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Capricorn New Moon Horoscopes

The Capricorn New Moon arrived on Thursday, January 11, 2024, 3:57 a.m. PST. It's the first new moon of 2024, and it's setting the tone for the entire year on what it means to feel supported, and how you go about supporting yourself and your needs. Capricorn is known for being a sign that goes after what it wants, but also, has a hard time knowing when to stop, and when to rest and take care of oneself.

As you've been climbing up the mountain, constantly investigating where would be the next best place to rise up to your achievements and successes, you've begun to hit the snowy, icy parts of the mountain, and without patience, not only can you lose your footing and make a misstep, but you could end up sliding all the way down to the bottom of the mountain, having to rebuild your whole foundation from scratch.

Instead of seeing the snow as an obstacle or a challenge, start to see it simply as the fact that the terrain has shifted, and the rest of the journey now calls for new tools and a new mindset. Perhaps the first half of your journey required a strong focus on survival, and now, it's time to shed that belief to realize that as much as it felt like life or death, you were always safe and secure. Maybe you don't need as much money or savings as you thought you might. Maybe taking on the burdens of the family, or thinking you're a burden on your family is just a story you made up of the role you thought you had to play.

What it boils down to is how you see yourself. Are you a victim? An escapee being hunted? Do you feel have something to prove? Most importantly, are you moving on someone else's timeline? An answer of "yes" to any of these questions shows that you're not standing fully in your power, and that will be a key factor in who gets to the end of their mission, and who does not.

Remember now that time is not as linear as we think. If you need to retrace your steps and go back down the mountain a few miles to gather wood for warmth and secure other resources, understand that this is still a forward action. The smartest thing any of us can do is to put aside the pride, the ego, the comparison mode, and solely stay focused on what's best for the task at hand.

Below are the horoscopes for the Capricorn New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


A fresh start. A new chance to focus on what's really important. And everyone can see that you're turning a new leaf. When you reassess your values, what things will you prioritize now that you didn't before? Will you tell people all the things you want to say before it's too late? Dig deep now and speak from the heart.

Spend these last days of your birthday season recommitting to the life you've always wanted, the one you dreamed you'd have when you were still a child, the one before society came in and told you that you had to show up as someone else for acceptance and love. Journal about it. Speak about it. Bring it back to life.


You're standing on business all 2024. People tried to defeat you, and take you down, yet still you made it out unscathed once again. You're tired of having to be resilient, but you're starting to realize that if that's to change, it has to come from you, and not from the external situations around you. When you really examine it all, nothing outside of you actually matters unless you want it to.

If you've felt you had to be resilient, what you should really be asking is what triggered you into an elevated level of stress to begin with? What, or who, got to you? Once you fully access and analyze that place of trauma, release it, and write a new story. In this version, you'll see that no matter what happens, you're constantly protected and you always win.


Work gets in the way of socializing for you now, and maybe you're tired of hearing it, but temporary isolation now means greater success and freedom of movement in the future. In the past, you may have taken on the mindset of "feast today, famine tomorrow", but the payoff for that was a short-lived boost of happiness. Now, you're looking for a sustained calm and peace in your life.

Maybe there's another word that can be used for work that could energetically feel better and not keep you in this state of feeling like you have to always be doing something. Co-creation might be a better option. Remember too as you continue to listen to your intuition, the projects you co-create on now are not just for your benefit. This is going to bring a shift to the entire collective.


Your children or parents could be running you dry with your money right now. With so many responsibilities, it feels impossible to do anything nice for yourself, but the time and resources are there, waiting for you to take advantage. Since the holidays, it feels like you've been giving, giving, giving, but now, it's time to replenish yourself.

Maybe the ones you've been helping are unable to give back to you in the way that you feel would be most beneficial, or, they simply don't know or understand the cost you had to pay in order to be there for support. Either way, for now, it's not up to them to read your mind or give you the support you need, though you might actually call this "having a conscience". This is about establishing better boundaries. You must learn when to pull back when necessary.


Time to take charge. Be prepared to move up the ladder as more work opportunities head your way. They may require a little more effort than your previous roles, but it'll be worth it if it means you have more room for self-expression and if you gain skills you can use in your other relationships.

You'll be learning a little more about independence and being the one people have to answer to rather than the other way around. You'll get first hand insight on why the mentors and bosses you had before couldn't be more detailed or organized, or couldn't advocate for you in the way you would have wished. Through this, you can develop more empathy.


Past relationship fears turn their head now but you're fighting them with your new, daily recited affirmations. Beware of the need for hyper-independence. Thinking you can do it all yourself, that others in your life are replaceable, that investing in others is a waste of time, are all signs of self-sabotage.

This is not a message to swing all the way to the opposite direction and start to give more of yourself without proper discernment. Instead, just try not to jump to conclusions. This is a time where it's necessary to hold more than one truth, and duality should be nothing new for you. You are whole and have everything you need, AND, partnership is sacred and should be honored as such.


There's some conflict between your desire to relax and spend time with your loved ones and your desire to touch more paper than you ever have before. The fears are that if you focus on one or the other, that you'll lose out on one, or that if you try to balance it, you'll lose out on both.

What you may have not yet considered is that this perception of being caught between a rock and a hard place is due to you thinking you have to come up with the answers all by yourself. Now is the time to remember that you have a host of angels and guides by your side always, there at your beck and call ready to support you. Open your ears to their Divine Wisdom now and let them tell you what moves to make next.


Business expansion and increase in earnings are on their way. The only things required are focus, consistency, and presence. At times of great expansion, there's always those moments of doubt. Are you doing the right thing? Are you unique enough? Will others notice and value all you have to offer? The answer is yes, yes, yes.

There may be pressure to be more creative and give your audience something they haven't seen before, but remember, as long as you remain true to you, whatever you develop will have a different tone and energetic signature attached. The only way you could go wrong is from trying to be someone you're not.


You're establishing new roles for yourself, and for the first time, it's not for work. This is about joy! You're motivated to do things differently, show up differently, if it means you can find that surge of happiness again, that thrill of living. Life may have gotten a bit muted and dull last year, but now is the time to revamp it all.

Whatever you settled for in the past, you can't allow those things to trap you again. Even if you managed to trick yourself into thinking that life wasn't so bad, it would be extremely detrimental to try and hold on to or return to that story and lifestyle. Start anew by first asking yourself in each moment, how can I keep my nervous system calm and engaged? Commune with Spirit so she knows you're ready to be a participant in Earth Games again.


You've made significant progress in healing the mother wound, and though there's still work to do, you can rest here a while and get support from the community you've built while doing this healing work. The most important lesson is that no man is an island, and even though we all have different stories about how we were raised, there's a commonality that can help to lessen the weight and burden of what you've been through.

The most harmful thing you can do now is repeat to yourself that no one understands what you're going through because no one else had your specific mother. This is another way that the brain tries to hold on to old stories that it feels like is dying. Perhaps having a difficult relationship with your mother became so much a part of your identity that really, you don't know who you are or who you'd be without it. Lean on friends. Count on them to remind you of who they know you to be.


This year, it's no more playing the martyr and thinking you can take everything on yourself, especially if it has to deal with financial matters. You may not want to come forward about your true financial situation, perhaps to avoid burdening someone else, but refusing help before even trying only ensures that everyone loses, and there's no honor in that.

Understand that any shame you may be feeling is a reflection of your own judgment of yourself, and no one else's. You can also release the trauma of having to show proof of why you are deserving. Once you believe you're worthy all on your own, your worries will fall away. Own your position now. That's the only way you can keep moving forward.


Your new routines now are built from the new you that you committed to around your birthday season. There still may be some slight discomfort adjusting to these new habits that are not yet coming naturally, but any guilt or shame you may feel is much more short-lived now.

There may also be some fear in thinking too positively now. You want to just keep your head down and keep doing what you need to, but without your flames of excitement, you'll be robbing your actions of the very thing it needs to ensure success: your essence. Stop worrying that the moment you get your hopes up is when it'll all go to shit. Give yourself a little more credit! You've put in the time and effort you needed to. It's universal law for you to reap rewards from that.

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