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The Sun entered Gemini on Sunday, May 21, 2023, 12:09 a.m PDT. As a sign ruled by Mercury, Gemini energy inspires all forms of communication. This is usually an extremely busy season with little sleep, lots of scheduled meetings, and having to return missed calls. Ironically however, as an air sign, Gemini likes to keep things light and breezy. They take care of business, but they're not interested in being traditionally professional. Geminis are extremely playful, curious, flirty. They enjoy making connections with those from all walks of life, something they have in common with their sister sign, Sagittarius.

Gemini bounces around from idea to idea, from one person to the next. They just need to keep moving. It's not exactly that they're searching for something. Rather, it's that they're consistently collecting new data so as to always keep their idea of the 'bigger picture' current and up-to-date. As a mutable sign, they understand that things change constantly, and so they never want to get caught up or stuck in an outdated thought pattern or mindset. In fact, that to them is an embarrassment.

Romantically, Gemini can be hard to tie down, but it's not impossible. All they desire is the freedom and space to continue to grow with you in the relationship. Most people get into a union and settle into a comfortable, fixed routine, and that is death for Gemini. You need to keep things interesting to keep their attention. They need variety and need to feel like they're learning something new with you every day. However, Gemini needs to also be careful to not let their desire for difference run into overdrive to where they lose understanding of how to enjoy the now. Gemini must remember that there's always more fun you can squeeze out of the present moment.

Known as the Twins, Gemini has a social reputation for having a double personality, but underneath, Gemini constantly has to assess whether to respond to situations as their Spirit Self or their Human Self. Their mission in this lifetime is to find a marriage between the two and it takes most of their lifetime to master this. But while the Sun is transiting Gemini, this is something we all must face now.

As we go out in the world this season to network, make new friends, meet new people, work on finding a balance in your expression of who you are on the inside and how you want to show up as in the world. Expect your communication skills to be tested. Coupled with Mars in Leo, it could be time to put your heart on the line and let that special someone know just how much you care. A love letter has a 90% success rate at fixing any problem. The vulnerability aspect may be daunting, but it can also thrilling to finally speak the truth from your heart.

Key Transits occurring in Gemini Season 2023:

  • The full moon in Sagittarius will be on June 3, 8:42 p.m. PDT

  • Venus enters Leo on June 5, 6:46 a.m. PDT

  • Pluto Rx enters Capricorn on June 11, 2:35 a.m. PDT

  • Mercury enters Gemini on June 11, 3:27 a.m. PDT

  • Saturn stations retrograde in Pisces on June 17, 10:27 a.m. PDT

  • The new moon in Gemini will be on June 17, 9:37 p.m. PDT

  • Last full day of Gemini Season on June 20

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