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Gemini New Moon Horoscopes

The Gemini New Moon arrives on Thursday, June 6, 2024, 5:38 a.m. PDT. This is a new start where your consciousness is extremely aware of all the choices you have in front of you. You could spend a lot of time going back and forth on what is the best and most fruitful choice for you, but ultimately, all new choices lead to something, somewhere, unknown. The only thing you know is what you've already been through and at the end of the day, that's not information you can use to accurately assess where you're going and all the blessings that may lay ahead. The idea of making the right choice is not as much about the logistics. As much as we would love to nail down and feel some level of certainty, the only thing we can use to make a right choice is our intuition.

When we're on a path, there's always that still, small, guiding voice that tells us to turn right or left, to cancel or go faster, to buy or to sell. Though we never know beforehand how it will all play out or why this is the way for us, we always find out after the fact that it was truly a Divine construction. This is because our intuition is our Higher Self, a version of us that is able to see the past, present, and future. This is the only version of us that truly has all the information in front of them, and can be certain that in the end, the path assigned is the most beneficial for your growth and well-being. Sometimes, we can find that our intuition leads us to a next step that seems to put us in a worse situation than before, but, as long as we're tuned in and are sure that we listened to that voice and not the ego's or anyone else's, we can be sure that the end will justify the means.

We have to remember that the fact that we don't know all the steps, as frustrating as it can be, is protection. Most of us can only mentally handle what the direct next step is, but this way, we can focus on putting our whole energy into making that next step come from our best efforts. As opposed to thinking that you are being controlled, imagine that you are on a racetrack. Our Higher Self can see the entire map of the track where we can be a winner, but the only perspective we have is from behind the wheel. Until we approach that curve, we don't know whether we're turning left or right. Our Higher Self, however, is able to see that coming, and gives us the heads up early enough for us to be able to make the perfect drift. The hierarchy of the word, "Higher", makes it feel as if we're puppets on a string, but truly, this is a team effort. Our Higher Self is the coach that has all the experience, and wants us to excel in a way that even surpasses them.

Gemini, which is associated with Mercury, is the master of communication, but we can never forget that listening is just as important as speaking. To help remember this, I like to refer to Gemini as the channel. It's about making space within, putting aside the ego, and the dense emotions of shame and fear, and allowing ourselves to be filled with the Divine downloads and Divine love. This is the clearest form of communication and it allows us to become the light bodies we were meant to be, to fulfill our greatest potential here on Earth. Everything that happens is for that reason. Remembering this can help us to keep a positive mindset with all people and things, and we can feel sure that it all is here to help and support us.

Expect a lot of mental challenges now. This new period of changeability will poke you in areas where you have remained stagnant and unable to make a decision, and show you that you need to start moving along. This will not be as easy as it may sound. Stress and anxiety can flood our bodies as we begin to contemplate what will happen to us when we move from all we know. Instead of binging through unhealthy habits to soothe, find activities that help to regulate the nervous system. Dancing, running, walking, anything that gets your physical body moving around will assist in your mental changeability as well. Do what you can to keep light on your feet so that when the voice comes to tell you which way to turn, you're able to do it efficiently and effectively.

Below are the horoscopes for the Gemini New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


You may be feeling more like yourself than you have in a while. There's been a lot of distractions but now you're getting back to the foundation of you, the basics. As someone who likes to learn, you may have been reading a lot of books, listening to a lot of podcasts or videos, and trying to absorb as much as you can from cherished teachers, but now it's time for you to share what you know.

You don't necessarily have to become a teacher, but it's time to spread your wings and stand on your own two feet. Not to say that there's nothing else you can learn from others, but there's no need to be reliant on other's teachings. There's so much you have to offer on your own from your own experiences, and you won't get to really know the full extent of that until you get rid of the training wheels.


Financial changes are up ahead as long as you can picture yourself in a different light. Wherever you may be living or working now is not somewhere you're stuck in or all you can amount to in this life. This is simply the stepping stone you need to become all you're meant to be. Nothing good comes from thinking you're worthless or a bum, so why would you reinforce that message?

Every success story starts somewhere and you're merely at the beginning of yours. But if you want to move up from that step, you have to show yourself that every action is for the bigger dream. Take the time to make the correlations. Tell yourself what each action helps you to achieve. Do it for as many times as you need reminding. Write it down and stick it on all your walls and mirrors.


This is an invitation to change who you spend time with and what habits you have in terms of what you do for fun and how you socialize with others. You may have to ask yourself some hard questions, such as if the people you surround yourself with keep you on a path to success or keep you distracted.

It's not so much a moon to get rid of others. It's more about getting back in tune with you, knowing what you need, and changing your response. For the most part, it feels like those around you will be happy to follow your lead. The thing is, as long as you feel confident in your decisions, most people feel confident in return to also be more of themselves. This is how relationships can remain successful, when all parties feel free to do what's right for them in each moment.


This moon brings you a change of physical environment. It could either be a change in residence, or a change in your business location. It could indicate coming offline and entering your first brick and mortar store, or perhaps you're even opening a second or third location. Either way, you're interacting with a new crowd, and you have a chance for exposure, to reshape your identity and brand.

What you were known for can increase in some way, or be totally reinvented. But there's a lot of room for gold medals and notoriety here if you just keep listening to what fuels your heart. Let your passion lead the way. There may be some initial challenges that make you second guess, but trust that it's all for a greater purpose in the end. Don't quit prematurely.


This is a great time to embrace and show off your talents and skills. If you already know what you're the best at, book some auditions and put yourself out there, centerstage. If you're still fooling yourself by saying you're talentless, dedicate part of your days to exploration. Start with what appealed to you in childhood, even if you haven't done it in a while.

There's nothing wrong with being a beginner but this energy is best used to compound unto an existing skill so that you can take it to the next level. Trying new things is exciting, but it can also sometimes serve as a distraction because of the fear of becoming a master. It's time to graduate from being the jack of all trades and really pursue one or two desires to their fullest extent.


There could be some frustration now from things not growing as fast as you'd like them to be, but as much as we should look towards the future, you can't get there by despising where you are in the present. Now is the time to analyze your habits of escapism. How often are you mentally checking out when things aren't going your way?

Understand that leaving the moment due to the stress of things not moving at your pace only makes the whole process go even slower, simply because you're not in the awareness to make the subtle shifts that would be necessary to move forward smoothly. Every time you leave and come back, it's like putting yourself at the starting line all over again. The best thing for your progress would be to find ways to feel safe in your body so that you can get through the tough situations, and come out the other side victorious and renewed.


They say that things in your external reality change when the state of your internal reality changes but there's also the knowledge that everything happens in its own time. Whether you feel ready of the next stage of life or not is not always the indicator of when new things will emerge. Sometimes what it takes is taking your mind off it completely, and being totally open to whatever wants to come next.

Relax now. Don't worry about making any more tweaks to yourself or your mindset. Accept and embrace where you are. Flow with the natural state of your life right now. Change can often come when we least expect it. So all you need is to trust that with every moment, there's growth on an energetic level that you won't always see or feel, but that the universe will always pick up on.


You can always tell you're being hard on yourself when someone else repeats what you've said to yourself, and it feel like you've woken up out of daze. When you've said it to yourself, the inner critic tells you to cut deeper but as soon as those exact words leave someone else's mouth, the weight of it being a lie is so clear.

This is why it's not always good to keep to yourself. You have moments where you're plotting a level up, and you retract from the crowd to avoid others' evil eye on your plans. However, when there's no one around to bounce off of, that's when you can be way too hard on yourself, and end up derailing your own level up. You don't have to let everyone in on every step, but learn to identify the key moments where a little feedback could be useful.


What playgrounds have you outgrown and where are you ready to spread your wings? You may have dedicated a lot of years to something that has been very fruitful for you in multiple ways, and though it may not be disintegrating, you don't want to wait until things are all falling apart before you jump ship.

If you have a new opportunity to talk about or do something new, go with it! We know the saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", and if you were truly honest with yourself, your current situation, though fruitful, still kept you small. When change comes knocking at your door, as opposed to you seeking it out, that's the time to let it in. That's the universe giving you the heads up to change course before you collide into a brick wall.


It's time to cut ties on your codependent contracts. This may have been something you've done in the past, but whatever the circumstances, new ones seem to have grown in their place. That's mainly due to the fact that the root of this issue went much deeper than you initially thought, and it's only now finally being addressed.

Until you have the strength and the right words to communicate your point with love, it's better now to remove yourself from the situation completely when you know you need to be on your own or process something on your own. Know that others won't be able to see you as independent until you act as such. Now, you can put it in that work.


How much time do you give to the things that matter the most to you? Go through your daily routine and see what things you rush through versus what things you put intention into. A simple change such as spending more time on your skincare routine, or on making breakfast can change the momentum of your whole day.

You may think of certain things as unimportant while things such as your work and finances should get the most time, but when you take into account that your mood is what drives the day, you'll see that going into work in a better state of mind makes everything flow much better than when you try to force your energy there. Make some rearrangements and see if you can spot the difference in your progression with your goals.


This is learning to participate and contribute from a place of abundance rather than a place of lack. When you feel an energy as if you're grasping or that you're willing to give up everything in exchange for one thing, that's when you know you're coming from lack. When you're able to assess and dedicate the appropriate time to something, when you're willing to be patient yet devoted, this is when it's from abundance.

Desperation isn't a good look for you. If you're feeling that way now, it's a sign to take a step back from the situation. Instead of looking at how to get to your desired result, analyze why it's getting your pants in a twist. What's underneath the desire to move so quickly and rashly? Where do you need to spend time comforting and reassuring yourself?

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