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Cancer New Moon Horoscopes

The Cancer New Moon arrives on Friday, July 5, 2024, 3:57 p.m. PDT. This is an emotional reset, an emotional rebirth. For many of us, our hearts have been broken open, and it's happened either through an explosion of love and appreciation for the loved ones around us or a devastation that's left us raw and bloody. Regardless, we can use this new moon now to make a sacred pact with ourselves. Instead of rushing to close ourselves off in fear that we might lose what we've gained or be hurt in an even worse way, we can promise to always look at the places where we can be held accountable for our actions, and resolve to healing those areas that only perpetuate a reality we want to leave in the past.

This new moon has brought around a lot of talk about attachment styles and so it's a good time observe your own behavior in your relationships and determine where you fall on the spectrum of secure, anxious, or avoidant. Each person in our life can bring out a different side to us, and even with the same person in different situations and over the years, we can venture between moments of security and insecurity. Still, there's generally one that we hover around until we gain enough awareness or internalize enough triggers to move towards another, pushing us into another phase of life. Romantic relationships are one of those areas of our lives that most of us put high on the priority list, yet also have the least knowledge about. It's not a topic we learn about in school, and so the most popular and accessible examples we have to look to outside of the relationships in our own family structure are movies and tv shows, celebrity relationships, and those sleazy style dating books about "how to keep a man interested" or "how to make a woman fall in love with you in 10 days".

Basically, most of us are going in blind, yet everyone is somehow expected to find love and immediately know and embody the right way to behave. The book, "Attached", by Amir Levine and Rachel S. F. Heller has excellent insights about all the attachment styles and how they interact with one another, but there are some insights that I'd like to emphasize and add upon that stood out and were made clear to me after reading. In our own society, those with anxious or avoidant styles are judged and demonized in their own ways. In some cases, those with an anxious style are seen as a victim while those with an avoidant style are seen as the villain. Though they may receive more empathy than others, those with an anxious attachment style are seen as helpless and weak while also being shamed for needing "too much" reassurance and needing to learn how to "stand on their own two feet". Though sometimes praised for their seeming independence, those with an avoidant attachment style are seen as liars and manipulators while also being shamed for being too emotionally unavailable and needing to learn that "no man is an island".

The first important thing to note is that though there are only three main categories of attachment styles (leaving out the less popular fourth style), there are many different and even seemingly conflicting ways that each style can be portrayed. The descriptions above tend to apply to the more extreme cases, yet are often applied to all who may identify with the anxious or avoidant style. These harsh judgements only push people away from awareness and keep them in denial, ergo, making them unable to change patterns that could greatly increase their quality of life. In my experience, most people are only two or three small habits away from a secure attachment, and furthermore, their journey along these insecure styles go forward to help them in breaking generational curses or being able to go after their purpose in a new, more inclusive and empathetic way. At the end of it, everything is for a reason and it's better to see it through that lens than through the one of being ridiculed for not having knowledge that's not advertised in the best way or deemed to have great importance to search for and obtain by the general public.

For each of us, life is always bringing us to moments where we can grow and evolve, and for those with insecure attachment styles, what's interesting is that though on the outside, they may seem to want two different things, those with an anxious attachment style tend to have that strong, undeniable chemistry towards those with an avoidant attachment style, and vice versa! Not as a rule, but these are usually karmic relationships sent to trigger us so that we can wake up to something we've been ignoring that needs tending to. Are all these relationships doomed? Not at all. But most are not for the purpose of building a long term future. What each person's path is can only be found in themselves, and while some people choose to grow and heal their karmic relationship together, the rest of us are meant to use them as a bungee point to then find the soulmate for our next phase of life. The strong magnetic attraction towards each other usually makes people feel that the other person is the one™, but that type of chemistry is simply the mechanism the universe uses to show you that there is a huge growth point and lesson that can come through this relationship.

Breaking it all down, on a foundational level, what attracts the avoidant is that the anxious person is scared of the depth of their own intimacy that they crave, and what attracts the anxious is that the avoidant person has a deep fear of being alone. The anxious person may go on and on about wanting someone to meet them on a soul touching level, but when it comes time to be honest about how they feel or how fast they build a connection, they tend to keep silent, and try to go at the pace of the other person instead of following their own truth. Many with an anxious attachment style may excuse this with previous experience in relationships, i.e. being called too clingy or being told that no one can truly know someone within a certain amount of time and therefore, whatever connection they feel they have is essentially a delusion. But the simple truth is that when met with the opportunity to practice what they preach, they shut down. The same thing happens to those with an avoidant style. They make sure to tell you that they're not wanting anything serious or that they're good to do things by themselves, but in the same moment, they often want to possess you and control your every thought and movement because they don't want you leave or abandon them.

Then, like shifting into overdrive, when the anxious sees the avoidant back away, they become fixated in wanting to claim their truth of needing intimacy. When the avoidant sees the anxious get closer, they become fixated in wanting to have a love that is open and free. After riding this emotional rollercoaster, some anxious can end up slipping into an avoidant style in their next partnership while some avoidants slip into anxious. And it is just that easy to switch because underneath, anxious and avoidant want the same thing. They just try to get it through different techniques or react differently because of their respective traumas. But both need to realize that both the qualities they look for are present in a secure relationship. When secure, the trust to let your partner be free to be who they are and evolve into who they're meant to be builds that deep intimacy, and diving headfirst into that deep intimacy builds the trust to let your partner be free. The sooner each can admit and accept their true desires, the sooner they can stop allowing fear to control them. Once love takes the lead, they'll realize that there are endless opportunities to get exactly what they're looking for.

Take the test here to find out what your attachment style is and commit to working on it in this next moon cycle. This way, when the second full moon in Capricorn comes, you'll be more secure in knowing what the right decisions for you are, even if they're hard to make. Once you start to see how much your attachment style affects your worldview, even outside of relationships, you'll see that this is also something that affects your ability to manifest and draw the things you want closer to you. You'll see that even when you thought your heart was open, there were measures put in place where you blocked your own abundance. You'll see that even when you thought you knew what you wanted and what was right for you, you never did because you were were only connected to your fear self, and never connected to your true self. This is the turning point challenge for you to ensure that next half of the year can either be one of stepping into a new timeline, or repeating old mistakes. As always, by the Divine Love of the universe, the choice is up to you.

Below are the horoscopes for the Cancer New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


The key to happiness is focusing on what's in the here and now instead of what could have been. You often rob yourself of your own joy by focusing too much on what you believe the outcome to certain situations should have been instead of understanding that if it was meant to go that way, then it would have. Let it sink in that no matter what you would have done differently, it would still have turned out the way it did because that's what you needed to happen in that moment. Though you have incredible psychic insights, once you can release believing that you're privy to every outcome that the universe has in store, you can start to see the beauty that's right in front of you. No more resisting. Time for living.


It's time to gather yourself around the people who help to celebrate your greatness, rather than the ones who constantly criticize and put you down. Though you are a bright light on your own, just like the rest of us, you can be affected by too much negativity thrown your way and start to internalize it as your truth. Yes, no one is perfect, but that doesn't mean that you deserve to be around others who constantly seem to want to remind you of that fact. It's not about blowing smoke up your ass and not admitting the truth of whatever is happening or how you're acting, but it's about being with people who can trust that in every way, you're trying your best.


When others want to know where you stand, don't shy away. Nothing's wrong with wanting time to think about where you really are with someone else, but if that's the case, say so. Instead of stressing that other people are trying to force you into a situation you don't want to be in by simply asking a question, first reflect on whether or not you want these people in your life. If the answer is yes, ask yourself why your instinct is to see effective communication and clarity between two people as pressure rather than a chance for true connection and intimacy. Where in your relationships would you rather be in power and control than vulnerability and surrender? If the answer is no, stop delaying the inevitable and cut the ties!


You may not yet know how to perfectly communicate your true desires but saying something is better than being passive aggressive or withdrawing completely. Yes, it may come out with an attitude if you've held in to too long, and yes you may feel like you've completely embarrassed yourself by showing the other person how far your thoughts have developed on something that started small. But once everything is out in the open, if the person you're with is secure, and is for you, their main desire will be to assuage your concerns. This isn't to say that if someone reacts poorly that they're not for you, but it certainly will give you something to think on to see if that response is a pattern, or a trigger to the specific situation at hand.


It makes sense that when you're with the people you trust, that you feel secure. But what happens when you're meeting new people that you want to have in your life? Do you approach them with the same level of security in knowing your worth and having no attachment to a particular outcome? Or are you keeping them at a distance in fear that they might not like or have an adverse opinion to what they see in you? If the latter is the case, start to examine why their opinion holds so much weight that you'd rather hide yourself away than live in your truth regardless of external circumstances. What would it take for you to live and love loudly?


Much to people's surprise (or maybe not), there are times when you embody more pessimism than optimism. When you have big dreams, when you know that you have the chance to do something miraculous, you start to counter it with thoughts and beliefs that that truth and reality is impossible and too much. It's time to up your self-worth, and step up to the plate that was made for you. You are here to make big sweeping changes and turn reality on its head. Instead of worrying about all the things that could go wrong or how each step would "have to go" for you to succeed, start to ask yourself, why not you? After all, your entire existence was made to defy what seems impossible. Trust your destiny.


It's sometimes hard to trust your emotions because you never want to feel like you were swayed into a decision that you never wanted to make in the first place. But find comfort in knowing that emotional intelligence is just as valid as logical intelligence. If every cell in you feels right about a particular decision, that's a path that's meant for you to take. It's hard to know what's a neutral standpoint versus an avoidant, but a good way to measure is to examine whether or not you're trying to remove your emotions from the table completely. Know that neutrality means weighing up how you feel in the scenario. And they'll be valid to consider every single time, else you manifest what you're actually trying to avoid and end up somewhere you don't want to be.


You tend to cloud your initial message and gut feeling with anger and fear of rejection, and so your end result action tends to be pushing others away instead of what you want which is to bring them closer. The first step in avoiding this cycle would be to slow down. When your thoughts race in, step back and learn how to separate what is truth from what is a defense mechanism. You tend to believe that no matter how you act, that people who love you would stick by you regardless, but ask yourself what your responsibility is to someone you love. Work on overcoming your fear of rejection by putting yourself out there more, because once you do, you'll realize that no matter your worries, you actually won't die from it (and even if you do, it'll only be the parts of you that needed to). In the end, you can only come out stronger.


The consensus from society is that you need to give yourself time in between relationships before hopping into a new one, and for someone who tends to get as enmeshed as you do, that's not bad advice to take on. At the same time, not every situation is the same. There are times when you need to get right back in there, but in a rare occurrence, your avoidant side kicks in and wants to withdraw completely and use this consensus as an excuse. And of course, because it's known as solid advice, you get away with it. But not this time. No risk, no reward babe. Trust your heart. This time around, you're much more resilient than you give yourself credit for. Don't miss what's coming because you want to follow the trend of "the dating pool has shit in it". For you, a diamond is always on the way.


You may be wondering how so much work on yourself can be unraveled in just one interaction. Don't be too down on yourself. It's not that the work you did was fake or invalid. This is in fact a simple continuation of it. Now that you've worked on the outskirts and branches, the universe is alerting you (yet again) to the root of the issue. Now, it's just about understanding that part of yourself and giving it all the love you need to. Know that even if you feel you've made a mistake, you still deserve to take space to process, heal, and fully understand the situation. Once you feel ready, you'll know whether you need to make amends, or if you are to simply chalk the whole thing up to being just the way the cookie crumbled.


Don't let loneliness drive you into looking for a situation that you have no business being involved in. You may feel like you're ready and it's your time to have a particular experience, but if it was, it would be happening. Instead of looking for trouble and karma, try to talk to yourself to see what you can do to soothe the areas that feel a bit wounded and in need of some loving right now. Contrary to what you may believe, there are more than one ways to heal the bruise. Call and check in with whomever you need to. If they're unavailable, write them a letter or an email. The key now is to feed the connections you already have that you know are healthy instead of building one on a rocky foundation and having it cause you more turmoil than joy.


Every time you see the truth, you cover your eyes. Unfortunately, as you may guess, this method is not effective. It's hard to get over something you wanted and saw for your future, but the sooner you can, the sooner you get to what's actually meant for you. Even still, it's just not as easy as letting go and forgetting all about it. This means it's important to call on the support that you'll need during this transition. You know your habits better than anyone so beforehand, set yourself up for success. There'll be many times where you feel the tug to go back, but that isn't a sign that it's actually for you. It's only the remnants of the attachment trying to keep you corded. Limit the temptations around you as much as you can so you can focus on healing and self-soothing.

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