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Gemini New Moon Horoscopes

The Gemini New Moon arrives on Saturday, June 17, 2023, 9:37 p.m. PDT. It's time to sort out the particulars of how to stay in alignment. What things do we need to keep us afloat, and keep us uplifted? What actions feel the most true? How can we hear clearly the voice that guides us? How can we tune out the noise?

There's a subtle buzz of excitement under the surface as we prepare for the tides in our lives to change for the better. In preparation for Cancer Season, which arrives a mere four days after this New Moon, we'll have a chance to announce ourselves and where we stand, clearly stating who we will be as representatives of the Universe. Cancer Season will give us the space to grow beyond our wildest dreams (lest we forget, Jupiter is exalted in Cancer). And with Jupiter now settled in Taurus, perhaps now we'll finally see what blessings can be bestowed when you choose your path and stick to the oaths you've made.

Our tests will lie in our social interactions. After all, it's in communication with others that you can learn the most about yourself. How do we allow others to keep us on track or lead us astray while we're on Mission? What do we choose to do with others as sources of inspiration when we feel stuck? Who do we have in our audience that cheers us on and how do we show appreciation for them?

Be open to strokes of genius now. Make plans to execute right when you have your light bulb moments. Allow yourself to be an explorer and try everything, as you never know which will work. And even after it works, try again to see what else you can do. Instead of focusing on our potential, we're moving into action to see what we're really made of. We're activating change in our lives through not just will and determination, but with movement, standing up and pushing against the grain, breaking the fourth wall.

What story will you write about the journeys you'll undertake now? How will this spark change the trajectory of the rest of your life? Take notes to track your progress.This is a rare chance to see history in the making. Let your voice be the one that echoes throughout the ages. It's time for others to see why you were the only one who could bring this reality into the light.

Below are the horoscopes for the Gemini New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Spontaneous activities only. Trace your fingers on a map and book a flight to random destination. Turn a book to a random page and act out whatever it says. The purpose is to re-inject the spark of life into your being. Isn't life so much better when you just throw away the plan and move with your heart's desire?

Create a schedule now to remind you of all the things you want to accomplish and then never look at it again unless it's to cross off a completed task. This isn't a time to get caught up in the planning phase. This is all about creating all you can with just your two hands. Prepare to feel inspiration strike through your channel by laying out the canvas and share whatever comes through. It's time to reinvest in your own magic.


This new moon sparks an upgrade in spiritual understanding, knowing and embodying your purpose. It's also for sharing your art and esoteric knowledge. Dreams can feel like prophecies right now, so take heed of what happens in your mind's eye. And take time to rest as these new downloads come in as they can overload your body and mind, zapping away at your energy.

Clean eating is essential right now to keep the body and mind running at full performance. You're gearing up for a working summer and it's essential that you use your time, and money, wisely. Before purchasing new tools, clear out whatever is in your storage first, ensuring that you use all the resources that have already been given to you, resources that may have been overlooked in the past that still have use.


In the past, working on projects meant secluding yourself from society so that you can focus, but for your upcoming works, being out and about and hanging with friends is the fuel for what you want to get published. Friends and social events give room for inspiration right now, and one should be careful to not mistake them for distractions.

Everything is riding on your dreams coming true but try not to take it too seriously. This is a time for fun, and indulging in pleasure. Keep your in-person and online interactions light and breezy, and you'll attract the right person(s) needed to help you expand your brand. This is not to say you can't do it on your own; just that you don't have to.


Tackling self-doubt can seem like a Herculean task when you have so much you're in charge of, so many people to answer to, and not enough time to build the roots you need to feel safe. It may feel like as soon as you find fertile soil, something comes in that washes it all away causing you to doubt if you're really capable or are the right person for this job at all.

You can handle more responsibility than most but don't overload yourself by taking on what others think you need to have accomplished already plus your own expectations. All you can do is keep putting one foot in front of the other, listening to when your body can move forward and when it needs more rest. Everything will be completed when it's supposed to be.


Time to enroll in some new classes. You're ripe and ready to learn a skill that you've always wanted to get into. It may feel like there's no time to add even one more thing to your plate, but finding time for yourself and your personal goals should be top priority. After all, how else can you expand into your other callings?

If it's not dedicating an hour before sleep, or the first hour when you wake, to this new craft, then perhaps you could find areas where you could multitask. Daily activities like showering, washing the dishes, cooking, are all areas where you could also tap into the audio version of your classes. Try experimenting with your daily routine to see what can be consolidated.


In a newfound outlook on your self-worth, you may realize that in a time where you were lacking, there was one who saw you for who you truly are. Perhaps they challenged you to think and do better for yourself, and you disregarded and even condemned them for it. Now, you could be thinking about reconnecting with them but you're not exactly sure how to go about it.

Perhaps this is the last person left on the asking for forgiveness train, the one that triggered you the most, the one that has seen you in your lowest moments. Trust that if there's a part of you who sees them differently that there's also a part of them that continues to see your value. Take the plunge.


Finding a worthy romantic partner has been on your mind, but simultaneously, you're not getting too invested in that line of thinking because your last relationship may not have gone the smoothest. Back then, you were so engulfed in finding the right look for who you wanted standing beside you, that you forgot to verify that the soul inside was who you wanted to build a life with.

You're shying away from everyone in an effort to not make that mistake again but understand that you learn nothing about relationships by staying to yourself. This is a beautiful time to renew your vows to one another if you're already in a committed relationship, and for those who are single, whether you're ready or not, a new relationship is on its way. The universe is simply waiting for you to trust yourself again. You've remembered how to walk the path of alignment, so trust that it's leading you to all the ones who are contracted to be in your life.


If you find you have a lot of spare time on your hands, it could be time to find a second job. It's not a call to return to your workaholic ways, but you're feeling well rested, and perhaps you're ready to apply yourself in a new way. The purpose here isn't for providing another source of income. Instead, it's for pursuing creative avenues that never seemed possible to do before.

Maybe before, it was your parents'/friends' opinion of you that stood in the way of you exploring this side of yourself. But you're no longer burying yourself with those harsh judgments. Let others label you whatever they think, as that's what they need in order to grasp an understanding of who you are, but know that you don't need to attach any labels to yourself to be simply who you are.


Is there a part of you that feels like true happiness can only be achieved if it's earned in some way? Is there such a thing as free happiness for you, or do you feel that if it arrives in that way, that there's another shoe that will be waiting to drop? This new moon, we're investigating how much we associate stress with happiness.

As inner rebels and mischief makers, there's usually at least a 10% amount of chaos swirling around at all times, but this has caused a certain level of distrust when joy arrives uninhibited. So much so, that it's almost like you have to create a disaster in order to feel allowed to access that joy. When you look at it, chaos without the negative connotation is really just spontaneity. Try to delve deeper into your randomness instead to bring more acceptance to free happiness when it comes. This period for you now is the definition of Project Turn That Frown, Upside Down.


When's the last time you've played around at picturing your ideal life? As children, we're always pushed to talk about who we want to be when we grow up and pushed to think about our future. However, when adulthood arrives, we're usually too bogged down by the pressures of the world to do what now may seem like pointless daydreaming. But it's time to play "what does my future life look like?" again.

Get excited! Write out everything. Who's your future wife/husband? Where do they work? How many children do you have? What kind of house do you live in? What kind of car are you driving? We may not be living now as the billionaires we said we would be as kids, but I guarantee you that there's at least one aspect of your life you're living today that you started dreaming about when you were younger. Don't be afraid to escape into that space again. As you should know now, that's where all the miracles happen.


It's time to rebuild your community. It's easy to feel like you're the only one going through something when you're engulfed in your own little world, but when you can show up and share with others, you often find that at least one other person understands you fully and can support you, and you them, in each other's time of need.

Maybe the ones who you have the best access to are the ones you relate with the least, and in the past, the conflicts that arose between you seemed less like the peace you're trying to cultivate for yourself. We're not settling for people who are not for us, or pretending that the flaws in the relationship don't exist, but if there's some aspect of true relatability and compatibility between you, making a reasonable alliance with them is better than being stranded on lonely island. Learn how you can take the good with the bad, and soldier on together.


On one hand, you want to show others that you have value in order to validate your self-confidence, but on the other hand, you are tired of being taken advantage of, and want to keep secret the true extent of your knowledge and skills. But there is that saying that goes, those who don't use their gifts, lose them. So how can you make sure that you use your gifts without being abused?

The answer lies in boundaries and discernment. At the end of it, as long as you let your light shine, there'll be others that try to snatch it away and use it for their own glory. However, you also have to trust that karma is there to handle those who move dishonestly and without integrity. As long as you move at your own pace, and let in only those who prove worthy, you can rest assured that the only thing that matters is improving yourself. Continue to do what makes you feel good.

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