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Aries New Moon Horoscopes (1)

Happy Aries SZN!

Aries is the spark, the ignition. Combined with Pluto entering Aquarius and then Mars - finally - leaving Gemini and entering Cancer, there are endless new pages to be turned. There are two new moons in Aries this season. The first arrived on Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at 10:23 a.m. PDT. The second Aries New Moon will be on the last full day of Aries Season, which will kick off eclipse season. What does this mean for the energy?

It's like if you had the chance to go back to the day of your birth and make completely different choices already knowing what you know now. But it's not gradual, it's immediate change. Time to rip off the band-aids. No more hand holding or coddling, and no time to worry about how you'll be perceived, or who will turn against you. This is a radical focus on self like it's never been before in order to build reliability and credibility for yourself and the others you are meant to lead.

When you can trust in yourself, in what you say and in what you're capable of doing, you are more confident in taking those larger steps and creating a bigger impact. However, it's hard to find out who you really are in a world full of expectations and pre-designed roles. But understand that underneath those roles is just the fear of facing the unknown, facing the forks in the road, facing the point where you have to improvise and get creative, because if you fail, who knows where you'll end up. But that's the part of life we were meant to find excitement in, where we were meant to discover our inner talents and abilities. Hopefully, you've learned by now that we'll never know what we're made of until we're thrown in the deep end.

At the end of the day, it's the ones who create something we've never seen before that start industries and lead audiences.They are trusted and followed because we know they've been through the unknown, the place where we never dared to cross into, and they came out the other side birthing something beautiful. Some may tease and ridicule when you're looking down in the dumps, confused, and out of touch, but suddenly, you earn the highest form of respect when you've built empires from what they thought was just Monopoly money. It's because deep down, we all have the desire to strip away the layers, the roles, and get to what's real. There's an innate magnetism towards those who have created their outside reality to match their inner world.

Now, it's your turn. Will you be brave enough to take the first steps? Disciplined enough to see it through despite the outside noise and distractions? Only time will tell. But it's time for everyone to see our inner talents and abilities. It's time for us to shine.

Below are the horoscopes for the Aries New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Happy Birthday Aries! All your fears about what the next steps will be and how they will play out have been put to rest. You've decided it's easier to let life flow than to question and resist it, so you're returning to your true essence: being curious, being playful, being honest. It could have been a while since you've taken off the burden of having to prove that you "know what you're doing". If so, it'll be quite the relieving birthday season where you can relax in just being yourself.

There's also a return to your true emotional range. Perhaps you were scared before of feeling your feelings and you're being called now to master them in a new way. Watch out for people and situations provoking you. Reconsider handling things in a way where you can respect and express your rage without taking it out on innocent parties.


This is a powerful time to speak your affirmations and desires out loud. With Venus in your sign, you're getting a small taste of what can become more readily available to you when Jupiter enters your sign in May. Work with the universe and your guides now by telling them what you'd like to see and experience next.

Trust that nothing is out of your reach. It is Divine Law that if you continue to move towards what feels right in your intuitive body, you'll discover the abundance that's meant for you. Remember, abundance isn't about the amount of money you have available to accumulate material things. Abundance is love and happiness. A comfortable way of life is available for you, but instead of budgeting to say you need x amount of money to live the life you want, create a life worth living, and watch the universe help you feel snug in it.


With Mars traveling out of your sign, you can finally start to have some peaceful interactions again. When this shift happens, you'll find that you have a lot more balance and mastery in the way that you communicate with others. Certain triggers where others could've provoked you to act outside yourself no longer exist. Subjects that held discomfort can now be discussed with greater ease.

There could be a greater call coming to teach these lessons, or share your story of how these changes have shown you a different outlook on your relationships. You could also be at a point where you finally have released the need to have a partner to mirror you or validate you. Perhaps you've found greater solace in your friendships these days than your romantic relationship(s). But don't close off to love. Oftentimes, such things come around when we least expect them to.


Thank God we don't look like what we've been through. But you've come to a point where you're grateful for it all: the good, the bad, the ugly. You may have had a recent spiritual breakthrough in self-love, where instead of wondering why you were bestowed certain gifts, or why you couldn't have proper guidance and examples growing up, you've now embraced why it had to be that way, and would not wish it to be any other way.

Self-love includes loving the past versions of yourself, loving the wounds or scars without claiming them as an identity, loving the unknown of your journey ahead. Remember, the bigger the impact you're meant to make, the deeper in the opposite direction you would have had to go. That is the Divine Law of Polarity. Understand there is purpose in every moment. This time, you're fully embracing the role you were meant to play in your destiny.

Major Beam Up Loading...


Do you want to operate in fear or love? This is the theme for you this season. You'll be faced with moments that challenge how you deal with situations that leave you vulnerable. Do you succumb to the voice of your anxiety? Do you run and hide rather than face a difficult choice?

It's time to learn how to cultivate a solitary, meditative practice that brings you back to center. It could be having a line of questions that help to remind you of the Truth. It could be listening to a playlist that helps you to channel any untamed feelings. Take some time to think about what quiets your mind.


You're in union with your sacred partner. This could be a physical person, or it could be the balance within you of your masculine and feminine energies. Even now that you've arrived here, you still have to continue what you did to attract this in order to keep it and watch it grow and flourish. This is lifetime commitment.

You had to be patient in order for this union to be cultivated, and you'll have to continue to be patient in the way and pace that the relationship develops. Despite the status of the union, try to release expectations for things to run smoothly. This is still new, and it needs time to test its boundaries. The phrase for the season is, give it time.


You weren't able to see an example of a healthy relationship growing up, so you've had to model one out for yourself based on mostly what's in the movies or celebrity news. So far, you've seen that life doesn't exactly work that way. Still, it doesn't mean that reality can't be a fantasy or dream come true.

It seems like you're trying to decide between two types of extremes. For some, you could feel that you either need to be looking for perfect relationship with no struggles, or learning to romanticize a relationship with perpetual struggles. Really, it's neither. It's about understanding that tough times will come and facing them with honesty and love when they do. And, it's about enjoying and being fully present for all the beautiful moments, small or big. It isn't about a happily ever after. It's about where each experience will take your evolution next.

Balance your extremes with duality.


There's been a lot of strategizing and researching but the excessive preparation could be another way to delay. As much as you'd wish to stick to logic, as a water sign, the messy emotional waters is where you thrive, where you find your power. Get back to the basics by asking yourself only one question: what feels right?

You're tuning more into your feminine energies, reawakening your intuition. You're silencing the mind because despite what it says, you don't need to work any harder or grow any further. You're ready as you are. The only thing left is for you to believe you're worthy.


You've been unable to call in new love because you couldn't let go of an old wound. It was the wounding point that taught you about heartbreak, the wound that triggered the building of the walls. It's time to forgive and forget.

Everything is connected. Clear this channel, and it's not just new love that finds you. Do this, and you tell the universe that you are OPEN for all good things, and so you get new adventure, new laughter, new experiences that are so enriched they pale in comparison to the deadweight you've been holding on to. How? Because it'll be present, and real, and coupled with your new self-awareness and the new vulnerability you've developed. At the start of every day this season, speak the phrase "I AM OPEN". Watch the beauty of new life rush towards you.


You're leveling up, adding a new talent/service to your skillset. You've accomplished all you needed to in the environment that you're in and have learned all you could. Now it's time to switch it up.

Your new gift could be related to helping others remedy their past or helping others research who their ancestors are. It could also be related to working with children and/or families. If you primarily worked online, you could be shifting to hold more in person gatherings. If you're a parent, perhaps life is shifting to no longer having children in the home, or they could have grown to a point where they don't need you like they once did. Regardless of what it is, use this time as an opportunity to discover something new about yourself and grow into a new space.


If your self-worth is still rooted in how others see you or value you, it's time to start seeing the value in yourself. If what's real sounds better coming from someone else, ask yourself why you have trouble trusting your own voice? Is it even your voice or is it a construct, an echo, of someone else in your family? Do you even know what your own voice sounds like?

Either way, it's time to create a new voice, a new advocate for yourself to stand up and fight for you, just like you would for any of your friends and loved ones.

On the flip side, there could be some work that you're doing outside of yourself such as reconstructing a section of your home. The venture, as you go deeper, may turn out to be much more than you bargained for, You could experience delayed plans or have multiple different people that have to sign off on something but no one agrees. But stay the course. Ultimately, this is about building security and safety for you this season - inner and outer.


Really nothing on the mind other than budgeting and saving. For you, if it's not about love, it's about money. You're once again trying to cultivate new financial habits in order to pay off debt and step into a bigger bag. Expect some income fluctuations, but overall, if you stay focused on the goal, you could see some growth here!

Over the past few months, you've learned invaluable financial lessons, and so there's no more need for trial and error, aka, no reason for things to go awry. The path forward is clear. Face the hard work and avoid the shortcuts. Maybe soon you'll be making enough money for two.

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