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Aries New Moon Horoscopes

The Aries New Moon arrived on Monday, April 8, 2024, 11:21 a.m. PDT. Under this solar eclipse, we've awakened to the fact that we cannot learn to roll with the punches of life without first removing the constraints and labels that our ego places on us constantly. After all, how can we expand into all we're meant to be if we're always forcing ourselves into a box? In an effort to identify as an individual on this planet, our ego constantly looks for ways in which we can separate from the rest. This leads us to identifying with the things that come from us but are not truly us: our inspired feelings and actions.

We tell ourselves things like "I am happy" and "I am depressed", or "I am a writer" and "I am a manager". In reality, it is that we are consciousness having the experience of feeling happiness and sadness, and we do work in writing and in managing. When we try to tell ourselves that we are these things that come from us, we can completely lose our balance in this reality when we inevitably want to change to do or feel something else. In an effort to not lose ourselves, our ego will try to fabricate and force situations in order to remain in the state in which we tell ourselves we "are". We try to numb everything else that's coming up with food or drugs or alcohol. We attack everything and everyone who attempts to trigger us out of that state. After all, now it's a matter of survival, and the ego will do everything in its power to stay alive.

Even labels related to the spiritual world can also limit us, such as "I am an Empath" or "I am an Aries". Truly, it's that part of your life's journey is feeling highly sensitive, and that you were born while the sun was in the sign of Aries. None of this is the totality of who you are. Not even close. Then, there are stories that can root even deeper that become much harder to excavate. This is where the real work is, where it's your job to sit and reflect on every moment you say "I am" and then stop it in its tracks. It's stories like "I am cursed" or "I am unworthy of love" that can do the most damage. We can unconsciously observe the lives of our family members, of those in our culture or those with our skin color, and we can adopt their temporary experiences as the extent of all we can grow to be. What's worse, when our external reality matches these beliefs of who we are, it only hammers the nail in the head, and it becomes that much harder to believe in an alternate vision of your life.

When we get caught up in these labels, we become a cog in the machine, churning out work only to remain relevant and in existence. We ultimately lose our sense of purpose. But understand that what's true is that you are so much more than you believe you are. You are so expansive that it's impossible to even conceptualize in this reality. When your ego needs something to attach to, something to help it define you from the rest, affirm instead that you are eternal, infinite, ever-evolving and ever-growing. Tell yourself, you are capable of great things, that you are a master manifestor and you are constantly learning. This rephrase will help to open you up to receiving from all things, and not just the areas your ego can imagine.

It's time to get out of our comfort zones and put ourselves in rooms that we never thought we'd find acceptance or love in. Break the mold. Release any expectations for it all to change overnight, but understand that even if you don't notice anything, that just a change in environment exposes your ego to a new reality. So drive over to a different part of town and spend the day. Read a book or watch a TV show outside of your usual genre. Casually date someone you never thought you'd see yourself with. Open yourself up to new experiences and watch miracles find you faster than ever before.

Below are the horoscopes for the Aries New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


When you think of yourself as a teenager, you can remember moments where you were sure you knew everything. You were always perceptive, and it was easy to see that the adults around you were just figuring it out as they went along or just blindly following what the adults before them did. Because of this vision, you were sure that you'd have an edge, and would be able to bypass the mistakes they made, and always remain aware to what life is truly about. Then you got to your 20's, and learned a whole bunch of new things that you couldn't even have imagined.

Some of you made it to your Saturn Return and way beyond, and are still learning. It's essentially as if you never leave childhood, that you're always being reset to the beginning. This can cause you suffering, until you learn to see it as peace. They say the wise man knows they know nothing at all and that's what you're remembering under your eclipse; that growing up isn't a destination, it's a journey. As long as you never feel like you've arrived, you never have to feel the chaos of being yanked from that position and having the whole world change around you. Accept that you're a young soul always on the move. Learn to find excitement and joy in the travel.


Committing to your spiritual path is more than just blindly taking the teachings of those before you and regurgitating them or copying their actions. Sometimes, it feels like if we don't stick to the script that we're not honoring their legacy or that we're not "doing it right", but the whole point of walking a spiritual path is to find your unique genius and embrace it to the fullest.

This means doing what feels right to you at all times, no matter if it's a direct contradiction to the studies that came before you. This doesn't make you blasphemous. It makes you authentic. Don't be afraid to teach something new. More than likely, there are many others who are waiting for someone with your knowledge to stand up and lead the charge into a new order.


When you understand that the people you surround yourself with can be mirrors for you, you become much more mindful of the company you keep. You've tried it one way, by hanging out with people who like to do what you do, but you've learnt that it's not about what's externally a match. The only thing that matters is a resonance of the heart.

When making new friends and building new community, take time in silence to listen and feel into what it's like to have these people around. Do you hear a yes or a no? Do you feel a warmth or a coldness? However your intuition speaks to you, heed its call. Sometimes, even though everything looks good on paper, there's just something you can't place that tells you to stay away. Don't worry, that's not judgment. That's discernment.


Many Cancers feel the call to work as mentors due to the mothering nature of your sign, yet there may be many insecurities that block this path. For some, you may be open to the idea, yet you may think you're too young, too naive, or not as perfect as you think you need to be. You could compare yourself to older guides, and believe you may need to reach what you perceive as their level of ascension before embracing this path.

For others, you may believe that to declare yourself as a mentor means that you are living in the ego, that any desire to show up as a leader means you have strayed from the path you're meant to be on. What you need to remain focused on, the only thing that matters, is the why. To feel that you have something good to share, to understand your own capacity to hold space, to show up where others may not have the courage to, that is only about knowing who you are. That is a gift others do not come by so easily. Don't be so quick to throw it away.


It's important to remember that knowing a few tricks doesn't mean being an expert, and being an expert doesn't mean there's nothing else to learn. This is a call for humility. Though you may be seen by your peers and loved ones as the one who has it all together and the one who can steer them to success, there could still be things that you could learn from them.

Take some time to return to being the student. Put your feet in the shoes of the ones you guide and see what it's like from their perspective. Role play as the perpetrator rather than the victim. Take notes, so that when you return to your shoes, you have a newfound idea of how your actions truly make others feel. Nothing teaches more compassion than truly understanding where someone else is coming from.


You can be possessive of your craft and creations. After working so hard, going through all you went through to learn these things, you deserve all the credit. The problem is thinking that you are the only one that's going through trials and tribulations, the only one learning and evolving, or that you're pulling from some Source that's not readily available to everyone else.

You can't water your garden while also turning off the hose in everyone else's. Understand that when you're focused on what your magic is creating, not only can it never be replicated, but it can never be robbed. Even when others seem to be working on the same thing, and receiving praise where you've struggled to gain recognition, as long as what you're producing comes from the heart, the vibration of your work is what is needed on this plane.


It's one thing to understand your attachment style and it's another to understand detachment. Neither is about keeping you safe, because as much as you'd prefer, that isn't the goal. As always with you, the goal is balance, and being on this plane is a constant game of knowing when to attach and when to detach.

Secure attachment in some ways can be seen as valuable to help you live fully in the present, but detachment is ultimately necessary since change is the only constant. The lesson? Commit to what is when it is and when it isn't, commit to what's next. But understand that you never have to feel like you're leaving anything behind because within, you hold a piece of all the realities you've ever existed in. Let that bring you some solace.


If you're working hard because you're following your passions and you're excited by your abilities and creations, then press on! But if any part of you is chugging along because you're afraid to lose the abundance you've created for yourself if you stop, then it's time to rest. When fear is part of the equation, it takes over and consumes, and it's best to pause now to address it before it builds out of your control.

There could be some PTSD showing its face now, reminding you what life was like before you saw the light and stepped into your calling, threatening its return. But know that phase of life has come and gone. And even if it did return, with what you know now, it would not be the same experience. Trust and affirm that you have closed the door to the past, and are moving in lightspeed towards the future.


Dating becomes a strong desire again as you feel you've done the work and are ready to reap the rewards. However, now is not the time to commit to a partner. It's a time to analyze your own patterns and reactions. You may feel a draw towards some aspects of what you were once attracted to, and while it seems unwise to repeat certain patterns, this could be a time of enlightening to show you exactly where the real issues lie.

You may harbor a belief about your last few relationships that actually isn't true, and revisiting a similar situation can help to dissolve the lie. Stay cautious, but also trust that you are a completely different iteration than the you from your past. You won't fall prey to old tricks because they simply don't attract you as they once did. In fact, having the chance to see that certain elements are now repulsive to you may be exactly what you need to boost your confidence.


Fear isn't always about what you need to stay away from. Sometimes, it's about what you need to run towards. Of course, knowing the difference between which direction to take requires self-awareness and discernment. So in order to develop that, now is a good time to recommit to meditation.

There may be a situation developing now where your body wants to flee, but perhaps if you search deep within your soul, you know that handling it headfirst is what you need to break out of the fear and into the growth. If there's someone you can trust, seek their assistance for some advice. An objective view on the situation might give you the extra push you need to know you're making the right call.


You could feel forced into making a decision or choosing a side, but your challenge is to stay neutral. Perhaps there's conflict within your friend group, and there's a pressure to show loyalty, but if it doesn't feel right to choose only one person, then know that doesn't make you weak or a traitor.

Understand that anyone who tries to force your free will is not someone who loves and has your best interest at heart anyway. Let everyone else make their decisions and the ones who respect yours are the only ones you need around. Accept that sometimes no matter how hard you try, you'll always be the villain in someone's story. And also know that others' opinions of you only hold the worth that you give them.


You're taking what you've earned and putting it to good use, building upwards. You've established the vision, and brick-by-brick, you're making the necessary strides to accomplish it. Nothing else is necessary to the success of this mission besides simply remaining in integrity. Remember where you came from, and why you're pushing in this direction.

For many, they get a taste of riches and they fall victim to old, materialistic goals. It becomes more important to show off to others where you are now to gain some false sense of superiority, because underneath, the sense of unworthiness hasn't truly been healed. In order to not get led astray as you rise in social status, stay close to your heart.

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