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Gemini Full Moon Horoscopes

The Gemini Full Moon arrived on Monday, November 27, 2023, 1:16 a.m. PST. Ruled by Mercury in Sagittarius, we're busy theorizing and examining how to tell the difference between our wants and our needs. This is instrumental while on our path to fulfilling our purpose. In a perfect world, our wants and needs remain the same, but somewhere along the way, the two split to serve different agendas.

Our needs are attached to our soul. They evolve as they are meant to as we journey along, and they always point us to what's in our highest good. Our wants come from the ego. Once we begin to experience perceived separation, the ego begins to forge its own path as close to or as far away from our intended path as it would like; as it would need in order to experience our necessary and unavoidable karmic lessons.

Wants bulldoze over everything. They come at our benefit and at our detriment. Wants are desperate, and they leave us disappointed or in a fit of rage when they are not fulfilled. Our needs are perfect and measured. They are always met by the present moment. Remember, it's only ever our perception of our reality that leads us to believe our needs are not met.

Sometimes, our wants can point to future needs. Wants are meant to be fantasies, there to give us dreams and visions to get us excited about living. Wants help us to exercise our free will. When our ego is aligned with our soul, we're able to agree with ourselves on what we need (soul), and we can use what we want (ego) to customize the experience. Example: we'll need socks in order to stay warm and cozy, but we'll want green socks because that's our favorite color and it'll keep us in the frequency of elevated joy.

As we run analytics in our relationships and resources, take note of whether you are prioritizing your wants over your needs. No matter how small or silly you may view them as now, attending to your needs is the only pathway that will keep you fulfilled. Rather than waiting on the external environment to change, get creative on how to make full use of all the present moment has to offer. No more careless spending of your energy. No more victimhood mentality.

Below are the horoscopes for the Gemini Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


The path forward has never been clearer. Every decision being made now is new, and you can feel it leading you into a new reality. So much change happening right before your eyes. The tendency you had before would be to rush in before being told to, but you're showing incredible restraint by sitting back and watching the view.

Every time there is great expansion, it is accompanied with the desire to hold on to something comfortable, a desire to revisit an old environment. Nothing's wrong with a little reminiscing, but resist the urge to have to settle in the old or rush into the new. Continue to master vibrating in the center. This is the present moment.


You're thinking about what environments you work best in and with whom. You've done a bit of reorganizing in the past, mainly getting rid of everyone else and trying to do the 'solopreneur' thing. Now it's time to consider getting a whole new gang together, a set of people that can be well vetted, that you can actually trust.

It's important to have people around you that have the same go-getter, building future dreams that are presently impossible, mindset. Otherwise, you're just going to be slowed down. Furthermore, the last thing you need around you now is someone who is so stuck in their self-doubt that they can't see worth in anything. Nothing's wrong with others being on their own journey, but that doesn't mean you have any obligation to wait around for them to catch up.


Where do you stop yourself from imagining the best case scenario? Are you someone who's always planning instead for the worst case scenario? For the most part, you're a positive person, able to pick yourself up where most people would be defeated. However, when it comes to your career, thinking too positively gets you anxious.

Use this full moon energy to examine who in your life you could have picked this up from and practice spending more time dreaming. Let the vision take you into a New Earth. Write down every resisting thought that comes up. Study those thoughts and find the patterns. When you're ready, give them back to who they came from.


The holidays always make you so nostalgic, and this year, you just want to be on good terms with your family. Against your fears, you're starting to investigate if it could even be possible that you could all have at least two peaceful days together, just so you can live out your fantasy that you were born into the family you feel would have served you best.

Whatever your relationship is with your family, if your attitude has changed, you've already guaranteed a different outcome. Try to use this time to put the past behind you and start to build a brand, new future with the persons standing before you today. Release the want to change everyone else, and look deeply within yourself.


It's important that you share your deepest secrets with your loved ones. Tell them about your pain, your trauma, your triggers. Tell them about your joys and desires and laughter. As knowledgeable as you are, others would never know it because you can insist on holding some things close in the hopes that others beg you for the information.

When others can get to relate with you on a deeper level, it builds trust. When you can be trusted, then you can be the first one people call instead of the last person people think of that could help with something serious. Host a dinner party, have a few friends over, tell your story. You'll be surprised to see some things can really cleanse and change someone's opinion on worldly and personal matters.


Money matters are at the forefront for you yet again, but it's more centered around what is valuable to you. When directing any type of energy, you must first get clear on what you need it for, and how you will reciprocate. It seems you could be stuck between two mindsets that block your flow.

The first is believing you will accept no less than luxury. The second is that you'll take what you can get. These opposing beliefs cancel each other out, leaving you to venture around aimlessly, not knowing what you're looking to get, and worse, leaving others to not understand what to give. Try to put all your plans on paper now, that way you can see where you could be contradicting yourself in your manifestations.


You know your roots, and you're sticking to them. You're not the type to forget where you came from, and anyone who tries to change that doesn't know you at all. If you feel like you're hearing too many differing opinions, it's time to go back to the drawing board. This time around, let there just be one chef in the kitchen.

Most people need a team to tackle huge projects with differing parts, but ruled by Mercury, give you some matcha and a day or two of free time, and you'll have everything working together in the most efficient fashion. Trust your skills and stick to what you know. Not only does it keep you more authentic, but it will take you further than you ever could go following someone else's vision.


At one point, withdrawal from society meant that when you returned, there'd be no one there to greet you, but instead of trying to change that outcome, you're finally starting to trust that what unfolds is what is meant to. Your biggest secret is that you like attention just as much as Leo. As you should seeing as you both are the only two signs ruled by the luminaries.

The stage is your birthright. However, there's no more need to seek it out. In fact, you're finding that no matter when or for how long you withdraw, others will travel across the world by foot just to find you. In the meantime, your only job is to cultivate the message that they will need to hear when they arrive.


You've only got room for who feels like immediate family right now and there's no need to feel guilty about that. As much as everyone likes to make fun of you and make you the butt of the joke, you know, and everyone else knows, that without you at the center, nothing runs smoothly.

You are the glue that holds everyone together and it's when you really withdraw that others will play nice in order to get you back under their thumb. This time around, you're not falling for it, yet the shedding of that old way will still feel like an identity being ripped from you. Be gentle with yourself. Hold strong to your boundaries.


Everything that makes you you is out there for others to see. This vulnerability was in the hopes of finding other like-minded folk. You've cast your net wide, but it still seems like you are quite unsatisfied with your catch. As much as you practice staying in the frequency of gratitude, once you see something off, you can't unsee it.

But, you're also learning that not everything is as it seems. Things we thought to have a direct correlation turn out to be completely unrelated. Give things more time to unfold. The companionship you're looking for is on the way.


Similarly to Taurus, money matters are at the forefront for you, but it's time to learn how to open a money portal for yourself, rather than relying on and fueling everyone else's money portal around you. Examine what makes you think that it would be more difficult for you to get started rather than to invest in others. It's likely you believe that you're not skilled enough, that others are way more ahead and have what you think are necessary credentials.

Or are you possibly afraid of going through the karmic lessons you know you've sowed. Perhaps you took some liberties in your last relationship. Even though the other party made their own decisions, you may still have realized you pushed too far. It's time now to make peace with the past so that you can build a new future. Don't be scared to move on. The universe is always working in your favor.


Where you once felt cut off from your intuition, you are made whole once again. In fact, this is an even deeper connection, one that you haven't felt since the purity and innocence of your childhood. You've gotten this level up because you're being asked to serve others on a bigger, wider, scale.

Perhaps you've looked into your family ancestry recently and realized your bloodline has been on a specific mission for many lifetimes. Now it's your turn to step up to the plate. This time around, embrace it all no matter what everyone around you thinks. You may have shared more than you're comfortable with, but lowkey that's how you always feel. So just keep going. Keep researching. Keep uncovering.

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