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Cancer New Moon Horoscopes

The Cancer New Moon arrived on Monday, July 17, 2023, 11:32 a.m. PDT. It's time to come home. This New Moon wants you to remember what it's like to be in love - real love. It wants you to live in those moments again, and memorize what it feels like in your body. In no relation to anyone else, it wants you to analyze the actions that you took when all the crevices of your being were filled with love. How no matter the weather, no matter how many things were on your to-do list, you saw every day as a beautiful day. How it felt easier and natural to inject patience and compassion into all things. It wants you to see and remember that version of yourself as your true self.

The North Node also moved into Aries about an hour or two later, which adds a boost of energy towards prioritizing doing things that are just for you and your joy. This nodal shift also reminds you that you have a choice in every decision in life, that freewill is the first weapon in your arsenal when it comes to standing in your power. Together with the Cancer New Moon, this is a growth point, pushing you to take a step back from feeling like a victim to your circumstances and instead, asking you to step into the energy of hope where you can create the most beautiful things from your heart's desires.

A lot of things are turning online right now. It's like you've finally unlocked access to that next level, or to a new character. New tools and resources are at your disposal, but of course, new obstacles are as well. Right now is about gaining strength and momentum, and it's also about building a defensive barrier to protect your true essence from being corrupted and demoralized again. It may seem like a lot to tackle, but once you re-familiarize yourself with your love frequency, you'll feel weightless, and like you can do anything. You'll feel like everything is going to turn out okay. Remember, when your mind is clear, your pathway becomes clear. This Mars in Virgo transit will also be able to help you cut to the chase, and make rapid but intelligent decisions on what to keep and what to shed so that you can continue to move forward towards your goals.

More important reminders: what's not an immediate and resounding yes is a no. You have to trust your intuition. Don't waste time trying to fit pieces into a puzzle it's not meant to be in. This isn't about making everyone else's opinions matter and feel valid. It's a time to be direct, believe in your standards, and keep those boundaries sturdy. This doesn't mean attack those who try to help you. It means don't continue giving your power away by allowing other voices to lead your life. It means take things under consideration, filter it through your own guides, and make plans accordingly.

You must adapt to survive. When the terrain of life shifts, you need to be able to call on and hone your other skills in order to stay in the race. The gift of cardinal sign energy is to start over and over and over again, never giving up no matter how many chances it takes, or how many rebirths you have to live through. We're channeling that now, and understanding that it was never about getting things right on the first go around, or even the fortieth, or the seventieth. Instead, it was always just about never giving up. Not all obstacles mean you're going the wrong way. Some just require you to reach even deeper into yourself.

Below are the horoscopes for the Cancer New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


You're feeling real "Miss Movin' On" by Fifth Harmony under your new moon. It's giving rebirth. It's giving you've learned your lessons, and there are just certain mistakes you'll never make again. For some, you could be hoping for a second chance to show the character you really are, and best believe, that chance is coming up soon.

Cancers are ready to take the next step, into celibacy, into marriage, into kids, into purchasing a home, and the time to make these upgrades are now, with or without the people you thought would be there for you on this journey. This new moon blessing is only for you anyway.


Before you feel like you can really turn up for your birthday, there might be a bit of a quiet period where you pull back in your relationships, just so you can sort out what it is you feel like you bring to the table. You have a lot of expectations (as you should) for the other people you let into your life, but with Venus about to go retrograde in your sign, you're feeling the need to look inward to evaluate the expectations you've set for yourself.

Assessing your own worth can be an uncomfortable process, but not only can it bring newfound compassion towards the ones you build relationships with, it also helps to deepen the connections you make because the more you know yourself, the more you'll be able to see others for who they are.


The social scene is calling. With Mars in your sign, you're definitely feeling a boost of sexual energy, and may be strongly tempted to enter another ho phase era. For some, you could really be missing aspects of your last relationship, and could be tempted to cause some drama with your current partner or your ex. Underneath it all is a need to feel in control of at least one thing in your life.

But, playing around with others' feelings only pushes you further from healing. Call for your village, ones you trust, to vent to and work as a sounding board for you. Once you can properly channel your emotions, you can start to put all this Mars energy into upgrading your life instead of self-sabotaging it.


With the South Node moving into Libra, this can indicate a deterioration in your relationships and/or a rediscovery in who and what you want in a partner. There could be a chance that your partner has expectations for you to play a more traditional role in the relationship, but you are looking for a bit more freedom.

This could also be a time where you discover truths about someone you've been getting close to. Don't ignore the warning signs. You have a lot more eyes on you now and others are going to be quick to offer their unwarranted opinions and projections. The goal is to tune out the noise and distraction without self-isolating or cussing people out. Dive deeper into why others have the ability to trigger you and pull you out of your character and daily routine.


With the South Node moving out your sign, you feel a giant weight lifted. You've been working on releasing the responsibility you feel for others, and it's finally sinking in that you don't have to feel bad for being your own person, and having your own dreams, even if it means leaving behind all the people you've had support you since birth.

It's time for you to discover the world for yourself instead of tackling it based on what the community needs are. Go off on your nomad journey with no phone. Delete all your social media. For some, this is a great time to move. But whatever the case, the season of the old you is finished. Time to start a new life.


You have a reputation for keeping distance between you and your emotions, but due to your ruling planet's expansive nature, the only way you've known how to deal with your emotions is to run from them. The first time you ever felt embarrassment, shame, pain, or disappointment, it could have felt like you were going to explode.

It's why you'd rather stick to the more optimistic side of the emotional range. But, the new moon has helped you to discover that even the biggest feelings can move through you in the blink of an eye. Facing it doesn't mean you don't have to carry it with you forever. Work on clearing the emotions that your inner child hasn't faced yet so you can release this flight energy, and see how you truly feel about your current life and your relationships with others.


Growing up, it's likely that you had to take care of your siblings or parents as if you were the adult, and that inclination to play every role to your loved ones transferred to your relationships. In fact, it seemed you took pride in being your partner's lover, doctor, teacher, financial advisor, psychic etc. Perhaps this is the only way you knew how to remain valuable.

Maybe you thought that if you made yourself useful that others would have no choice but to accept you, but you've now learned that others will still reject and abandon you for all sorts of reasons that have nothing to do with you. As you open up your heart back up to love, take solace in knowing that you can still be worth it all without having to wear 6000 hats. Now, it's time for others to prove themselves to you.


Meditation, pilates, self-help books, and healthy nutrition should all be focuses in your daily routine now. This is about eliminating stress in healthy ways, making sure that your mind and body are running on premium. It's time to clear out your fridge of all the alcohol and unhealthy sugars, and commit to at least one month of no fast foods.

Baths aren't the only way to flush out all the negative energy you may have stored up. Up your water intake too. When choosing your exercise routine, instead of focusing on body goals, or using the gym as a therapist and a way to channel your emotions, focus on how it makes you feel inside. The goal should be to feel able, energized, hopeful, and loved.


It's easy for you to go along with whatever the dominating energy of the room is, but it's time for you to be dominant energy in the room. Instead of making space for others to be their authentic selves, your only focus now is making space for you to be your authentic self.

It may have been a while since you've last thought of what you would want while in a group setting. It's perhaps why you spend so much time alone. But you have to be able to stand in what you want so that you don't get led off course. Find ways to feel centered when you're surrounded by all sorts of different energies and you'll never feel like you got lost in someone else ever again.


With the North Node moving into your sign, your new comfort is doubling down on "it is what it is". Accepting life's experiences as they come doesn't mean removing yourself as an active participant. It means taking whatever comes and using it as a trampoline instead of an anchor.

Also, you can't force or explain your way into people supporting you, and it's time to stop waiting around for others' encouragement to feel good about moving forward. The only reason you want it so bad anyway is because of comparison mode. This is not to say you can't be sad or that you don't deserve this. But absolutely no one, not even your mother, has an obligation to make you feel good about yourself. It's just you. So, lovingly, it's time to build a bridge, and get over it.


Life's keep spinning with or without you. Even though we are each very special and have our own unique purposes in the world, if you choose not to participate, the universe is so understanding and ever forgiving, that it'll assign that role to someone else so that you can get your rest.

You are loved, and so you'll never have to feel pressure from the universe to fulfill roles, even the ones you asked for. The universe wants to remind you on this new moon that you don't have to worry because you are not needed, but you are desperately always wanted because you're beautiful to have around. It's all on your time.


You're thinking up new and creative ways to make money. Perhaps a collaboration of some kind with your romantic partner is in the works. You've been a part of a lot of different, unfinished projects over the years, but now that you finally know what you want to be doing, this new business idea will be for the long haul.

No pressure but you've finally figured out your purpose. Now's the time to go after it. Remember, as someone newly entering your chosen community, it's likely you'll run into many people who have been there for years. Understand that a longer length of time doesn't make you any more or less deserving of a place in that room. Just keep focusing on creating a happy birth space for your ideas. You were brought here for a reason.

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