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Cancer Full Moon Horoscopes

The Cancer Full Moon arrives on Tuesday, December 26, 2023, 4:33 p.m. PST. The energy of release is in the air. As the last full moon of the year, it's calling for complete acknowledgement of all actions, especially of the ones that pain you to admit, and surrender to the new lessons you've learned. The best way to right a wrong is to do better next time, and in 2024, you'll have countless opportunities to do just that.

The end of the year always brings complex feelings, particularly due to the holidays. Many people around this time gather with friends and family, and are confronted with the traumas that are held deep within their DNA. You know how people say, if you think you're healed, go around your family. But if you've managed to be triggered and respond in a different way, you're already miles ahead from where you may think you're stuck.

Don't resist a good purging cry, even if it's over something that you feel you would never usually cry over. It's not about the context. It's about untangling the tightness in your chest. This is the tightness built from worrying about the future and sadness over the past. It's the cry of releasing control, thinking you had to have it all together, when in reality, it really feels like everything is just going in all sorts of directions, with no compass to guide you into what the next right thing to do is.

If you're worried about not being able to lead yourself to the correct next step of your life, this is a reminder that this is indeed your life, which means in all of it, there are no mistakes. Others may judge you and your actions based on what they know. You may even judge yourself for what you think you need to be doing and who you think you need to be. But all in all, whether you acknowledge Spirit's presence or not, its guiding hand never leaves us. As co-creator, no matter what we do, Spirit will always find a way to work with us, never against us.

Look life in the face now and scream at it. Embrace your primal nature by unleashing that energy into the Earth for grounding. Fight back against that mean, inner voice that's telling you that you'll never amount to anything, that love isn't yours for the taking, that you are not worthy, that you should give up. Fight back because every time you take a breath, you're living proof that you still have a reason to be here, that you still have work to do. No action you've made has ever gone to waste. You have a place and a purpose, and nothing, NOTHING, can ever take that from you.

Below are the horoscopes for the Cancer Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


You're falling in love again and it could be bringing up more triggers than you remember you had. It's tempting to fall back into your old ways, playing the "game" and being the nonchalant cool kid. But everything is different. You feel it. And you know if you want to make the most out of it, you need to embrace the new path and journey.

The new path is risky. You must give your heart with no guarantees of reciprocation, no guarantees of permanence in the union, no guarantees that you're not being duped. If you like games, Love is the most uncertain game, the biggest gamble that holds the biggest reward. Remind yourself every day in this new relationship that if you learn something, and experience something new, that you're completing your mission successfully. Joy lasts in the moment. Go live in it.


Without thinking too much on it, you're simply just doing. You're paying off debts. You're taking care of business. The more changes you put in now, the more it makes the future look uncertain. But, the more uncertain things look ahead, the more of a chance it will be for your dreams to be a reality.

It seems backwards. You're used to following a step by step plan and tracking the progress accordingly. But as you'll soon find, uncertainty can be a huge blessing as it means nothing is yet set in stone. This is the setting that's required for miracles to come through, for the impossible to suddenly be possible. Keep acting on impulse, and you'll keep the excitement of life alive.


Your work under this full moon is to continue releasing expectations, and continue keeping healthy level of detachment. It's basically required for your health to engage in at least two to three daydreams before your official night time dream escape, but this time around, try to separate your fantasies from your predictions.

Someone as intuitive as yourself can easily access and learn how things will unfold for themselves and the others around them, so it's not uncommon for your regular daydreams to come true. Even still, having access to this power does not mean you are the one who dictates how wishes unfold. Have fun with the fantasies. Get excited when they turn out to be real downloads. But no matter how trained you may be, never expect. Better than anyone, you should know that the Universe likes to keep a little mystery surrounding itself. Allow it that space.


You're a bit sick of feeling like you always need to switch things up to improve and get to the next level. You're hungry for a moment where everything can work out and you can get to just be without all the growing aches and pains. But remember, making change isn't necessarily because what you were doing wasn't working before.

Instead of thinking that you need to do something to be better, imagine that what you were doing before served its purpose well, and you now have a new chance to find other things that work. In every one of your evolutions, you've proven to be formidable and gifted. All you're doing is exploring your range because you're good at more than one thing and you can do it all the ways. Don't limit yourself now when you're right at the edge of expansion.


You're welcoming new friends, new conversations, new crushes. You could have been a bit uptight about the rules you placed on how to manage your life, which, they did work for a while, but those methods are now expired. Rather than restricting yourself and trying to fit a square in a round hole, you're open now to turning everything on its head and going a different route.

"New Rules" by Dua Lipa comes to mind, and instead of making a new structure before you start, you're just going with the flow, and creating it as you go. It might not be the most comfortable state, but you've tried so long to make everything right that you've finally gotten to the point where you're just saying "whatever". It could look chaotic to others but it's the perfect attitude for 2024.


In 2024, you're ready to up your cashflow. You're taking on new responsibilities and your main concern is making sure that these are not temporary. You want to build an empire, and that means you can't just fly from one thing to the next anymore, leaving everything behind you to crash and burn. The stakes are much higher now.

Still, it's likely that you've never really held anything permanent in your life before and the idea that you may not even be capable of that is stressing you out more than you'd like to admit. Your confidence in self has always gotten you to the next thing, and know that admitting that things are scary now won't derail that. Ironically, it actually strengthens it because that means you're facing everything head on. That's the strength you'll need to keep things fixed. Call on it now.


This is the most important moment for you. It's the baptism and rebirth that you've needed for the last five years. Things have been so confusing and rocky during your spiritual growth and development, but you're finally standing on your two feet, claiming your independence without having to shut everyone out to do it.

You know what exactly what steps to take, and instead of trying to renegotiate the terms of the hard periods of your life, you're putting those adult pants on, and facing everything that comes your way. You won't let anything stop you from this new beginning, and you have the dragon flame in your heart to keep you dedicated and motivated. Keep trusting yourself and your intuition, and you'll always win.


Committing to another has never been an issue for you because anything you walk into, you have no problem walking out of. But it's time to release that old method of hopping in and out of people's lives and ground in where you feel is calling you now. It's not as simple as you're in or you're out. This is a journey that asks you to respect and embrace the ups and the downs.

You can at times feel averse to staying in one place for too long because you never want to feel trapped or hidden, unable to access the rest of the world. But this time, it's about bringing all the things you value with you as you journey into the world. You'll have to do a bit of extra work to ensure that every new experience you have can be harmoniously integrated into your existing life, but when you can create unity, life is worth more than you could've achieved on your own.


This Mercury retrograde may seem like it's derailing all your plans, but as you well know with Mercury retrograde, all the chaos always works out for your highest and best. Now is about trusting that the redirection is protection. It's easy to get into your ego and think you know best, but every retrograde, you get that reminder that you're a servant of Spirit and not servant of man.

This means that as much as you'd prefer to, you don't get to work on your time or schedule. Even if you have to refund others or change locations for your services, trust that what seems like a loss now will be re-gifted and repackaged for you into a miracle more than what you could even comprehend. While you wait for the new plan to unfold, have a drink, sit down, and enjoy the view.


It may seem like a bad time to quit your job but if it's draining your life force, you can't afford to stay any longer. Don't be afraid to move back home to get your ducks in a row. You may think you don't get along in your home environment anymore, or that your parents and guardians are incompatible to your needs, but consider that these thoughts and experiences are coming from a past version of yourself.

You're not a little kid anymore, and whether or not it seems like it, the people and places around you have changed as well. The only way for everything to remain the same is to return to the past, which in this linear timeline we exist in, is not truly accessible in the way that we think. We can however let our memories of the past know that it's time to be rewritten, that way it can be released in order for you to welcome a new experience.


It's been a long year, and right now, you deserve a minute to rest. Exciting things await ahead in 2024. There's always something new to work on with a creative mind such as yours, but to have the energy to bring all your hopes into fruition, you need to sit back and appreciate where you are now.

Who do you need to send thank you letters to? Who haven't you gotten a chance to speak to since earlier this year? No matter what you feel is on your agenda, it's a promise that it'll still be there when you get back. There's no reason to pressure yourself, thinking you'll "fall behind". In fact, in reviewing what you've missed out on, that could be the exact place you get your next clue on where you'd like to go next. Enjoy this down time now.


You're digging deeper than you're generally comfortable with. As much as you are expansive in nature and have an unquenchable desire for learning, when it comes to keeping things light and breezy or facing the dark and murky, you're choosing the light every time. While love and light is always encouraged, it's not the only part of life that exists.

The shadow holds more information that you can learn from right now, and while you detest having to deal with any depressive thoughts and feelings, it's necessary if you want your relationships to not be mere repetitions of the karma you have yet to clear. If you want something fresh, new, and shiny, it's time to clean up the cobwebs.

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