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Aquarius New Moon Horoscopes

Happy Aquarius SZN!

The energy is rich, ready, and ripe with opportunities! After a heavy retrograde season, Aquarius comes in to bring us that breath of fresh air we need to relax and let things flow naturally into and out of our lives. The Aquarius New Moon arrived on Saturday, January 21, 2023, 12:53 p.m. PST. It's a great time to do something spontaneous!

Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, and once it goes direct on January 22, there will be no retrograde planets in the sky until April 21. With all this forward motion in a very innovative sign, we'll be feeling like time is flying by even faster than it was before. What this means is that we'll have to be even more intentional with how we're spending each day, each minute. If you want to know what your future looks like, you look at what you're doing right now. Are your current actions supportive of your true dreams and goals? Or are you still putting your time into things that keep you stuck in the same reality?

A few days later, on January 26, Venus will be entering Pisces, and will stay there for the remainder of Aquarius Season. This shifts the energy a bit from being too much in your head, and creating a sense of balance by also listening to the heart. This also tells us that this new moon, new beginning energy, could have a lot to do with your romantic life. It could be time for clarity and honesty, to set the new tone, and release the stagnancy in your development together.

Aquarius loves to build new connections, but only with people who fully own who they are. They want you to come with the scars and flaws, and they want to hear all the stories about them. They want you to be unafraid to be a little strange, and they expect you to stand tall against critiques thrown against you. To be with an Aquarius, romantically or platonically, you've gotta be made of some strong stuff, because they've had to take shit their whole life, and they need someone beside them whose gonna help them catch the bombs thrown at them and then throw them right back.

Aquarius dishes out their own revenge, their own karma, and they're writing their own ending to their story. However, on this New Moon, you're choosing the start of your story. A lot of us will have to reassess our tribe or how we've gone about cultivating one, and we're also sharing our purpose with the collective. But this time, we're remembering that it was never about being put on a pedestal. Instead, it was always about building a safe, fun, wholesome community. On this go around, advocate first for your self and your needs. The best community is filled with those who keep themselves accountable, and understand that when they fill their own cup first, giving freely from the overflow costs nothing.

Below are the horoscopes for the Aquarius New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Happy Birthday Aquarius! It's time to do things your way. You're the priority. But you have to lay all your cards out on the table. This is not to leave you open to attack, but instead, to effectively communicate and throw all your chips in to what you truly desire. In fact, when you're completely focused on you, the outside noise becomes just random chatter. The new mindset necessary to double down on right now is, no weapon formed against me will prosper.

If you truly believe that, it's time to start acting like it. It's time to go full throttle on what you want your life to look like. And if you don't have a plan at the moment, start to create one by intentionally making different decisions in your day to day. Shake up your routine and remind yourself what it really means to be alive. And you can start small. Wake up an hour earlier. Or take an extra nap.

Life is nothing without its twists and turns.

Start remembering how to enjoy that.


Your finances have been on an up and down trend but remain focused on your end goal. Whatever you set your mind to, you achieve. Nothing on paper right now is going to be an accurate representation of where you're going because that's record of your old life, and has nothing to do with the new one you're creating.

The fact that things are in fluctuation means that the old is falling away but the new still needs some work. Keep moving forward with what you know, and new knowledge or assistance will come to you as you're on this journey. Once Venus goes in your sign, you'll start to realize exactly how much you're worth, and how much you're really capable of generating on your own.


You've been working on building your reputation, a name for yourself, but it's time to take a break and check back in with your friends. Just for a minute. Though you have many goals for your life and new things you want to be working on, don't underestimate the importance of the community you've already built right now.

They may not be the people you see yourself around in the future, but that doesn't mean there's no more purpose with them, or nothing else to learn from them. This stage, this platform, that you have right now is still here for a reason. Keep an open mind, put the planning ruler down for a second, and forget about what you think "needs to happen". You may be in for quite a surprise this season.


Your professional life has taken a turn for the better this past Capricorn Season. You feel more settled in your routine, and more secure in where your role is at your company. This Aquarius Season is just about continuing to nurture the connections with your coworkers. Don't shy away from taking the union outside of the workplace and forming something more personal.

This is not alluding to a workplace affair. Instead, it's about fully taking advantage of how much you can learn from others in this time period. It's not about social climbing, or clout chasing, or using others as resources. It's about expanding your world view to increase your ability to build bigger and better realities for yourself. Afterwords, you can pay that forward by teaching others all you've learnt.


The urge to run off and never look back seems enticing right now, but maybe you just need an extended vacation. At the same time, if you feel like you have to take a vacation from the life you have cultivated for yourself, maybe it's things in the real world that need adjusting as opposed to submitting to the escapism tendencies you're used to.

If you've already booked a trip, use the time wisely by communicating to your team, your friends, whoever you feel close to about what's causing your urgency to leave. Make a suggestion for something that you and they can work on while you're away. If you both remain open, there's a lot of positive change that can happen. All is not doomed. Keep looking up.


There was once a time where speaking up for yourself seemed like an impossible feat. Hiding things from your parents or guardians was crucial because being seen meant being criticized, which meant been branded with words of trauma that would soak into your being, and become your new reality.

You've worked so hard to free yourself from those limitations and it shows! To the point where you can now freely speak no matter who's listening because you're that much more grounded and secure in who you are. This season, an incident may occur that causes you to want to go completely dark, back to that hidden place. Things may be triggered that you thought were ghosts of the past but still very well need to be worked on. Prove to the universe that you're ready for the next level up by continuing to stand for who you are. You haven't come this far to let others stomp out your light now. You're one of the brightest in the sky. Remind us of that.


Your one on one partnerships are highlighted this season. You're taken back to 2022 Leo Season, and asked what things are being brought up now that really started last summer. You have about two weeks until the Leo Full Moon where the themes of last summer will finally close out.

Perhaps there's a new outlook on things that requires changes to be made in your dynamic. The ultimate fear surrounding this right now is having to break or rescind past promises made, however, open dialogue can allow you to have more information and free your mind from creating scenarios that aren't really playing out. Stay grounded in the facts this season.


Like Taurus, Capricorn Season put you in a new lease on life. On this Aquarius New Moon, it's time for some new tests in your new life. However, there's no need to fret. When you just start a game, the first few levels are the easiest. These tests are not an indicator that you're out of alignment. Instead, they're double checking if you have all the tools you need to proceed and if you understand the rules.

It can be a light, go with the flow, season, if you let it be! There's no need to add on extra load, no need to feel you have to build everything up immediately. All the changes in your life still have the film on it. This next stage is just to remove all the packaging material, and setup how to run all the cords through your home. A.k.a. We're making sure we're keeping in alignment with our original goal and not getting pressured or distracted by the newness. Baby steps.


Most of the planets are in air signs right now which helps to give you a bit of relief. 2022 was hard work, and regardless of all the changes you've had to make, you've still managed to make it work. Now it's time to get back to your flirting games and bring back into your life what matters most: making connections.

You have a bigger ego than most think and you love to shower it with compliments from others. However, the trouble comes in when you see these compliments as the only way to create validations. Now that you're back feeling passionate and full of love to share, remember that you only attract real love when you have real love for yourself. Though you may want someone, you 100% don't need someone, because you are already whole.


Being vulnerable for you has been a challenge in the past, not because you're unfamiliar with how to get in that space or with its benefits, but because you know far too much about it and fear its seemingly negative consequences. Sometimes it feels easier to hold on to a possibility, rather than take the wrong action and end up facing a pathway you can now never walk. But this only creates stagnancy in your life.

A closed door ushers you to the path you should be on, and if you can let go of your pride, closed now doesn't have to mean closed forever. Also, while you're obsessing over a closed door here, there's a second door to that same destination that could open if you just continued to walk the path. External denial doesn't always mean you're wrong in going after your goal, or that you should give up. If you're sure that this path is for you and what is in alignment with you, you keep walking along closed doors until you get to the open one. Give it a chance. To your surprise, you may just end up where you started.


It's finally time to relax! You've been grinding hard since your season, and it shows in the new routines you've cultivated. Things that used to take days now take hours, and tasks that weighed heavy are now barely noticeable because they've been formed into habits!

It's time now to get into the streets and get socializing. Splurge on some new outfits, and start up some conversations with romantic crushes or with those you just want friendship with. Capricorn Season may have had you snubbing your nose at those you felt only brought the bare minimum in your life or at those who you feel didn't see your value. However, you've learned that getting to know the people around you doesn't have to lead any further than acquaintanceship. Aquarius is about expanding knowledge, and there's no better learning environment than through interacting with the rest of humanity. Keep things casual and just focus on having a good time. You deserve a lil pressure off your back this season.


You're more sensitive than others realize, and after your season, you were really able to see who hangs around for you, and who hangs around to use you. This New Moon, you're starting afresh with a whole new friendship and family roster, and you're re-analyzing how you think when you look to cultivate new platonic relationships in your life.

Perhaps there were judgements or hasty assumptions made in the past that caused you to overlook personality traits that you don't actually want in your life. At this point, you may just have to really experiment and do the complete opposite of what you'd normally do. This is not to advocate for impulsivity or taking things to the extreme, but when you know beforehand what both ends look like, it's easier to find where in the middle you'd like to fall.

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