini New Moon Horoscopes

    The Gemini New Moon arrives on Thursday, June 6, 2024, 5:38 a.m. PDT. This is a new start where your consciousness is extremely aware of all the choices you have in front of you. You could spend a lot of time going back and forth on what is the best and most fruitful choice for you, but ultimately, all new choices lead to something, somewhere, unknown. The only thing you know is what you've already been through and at the end of the day, that's not information you can use to accurately assess where you're going and all the blessings that may lay ahead. The idea of making the right choice is not as much about the logistics. As much as we would love to nail down and feel some level of certainty, the only thing we can use to make a right choice is our intuition. When we're on a path, there's always that still, small, guiding voice that tells us to turn right or left, to cancel or go faster, to buy or to sell. Though we never know beforehand how it will all play out or why this is the way for us, we always find out after the fact that it was truly a Divine construction. This is because our intuition is our Higher Self, a version of us that is able to see the past, present, and future. This is the only version of us that truly has all the information in front of them, and can be certain that in the end, the path assigned is the most beneficial for your growth and well-being. Sometimes, we can find that our intuition leads us to a next step that seems to put us in a worse situation than before, but, as long as we're tuned in and are sure that we listened to that voice and not the ego's or anyone else's, we can be sure that the end will justify the means. We have to remember that the fact that we don't know all the steps, as frustrating as it can be, is protection. Most of us can only mentally handle what the direct next step is, but this way, we can focus on putting our whole energy into making that next step come from our best efforts. As opposed to thinking that you are being controlled, imagine that you are on a racetrack. Our Higher Self can see the entire map of the track where we can be a winner, but the only perspective we have is from behind the wheel. Until we approach that curve, we don't know whether we're turning left or right. Our Higher Self, however, is able to see that coming, and gives us the heads up early enough for us to be able to make the perfect drift. The hierarchy of the word, "Higher", makes it feel as if we're puppets on a string, but truly, this is a team effort. Our Higher Self is the coach that has all the experience, and wants us to excel in a way that even surpasses them. Gemini, which is associated with Mercury, is the master of communication, but we can never forget that listening is just as important as speaking. To help remember this, I like to refer to Gemini as the channel. It's about making space within, putting aside the ego, and the dense emotions of shame and fear, and allowing ourselves to be filled with the Divine downloads and Divine love. This is the clearest form of communication and it allows us to become the light bodies we were meant to be, to fulfill our greatest potential here on Earth. Everything that happens is for that reason. Remembering this can help us to keep a positive mindset with all people and things, and we can feel sure that it all is here to help and support us. Expect a lot of mental challenges now. This new period of changeability will poke you in areas where you have remained stagnant and unable to make a decision, and show you that you need to start moving along. This will not be as easy as it may sound. Stress and anxiety can flood our bodies as we begin to contemplate what will happen to us when we move from all we know. Instead of binging through unhealthy habits to soothe, find activities that help to regulate the nervous system. Dancing, running, walking, anything that gets your physical body moving around will assist in your mental changeability as well. Do what you can to keep light on your feet so that when the voice comes to tell you which way to turn, you're able to do it efficiently and effectively. Below are the horoscopes for the Gemini New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses. GEMINI You may be feeling more like yourself than you have in a while. There's been a lot of distractions but now you're getting back to the foundation of you, the basics. As someone who likes to learn, you may have been reading a lot of books, listening to a lot of podcasts or videos, and trying to absorb as much as you can from cherished teachers, but now it's time for you to share what you know. You don't necessarily have to become a teacher, but it's time to spread your wings and stand on your own two feet. Not to say that there's nothing else you can learn from others, but there's no need to be reliant on other's teachings. There's so much you have to offer on your own from your own experiences, and you won't get to really know the full extent of that until you get rid of the training wheels. CANCER Financial changes are up ahead as long as you can picture yourself in a different light. Wherever you may be living or working now is not somewhere you're stuck in or all you can amount to in this life. This is simply the stepping stone you need to become all you're meant to be. Nothing good comes from thinking you're worthless or a bum, so why would you reinforce that message? Every success story starts somewhere and you're merely at the beginning of yours. But if you want to move up from that step, you have to show yourself that every action is for the bigger dream. Take the time to make the correlations. Tell yourself what each action helps you to achieve. Do it for as many times as you need reminding. Write it down and stick it on all your walls and mirrors. LEO This is an invitation to change who you spend time with and what habits you have in terms of what you do for fun and how you socialize with others. You may have to ask yourself some hard questions, such as if the people you surround yourself with keep you on a path to success or keep you distracted. It's not so much a moon to get rid of others. It's more about getting back in tune with you, knowing what you need, and changing your response. For the most part, it feels like those around you will be happy to follow your lead. The thing is, as long as you feel confident in your decisions, most people feel confident in return to also be more of themselves. This is how relationships can remain successful, when all parties feel free to do what's right for them in each moment. VIRGO This moon brings you a change of physical environment. It could either be a change in residence, or a change in your business location. It could indicate coming offline and entering your first brick and mortar store, or perhaps you're even opening a second or third location. Either way, you're interacting with a new crowd, and you have a chance for exposure, to reshape your identity and brand. What you were known for can increase in some way, or be totally reinvented. But there's a lot of room for gold medals and notoriety here if you just keep listening to what fuels your heart. Let your passion lead the way. There may be some initial challenges that make you second guess, but trust that it's all for a greater purpose in the end. Don't quit prematurely. LIBRA This is a great time to embrace and show off your talents and skills. If you already know what you're the best at, book some auditions and put yourself out there, centerstage. If you're still fooling yourself by saying you're talentless, dedicate part of your days to exploration. Start with what appealed to you in childhood, even if you haven't done it in a while. There's nothing wrong with being a beginner but this energy is best used to compound unto an existing skill so that you can take it to the next level. Trying new things is exciting, but it can also sometimes serve as a distraction because of the fear of becoming a master. It's time to graduate from being the jack of all trades and really pursue one or two desires to their fullest extent. SCORPIO There could be some frustration now from things not growing as fast as you'd like them to be, but as much as we should look towards the future, you can't get there by despising where you are in the present. Now is the time to analyze your habits of escapism. How often are you mentally checking out when things aren't going your way? Understand that leaving the moment due to the stress of things not moving at your pace only makes the whole process go even slower, simply because you're not in the awareness to make the subtle shifts that would be necessary to move forward smoothly. Every time you leave and come back, it's like putting yourself at the starting line all over again. The best thing for your progress would be to find ways to feel safe in your body so that you can get through the tough situations, and come out the other side victorious and renewed. SAGITTARIUS They say that things in your external reality change when the state of your internal reality changes but there's also the knowledge that everything happens in its own time. Whether you feel ready of the next stage of life or not is not always the indicator of when new things will emerge. Sometimes what it takes is taking your mind off it completely, and being totally open to whatever wants to come next. Relax now. Don't worry about making any more tweaks to yourself or your mindset. Accept and embrace where you are. Flow with the natural state of your life right now. Change can often come when we least expect it. So all you need is to trust that with every moment, there's growth on an energetic level that you won't always see or feel, but that the universe will always pick up on. CAPRICORN You can always tell you're being hard on yourself when someone else repeats what you've said to yourself, and it feel like you've woken up out of daze. When you've said it to yourself, the inner critic tells you to cut deeper but as soon as those exact words leave someone else's mouth, the weight of it being a lie is so clear. This is why it's not always good to keep to yourself. You have moments where you're plotting a level up, and you retract from the crowd to avoid others' evil eye on your plans. However, when there's no one around to bounce off of, that's when you can be way too hard on yourself, and end up derailing your own level up. You don't have to let everyone in on every step, but learn to identify the key moments where a little feedback could be useful. AQUARIUS What playgrounds have you outgrown and where are you ready to spread your wings? You may have dedicated a lot of years to something that has been very fruitful for you in multiple ways, and though it may not be disintegrating, you don't want to wait until things are all falling apart before you jump ship. If you have a new opportunity to talk about or do something new, go with it! We know the saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", and if you were truly honest with yourself, your current situation, though fruitful, still kept you small. When change comes knocking at your door, as opposed to you seeking it out, that's the time to let it in. That's the universe giving you the heads up to change course before you collide into a brick wall. PISCES It's time to cut ties on your codependent contracts. This may have been something you've done in the past, but whatever the circumstances, new ones seem to have grown in their place. That's mainly due to the fact that the root of this issue went much deeper than you initially thought, and it's only now finally being addressed. Until you have the strength and the right words to communicate your point with love, it's better now to remove yourself from the situation completely when you know you need to be on your own or process something on your own. Know that others won't be able to see you as independent until you act as such. Now, you can put it in that work. ARIES How much time do you give to the things that matter the most to you? Go through your daily routine and see what things you rush through versus what things you put intention into. A simple change such as spending more time on your skincare routine, or on making breakfast can change the momentum of your whole day. You may think of certain things as unimportant while things such as your work and finances should get the most time, but when you take into account that your mood is what drives the day, you'll see that going into work in a better state of mind makes everything flow much better than when you try to force your energy there. Make some rearrangements and see if you can spot the difference in your progression with your goals. TAURUS This is learning to participate and contribute from a place of abundance rather than a place of lack. When you feel an energy as if you're grasping or that you're willing to give up everything in exchange for one thing, that's when you know you're coming from lack. When you're able to assess and dedicate the appropriate time to something, when you're willing to be patient yet devoted, this is when it's from abundance. Desperation isn't a good look for you. If you're feeling that way now, it's a sign to take a step back from the situation. Instead of looking at how to get to your desired result, analyze why it's getting your pants in a twist. What's underneath the desire to move so quickly and rashly? Where do you need to spend time comforting and reassuring yourself?

  • Sagittarius Full Moon Horoscopes

    The Sagittarius Full Moon arrives on Thursday, May 23, 2024, 6:53 a.m. PDT, which really feels like a round two of the past Scorpio Full Moon. We're asked to pay close attention to the realizations we're having now towards our attitude and relationship with luck, wealth, and abundance. Many people often going around saying they have the worst luck. Others believe they're only worth living check to check. Some tell themselves, consciously or subconsciously, that abundance is equivalent to greed. All these are just some of the ways we can block ourselves from our own blessings. With Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, in its last degree of Taurus, it's influencing this full moon to be a critical point where we have the chance to finally toss away the last of the things that have prevented us from expanding into our best lives and our best selves. It's hard to just say be positive and cast away all the negative beliefs, because at the end of the day, if there are things you've been telling yourself for months and years at a time, your brain will not be able to register the positive belief as your truth. At the end of the day, if there is not real feeling powering an affirmation, all you're doing is lying to yourself. A good start in shifting out of lack and into abundance is to first acknowledge what about your negative thoughts are untrue, and show yourself an example of how the positive thoughts could be true. Even if it's just in a small way, that will make a big shift as it will help your brain to start looking for more ways in which the positive thoughts that went unrealized are true. You will become obsessed with breaking the illusion and trying to see what else you missed. Outside of just negative thinking, we can now realize where we have purposely set ourselves up for failure when it comes to going after our dreams. We get stuck in our heads and create scenarios where even our best isn't good enough and we become paralyzed and don't even give things a real go. Any attempt is half-hearted, or we give ourselves a timeline that is unrealistic. We do these things because failure when you never gave yourself the best chance at success anyway doesn't mean anything and doesn't affect or hurt us. You can't be blamed, and you can trick yourself into thinking that life just didn't support you. Whole time, your half-ass effort was simply met with half-ass results. If we want to dream big and make it into a reality, we have to be willing to risk big. When you're going after a true desire, one from the deepest caverns of your heart, that's when the stakes are the highest and you meet the most resistance. But living a safe life isn't really living. What makes life feel the most worth it are the moments when we approach the danger zone, when the thing we want is just on the other side of swimming with the sharks, and we jump into those waters anyway. With Mars still in Aries, we're reminded that failure is only a refusal to get back up after falling down, because no matter what, whatever you keep chipping away at is something that will always become yours in the end. Commit to living life on the wild side. As I've learned from Mel Robbins, all we need to do is find that sweet spot between feeling inspired yet challenged. Put down the overthinking and the stress and anxiety, and just commit to going forward in any way you can with whatever resources you have. The only way to answer fear and procrastination is with action. It's not about how fast you're going or how many people you're reaching. The growth will naturally follow after consistency. Just keep pushing yourself to chase excitement and what gets you fired up. Leave the excuses behind with the old you. Below are the horoscopes for the Sagittarius Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses. GEMINI You're at a point in your life where you have multiple pathways in front of you, and you can choose to experience any journey you wish. There are no wrong answers but there is a way that would best match what you're dreaming about now. To find the illuminated path, you must spend some time in the darkness and the silence to tune in to your intuition. What you have resistance to can be what you need to stay away from, but it can also be what you need to overcome and draw closer to. Use your intuition now for greater discernment on these choices ahead. Trust that any pathway that supports your spiritual growth and evolution is a path worth taking. CANCER Is your daily routine in alignment with the life you want to create? If you need to make some changes, let the motivation be because of what you feel you have rather than because of what you feel is missing. For example, instead of saying, "I need to wake up earlier because I don't have enough time in the rising to do my work", say "I'd like to wake up earlier because I have the flexibility to rearrange my schedule to whatever suits me best in this moment". When we make shifts in our lives because we feel that we are living the wrong way or that we are not doing enough, the only thing that's being registered, the only energy that's being communicated, is that we don't feel we are enough. If we can incorporate changes while loving our present selves, rather than hating our present selves, we can stay in the right frequency, and double and triple our blessings. LEO Under this full moon, you are called to cleanse the heart space of any dense emotions. All your creative ideas come from the heart and you cannot work at your full potential without releasing fear, sadness, pride, and worst of all, shame. No matter how many have tried to make you feel small in your life, this moon will assist you in reclaiming your bigness. Before you react or respond to anything, take the time to do at least 3 to 5 deep breaths. In this working, inhale and say the word which vibrates the energy or emotion you'd like to embody, and during your exhale, say the word which vibrates the energy or emotion you'd like to release. Repeat as many times throughout the day as necessary until the unwanted energy/emotion has been fully cleansed through the heart space and left your body. VIRGO Emotions and feelings you usually ignore and push to the side are becoming more impossible to avoid as they get louder, and life begins to bring more experiences so that you can deal with them head on. It's important to know that negative thoughts or emotions against others don't make you a bad person. Being in service and love to others is also about honoring your anger. The key is to acknowledge it when it's a flame as opposed to when it becomes a full blown forest fire. Trying to act holier than thou, as if you're above such human things, only makes negativity grow within you. Practice now being honest about your feelings before they turn into a campaign against all who you think could trigger you. This is the start to the return of unconditional love. LIBRA Now is the time to leave a situation that doesn't serve you, that causes you to stay in a loop of suffering, and go in search of something that helps you to develop more compassion for self and others. Sometimes, when we enter a relationship, with a place or a person, we commit to it so fully because we want to give it our all. But this full moon helps you to remember that there are millions and billions of people and places out there. A warning sign in a relationship is always when you feel shackled to something, as opposed to feeling free to leave and return as you please. This is when we know that instead of it being something that's life-giving, it is instead draining us of all our energy. This also applies to the labels that we, or others, put on ourselves. The ability to change your mind can also be a gift and a strength. Use it as such now. SCORPIO Whatever you create is for you to release into the world, for someone else to build on and use to their heart's desire. Think about gift giving. When you gift someone an item, you don't monitor what they do with it or force them to tell you each day how much they love it. This is because you gave from an abundant place, knowing that whatever it is will come back to you tenfold. Release the need to micromanage the outcome and simply create knowing that everything you produce is going to someone you love. Feel into the gratitude for even having the resources and ability to create what's in your mind's eye, and be happy that you're a part of spreading goodness and a positive vibration into the world. SAGITTARIUS Like Gemini, your life is at the pivot point, and this moon asks you to trust yourself and stick to your standards and boundaries. You don't get to where you want to go or with who you want to be with without saying no to everyone and anything else that doesn't align. Now is the time to trust the process. From your limited POV, this may look like taking an L. But it's all in preparation for you to win the bigger prize in the end. This is how you step out of the cycle of getting the same test in different forms. Show the universe that you're ready for a new level. Follow the path your soul has set out for you. CAPRICORN Spend more time with what helps you to engage in the energy of love. Bonus points are available if you're not relying on another person to get you into this state. This could include meditation, yes, and it can also be reading your favorite book, watching a favorite movie, or engaging in a skill you know you're very capable of, just to name a few. Now is one of those times where you need a reminder that you don't need to please anyone else, or work to be worthy of anyone else's attention in order to feel or be what you already are. All the love you need is already inside of you. You just need to practice pulling it out, and living through it for yourself. AQUARIUS There's a difference between being negative and having a gut feeling about something. Because we have the power to speak things into existence, it can sometimes feel like we bring certain negative situations unto ourselves. However, there's a difference when you're creating an energy and when you're receiving or feeling into a certain frequency or energy. Negativity spirals out because it starts from within. One small insecurity gets set off by another deep seated belief, and sooner or later, you're being triggered by a reality you created. When getting an intuitive message, it shoots straight through you. Even if part of you may be worried, you're still open to all outcomes until you feel that clear slice into you and get that message. Learn to discern the difference now to help navigate situations with others more clearly. PISCES As you remake your image once again, remember to discern whether you are forming it from who you know yourself to be or if it's coming from who you believe would have the best reception from others. One is the real you. The other is another mask. Start to consider the fact that when the great artists of our time put their work out there for the first time, it was praised because it was something new and different. If great recognition is what you're after, it's not going to come from being another iteration of what already exists. Get back to the lab, remove all the idols, and trust that with just you as the inspiration, you'll be able to form something that has true novelty. You can't be afraid to stand out. Know that people think they know what they want, but what they really want is something they never knew they needed. That can only be created from you being your unique self. ARIES The great thing about fantasizing is that you can make anything you want, but the not so great part is if you begin to feel that all these things in your dream world are out of reach, or worse, impossible to achieve in your current reality. Let this be a reminder or a teaching that if you're able to imagine it, you're able to bring it through. In some way, shape, or form, you can create everything that comes into your mind's eye. The idea is to not get sucked into the details and to keep your mind on the bigger picture. Ask yourself what the overall goal is. At the end of all the quests, what is it that you want to come out with? This is where you'll find what really matters to you. TAURUS Our hearts are the most open when we are completely defenseless. This simply means that instead of walls, we have boundaries. The best analogy to differentiate the two is that a wall is a solid line, and a boundary is a dotted line. Walls prevent things from going in or coming out. Boundaries only separate one place from another. Grief is often an emotion that leaves us wide open, but ideally, we'd want to learn how to get there without the trigger of something or someone being ripped away from us. Check in now to see where you still have walls and where you could be more open. Feel safety from knowing that, with boundaries, you can always send someone off the exit at anytime that you feel doesn't respect your heart. You can still honor what is misaligned without shutting yourself down.


    The Sun entered Gemini on Monday, May 20, 2024, 6:00 a.m. PDT. Get ready for people to be sharing their unwarranted opinions, and revealing what they really think about you. No doubt, this Gemini Season could get messy and petty, but it can also be exciting for some as they could be hearing declarations of love. For anyone who's had a bit of writer's block, any stagnant mindset will be moved now, and ideas will be flowing in like a well-oiled machine. Overall, many of us will feel more clear about who we are, who we've always been, and how we want to express ourselves. The thing we should remember the most during this time is that the truth will set us free. There's been a lot of talk since the beginning of this astrological year about inherent worthiness and what it takes to go after your dreams, and this season will be no different. We've been working on a lot of subconscious programming in order to come into more wholeness and embrace ourselves as imperfectly perfect just the way we are, and ultimately, this Sagittarius Full Moon is going to give us the last piece of the puzzle before we feel truly confident to make some real moves. We've been making a few setup plays, but now it's time to shoot for the goal. Once Venus enters Gemini, we'll be connecting with the right people in our professional world, finally feeling like we know exactly how to present our new ideas and how to manage and keep that interest we get from others. The big event of the season is Jupiter's shift into Gemini. While Jupiter in Taurus brought some abundance and financial stability, there was also a lot of pressure to expand and frustration at things moving at a slower pace. Jupiter in Gemini is free from the weight as it focuses more on the exploration and different avenues it could expand into. There is more choice than expectation. As Jupiter is at home in Sagittarius, as the opposite sign, Jupiter is considered in its detriment in Gemini. This simply means that where Jupiter in Sagittarius may have luck find them, Jupiter in Gemini must find their own luck. But also, where Jupiter in Sagittarius must be ready to find purpose in and take advantage of each situation else it misses its chance, Jupiter in Gemini will automatically succeed in whatever lucky situation they create. This season will be most successful for those who can tap into their playful side and just not take things too seriously. Do a coin toss or play rock, paper, scissors to make a decision. Instead of obsessing over possible consequences, pick a path and move ahead before even getting to think that much. Instead of waiting for the perfect set of circumstances, put two sticks together and call it a house. This isn't to say that you don't deserve something concrete or that your best case scenario is impossible. This is just to get past the stage of procrastinating and finding excuses to live in fear, and to instead, embrace your creative energy and see that maybe what you've wanted, you've been able to do all along. The time for rest will come by the end of the season as we transition into Cancer energy, but until then, expect to be busy, busy bees. Still, any sort of quick travel to socialize is supported during this time. Instead of trying to plan out how this time will go, just stay open-minded and never say never. Also remember that speaking up is just as important as listening in. Once you have your say, wait for a response, and instead of turning it into what you'd like to hear, take things at face value in order to move on quicker to what's right for you. In everything this season, comprehension is key. Key Transits occurring in Gemini Season 2024: The full moon in Sagittarius will be on May 23, 6:53 a.m. PDT Venus enters Gemini on May 23, 1:30 p.m. PDT Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25, 4:15 p.m. PDT Mercury enters Gemini on June 3, 12:37 a.m. PDT The new moon in Gemini will be on June 6, 5:38 a.m. PDT Mars enters Taurus on June 8, 9:35 p.m. PDT Venus enters Cancer on June 16, 11:20 p.m. PDT Mercury enters Cancer on June 17, 2:07 a.m. PDT Last full day of Gemini Season on June 19

  • Taurus New Moon Horoscopes

    The Taurus New Moon arrived on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, 8:22 p.m. PDT. Romance is in the air! There's a heavy emphasis on building with someone who complements you and truly cherishes you, but there's also the other side where it's about embracing that the quality that usually attracts you to others is one that you can already embody on your own. Under this new moon, we have the chance to see this quality in ourselves, let it shine, and relish in our wholeness and beauty. If we're able to truly cultivate this on our own instead of relying on someone else to bring it in for us, there's no end to what we can attract with all this benefic energy supporting us! This moon usually brings a soft, cozy vibe with it but with Venus, the ruler of Taurus, also in Taurus, alongside Mars, Venus' partner, in its own domicile as well in Aries, there's a bit of a spark overshadowing the slow, relaxing vibes. It brings that extra sense of confidence you have when you're out with friends or your romantic partner versus when you're out with yourself. When you're out with those you're comfortable with to the fullest degree, you have a chance to reflect a side of you to strangers that is just not visible when you're alone. Even with those who feel comfortable with anyone around, with someone who knows you well, you're talking about things in a different way that you wouldn't with a stranger because there's a history. With this new moon, you're remembering that you can have access to this side of you at all times because the person you have the most history with is yourself. It's time to redress yourself and take another look in the mirror at the person in the reflection. How much more can you get your outside to reflect what you know is on the inside? Are you comfortable sharing yourself with the person you see staring back at you? As we know, if we want true, deep connections with others, we have to start with ourselves. Otherwise, we'll continue attracting people out of lack, desperation, and codependency, rather than from a place of abundance, security, and love. Try to set some time aside to test what it would be like if the person you were with friends or even at home when no one is around is the same person you bring out when you're meeting new people. How does that more full, more present version of you look, talk, act, even smell? What do they like? What do they want to try that they never had the courage to do before? The truth is, it doesn't matter what anyone but you thinks of yourself. So get into what it's like when you only have to worry about pleasing yourself. How much less pressure do you place on yourself? What do you prioritize that perhaps could've been on the back burner before? As sweet as this new moon is, proper growth doesn't come without a little bit of tension. For the time being, embrace being stretched out of your comfort zone and accept that all good things take time. You may have had a grand realization that will take a bit of effort to implement into your daily routine. Just continue to trust the process. Avoid making any big financial moves to try to force new change overnight. Be smart with your investments, and everything will fall into place as you see and feel it will. Know that when you take the time to mold and create newness from scratch, the love that is cultivated and gets put into your work is a far better reward than trying to hold on to something you didn't truly earn. Below are the horoscopes for the Taurus New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses. TAURUS There's an enlightenment around love at this time. It's the realization that love is just one word used to encapsulate so many different meanings and feelings, and each and every one of us has a totally different perspective of it. It's important to understand that what you may define as love may be completely different to what your partner or family and friends define it as. When you really look at it, most of us are projecting the ideal we have of love unto another when we hear them say "I love you". Most of us have a different set of expectations and baggage when it comes to using that word. How often do we sit with each other to actually share the definition of love to another, and how many relationships would change after hearing that definition? It's not about judging each other's understanding of it, and trying to make them change it. It's about seeing whether any two people can really be a true match and be truly compatible based on it. GEMINI You can be quite impressionable and quick to try on different, interesting masks and personalities that you see others wear because they intrigue you and you want to see how it feels and how it fits if you were to attempt to demonstrate it in your own energetic field. It's the same idea as when actors read a screenplay, and rehearse until they feel that they've become the character that the screenwriter has created. The problem of course is that when the show is done, how do you return to your own essence, and after performing so many acts, how do you know what is truly you? In a way, in becoming so close to different characters, you end up integrating small pieces of all and they do become authentically yours, but the mistake would be to think that the character that you were born as is irrelevant in any way. Use the next few days to play the role you were born into. Step away from all outside influences and move as if you were the only one in the world. CANCER Life has come full circle for you. You're back to the point that you were before you went down the path of distractions. It wasn't the wrong path to take though it may seem that way in hindsight. Reason being because what you've learned and the growth you've had along the way would not have happened without that exact sequence of events. It's one of those moments where if you knew what you had to go through to get to where you are today, you probably wouldn't have chosen it, so thank God you were in the dark. Everything is divinely timed, and now it's as if you have a second chance to do things differently while you're well-equipped with all the new knowledge you wished you had before. It's the repeat moment we all secretly desire. So instead of focusing on what and who you've lost, understanding that you have a new beginning, a clean slate, to invite and welcome in all the things that you are deserving of. There's nothing more gratifying than having the chance to choose love instead of fear. LEO It's a good time to make yourself as visible as possible as endless, new opportunities flow to you in the next few days. Take a risk on new creative ideas, and know that as long as your passion is seen, there will be others waiting and yearning to collaborate with you. The biggest caution would be to know the difference between confidence and arrogance, and humility and inferiority. It's a fine line to walk but you must learn and master how to back yourself in any situation while also showing vulnerability by being honest about your experience and skill levels. You must also master how to show a willingness to learn new things without fading into the background and becoming shy and silent. It's not about editing yourself into perfection. It's about listening to the heart, and focusing solely on what is true. VIRGO To up-level your craft, it's time to go back to basics. You may already be an expert in your field, but what you need now is to see things from a new perspective. Enroll in a class or course where you can re-learn the basics from someone who is also a veteran in the field like yourself. Though some of the things may be simple revision, you may be surprised in how much you've forgotten, or in how much things have changed since you first started. This will do a few things. For one, it will re-inject a love and joy for your craft where you may have gotten a bit jaded. Two, you may be looking to provide a new service in the same field and this can help to show you that new avenue. Three, you could meet someone that you'd like to partner with, as maybe the missing piece is that you're no longer suited for solo work. Whatever it is, the only thing this moon asks of you is to be open to new possibilities and new journeys, even with the things you feel you've already mastered. LIBRA There's a healing from solely seeing yourself through the eyes of others, and you're starting to only see yourself through your eyes. In the past, it was easy to become heartbroken as if others responded in a way that felt like rejection, you would immediately feel unworthy and just less of who you actually are. Now, it's clear that what others tried to place on you is a weak projection of how they actually feel about themselves. The worthiness journey is one that goes up and down, and some of us need more of a reminder than others. But at the end of the day, if you try to remember that others' responses to you is a reflection of them and not yourself, you can safely detach from the negative stories that float around in your head, and start to build a safe space where you can uplift yourself and see a true reflection of your love essence. SCORPIO This is a great moon to graduate from any petty behavior and embrace being the bigger person. This doesn't mean you're not allowed to defend yourself or that you have to stay quiet while others tarnish your name and reputation. It simply means that instead of allowing someone to get under your skin and into your energy field, you remain centered, neutral, and in your seat of power. This looks like retiring the victim mentality and pointing the finger, and remembering that others' pain points have nothing to do with you. When others become threatened by you, by default, they've already put themselves in a weak position and there's no victory in kicking someone while they're down. Instead of matching their energy, choose to shower yourself in your own love energy, and focus on what makes you confident in yourself. SAGITTARIUS Lifestyle changes are at the forefront for you this new moon. This is a good time to commit to new eating habits, and perhaps even a new fitness routine. This time around, instead of changing your body because you feel that's what would help you to better fit in, it's about doing what you think will make you feel good, and having the outside reflect what you feel like is on the inside. The best part is that you don't have to worry about rearranging your entire life. This is just small additions and subtractions here and there. The most important thing in this whole process is to simply take it at your own pace. You're not in any race trying to keep up with anyone else. The key is to always check in with how you feel and if each new thing helps you to feel happy. CAPRICORN There's an alchemy that happens now when reviewing your past relationships. Instead of seeing them as failed divorces and something lost, you can now see them as conscious uncouplings and something gained. Even if there was a bitter and angry and seemingly unresolved end, that in itself is information that makes you aware and teaches you something. We're getting back to gratitude, and beginning to see ends as completions and successes. Life is like a video game, and when you've passed a level, you don't keep trying to restart it or extend it as that's not what gets you to the finish line. The win and the victory is in the moving on. There's a happiness to upgrade and see what life brings you next, and a peace in knowing that what's done is done. Embrace this concept now. AQUARIUS Under this new moon, you can discover your purpose, or other gifts and skills can come online now. This happens because of a deeper level of love that you've developed for yourself. In accepting yourself the way you are, even more of you has shown up in this reality. But this also means that it's time to take on more responsibility. In trodding down a new path, not everything or person or mindset from your old life can come with you. It'll be up to you to take space from what no longer works, and replace it with what better serves you. It's not all daisies and roses, but ultimately, this is the beginning of a journey that helps you to bloom into all you're meant to do on this Earth. It's a great time to redo that vision board, and get your new moon bath going to really get clear on what your heart is saying to you. PISCES Take a watchful eye to your mind's racing thoughts now. It can be easy to get carried away and stuck in a rabbit hole, but it can be just as easy to think positively and build something new and productive. What you read or watch will be important during this time. Is the media you're intaking information that supports your dreams and goals, or is it keeping you in comparison mode? This is not necessarily a hint to stick to self-help or more spiritual books and media as if your vice is feeling like you're not already perfect as you are, then this is exactly what's going to get you in an unproductive headspace. The first thing to assess would be, "what makes me feel good about myself?", and then you can draw for the right supporting materials after that. Try not to have any agenda outside of joy. The last thing you need is to get into any unwarranted competition. ARIES You have some money making ideas, if only you could stop judging yourself long enough to see them through. You may have been quite crippled by your self-criticism for a long time and it's pushed you into playing it safe. It seems uncharacteristic for your sign, as you're known for going after what you want, but oftentimes, the impulsivity is fueled by the desire to quiet that inner voice. Still, impulsiveness doesn't exactly heal the root of the problem. If you're wanting to hear another voice, you have to slow down enough to hear your Higher Self. If meditation is not your thing, try getting into dream interpretation. Before sleep, set an intention of what you'd like to improve on or how you can move forward with some of your ideas, and instead of focusing on the symbolisms and people that may appear, try to take note of the feeling you have right before you wake up. This could help to highlight where you're blocked or find the real service behind your critiques.

  • Scorpio Full Moon Horoscopes

    The Scorpio Full Moon arrived on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, 4:49 p.m. PDT. Under this cycle, we're training our hearts to be lighter than a feather. We start this by facing the real reason why we have yet to go after the things that our hearts truly desire. Whether we've told ourselves that we're private people, or that we like an air of mystery around us, or that we're waiting for an appropriate time, or that we're waiting to save a certain amount of money, it's time to admit these for the excuses that they are. Our fears are only as great as we make them, and under this full moon, we have the chance to shrink and discard of these monsters of our creation, and step forward into the limelight. There's enough room on this Earth for all of us to try our hand at anything we want to do, and it's time that we remember, not everything about life is about making money and achieving status. In fact, that's the tiniest and least significant aspect. The majority of life is for exploration and gaining experience, for it's here that we can gain wisdom and grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The big question under this full moon is, "how does this make me feel?". When we find something that matters to us in the moment, do it immediately, and then journal to this reflection question. Rinse and repeat, and notice the joy that comes from gaining knowledge in what your soul craves. When we hide from our interests, it only sets us on a destructive path, especially when we run into others who follow their heart, or worse, we see others move bravely into the exact things we want for ourselves. This is how the heart gets weighed down as it becomes filled with jealousy and contempt. We stay in this demeanor long enough and we can become unrecognizable to ourselves. We become passive aggressive, or just straight up violent, and going anywhere without a mask starts to feel like hot water on a raw, open wound. Luckily, all it takes is one moment of choosing to do what makes us happy to ease the pain. And when we continue to rinse and repeat no matter what thoughts arise to pull us back to the old way, eventually, it'll be like the cold side of the pillow after a long day, and we'll wonder how we ever went so long without choosing ourselves. When the negative thoughts arise to drag you back to a lower vibration, keep your center by reminding yourself of the feeling in your body when you decided to do the thing that pleased you most in that moment, and then tell yourself that that was the only goal. Nothing else matters. Even if it didn't give you the complete feeling of ecstasy you may have been expecting, just bringing it into your reality as opposed to leaving it on your list of "what ifs" is not only informing you on how to improve for next time, but it also frees up manifestation space for you to get more specific and intentional on your desires. Just to be clear, this isn't about impulsivity, chaos, and lack of discernment. This is about building the experience from your highest passion, and experimenting with the results. In the end, as always, it comes back to gratitude. When we use the resources we have at our disposal to continue our role as co-creator no matter the cost, we show the Universe that we recognize our privilege to be here and that we're not wasting our time or our energy. We prove our determination to our purpose and we in turn attract even more of all that's meant for us. Use this full moon to let go what's rotten and dying. Take out the trash so you can find the treasure. It's up to you to make room for your blessings. Don't hold yourself back a minute longer. Liberate yourself. Below are the horoscopes for the Scorpio Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses. TAURUS Close, long-time relationships dissolve under this full moon. And if you're honest with yourself, there's a relief. Not only is there more time for yourself, and less time worrying what the other person thinks of you, but it was just more work and anxiety in trying to keep this person in your life. Perhaps it just always felt like there was something they were holding back, but now you know the truth, and you can return to ease. There's also a reminder that closure is something you give yourself. See this as a gift and spend time nurturing yourself this week. Use the lessons you've learned from this and see if there is anyone else in your life whom you'd like to provide clarity for, even if it means another dissolving. The idea is to wipe the slate clean so you can start over from a refreshed standpoint, with your energy operating at full as opposed to tired and depleted. GEMINI Most of you will be feeling the urge to leave your job and old work life behind, but for some of you, the right call is to instead bring something back into the work you're doing. How can you leave when you haven't even achieved what you came here to do in the first place? It's time to go back to why this was an initial passion for you, and see if you can realign to that track. Maybe it will require asking for another position in the company, but mostly, the new perspective needs to come from you. It can feel hard to re-inject passion and adventure when you feel you're at the end of the line, but maybe you can partner with someone who is young and fresh in the business to remind you how it feels to be eager and ready to achieve greatness and leave your mark on the world. CANCER There's a difference between labelling yourself as the villain and others labelling you as a villain. In the first, you inherit and begin to embody the story and identity that you are bad, and at its worst, you begin to purposely do things to inflict and project your pain and suffering on others in order to reinforce that belief. It becomes just another way for you to self-hate, which in turn is just another way to make yourself the victim. In the latter, that story of you being the villain remains an illusion to you even if it exists as truth to another. You remain grounded in your truth, taking accountability for what's yours and nothing else. You remain focused on your journey, rather than trying to play a supporting role in someone else's. Here is where you can give yourself grace. Here is where you can practice self-love. LEO You're learning to set intentions for the future while releasing attachments to the outcome. This is a delicate balance as often we believe that once we set an intention, we have to always keep our eyes on that prize in order to bring it into fruition. But keeping that hyper focus is how we build attachments, and worse, how we stay narrow minded and block even greater blessings from coming into our lives. Let us remember that setting an intention is about gaining clarity in the purpose behind your actions. Once that is set, it's immediately interwoven in all we do, and doesn't require any more attention than simply living in that alignment. When we can let go of what we think will happen after the intention is set, that's how we can leave the door open for our dreams to come true. VIRGO Being quick to criticize where you went wrong is not the self-awareness you think it is. There's a way to be honest and hold yourself accountable that doesn't include beating up on yourself. Cussing yourself out does not make you any more enlightened. It only reinforces your own belief that you are not worthy of true friendship or partnership. Believe it or not, you too are human, and all of us humans make mistakes, and that's okay! In fact, if we didn't make mistakes, how would we grow? Our only job is to recognize them and do better next time. So, no need to stew in the disappointment of your actions. You can still be trusted! And you still deserve to be loved. LIBRA If your friends tell others who you are, what do you see when you look at the people you surround yourself with? How is that a reflection of your current state? This can be quite confronting if you've been hiding from yourself, and using the company you keep to bury that true you. But if you can face your fears, you can meet the light. To find true commitment, we have to first commit to ourselves. Do a life audit under this full moon to see where you stand. If you're lucky enough to be surrounded by those who shine in their own light, use this moon to celebrate with them. Not everyone has the chance or the courage to do the inner work and find true partnership. Never forget what a blessing this is. SCORPIO There's only so much apologizing you can do for your past. Let it end today. As much as you are the person who has been involved in things that weren't completely aligned, you are also no longer that person in the present moment. There are those who would love to keep you there by constantly reminding you of your old behavior, but this is just an indicator that those are not the people that have your best interest at heart. Moving on with your life does not mean you've shirked your responsibility to take accountability for any damage done. But taking accountability doesn't mean paying for your sins for the rest of your life. As long as you've adjusted your behavior and committed to a new life, your payment is complete! Don't allow yourself to be guilt tripped for a minute longer. Free yourself so you can stay committed to the present. SAGITTARIUS You could be feeling cooped up and wanting to escape into a new reality. It's not in the sense that you don't love your life now, but there's just the feeling and knowing that there's more for you available, and you're ready to claim it. If this is true, this is a sign of your expansion. You're growing into your wings, and you're ready to fly. There's nothing to do but wait until the moment your intuition gives you the nudge to move, but in the meantime, you can find joy in the fact that you've made it through another evolution. What you thought you couldn't get through, you did. You came, and saw, and conquered. All of your rewards are closer than you think. CAPRICORN In a world where others promote fear, be the light. You've never been afraid to stand on your own, to go in the opposite direction of the crowd, but there can also be an exhaustion in always having to be the one to put up boundaries and have standards. There are just times you wish that your name didn't always have to be the one in others' mouths, and that you could just for once blend in. At the same time, you also understand that someone has to lead the charge into a new society and a different way of living. It's not a responsibility you take lightly and you're committed to the role you play. Under this full moon, there's a reminder that as much as it may look and feel like it, you are not alone. There are other revolutionaries like yourself placed all over the world, leading their own charge, and one day, you will all converge in the same space, and you'll get the community you're looking for without having to force it or abandon your cause. Draw strength from the full moon, and keep carrying the torch so they can recognize you when they arrive. AQUARIUS Where are you biting off more than you can chew? Filling up your schedule can make you feel more productive, but it doesn't actually do anything for your growth if you're just going round and round on the hamster wheel. Take a break so you can reset your priorities. Instead of simply going through the motions, set a path for yourself where each step progresses from the next. Basically, use your ambition for climbing upwards instead of just staying busy. And always remember that taking the time to replenish is a necessary step in building a new reality. There's no need to feel ashamed if you need to rest up in between tasks. Most importantly, make time for your creative expression. Even if it doesn't look like it, working out that part of your brain is an upward, forward step. It keeps your intuition and imagination active, and keeps you from getting too rigid in your daily life. PISCES No amount of travel will help you to run away from your problems, so it's best to face them head on so you can get through it and truly move forward. As much as you'd like to protect yourself from pain, denial of the truth only does the opposite. It may delay the inevitable, but it also cause the explosion to be bigger than it needs to be. You may be asking yourself, "what does it all mean?", but you can't intellectualize everything, especially if it has to do with other people's choices. The best thing you can do is to find what shines gold in the dark. What is this a chance for you to express? Purge and cleanse now, and perhaps the reason and lesson behind it all will make itself apparent to you. ARIES Under this full moon, you integrate certain shadow aspects of yourself. Things that you once couldn't look at are easily accepted now. The ways in which you allowed yourself to be treated in the past no longer make you cringe. In fact, you can see them as the journey you needed to take in order to have your eyes opened and evolve in the way you needed to. You can find peace now in the fact that everything happens for a reason. Use this grace that you're giving to yourself, and shine it outwards. Take a step in forgiving someone today. Lighten the load in your heart. Some grudges are just not worth holding, especially when you realize it does more damage to you than anyone else.


    The Sun entered Taurus on Friday, April 19, 2024, 7:00 a.m. PDT. After a slow start to the astrological year with Mars in Pisces and Mercury in retrograde, many of us may finally feel renewed and as if we have clear direction this season with Mercury going direct just 6 days later and Mars finally coming home to Aries by end of April. Though Taurus is ruled by Venus, and generally associated with self-care and luxury, we also can't underestimate or forget Taurus' work ethic. Symbolized by the bull, when Taurus has their eye on the prize, it's impossible to get them distracted. This earth sign will do their job perfectly and practically, so that they'll have the luxury of the downtime they seek. Venus will also be in Taurus for most of the season which will be like a nice soothing balm and could put a nice check in our pockets, but before we get there, we have to go through the Scorpio Full Moon. For some, there's a good chance that the days around this moon cycle will signify a final payment in a long time debt, and if so, congratulations! Scorpio usually brings a bit of drama and exposure of secrets on a full moon, but as the first full moon in a while that's not a part of an eclipse cycle, it can feel like a huge weight and burden lifted rather than one taken on. It can be a clearing, paving the way for you to put your hard work where your heart is instead of staying in spaces where your energy is siphoned, used, and abused. This will be a season to strategize, for one, to make sure that you don't spend your money carelessly, and for two, if you can set intentions for your goals, you could get a return that's triple what you would initially expect. Take a survey from your target audience, and use the results to make the necessary adjustments. This isn't to say abandon your own desires, and just submit to how other people want you to live and what other people want you to do. This is about merging what you want to create with what others want to see. Instead of thinking others are plotting against you and seeking your demise, imagine that others are waiting for you to show up in your full potential so that they can give their support and invest in you and your projects for the long haul. Ask yourself how you can create a safe space for you to be all that you are and then build it step-by-step, brick-by-brick. Who do you need to bring closer and who do you need to put more distance between? As much as you may love to do this alone, there's a social aspect with Venus energy. Don't be afraid to connect with the people who may have been on your radar for a long time, but you never had the courage or never knew exactly how to organically approach them. The key is not to think too long on it, and just do what feels right in the moment. As long as you keep it natural and remember your standards and boundaries, instead of trying to force something, everything will flow as it's supposed to. With Pluto going retrograde, it'll be a setup for you to tie off the loose ends in your shadow work and completely discard of the old mindsets that kept you indebted to people, places, and things that were never for you. Overall, self-love and self-respect are the names of this game. Feel into your worthiness and let it radiate in all that you do, no matter what burns down along the way. Go on dates. Have a few flirts. Laugh like you mean it. As much as we're here on Earth on a mission and a purpose, this season is also a reminder that life can be beautiful, and we can choose to enjoy it. Key Transits occurring in Taurus Season 2024: The full moon in Scorpio will be on April 23, 4:49 p.m. PDT Mercury stations direct in Aries on April 25, 5:54 a.m. PDT Venus enters Taurus on April 29, 4:31 a.m. PDT Mars enters Aries on April 30, 8:33 a.m. PDT Pluto stations retrograde in Aquarius on May 2, 10:47 a.m. PDT The new moon in Taurus will be on May 7, 8:22 p.m. PDT Mercury enters Taurus on May 15, 10:05 a.m. PDT Last full day of Taurus Season on May 19

  • Aries New Moon Horoscopes

    The Aries New Moon arrived on Monday, April 8, 2024, 11:21 a.m. PDT. Under this solar eclipse, we've awakened to the fact that we cannot learn to roll with the punches of life without first removing the constraints and labels that our ego places on us constantly. After all, how can we expand into all we're meant to be if we're always forcing ourselves into a box? In an effort to identify as an individual on this planet, our ego constantly looks for ways in which we can separate from the rest. This leads us to identifying with the things that come from us but are not truly us: our inspired feelings and actions. We tell ourselves things like "I am happy" and "I am depressed", or "I am a writer" and "I am a manager". In reality, it is that we are consciousness having the experience of feeling happiness and sadness, and we do work in writing and in managing. When we try to tell ourselves that we are these things that come from us, we can completely lose our balance in this reality when we inevitably want to change to do or feel something else. In an effort to not lose ourselves, our ego will try to fabricate and force situations in order to remain in the state in which we tell ourselves we "are". We try to numb everything else that's coming up with food or drugs or alcohol. We attack everything and everyone who attempts to trigger us out of that state. After all, now it's a matter of survival, and the ego will do everything in its power to stay alive. Even labels related to the spiritual world can also limit us, such as "I am an Empath" or "I am an Aries". Truly, it's that part of your life's journey is feeling highly sensitive, and that you were born while the sun was in the sign of Aries. None of this is the totality of who you are. Not even close. Then, there are stories that can root even deeper that become much harder to excavate. This is where the real work is, where it's your job to sit and reflect on every moment you say "I am" and then stop it in its tracks. It's stories like "I am cursed" or "I am unworthy of love" that can do the most damage. We can unconsciously observe the lives of our family members, of those in our culture or those with our skin color, and we can adopt their temporary experiences as the extent of all we can grow to be. What's worse, when our external reality matches these beliefs of who we are, it only hammers the nail in the head, and it becomes that much harder to believe in an alternate vision of your life. When we get caught up in these labels, we become a cog in the machine, churning out work only to remain relevant and in existence. We ultimately lose our sense of purpose. But understand that what's true is that you are so much more than you believe you are. You are so expansive that it's impossible to even conceptualize in this reality. When your ego needs something to attach to, something to help it define you from the rest, affirm instead that you are eternal, infinite, ever-evolving and ever-growing. Tell yourself, you are capable of great things, that you are a master manifestor and you are constantly learning. This rephrase will help to open you up to receiving from all things, and not just the areas your ego can imagine. It's time to get out of our comfort zones and put ourselves in rooms that we never thought we'd find acceptance or love in. Break the mold. Release any expectations for it all to change overnight, but understand that even if you don't notice anything, that just a change in environment exposes your ego to a new reality. So drive over to a different part of town and spend the day. Read a book or watch a TV show outside of your usual genre. Casually date someone you never thought you'd see yourself with. Open yourself up to new experiences and watch miracles find you faster than ever before. Below are the horoscopes for the Aries New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses. ARIES When you think of yourself as a teenager, you can remember moments where you were sure you knew everything. You were always perceptive, and it was easy to see that the adults around you were just figuring it out as they went along or just blindly following what the adults before them did. Because of this vision, you were sure that you'd have an edge, and would be able to bypass the mistakes they made, and always remain aware to what life is truly about. Then you got to your 20's, and learned a whole bunch of new things that you couldn't even have imagined. Some of you made it to your Saturn Return and way beyond, and are still learning. It's essentially as if you never leave childhood, that you're always being reset to the beginning. This can cause you suffering, until you learn to see it as peace. They say the wise man knows they know nothing at all and that's what you're remembering under your eclipse; that growing up isn't a destination, it's a journey. As long as you never feel like you've arrived, you never have to feel the chaos of being yanked from that position and having the whole world change around you. Accept that you're a young soul always on the move. Learn to find excitement and joy in the travel. TAURUS Committing to your spiritual path is more than just blindly taking the teachings of those before you and regurgitating them or copying their actions. Sometimes, it feels like if we don't stick to the script that we're not honoring their legacy or that we're not "doing it right", but the whole point of walking a spiritual path is to find your unique genius and embrace it to the fullest. This means doing what feels right to you at all times, no matter if it's a direct contradiction to the studies that came before you. This doesn't make you blasphemous. It makes you authentic. Don't be afraid to teach something new. More than likely, there are many others who are waiting for someone with your knowledge to stand up and lead the charge into a new order. GEMINI When you understand that the people you surround yourself with can be mirrors for you, you become much more mindful of the company you keep. You've tried it one way, by hanging out with people who like to do what you do, but you've learnt that it's not about what's externally a match. The only thing that matters is a resonance of the heart. When making new friends and building new community, take time in silence to listen and feel into what it's like to have these people around. Do you hear a yes or a no? Do you feel a warmth or a coldness? However your intuition speaks to you, heed its call. Sometimes, even though everything looks good on paper, there's just something you can't place that tells you to stay away. Don't worry, that's not judgment. That's discernment. CANCER Many Cancers feel the call to work as mentors due to the mothering nature of your sign, yet there may be many insecurities that block this path. For some, you may be open to the idea, yet you may think you're too young, too naive, or not as perfect as you think you need to be. You could compare yourself to older guides, and believe you may need to reach what you perceive as their level of ascension before embracing this path. For others, you may believe that to declare yourself as a mentor means that you are living in the ego, that any desire to show up as a leader means you have strayed from the path you're meant to be on. What you need to remain focused on, the only thing that matters, is the why. To feel that you have something good to share, to understand your own capacity to hold space, to show up where others may not have the courage to, that is only about knowing who you are. That is a gift others do not come by so easily. Don't be so quick to throw it away. LEO It's important to remember that knowing a few tricks doesn't mean being an expert, and being an expert doesn't mean there's nothing else to learn. This is a call for humility. Though you may be seen by your peers and loved ones as the one who has it all together and the one who can steer them to success, there could still be things that you could learn from them. Take some time to return to being the student. Put your feet in the shoes of the ones you guide and see what it's like from their perspective. Role play as the perpetrator rather than the victim. Take notes, so that when you return to your shoes, you have a newfound idea of how your actions truly make others feel. Nothing teaches more compassion than truly understanding where someone else is coming from. VIRGO You can be possessive of your craft and creations. After working so hard, going through all you went through to learn these things, you deserve all the credit. The problem is thinking that you are the only one that's going through trials and tribulations, the only one learning and evolving, or that you're pulling from some Source that's not readily available to everyone else. You can't water your garden while also turning off the hose in everyone else's. Understand that when you're focused on what your magic is creating, not only can it never be replicated, but it can never be robbed. Even when others seem to be working on the same thing, and receiving praise where you've struggled to gain recognition, as long as what you're producing comes from the heart, the vibration of your work is what is needed on this plane. LIBRA It's one thing to understand your attachment style and it's another to understand detachment. Neither is about keeping you safe, because as much as you'd prefer, that isn't the goal. As always with you, the goal is balance, and being on this plane is a constant game of knowing when to attach and when to detach. Secure attachment in some ways can be seen as valuable to help you live fully in the present, but detachment is ultimately necessary since change is the only constant. The lesson? Commit to what is when it is and when it isn't, commit to what's next. But understand that you never have to feel like you're leaving anything behind because within, you hold a piece of all the realities you've ever existed in. Let that bring you some solace. SCORPIO If you're working hard because you're following your passions and you're excited by your abilities and creations, then press on! But if any part of you is chugging along because you're afraid to lose the abundance you've created for yourself if you stop, then it's time to rest. When fear is part of the equation, it takes over and consumes, and it's best to pause now to address it before it builds out of your control. There could be some PTSD showing its face now, reminding you what life was like before you saw the light and stepped into your calling, threatening its return. But know that phase of life has come and gone. And even if it did return, with what you know now, it would not be the same experience. Trust and affirm that you have closed the door to the past, and are moving in lightspeed towards the future. SAGITTARIUS Dating becomes a strong desire again as you feel you've done the work and are ready to reap the rewards. However, now is not the time to commit to a partner. It's a time to analyze your own patterns and reactions. You may feel a draw towards some aspects of what you were once attracted to, and while it seems unwise to repeat certain patterns, this could be a time of enlightening to show you exactly where the real issues lie. You may harbor a belief about your last few relationships that actually isn't true, and revisiting a similar situation can help to dissolve the lie. Stay cautious, but also trust that you are a completely different iteration than the you from your past. You won't fall prey to old tricks because they simply don't attract you as they once did. In fact, having the chance to see that certain elements are now repulsive to you may be exactly what you need to boost your confidence. CAPRICORN Fear isn't always about what you need to stay away from. Sometimes, it's about what you need to run towards. Of course, knowing the difference between which direction to take requires self-awareness and discernment. So in order to develop that, now is a good time to recommit to meditation. There may be a situation developing now where your body wants to flee, but perhaps if you search deep within your soul, you know that handling it headfirst is what you need to break out of the fear and into the growth. If there's someone you can trust, seek their assistance for some advice. An objective view on the situation might give you the extra push you need to know you're making the right call. AQUARIUS You could feel forced into making a decision or choosing a side, but your challenge is to stay neutral. Perhaps there's conflict within your friend group, and there's a pressure to show loyalty, but if it doesn't feel right to choose only one person, then know that doesn't make you weak or a traitor. Understand that anyone who tries to force your free will is not someone who loves and has your best interest at heart anyway. Let everyone else make their decisions and the ones who respect yours are the only ones you need around. Accept that sometimes no matter how hard you try, you'll always be the villain in someone's story. And also know that others' opinions of you only hold the worth that you give them. PISCES You're taking what you've earned and putting it to good use, building upwards. You've established the vision, and brick-by-brick, you're making the necessary strides to accomplish it. Nothing else is necessary to the success of this mission besides simply remaining in integrity. Remember where you came from, and why you're pushing in this direction. For many, they get a taste of riches and they fall victim to old, materialistic goals. It becomes more important to show off to others where you are now to gain some false sense of superiority, because underneath, the sense of unworthiness hasn't truly been healed. In order to not get led astray as you rise in social status, stay close to your heart.

  • Libra Full Moon Horoscopes

    The Libra Full Moon arrived on Monday, March 25, 2024, 12:00 a.m. PDT. There's a heavy emphasis on your relationships with others, but we also can't forget the relationship we each have with the Universe. The thought comes to mind, how would we act if we knew with absolute certainty that the hopes and dreams in our mind's eye were heading our way, and that all we had to do was keep putting one foot in front of the other? Would we continue to rush and be impatient, or would we slide into ease, entering a higher vibration of satisfaction and peace? There's a tendency for most of us to want to attach and fixate on our version of how the dream unfolds. We hold so tightly to how we believe it's going to happen that even when the time for it to appear comes and goes, and plays out entirely differently, we can spend much time afterwards trying to course correct back to our vision, rather than opening up to the realization that maybe it's just unfolding in a different, much better way than we could've ever imagined. It's the same reason we stay in friendships and romantic relationships longer than we were ever meant to. We see a way that it goes in our heads, and when it doesn't go down that way, we hold out, waiting for people to change into who we wanted them to be instead of respecting who they choose to be. Don't get me wrong, we are all powerful manifestors, and it is still true that our beliefs create our reality, but what matters is where these beliefs are born. If you find that the belief you're envisioning is one that you grip on to with tremendous force, the one that that you feel you'll die without, you can know with certainty that this belief is born from a worthiness wound. The true vibration that you're sending out is that you don't actually deserve a reality as such, and so in response, the Universe gives you the opposite of what you think is in your mind's eye. And even still, it's never as a punishment. It's only ever to shake you out of the illusion of pretending to be someone you're not, and to open your eyes to who you truly are. In our souls, we all know without a shadow of a doubt that we are worthy, and so when we play the game of "we are less than", we can be sure that our Higher Selves had a plan, to take us to this other end of the spectrum so that when we do enter our worthiness, it's stronger and more fortified than it ever could've been without that knowledge. Most likely, our dream requires this, so that we have the vigor to maintain it when it does truly come, and not squander or waste it because we never developed the level of gratitude we'd need to have a proper container for it. For this reason, there's no need to wallow in the times when we forgot who we are. We can find the grace to forgive ourselves, and thank the lesson for showing us who we'll never be again. When you have full trust and faith in your beliefs, there's no grip, and you also know that without it, you are still whole, and you are still loved. Under this transformative lunar eclipse, release your ties to the relationships you have to people and mindsets that have long past that only have life because you're too scared to pull the plug. It's time to find out who you have the potential to be when you're not spending your energy looking back on the things and people that have been more than ready to leave you out of their reality. Know that even without your plans and schemes, it's all already been written. Your only job is to take advantage of the moments that come. Below are the horoscopes for the Libra Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses. ARIES Blind loyalty may be a trait that you expect from the people closest to you as that's how you assess who is worth investing in and who is not. But what about those who challenge, question, and oppose you? Are all those who do against you, or is there room to think that perhaps, they could be helping to hold you accountable to your highest self? It's time to get to the root of where this belief stems from. Where is the trigger? Are you associating pushback with abandonment? And would you feel it was abandonment if you yourself were really on your own side? Use these questions as journal prompts and take a minute to reflect and do some self-inquiry. The answers that come will help you to pivot to where you need to go next. TAURUS It could be time for another ego death. Take some time away, do some breathwork. By now, I hope you know that in your spiritual journey, the goal isn't to get rid of the ego completely. None of us can exist here without the ego. But the point of the ego death is so the ego can be reborn in unity with the soul and not against it. You'll know the ego has taken charge and shoved your soul to the back corners when you start to feel the weight and pressure of "I need to do xyz" and "if I don't do this now, then -insert self-created suffering here-". What you need to remember is you're always supported, just as certain as the ground always catches you when you fall. GEMINI Your greatest ideas and works of art pour out of you now as you realize it was never about having your gifts and talents be acknowledged by others or trying to find a way to monetize them and fit them in a capitalist structure. Instead, it was only ever about embracing your role as a co-creator of the Universe. You may say this to yourself a lot but today you need the reminder that it's not about the destination, and it's only all about the journey. There's no need to reduce yourself into thinking that your survival rides on someone else's approval. Know with absolute certainty that you are the gift! You are the one bringing newness and vitality to everything you touch. Your only obligation is to keep listening to the spark inside you that tells you what to create next. CANCER When you look into your future, what do you see? Do you know what your purpose is? The advice is always to stay present, and it still is, however, in order to get your current actions organized, you need to know what you're striving for. This is not to say that you should become fixed to a particular outcome. Instead, the idea is to become fixed in what you know your purpose is. You're applying the same method to life as you do with money. Instead of just saying it would be nice to have a million dollars, you envision what you'd use the money for so that you can be clear on how much you actually need and what you can do in the present to build and get there. Basically, it's time to get clear on what your mission statement for life is, so that each and every action from this point forward can be integrated with intention and devotion. LEO If you want to grow faster, you need to slow down. It seems counterintuitive, but when you're moving at light speed, trying to get everything done on your timeline, you miss what your intuition is trying to say to you. Worse, you can start to confuse your intuition's voice with your ego's, because you're too focused on getting an immediate answer. It's that feeling where people think cutting in front of someone on the road or driving 10 miles over the speed limit gets you to your destination faster. Yet still, the person you cut off arrives at the stop light the same time as you, and driving faster than the speed limit does nothing to affect your GPS' estimated time of arrival. These are the illusions we build ourselves. Know that even time operates on its own time, and everything is already unfolding as it should. Taking two more minutes to be still and silent, to ensure you're listening to your heart and not your head, is not the thing that's slowing you down. Only your interruption of the natural order and process can do that. VIRGO If you believe that you teach others how to treat you, then where can you take accountability for how people have or have not accommodated you recently? If others were truly clear on where your boundaries were, would they even think to approach you with certain problems? It's time to get clear on what about your energy is still saying, "I'm willing to sacrifice my needs in order to water your garden". A good practice to take up is to answer only what is asked, even if you know more. Know that your dedication to yourself is the only true offering that serves everyone else. Reflect on whether or not your helping hand is a way to control and feel included rather than assist, if it's your ego rather than your heart. LIBRA For years, many called you selfish and self-serving when it really was just taking care of and belonging to yourself. For a while you abandoned that in order to gain others' approval, but now, we've come full circle, and you're ready to embrace selfishness once more. When you recognize that the word only has a negative connotation because people want you to be focused on them and not yourself, you realize that putting yourself first is what actually draws the right people in. Putting others first draws in the people who think they are superior to others, but putting yourself first draws in community who knows that they can trust that you honor your energy and are thoughtful in where and how much you spend it. They will also see that it means you'll respect their own use of their energy and will more than likely honor their free will. This is what it means to unconditionally love. SCORPIO After years of others projecting onto you that you were mean, or had a resting bitch face, or were destructive, the means you had of defending yourself may have turned some of these projections into your truth. Under this lunar eclipse, these old masks begin to wilt and melt away, and you feel the call to return to your true self, an open-hearted, loving being. The goal is to stay anchored in love, and to do that, you have to recognize that other people's perceptions of you are only ever actually the perceptions of themselves, or an echo of what they've experienced from their own loved ones. Send them love and compassion, and also give yourself some so you can heal the wounds that yearn to attach to these stories that inaccurately represent you. SAGITTARIUS Your imagination is stronger than you think. The world, your world, very much operates off 'you see it, you like it, you want it, you got it'. The idea is to release the attachment to the tangible, and to spend more time tuning in to your other senses. This is to get you into the practice of truly believing that even if you can't touch it, it still exists. You think of your favorite foods, and your mouth salivates. You think of your crush, and your body floods with oxytocin. So if what you want exists with a mere thought, you don't have to wait for it to physically appear to start applying that truth to your life. Instead of looking back on the 3D, run ahead and let the 3D work to catch up to you. You are the energetic leader. CAPRICORN If crisis is the mother of invention then let's begin to be thankful for it. When you're using all the usual methods but still get stuck and have no time to rework the plan, there's a special light bulb that switches on that feels like your angels and guides using you as a channel and simply working through you. That's what you need to access right now, and all it takes is surrender. Trust that whatever comes to you is what you need to say or do now, and also trust that it will all make sense to you at some point. Even if the explanation doesn't arrive until years from now, as long as what you produce comes from the heart, you can rest assured that it is exactly what is needed in the moment. AQUARIUS You may have been feeling a sense of loneliness as you take off in a completely opposite direction than your peers. You're sure you're heading the right way, but the excitement is lacking as you know that you may have to travel this road for a long time before building new community. Still, don't make it worse by cutting off those who reach out. Even if they don't understand or are not heading in that same direction, as long as they're not trying to convince you to turn around or believe what they believe, they can still be acceptable comrades. You more than anyone understand what it means to accept others even amidst the differences. Take a lesson out of your own book now. PISCES This lunar eclipse in Libra, you're learning to accept compliments. No excuses or explanations. No downgrading yourself or reversing it onto others. A simple thank you is the only response you need. This isn't about finding validation in others' words. It's only about understanding your value and knowing your own worth so that the Universe can respond to that vibration. With each time you work on receiving, examine the thoughts that come up. Examine the feelings that flood your body. If there's a sense of discomfort and cringe, question it. Is it that you don't believe it for yourself? That you don't believe you're worthy? Or maybe you feel a sense of danger, signaling that the person could be trying to lure you into letting your guard down so that they can manipulate you. Whatever the case, get to the root so that you can clear the space in order to receive the blessings the Universe has to offer you.


    The Sun enters Aries on Tuesday, March 19, 2024, 8:06 p.m. PDT. Welcome to the new astrological year! A new cycle! This is the time to apply force and pressure, to worm your way to the top regardless of who says what, or whatever challenges or obstacles you may face. This is the time to gather your inner strength, your inner fire, and fight back against the grain and against the norm. No matter what happens, you trust in yourself and your abilities, and now, you don't see any other way but up. All you do is win! As Aries is naturally ruled by Mars, this Aries season will be ruled by the Mars in Pisces transit. Many attribute Mars in Pisces to be more subdued and less aggressive, which can be true in some ways, but in another perspective, this can simply indicate more of a concentration towards using your intuition and sensitivity to wage your wars. This means as long as you're clear on what you believe, you can successfully navigate away from any distractions, and walk clearly on the golden brick road that leads you to your destiny. We'll also be experiencing our first Mercury Retrograde of the year, which keeps Mercury in Aries for much longer than we're used to. This means that we'll have to look at conserving our energy for the right moments. We'll learn that not every fight will be ours to participate in, and sometimes, our patience and silence can be more effective and beneficial than our rage. However, this also means that when it is time to speak up, that we have to come full force in full confidence and knowledge of what we're trying to achieve. There can't be any scrambling at the last minute. With this transit, on time means late, and late means a missed opportunity. Last but certainly not least, the truly big event is the entrance into Eclipse Season. With the eclipses in cardinal signs, we're looking at major life changes in our physical reality, particularly for those with strong Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn placements. However, even if you don't have placements in those signs in your chart, the houses that Aries and Libra fall in will be tremendously affected. These will be the houses that you'll be re-taking charge in, to no longer be a follower or a meek observer but to take responsibility and accountability for its current state and the future you're trying to create with it. Overall, Aries Season is the best time to open yourself up to be re-inspired by the magic of your own abilities. It's the remembrance that even just your mere existence is a miracle in itself, and it's the reinvigoration in the purpose you're meant to fulfill while you're here. Trial and error is the name of the game, because it doesn't matter if you fail. It only matters how many times you get back up. Find your resilience this season. Don't take no for an answer, not even from yourself. Key Transits occurring in Aries Season 2024: Mars enters Pisces on March 22, 4:47 p.m. PDT The full moon in Libra (Lunar Eclipse) will be on March 25, 12:00 a.m. PDT Mercury goes retrograde in Aries on April 1, 3:14 p.m. PDT Venus enters Aries on April 4, 9:00 p.m. PDT The new moon in Aries (Total Solar Eclipse) will be on April 8, 11:21 a.m. PDT Last full day of Aries Season on April 18

  • Pisces New Moon Horoscopes

    The Pisces New Moon arrived on Sunday, March 10, 2024, 1:00 a.m. PST. An hour after the new moon on the west coast of the United States, we will end up "losing" an hour as the time will spring forward to 3:00 a.m. PDT. The Daylight Savings rule which allows us to bend time to our benefit reminds us that this construct of time is an illusion. It reminds us that it's up to us as to when time begins, how long time lasts, and when time ends. This new moon is the preparation for the new astrological year. It's our last moment to rest and reflect before the busyness of life takes over once again. Now is when we find or build the anchor to what re-centers us, allowing us to come back home to ourselves at any point, particularly when we're feeling lost and out of control, when our livelihood seems to become the master, and us the slave. We'll know that we've given up our own power to another when we start to feel as if we're running out of time, and it'll be the job of our anchor to remind us that not only does everything happen in perfect and divine timing, but that being present for all that life has to offer will always help to slow things down to the pace that is of your liking. As we review the past year, many of us can single out numerous events in which it may feel like we missed the deadline, like we lost time that we cannot get back. Yet we're reminded now that if an event has past, what we wanted to happened then was not meant to, and that time limit we placed on ourselves was most likely created from comparison mode. This new moon reminds us to pull back from the crowd, and find peace in solitude and in our own individual journeys. It reminds us that beautiful things happen at all ages, that we don't have to fit all our best moments of life in what we perceive to be our youth. On a soul level, many of us are much older than we may look or be categorized as in this timeline, and from that perspective, it seems silly to think that we have to accomplish something by 25 years old or that 60 years old is anything but a small blink in the universe. What serves us best is to simply appreciate the things we do get to achieve at whatever age and whatever image we look like when we peek in the mirror. Instead of counting down to everything, begin to view life as an infinite trip across the universe. On this trip, one makes many stops, as there is no end to the amount of wonders that are here for you to witness and experience. Make a promise to yourself that no matter when you get there, to any of your stops, that you'll take full advantage of whatever is offered to you. Believe that you wouldn't be placed in that moment if you weren't meant to create something beautiful with the tools you'll have then at your disposal. Below are the horoscopes for the Pisces New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses. PISCES Set yourself free. No matter how unconventional, it's time to do things your way. It may be the opposite way of everything you've been taught, but if it's the way that speaks to you deeply, it's the only way that will work for you. You'll realize now that staying still helps you to go faster, and being silent helps your intuition get louder. If applying this philosophy to your relationships, you'll see that walking alone helps you understand who to connect to. For many years, people siphoned your ability to tune into others' emotional spheres and bound you to use your gifts on them, but now, it's time to detach and reconnect back to self. As much as we all need someone, this is a season to regain strength as an individual. ARIES This quote from Maryam Hasnaa may ring especially true for you under this new moon: "You will experience more resonance when you choose relationships with people based on shared values rather than choosing people because you have ‘things in common’." If you're truly honest with yourself, you never felt safe with those you only had things in common with, and perhaps you never knew there was another, better way for you to experience your relationships. With those you had things in common with, it always felt like you had to abandon yourself in some way to meet them where they are. But when you find those you can go deeper than the surface with, you'll realize that the void that was created from keeping your distance from your true soul family begins to be filled with love. TAURUS As much as you like to support others, it's vital to remember that other people's problems or thoughts aren't your job. If you're not sure who you are without cheering someone else on or always being at other's beck and call, now's a good time to figure that out. If your worth is still tied to what you can do for others, now's a good time to rewire that programming. If your empathy didn't have to pair with self-sacrifice, what would it look like? When you can unburden yourself from putting on a brave face for everyone else, you can finally start to give that energy back to yourself. You may find that it's been a while since you've truly felt fully charged up, but once you're back to 100%, your power of manifestation will return tenfold. GEMINI This new moon helps you to align and collaborate with people who you have long looked up to and held in high esteem. People always say don't meet your heroes, but in this case, this is a harmonious convergence. They're exactly who you believed them to be, and just as you imagined, you're both easily on the same wavelength. As much as you may want this to be a forever connection, don't force it. While things are going well, it shouldn't mean that you're willing to do anything to keep it that way. Just as you kept true to you and had this relationship naturally flow into your life, continue to let it breathe, whether that leads to a closer connection or a drifting apart. CANCER Believing in yourself is a full time job - especially when you've spent most of your life absorbing others' projections of you and what you're capable of. But with enough practice, you can cast the un-welcomed voices out and start to stand on the strength of your own beliefs of yourself as you look into the mirror. If you want this new ground you build to remain unshakeable, you just have to continue practicing what you preach, no matter what or who it may seem you lose along the way. Release all attachments to a specific outcome, and have faith that as long as you know yourself, everything will unfold in its highest and most blessed design. LEO You don't always feel like it but your best is good enough. As someone who strives for excellence, 'good enough' may seem like a barely passing grade, but as we all know, all you can do is work with the information you have available at the time. In the end, it's not about getting or doing everything right. It's about showing up with an open heart. Whatever mistakes were made in the past, they can always be reconciled. If it involves another's forgiveness, yes, that would be out of your control, but what's most important is forgiving yourself and using that event as a lesson and example to do better in the future. Don't spend too much more time dwelling on what you can't change, and put your efforts to use on what still can use improvement. VIRGO Whether you have someone in the picture or not, your love life feels like it's got new meaning, new hope. Things that you once only understood in concept feel easier to grasp in reality now, and in this new chapter, you're ready to apply all that you've learned plus tax. The only thing left is to try and not take it all so seriously. It doesn't have to feel like life or death all the time. No matter how much you wish you could, you can't change the fate that is written. This means that if someone you love is only meant to be in your life for a certain amount of time, no amount of lessons learned or changed behavior can alter the result. This is why it's most important to show gratitude for loved ones while they're here, and generate as much fun and laughter that our human bodies can handle. LIBRA While you're working hard, remember that there's other ways to refill your energy tank than just rest and a good meal. While those things are not to be underestimated, other things that are just as vital include socializing and unwinding with the people you trust, who understand what your goals are, and what it takes to reach them. These aren't just the people who are generally optimistic, and tell you that you can do it. These are the people that show through their actions that they value your time and energy. Most of the people you attract have good intentions, but they also may covet the value you bring to their life rather than reflecting on what you may need in the moment or what's best for you. Use your discernment to distinguish who is really a helping hand now, and who is a distraction. SCORPIO Once you've arrived at a conclusion, it's nearly impossible to get you to think otherwise. And why should you? Intuition as good as yours has a high rate of accuracy, and there's little point in involving others who may attempt to skew that data. Even still, that doesn't mean no conversation is worth having, as there's always a chance that you don't have all the information you think you do. The key is to stay rooted in what you feel, while remaining open to the areas where your brain simply filled in information to support your feelings. When you have your main bullet points, you can't be gaslighted into believing a total lie. And for the areas where you remain open, you have new opportunity to not only learn about and strengthen your intuition, but also understand where you may still have some fears or unresolved childhood trauma. This way, it's a win-win. SAGITTARIUS You're in a very sensitive mood under this new moon. If you need a moment or two alone, take it. Upon review, wounds from old relationships that you may have thought already healed seem to have been left open, ignored, and slowly oozing this whole time. Now, you barely have any energy left to conceal what's right in front of you. Whatever pain is in your heart needs to be shared now, and the lessons from whoever in your past taught you to hide your hurts need to be discarded before you end up permanently emotionally stunted. Cuddle up under a warm blankie, put on your favorite PJ's, and find a way to release all this pent up energy. Know this is true above all things, that it's okay to show how you really feel, no matter how ridiculous or illogical it may seem. CAPRICORN This is a great time to re-dive into your self-love practices. Whether that included journaling, talking to yourself in the mirror, or taking yourself on weekly dates, all of it is welcome now. Even if you're feeling particularly full of self-love, keep at it. Practice makes perfect, and the little reminders you can give yourself go further than you think. It's not just about boosting your mood, or even your ego, by showing that you can give yourself what you deserve. It's also about becoming that vibration of love so that what you see in yourself, you also see in others. This is not to be mistaken with empathy, though that can be a part of it. This is about learning to give yourself and others grace. AQUARIUS No matter how vain it may seem, it's okay to ask for what you need. The thing is, Spirit isn't responding to your words. She responds to how you feel. So if you feel that what you need is ridiculous or unattainable or shameful, that's the only vibration that's being sent out. Get back to the drawing board and speak with yourself on what lessons from your past have taught you that what you're asking for is wrong or beneath you. Understand that if it's a tool that you've deduced you need to move forward, then that's all that matters. Everything else that you're attaching to it is only holding you back. But even still, working through it can bring more revelations about yourself and how you were raised than you may think. From that viewpoint, it's all to gain, and nothing to lose.

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