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Cancer Full Moon Horoscopes

Welcome 2023! It's the first big lunar event of the calendar new year; a Cancer Full Moon. The Cancer Full Moon arrived Friday, January 6, 2023 at 3:08 p.m. PST. This Full Moon is powerful in itself because Cancer comes home here. The Moon and Cancer are one in the same, fully embodying its role to wash us all in its emotional tides. I can't help but think how symbolic nature has been specifically in Los Angeles, CA in the past days leading into 2023; the rains that have soaked the soil representing all the things of Cancer, the first water sign. Words that come to mind? Purge. Release. Rebirth.

It may not feel like the new start we want it to be as astrologically, we still have two to three months before the zodiacal wheel begins again at Aries. Until then, we may still be feeling a bit low. Of course, we can't forget, Mars is still retrograde, and Mercury joined Mars in retrograde just two days before 2023. Retrogrades always symbolize a time to go a bit slower, to look more into the details instead of assuming. Overall, it's a time to replenish and the Cancer Full Moon comes right on time to heal some wounds.

Cancer often brings up themes with the Mother or the maternal figure in your life. Whether it's mending broken relationships, or grieving an old wound that's resurfaced, we'll be thinking about how our relationship with our mother has shaped us and prepared us for adulthood, for better or for worse. Extended from the mother, how has our childhood, our relationship with who we called family growing up, affected our earthly experience? Are there any grudges we've held onto that have hindered us instead of protecting us? What can we let go in order to create space for a new type of family to be born?

Regardless of when the start of the astrological new year is, the shift into 2023 from 2022 is still a portal we're stepping through. There's been moves into new residences for many with heavy influence on their Cancer/Capricorn axis. There's also been a lot of talk about new births, spiritual and physical alike; and many are excited for it to be a numerology 7 year. But some of us are still quite stuck on the things, the people, and the places we had to leave behind in 2022.

Whenever I think of the number 7, the first thing that comes to mind is the rainbow, which has 7 colors, and even 7 letters in the word. It's symbolic that after the storm is the promise of new growth and new life. If it gets rainy where you are, this is perfect chance to dance in the rain and shake off all the extra worries, and stress, and burdens of the past, of yesterday, of our ancestors. We need to properly detach from dead weight if we're meant to really step into this new beginning that awaits us. If rain isn't available, a spiritual bath or shower with intention is all you need to reflect on the old and wash yourself anew. Release, release, release.

Below are the horoscopes for the Cancer Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Freedom awaits! A new way to live has been shown to you and you're ready to walk the path. Will the hard work be over? No. But it'll be lighter than it's ever felt. You cared a lot before about the accolades. You cared what people thought because you wanted to be seen as impressive. Now, it's about personal happiness, and self-validation.

In March, Saturn's influence will be truly off your back, and you'll have a chance to live what you've learned and really witness how these new lessons have increased the flow of abundance into your life. Right now, changing jobs or going back to an old business plan is favored. Never forget that you're a cardinal sign. You'll always have the ideas for the blueprint. You're always original. You don't have to try to be impressive when that's all you ever radiate when you're just being yourself.


Romance is on the brain for Aquarius! Perhaps to some, it's been a secret that you want real love and are holding out for it. You're looking for someone that's willing to put it all on the line for you, but you've found over the years that others are too defensive to reach that level of sacrificing for the one you love.

The first burn, that first heartache, that you ever experienced has a huge and long lasting impact on you, and whether you want to admit it or not, it has shaped who you attract and how you present in relationships. Look deep and really see if you've done everything you can to heal that old wound. Check for leaks or unfinished business, not by contacting the other party, but by investigating in yourself where you've not addressed certain issues and see if there's a patch that can be put there to start the process back to oneness.


It's time to have FUN. Your soul is young, wild, and free, and there's no need to take life so seriously. Of course, there can be serious moments, but this life is meant to be an adventure, and all the memorable ones have challenges that you thought were going to tear you down but you overcame them, and they eventually ended up being the foundation where you build new growth.

A happy ending is possible for you. You have to believe that and you must never let go of it no matter how badly things may look in the moment. With Saturn approaching, it'll be testing to see how far you'll go to commit to that belief and sticking to it can bring tremendous rewards.


What's your comfort level with intimacy? Sex comes easy, but what about small, shared touches and knowing looks? How comfortable are you with someone seeing the raw, unfiltered version of you? It's easy for your vulnerability issues to go undetected because you can present as someone who puts it all out there and has nothing to hide, but with those you share strong feelings for, you can get quite shy and put up a few walls so that no can see and ergo hurt the real you.

Practice opening up first with yourself by talking to yourself in the mirror. Build trust in seeing yourself safely arrive at emotional checkpoints. This not only helps with taking the overthinking aspect out of it of how you look, but it'll also give you practice in finding the right words to communicate all the complex emotions you deal with on a daily.


Stop lying about how you feel to prevent conflict. It's not your usual M.O. but for some reason, you're scared to rock the boat. Perhaps you've invested a lot in this relationship/partnership and it seems like too much to lose now. It could be also that you're just living in denial. But the longer you drag it out, the more the consequences will be later on.

Ripping the band-aid off doesn't mean the sting can't be soothed. A lot may change, but life will always progress forward if that's where your focus is. This ending also doesn't mean that everything learned from this union is null and void. These are lessons that you'll use to keep yourself growing into an even better human being. Just make sure to leave no stone unturned with this conversation. Be fully open and honest with your feelings so that you don't look back on this period with regret.


Proper nutrition is important now! Physically, yes, but also spiritual nourishment. What energies are you letting in to your personal space? Whose opinions have you held close? Where have you yet to cultivate your own choices? How do you support your desires in life?

Feed your soul now with good music, good people, and genuine desires. Pick up that book off the shelf that you didn't get to in 2022. It may have been hard to express your feelings lately but by nourishing your spirit, you'll be able to understand and sort out your thoughts in order to better communicate them and feel more confident in who you are.


As a sign that's affected by any lunar event, no matter what sign it takes place in, you're a bit familiar with what happens here. You're the star of the show, the only one with this much experience on the energy and power behind emotions and feelings. So you know, whatever you put emotion behind has immense potential to materialize into 3D form. Sounds witchy? It is! Yet it's the power within all of us as human beings!

Einstein said, "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way." We're constantly being bombarded with things that shift our emotional center off balance which later leads to a chaotic life. But if we can master our feelings, and choose serenity, we only generate more positive energy to create positive scenarios and realities for ourself.

You are so powerful.

Never forget that this year.


What's dictating your direction in life? Is it your goals and dreams? Is it your physical beauty? Is it parental validation? What is ahead leading the charge behind all your decisions? What has to happen to make you say yes? It's important to reflect on this before we get into March of 2023 so that you understand where you're leading yourself.

It's even more cultivating self-awareness for this first quarter of 2023, so when it's go time, you don't get stuck at the starting line wondering which path to take. It's okay to have multiple motivations, as long as they each have a clear pathway and direction. Everything needs to have a role.


You're not usually focused on fitting in, but it feels like recently, you may have gotten some flashbacks from a time where you were ridiculed for being yourself, and purposely ostracized. It's the first pain of being "othered" and the birth of a fear that community may not be something you are able to cultivate for yourself.

I hope by now that you've realized that there is someone for everyone but by chance you are still searching for your tribe, never forget that betraying yourself only ever got you further from that desire. In the same breath, no man is an island, so it's no use trying to convince yourself that you don't need anyone else. Just continue to embrace yourself fully, and always do what feels right to you.


You're dedicated to turning things around and making 2023 your year! For some, 2022 may not have ended as you've expected but you're tired of being where you're at and are ready to level up and build a reputation for yourself! The important thing to remember is that self-improvement is for the SELF, not to keep up with the Joneses.

Comparing yourself to others has been the biggest roadblock on your journey so far, so going forward, we have to be sure we're not only not looking at what everyone else is doing, but also we're not worried about people thinking we're strange or "cringe". The opinion of people who can't stand in your position will never matter as much as your courage to put yourself out there.


You've made strides into new milestones! Places you once thought were so far from your reach now have your name on the guest list. In 2022, you conquered your fear, and you can see the rewards. Congratulations!

Now that you've opened new doors, don't fall back into old energy patterns and reintroduce fear where it has no place now. Trust that it's truly up from here. And focus on creating new dreams to strive for now that the old ones have been completed. There's so much in the world to experience, and you're just at the beginning.


It's felt like things have stalled and slowed down for you, but as you are a one person does all machine, consider that your focus is just on improving another section of your plan that needs to be solidified so as to keep growing your dreams on a reliable foundation. The grass is greener wherever you step, but each corner of the garden needs special attention.

Right now is about creating a rhythm. You've focused a lot on the front end of things but the logistics need a bit of ironing out. Be patient. Don't get greedy. Work out the back end so that you have the support you need to keep on keeping on! After January 18, it's gonna be onward and forward to new horizons!

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