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Aquarius New Moon Horoscopes

The Aquarius New Moon arrived on Friday, February 9, 2024, 2:59 p.m. PST. This inspires a new plan to build soul tribe now that you've released the need for outside validation. We've been making friends and building bonds since the beginning of time so there's nothing we know better to do. However, it is precisely because we are so familiar with the rules why it's time to break them and come up with something new.

The rules were built to benefit the image of what a few wanted community to look like. They wanted it to be through this lens of constantly comparing oneself so that we'd be too stuck tearing each other down to recognize and activate the light and the magic within us. Society became more about showing who can have the best highlight reel on social media rather than going out in person and meeting someone by chance, in person, face-to-face. Of course, it would be impossible to deny that social media has allowed us to connect with people who in our wildest dreams and years we could have never thought to ever learn about, and it also gave us room for self-expression. But instead of the encouragement to come as you are, there's an invitation that calls out to our trauma to show up in the mask of who you wish you were so that you wouldn't have to deal with how to embody and actually become your highest self.

Your soul isn't concerned with a presentation or any sort of perceived perfection. It wants your creations to be unfiltered and meaningful, coming straight from the heart. It wants you to appreciate the beauty of your own path as well as the path that another chooses to walk. When we're not in active or passive competition with others, we can finally stop trying to be ahead of another, and start to realize that as long as we each continue to choose ourselves, we can all win and we can all be loved. This is what's meant to happen.

It also helps to remember that one of the greatest paradoxes of the universe is that though we are all unique, we are all the same. We all have our own missions to complete in this lifetime that are interdependent on the relationships we build, and, under the universal human condition, we all want to be loved in our way that feels most special to us. If we can remember that when we speak to another, online and in-person, that we are not alone in our human desires and that we'll each express that in a different way, we'll realize that all true connection takes is allowing yourself to be seen in every evolution.

This new moon is all about inventing that secret third option. Maybe you don't have to chase people down, or try to attract them either. Maybe you don't have to join the dating app or hang out at your local Home Depot or grocery store to run into your soulmate. Experiment now with simply existing, doing the Work, answering the call. Allow life to be about following one spark of genius to the next, and the world around you will form on its own from the energy you put out. Maybe you'll find that the more you focus on yourself, the more others have their eyes on you.

Below are the horoscopes for the Aquarius New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Hidden things may have come out about your personal life but it's caused major expansion and growth. You may have been scared that you or your beliefs wouldn't be accepted, but you've received more support than you could've imagined. The lesson here is that the fear in your head is always greater than what the reality actually turns out to be.

You're turning a new leaf now, committed to being a better worker, a better friend, a better lover, a better neighbor. But also, don't forget to make an oath to yourself. What matters most is that you never betray yourself or lie to yourself ever again. No matter what the payoff looks like, nothing is worse than feeling disconnected from yourself.


There's a fine line between intuition and assumption, and you're falling on the side that makes your life harder than it needs to be. There are times it seems like you're thinking something through when really, you're just running subconscious programs. When you can really get silent, you can see that you still may have a lot of pre-programmed responses to certain keywords or situations that may look similar but are actually different.

Underneath it all, you're still trying to get people to see you or respond to you in a way that makes you feel comfortable and loved rather than engaging in conversations and events that just speak the truth. Now is the time to step back, look at what really is being said, respond to what is presented, and give events a chance to unfold instead of working overtime trying to predict 3 responses down the line in order to manipulate the situation to get what you feel is best for you.


If you've taken a social media break, or have been in hermit mode, it's time to break out and get back into building a social life again. Even though you know that no man is an island, there are times when you seem committed to proving the saying wrong. But you can't stay locked up forever doing everything by yourself. Even if it feels uncomfortable or unnatural, putting yourself out there is what's best for your overall mood.

Network, make new friends, flirt with a cutey you just met. Bring back the spontaneity to your life. What may have run you away in the first place was feeling the pressure of obligation and responsibility. It is well known that once you say you're committing to something that you follow through. But you can set the pace. If you can slow down and enjoy the company you keep along the way, you can bring back the ease into living.


When you have the courage to be truly seen, you'll be rewarded with the relationship of your dreams. It is in your nature to be open, but there is a difference between being a people person and being yourself. On one hand, a part of the real you is getting along with everyone, but on the other, when you're not selective, what you want cannot be clearly communicated.

It's time to narrow down the options, and limit how much of yourself you're giving away to multiple people out there. You may think attending a little to each person can ensure you get at least one person to go deeper with you, but prioritizing quantity over quality only guarantees you being left in isolation. Be assured, showing your preferences can't cancel out what is meant for you if by chance what you think you need is different to the truth. This is for you to get to know yourself and showing that you're unafraid to draw the line in the sand somewhere.


You could be looking at others who are also in your field or in a related field now and are becoming aware of what you feel are your inadequacies. Perhaps they were able to make a certain amount of money in a shorter space of time, or are able to host retreats and other events that you have yet to expand to.

The message for you is to measure yourself by your own yardstick. There is no rush when it comes to expanding your territory. Just because what seems like your dream is happening for someone else doesn't mean your shot at succeeding something similar is lost to you. You have all the opportunities that everyone else has and there's room for everyone. All it takes is for you to believe that and never give up.


You go through waves of trusting your intuition and doubting it, which is most likely due to adults from your childhood who tried to sway you from seeing the truth because they weren't ready to face it themselves. But energy never lies, and you know this. As hard as others may try to hide behind their masks in order to stay in the pleasure of your company, your highly intuitive nature is always picking up on when things are just not right.

Under this new moon is your rebirth of trusting yourself again, even if it means starting all over with nothing and no one. There's nothing worse than thinking you're close to your accomplishments, only to realize that the one thing you ignored is the one thing that prevents you from stepping into all that you are worthy of. At least this way, everything can be on your own terms, as is intended in this life.


This new moon falls in your house of relationships, signifying a restructuring and reinvigoration in your partnerships. All the walls have fallen down and you're now willing to take your relationships deeper than they were before, to a new level of intimacy. In past relationships, you may be used to being the Alpha, but in this new relationship template, it requires real equity.

Every person has their own roles because everyone has something different that they can do that another person can't. Your job now is to find the right time and place in your partnerships of when to lead and when to follow. Of course, there's always the third option where both parties stand a united front. But the key is to listen in to yourself and your partner, and show up where and when needed, no earlier, no later.


You're exploring new spaces and places, spending your time, money, and energy in a new way that benefits your daily life. You've reviewed all the work you want to accomplish, and now it's about filling in the breaks with things that are truly replenishing instead of using your free time to have others continue to take without reciprocation.

You may love to host and curate special events for your friends and loved ones, but financially, it's best to spend only what is necessary. This means joining in on someone else's celebration, and not volunteering yourself to fulfill any tasks. This time, you get to focus on having fun, and schedule a full 8 hours of rest afterwards. Let yourself have this.


Is the person you have your eye on someone you can build with or just another distraction? Nothing wrong with dating around and not everyone needs to be The One™. But there has to be some intention if you want a relationship to be useful to your growth, and there has to be a level of respect.

It's time to redefine casual dating, as there's no longer room for the old dynamic of being sexually involved without humanity. The minute someone can't meet you on that human-to-human level, that's the same minute it's no longer safe for you to continue in that union. Pour love into yourself so that you don't succumb to another toxic partnership.


This new moon is for protecting your peace. Whatever conscious or unconscious agreements you made with others to show up however they wanted are meant to be released now. Maybe at one point you needed to do that for survival, but now, your priority is about cultivating true joy, and this can only come from the truth.

The truth is your needs matter, and they don't have to make sense to anyone else. Whether you need a 4 hour morning routine, or long showers, or going all day with your phone off, all of it is necessary if it means you get to stay in balance and harmony with yourself. To anything that tries to shift your vibration into a state of chaos, bid it adieu now. Never forget you have all the power and control over what you allow.


Much like Aquarius, you are someone that constantly has ideas that are ahead of your time. The difference is that instead of finding pride in that, you've allowed it to be a burden, never feeling like you're truly getting the recognition that you deserve. But remember, you can bring the horse to the water, but you can't force it drink. In other words, you can't force people to see that you are a visionary.

And while you may be aware that in order for your ideas to spread to the collective, they have to be shared by others, this doesn't mean you dumb the message down, or try to make it more palatable, or try to share it like someone else is. It's really just about consistency. When you're always showing up in your own way, discussing the same kind of grand ideas, eventually, others begin to realize that you've always stood your ground. This is what gains others' trust.


You've laid down all the groundwork and now you're ready to scale your business. The main thing to remember is that nothing worth it happens overnight. Just as you took the time to build foundation, it will also take time to make connections and grow your clientele. Of course, it doesn't have to take as long as the first stage, but the idea is that you continue to have patience and trust in however things unfold.

Once you start to feel that pressure, that rush to make things happen immediately, understand that signifies you slipping back into survival mode. In those moments, remind yourself that you're safe, and no matter what surprises come your way, you'll be well taken care of. Stay focused on the love you have for this journey.

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