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Aquarius Full Moon Horoscopes

The Aquarius Full Moon arrived on Tuesday, August 1, 2023, 11:32 a.m. PDT. This lunation is ruled by Saturn in Pisces, which means it's another lesson on discipline. We're getting a lot of clarity on our relationships with money, with others, and with ourselves, and usually, the tendency after getting clarity is to implement it as soon as possible and do what you can to course correct to see if you can change your fate or rewrite the past. However, right now in Leo Season, as we're learning that the only effective strategy to life is being ourselves, there's no need to make any changes to that direction or path. We'll simply take this new knowledge, and store it in our wisdom banks, pulling it out only when necessary.

In other words, getting new knowledge doesn't always mean you have to find a way to use it right this moment, especially when your current circumstances are not asking for it. As an example, for the single people, you may be getting clarity now on the qualities you really want in a partner, but if there's no one you're currently talking to, getting this new knowledge doesn't mean that you need to go back on the dating apps and test to see if this will change the results you've had in relationships thus far. Yes, the desire to want someone around may still be there, and you indeed have to put yourself in the room of the things you're asking for, but if you truly analyze your life, your focus is meant to be elsewhere right now, and with Venus still in retrograde, there's still more relationship lessons to learn.

We're releasing impulsivity this full moon. We're releasing instant gratification. We're remembering the power of staying the course as that allows us to change lives rather than just changing a moment. We have big dreams, and so sometimes, it feels like the day to day stuff is pointless and beneath you, and it can feel tiresome and demotivating. But when we can trust in our routine, which is built from knowing ourselves and knowing what we need to keep going, we can find that since our mind isn't busy trying to make radical change happen all at once, we actually become uncluttered, and free to get more clarity than we thought we had access to at our current stage.

Here's the thing about serendipity. It only feels so amazing because it comes on a random Tuesday, not because you set it up to happen. When people talk about putting yourself in the room, the unsaid portion is that timing matters, and so does your intention. Rushing to place yourself somewhere because you're desperate or fearful you'll lose the chance is out of alignment. The only factor that should play in your next steps is whether that opportunity feels like the best thing for you to do next in your journey, and the only energy that you should be exuding is confidence.

We're releasing the need to chase excitement. Living in a life with no guarantees is honestly all the excitement we need, but if we feel like an extra boost is necessary, that's exactly what dreams and fantasies are for. This is what our mind should be busy doing while we're on our path. Let it become our safe place to create new worlds, because when we're only listening to ourselves and not outside influences, we only think of things that are in our highest alignment and good. Furthermore, the fact that our thoughts are how manifestations get started should make us even more dedicated to making sure our minds are a breeding ground for optimism and joy.

Below are the horoscopes for the Aquarius Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Relationships are ending but this isn't the time to have the last showdown. You don't need to show anyone who's boss. There might be pokes at your ego, but this is a chance to show that others can't trigger you back into the old you. This isn't to say that you should stay in rooms where you're disrespected, but simply, the best course of action is to move away in silence.

Release the need to have to the last word. The real victory will come from moving on into the life that's truly meant for you. And now that you've released all that old baggage, the door is open for you to make new connections with those who are physically, mentally, and emotionally on your level.


With Mercury and Mars in your sign, the need to micromanage is tempting, but you've already learned that surrender is the best way to achieve your manifestations. So instead of putting your mind on overdrive to find fixes, put that extra mental energy into constructing the thousand different ways your future could look next.

We're returning to the days where your imagination knew no bounds, before others started to tell you that you need to be more realistic. By now you know that if you can see it in your mind's eye, then it's a possible reality. If possible, incorporate sound bowls and meditations into your routine to help you remember that relaxation is a reality that's always available to you.


You've been listening to other people who tell you that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else, but I promise that's only going to bring more heartbreak and confusion into an already chaotic situation. You also have a tendency to try to settle things with an eye for an eye but all that does is perpetuate the suffering on all sides.

When asked why you did something, the answer can't always be that someone did it to you first. You might be looking for someone now to help you participate in revenge but don't destroy friendships by introducing a sexual component just to stir drama. What you need now more than ever is support and a listening ear.


Your family may feel like you're suddenly changing and that something must be wrong, but you're more yourself than you've ever been. Perhaps they're finally seeing a side to you that you hid or weren't as vocal about with them as you are with others, but you continuing to dim your light just to keep them close was only a disservice to you.

If you've recently moved further away from family, you could be feeling a bit guilty and second guessing if you was the right choice. Just know that it's completely normal for the first few days or maybe even weeks to feel uncomfortable in your new reality after you've made a huge change. You can soothe this discomfort by doubling down on your choice through finding ways to make your new reality feel like a home you can enjoy.


It's a busy time catching up with friends, and you deserve a little bit of celebration and gathering with those who are like-minded to you. If you don't have anyone you feel particularly close to at the moment, a new podcast might have surfaced that can help to give you a bit of comfort as you steer towards completing your next set of goals.

If you have a business plan or new project that you've been working on, it's time to show your hand, and release all the expectations you once held. It's a fruitful time for you, and right now, the ones who surround you are all the support you need to launch into greater heights - even if the only person standing is you.


Poor investments in finances or relationships that you made in the past may be coming back to bite you. But, you've been given a chance to do it all again, and fix your mistakes. This time around is about gathering the right resources, and spending time with the right people.

You're re-learning that your environment has a lot to do with how well you can grow, and also that everyone has to pitch in for each other. This means that anyone who thought they could hide under your coattail and get a free ride to the top has got to go. You have to remove anyone that thinks you owe them something.


You gotta put you first! You might be surrounded by those who are in secret competition with you now, or sending passive aggressive messages about what they think is right or wrong about your current situation, but it was never about them and it was always about you.

Since everyone else is thinking about how your actions are affecting or have affected them, it means you're the only one that's left who's going to think about you. You've spent a long time making sure you kept everyone else is happy but it's time to break free and choose only yourself, no matter what kind of names others may call you. Haters wither in the light of Greatness. Let them die out.


It's time to rest and recoup. You've done a lot of work physically, and have shifted a lot of emotions energetically. You deserve a few moments of peace to reflect and revisit where you are now, and a few moments to pour love back into your spirit and aura. This time is a reminder of how integral rest and pacing yourself is in your ability to move forward.

Some aromatherapy in the home would be highly advisable right now. Put in a few vacation days at work. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb. Go off somewhere on your own for a few hours. As much as you may think there is, nothing right now needs your urgent attention because all your needs are met.


You may have thought at one point that you'd never find anyone that you truly meshed with because of how one of a kind you felt you were. It may have actually been lonely and in a way, you were forced to accept your weirdness because no one else seemed to care. But if you look around, you've actually manage to grow a community for yourself through just being yourself.

Of course, on an individual level, no one can ever be like the other, but there are so many people in this world, that there's always going to be at least one other person who acts the way you do and likes the same things you like. All you have to do is keep showing up. Don't be afraid to show even more of yourself in the future. There are more people waiting to collaborate with you.


With your ruling planet, Venus, in retrograde, like Leo, you're at the end of the road with your relationships, but also this could be the end of a professional venture that you may have seen yourself being in for a longer period of time. The tendency will be to try and scavenge what you can but it's best to just let it all go down the drain.

This is a good time to do a sort of ritual that can serve as a funeral to help you close out this past segment of your life. You had high expectations, but just because that didn't pan out, doesn't mean there's not a dream life still waiting for you. Tend to your wounds so that you can emerge a warrior later on. Do all you can to save your energy and what resources you have left now. You're gonna need it.


Don't build your future talking about the past. All that does is bring old energy into what is supposed to be new beginnings. Trying to gain a profit from old experiences only racks up negative karma. You could be thinking you deserve something positive out of all the chaos that's happened over the years, but this isn't the way to do it.

When you talk shit about others, it only reflects badly on you, not on them. The best revenge is to not include those you don't want in your life in any part of your story. This is not to say dismiss all you've gone through, but instead, to emphasize that their contribution was only a small part of the bigger picture of your life. Don't give others a bigger role in your life than they actually played.


You're still in your business bag, and now you're shifting to Phase Two which is about getting what you're owed. It's time to collect. The oil in your tank is filled to the brim with consistency and faith, which means, by the end of the summer, the impact you made will be noticeable and life-changing.

You're having fun, but there could be a part of you that's wishing that your fun could be a little less structured and scheduled. You're missing the days when you had all the time in the world. But as you well know, there's a time and place for everything. Hunker down for a little while longer and if you play your cards right, it'll be the last time you'll ever have to work this hard.

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