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Aries New Moon Horoscopes (2)

The second Aries New Moon for the season arrives as a total solar eclipse in Aries on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, 9:13 p.m. PDT. It's a precursor to the nodal shift that will occur on July 17 from the Taurus/Scorpio axis to the Aries/Libra axis; so it's especially important for those with Aries/Libra placements to pay attention to the events that unfold around this time. Eclipses are times of unpredictable change and a lot of it tends to be physical, 3D change (especially on a total eclipse vs. a partial) rather than a mental and psychological shift which regular new and full moons tend to be. Eclipses are also known to be a malefic energy because of how much a version of your life melts away and transforms during this time.

"Loops are closing" was the message from Meg McDermott, Divine Feminine Healing Artist, (IG @meg.arcadia), and it's the best way to describe the events taking place during this time. We've lived lifetimes between the last Aries New Moon on March 21 to this one, and now it's time to properly sign off, and close the accounts of decade old stories that have been subconsciously running our lives up until now.

This dusting off of everything in the past allows us to see new light emerging in the distance. A small inkling of an idea grows, and once more, you've remembered that just when you think you'll never experience another miracle, one has already been on its way. As we linger in Mercury's shadow awaiting the retrograde, we're told that we're no longer on the fast track. This new beginning this time around will be a slow bloom, a slow unfolding. The Sun moves into Taurus soon after, reinforcing that it's time to halt the brakes. We can't force a rose to show its petals, but oh how it's beautiful to simply observe nature bring forth life and just be truly divine.

Remember this season, nothing needs to happen. Everything already is.

Below are the horoscopes for the Aries New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Nothing that has been left in the past is for you. No lover. No job. No mindset. All of it is outdated, yet it may come around to try and sell itself as a repackaged newness. Don't fall for the tricks. They may appeal to your empathy and sensitivity, which is at its peak right now. You may be feeling some confusion on what you really want. Call on your guides to keep you centered and remind you of the truth - that those truly aligned to you are ahead, not behind, and that you're a much different person than you used to be. New excitement and levels await.


As the Sun shifts into your sign, there'll be more attention put on the body for you. Know that what you say and what you think of yourself and others is all witnessed and logged by you, so what you speak is what you will see. If you speak about chaos, losing, not being good enough, not having the right tools, this is what will be reflected back to you. As the world shifts around you, find ways to ground yourself in what is working out for you and then watch that multiply.


Like clockwork, you have a crush again. Or could there be two crushes? These may not even be people that know you exist (yet), but being able to see them in person or on social media and interact for however short the time may be giving you the release you needed. Still, don't force anything to progress. If you have had issues in the past with rushing too fast into things, this could be your lesson. Usually, as you feel something, you share it, but this time around is about sitting with your intuitive knowledge, staying silent, and allowing others to reveal who they believe themselves to be.


Price went up! You're finally starting to get recognition and support you feel you deserve, and that's because of how you shifted the way you view and treat yourself. You've put yourself on the pedestal, and now so has everyone else. Now, let's just keep these good vibes going, and keep growing. Time to show up in public (in person) spaces as your most authentic self. Everyone sees you glowing brighter than ever, but this time, instead of attracting moths, others in glow flock to you! It's a wonderful time for alignments and finding your soul tribe.


You could be faced with a decision right now that strongly resembles an issue or situation that your mother, grandmother, or ancestor has had to face. It's a moment to see if this generational cycle can be broken. As a sign ruled by the Sun, during a solar eclipse when the Sun is blocked, you can especially feel a lack of hope, and lack of options. It can get quite emotional. But this is a chance to practice surrender. You may not understand why life is unfolding in this way, but know, you'll get through this, cause you do every time. In the end, it'll all be clear.


Perhaps you've been leading in your partnerships and friendships because you were thought to have the blueprint to organize everyone and lead the team to victory, but it's in fact you who needs to take a backseat and take some notes. It's not to say you don't give great advice, but your style of living is so particular that it only works for you. Your partner or loved ones, whether they realize it or not, are much better at coming up with solutions that work well for everyone. Give them a chance to lead the march, let them make their own mistakes, and see how things change for your teamwork.


Yes, this new love that approaches, this is the real deal love that you've been praying for, waiting for, searching for, longing for. But of course, you can't treat it or approach it like you've done in the past. It's a whole new ballgame. At the same time, don't give it so much reverence to this point where you idolize it or see it as greater than yourself. The only reason you were able to call this in is because you embody this pure love energy. Slow your heart rate down and simply continue being. The story will unfold as it should.


Fighting to fight because you can't properly channel your emotions is not the move anymore. There may be a stressful situation you're dealing with right now but it's due to the fact that you tried to manipulate others into playing your game and instead, they walked away. Now you wanna pick fights with randoms. No. You have to face yourself and your choices. You have to make peace that others have their own agendas and yours is not the only one that deserves to be spoken. Let someone else get their way now. It's time for you to go along with the story.


Your sex drive is through the roof, but casual sex is no longer the move, so what other outlets have you cultivated for this energy? Writing, dancing, singing, dreaming, laughing, playing, running, loving. All these help to discharge this energy. There may be someone on your radar (perhaps Libra or Gemini?) where you're wondering if you should make the first move. The answer is yes, but not right now. While you're in this playful energy, see if there's opportunity to build a creative connection first before investigating romantic potential.


You're reminiscing on the past right now. Perhaps your current situation is eerily similar to where you were in life this time last year. Whatever the case, new financial responsibility is whooping your ass, but don't let the fear-based desperation set in. Empower yourself! Get the prayer line going! Whatever you need to do to keep speaking life and energy into your pockets, that is the only solution. It's that saying, you didn't come this far just to come this far. Material things look stable and secure but it's your faith that's actually been holding everything together. Don't lose that now.


Feels like you've been holding back your real thoughts on something. Is it that you're trying not to introduce negativity into the situation? If so, valid. However, not speaking up doesn't get rid of the negative energy. It only buries it deeper into your aura until you become snappy and passive aggressive. Maybe saying it all out loud will feel like shit for a while, but the best breakthroughs come after the purge. Free that space in your mind so it can come up with solutions you maybe couldn't see before because you were too busy focusing on trying to put on a brave and happy face.


You've seen that you're capable of producing more than you thought. Now it's time to really kick it into gear. If this is what you can do for something that's only half your passion, what happens when you apply this commitment to what you're 100% passionate about? It may be tempting in Taurus Season to slip back into more comfortable habits or keep up with the spending the ones around you partake in, but just keep the financial habits you've created, stay on budget, and see the vision. The universe is about to show you what happens when you choose purpose over lack of integrity.

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