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Capricorn Full Moon Horoscopes

The Capricorn Full Moon arrives on Monday, July 3, 2023, 4:39 a.m. PDT. It's feeling like that halfway point where you start to consider turning back, wondering if this new life you're searching for is really worth all this trouble. Of course, you already know it is, lest you wouldn't have started the journey. But right now, it's emotional. These are big shifts moving too fast and simultaneously, somehow not fast enough. No matter how scary things look ahead now, you must keep edging forward. Any misstep may feel like the way to sudden death, but remember when you had to take the step off the cliff of faith. At least now, you can at least see the road ahead. Trust that you're on solid ground.

You're more well equipped than you may feel right now. You know how to use your time wisely. You know how to properly organize yourself for success. You're a well-oiled machine. You just need to trust your own leadership, because if not you, then who? In a TV show called "All American", one of the characters struggles as he feels like neither his athletic coach, nor his family or friends respect him or see him as great. When he asks his sister why she doesn't see him as a model for Black Excellence, despite his achievements, she tells him that it's because he doesn't see himself that way.

It's not about what the external situations may look like right now. If you truly believe that you are great, you will exude greatness. Focus your gaze inwards, to the truth of your soul, and before you know it, the next time you look out, the world will be reflecting your own greatness back to you in the way that you're desiring to see it now. Understand that your inner mind of stress is the reason why your external world looks so chaotic. The more you try to control every single detail, and put out every single fire at once, the more spread thin and stressed you'll feel. This might sound opposite of what you want to do, or feel like you need to do, but honestly, you've got to stop taking things so seriously. That's what we're releasing on this full moon.

Instead of thinking "I have no idea what the right thing to do next is" or "I still have so much work to do", think "I can choose to do anything I want to right now" and "I have so many new things to get creative with". When life gives you lemons, sure, you can make lemonade, but you can also make lemon pudding, lemon cake, lemon yogurt, lemon butter, and they'd all be the "right" thing to do because it would be what your authentic self wanted to do right then and there. The world is your oyster. Find the fun in not knowing how to do something. Experiment with your life path as if you understand that you can choose a different one at any point. Try your hardest to be more mindful of your self-imposed pressures right now.

Let the fires in your life inspire you instead of letting them burn down everything you've already worked so hard to build. This is the time to dare to dream of the impossible. Choose yourself by having things your way. Without having to try, you already have full autonomy over what comes next. Don't worry about what your family will say, or what bills are due. When you walk in full belief in yourself, your skills, your accountability, the Divine timeline takes care of the rest.

Below are the horoscopes for the Capricorn Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


The business mogul side of you is coming out to play. You're stepping up to the plate, and setting occasions for you to rise to. You've spent a lot of time in the past begging others to see your talent, but this is the first time you really believe you're talented. You know your worth, and now, you're making sure that others are trying to fight for you to choose them.

This time, take advantage of every opportunity. This doesn't mean attempt to win at every opportunity, but instead, just put yourself out there being completely open with your heart chakra, and have a little fun with life. It's gonna be affirmations all season round for your birthday to remind yourself everyday that you are capable, you are innovative, you are influential, you are loved.


Reframe thinking about your obligations as wants instead of needs. This isn't an invitation to release your responsibilities; instead, only to start thinking of them as desires instead of tasks. This world is your Barbie Dream House and you can decorate it however you want. Choose to enjoy that process. Get more comfortable with improvisation.

Work moves a hundred times slower when you feel like it's what you have to get done to be successful. But the energy of overnight success comes from really not giving a fuck. Keep an open schedule, one that's built from doing what feels right next, instead of fixing yourself to specific time frames.


The freedom to create your own life was the dream of your inner child but the ride seems much more dangerous now that you're on it rather than when you were looking at it from a safe distance far away. However, the joy you thought you'd get from building your future was not an illusion. The ride is still as fun as it looks. You just have to throw your hands up in the air, and surrender.

When was the last time you looked to the future with hope and excitement and not fear and expectation for disappointment? When did thinking the worst become the norm? So the grass is a little overgrown but remember, things doesn't have to look perfect to still be a perfect experience.


You can't rely on anyone else's actions to dig you out of the stagnancy you may feel with life right now. Even though you've been more busy recently, the fresh start you're really craving is through companionship. And since no one's gonna gift wrap a friend and bring them to your door, maybe stop playing your cards so close to your chest, and get to socializing with some people you've admired from afar.

You might have been on a 'no new friends' vibe but, that would require you to have friends first. Stop acting shy and get out there. If you're still worried about having your time wasted, or having a snake slip past the radar, then perhaps the real issue is that you don't trust your own authenticity and discernment. Let go of what happened in the past. You're different, and who you'll want to gravitate towards will have changed too.


You may see some things that you want to speak on, or you may feel the urge to cuss somebody out. Don't give in. On this full moon, keep it to yourself. This isn't a message to bottle up how you feel. This is a lesson in releasing the need to teach somebody a lesson, and trusting that karma will clap back for you. This is about discerning where your energy is best placed.

Contrary to what you may believe, you're not Batman, and this isn't Gotham City. You don't need to be the judge, jury and executioner. Give this energy back to yourself, to your writings and creative projects. Transmutation is what you're here to learn, and all that matters is your personal evolution. You may feel like you're leaving innocents to fend for themselves but trust that they have their own guides and missions to complete. Be at ease and go be happy.


A watched pot never boils. Staring at your bank account isn't going to make it grow. What you need to be doing is getting crystal clear about what you want this next manifestation to look and feel like. How do you see yourself making money? In what roles? What does a day in this life feel like? What resources do you need and what resources do you provide? If you don't want a life of strife and hard work, say that. Don't leave anything off the wishlist.

Step two is to build up all these answers, brick by brick. Get on the ground, do the research, find what fits you exactly, and settle for nothing less. Don't stop until you achieve everything you see in your mind's eye. This doesn't mean don't take breaks when you want to because you think you need to "stay focused". Creating the life you want includes remaining aware of your needs. Remember, when you stay authentic, the right opportunities find you faster because you're in alignment.


Learning lessons isn't always in reference to the moment of action where life crumbles all around you. Sometimes, it's pointing to the moment of reflection. Things that may have occurred long ago and have been put to rest may resurface in your dreams and thoughts now to finally show you what it all meant, why it had to be that way, and how this information can serve you now.

Let the past inform the future. You could have a second chance at making a fantasy into a reality now and those moments are rare. Take advantage of this new information and make more courageous choices this time around. This time, don't ignore how you feel or the depth of what certain actions truly mean to you.


Removing yourself from a negative situation can sometimes be the healthiest thing you can do. Other times, one can use self-isolation as a method of avoidance. It's not that you don't know how to verbalize your feelings, because you do. Really, it's the kickback of guilt that you don't want to feel when you can sense how what you say will affect the other person.

Sometimes, even when it's doing the right thing for ourselves, it can still feel bad to see that your direct actions are the reason why someone may be hurt and may then want to distance themselves from you. This could trigger your own abandonment wounds. For you, it may seem easier to step away for a short time, let the flames of the issue simmer down, come back when it's safe, and then step away again if it gets too hot. This might seem like a better way to salvage the community you have and not lose it completely, but there's no real bond without honesty. The best thing to work on next is how to choose yourself and still feel safe and loved within yourself.


Everything is an energy exchange. Nature keeps it simple. To get, you must give; not just sometimes, but every single time. No matter how much you think you've given already in other areas, every time you ask for something, you must be prepared to give again, and again, and again. It's when you start to hoard and adopt an energy of greed that all your resources start to deplete.

There's a difference between being worthy and deserving, and being entitled. In the former, you understand true abundance never runs low and so there's no reason for you to hold on to anything. As it comes, you give back, one, because sharing is caring, and two, because you're so grateful that you even have access to this abundance that you want to return the favor. In the latter, you believe in comfortability at the expense of others because you don't care about balancing the scales. Time to release the expectations and return to co-creation.


You don't have to make a career out of everything you're good at. Some things can just be for the mere fun of having the skill, or having a party trick. Not because it's not making money doesn't mean it doesn't have value still or is going to waste. Your legacy is told from the impact you make on the people, on the world, and that can be done without making a single dollar.

If this means spending a little more time trying to figure out what you do want to do for money, then so be it. But there's no need to force a gift into a commodity. At the end of it, what really makes the world go round is how wide your network is of who you know. Keep sharing your skills from a fun, happy place, and that's what will resonate and connect with others. The right opportunities will present themselves at the right time.


It's okay to not know, not know the answers for yourself or your future, or not know the answers for someone else, their future. How can you learn to sit comfortably in the unknown? What makes it uncomfortable to begin with? What does it trigger?

Practice saying "I don't know" and continue on without making efforts to bring clarity to the topic. Don't even google your angel numbers. What do you learn about how you can inform yourself without tuning into someone else's discoveries and research? What happens when you make yourself the only source? Just something to experiment with.


It's time to call your parents, your siblings, your family, anyone you may have been holding a grudge with. It's time to put the ego aside and come together. Be the bigger person. You don't have to sacrifice having a peaceful life, but is the peace without loved ones worth the sacrifice of togetherness and those who accept you despite your flaws?

Family isn't perfect, biological or created family. They enmesh and project unto each other. They judge and criticize. But the reason they say blood is thicker than water is because these will be the people that at your lowest moment when you have no one else to turn to, when your shame is so blinding, you can reach out your hand, and they'll still grab unto you. If this describes your people, repair the relationships. That may not look like the relationship you want, but even agreeing to disagree with them is better than keep your heart clogged with hate.

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