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Leo Full Moon Horoscopes

Has everything turned on its head? Is where you are now completely different from where you thought you'd be? Different from what you ever could have imagined? That's the power of Aquarius Season, to shake things up, to present to you the unexpected and ask what you can make out of it. There's an element of reminiscing here as well, and this is due to Mercury still lagging behind in Capricorn. We've had our time to reflect, and now that we see the whole picture, it's clear nothing is what we thought it was.

The Leo Full Moon arrives on Sunday, February 5, 2023 at 10:29 a.m. PST, and in these days leading up to it, there have been quite a number of revelations for many of us. We've reviewed our past actions and though we may have known where we went wrong before, we now see the domino effect this has had in our lives. Physically, there could still need to be more time before new change is seen, but mentally, we're way ahead of the game.

This full moon wants us to belt it all out loud. All that's been on our hearts. It could be painful and scary and there's so much uncertainty, but there's no continuing forward with this weight, this tightness in your chest. But especially in Aquarius Season, it's okay for things to get messy. It's okay not to have a perfect future paved. All that's required is courage, and trust that this is all part of the plan™️.

However, the real show hasn't even started. This is still about tying up loose ends. And without being fully honest and transparent, there's a risk of running back into the same loop you just realized you were in. There may be a strong urge to self-sabotage due to the emotional nature of this energy but here's what you anchor to, here's what's fact: Peace is attainable. Happiness is attainable. No fine print. No tricks up the sleeve. Just raw, true love is available for you to tap into if you can open your heart to it.

Self-sabotage sometimes feels like we're 'taking our power back', taking back control of the situation, but it only pushes us further from our truth and leaves us more lonely, more in suffering, than before. This time around, dare to push yourself into center stage. Perform the solo you were born ready for. This time, be scared and do it anyway. This is what choosing yourself really means. This is taking your power back.

Below are the horoscopes for the Leo Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


You're more aware now than ever of the soul contracts you made with others before incarnating into this lifetime. It's wonderfully enlightening, but at the same time, deeply terrifying. It's what you've known all along but also avoided confronting all along too. Now, you're ready to face it, but the choice to take action still has to be yours.

Through every pathway, the universe has led you here. Now that you have all the information, will you move forward in completing your contract or will you abandon it entirely? It's important to note that there is no shame or derailment in choosing another path. Moving forward out of a feeling of obligation only is not in alignment with the freedom you're ultimately seeking. Moving forward also doesn't mean a promise of roses and rainbows and a happy ever after. You want commitment and stability, but true foundation, a true home, is where the heart is.

So think about the you in this present moment, and what would fill your heart the most. There, you'll find direction.


Venus is in your sign and you've been quite the hot commodity amongst your peers. There have been more people noticing you than usual, yet there's a sense that you may be feeling alone. You're feeling a deep craving for love and intimacy at this time, but there's a somber mood around your aura. Perhaps it's a case of unrequited love, miscommunication, and/or distance. Perhaps you've had some cosmetic changes and are still working on feeling confident with them.

It's not where you want to be, but there needs to be a bit more time put in towards understanding your relationship with love. A reexamining may need to take place of things you may have disregarded about your past or childhood that still affect how you go about searching for love and why you crave it in the way that you do. Think of this period as another emotional detox of all the habits that kept you disconnected from Source, from Love.


This full moon is bringing with it a burst of creative energy. Any project that you had laid to the side, it's time to dust it off, spruce it up, and share it with the world. Things have been a little chaotic but there's also been a lot of great moments too. Use these events as a muse. Journaling, vlogging, any action to help record your life right now is favorable.

These may not feel like significant moments to remember but all this is a part of your come up story. Rework that vision board before your season and start to sort out what's next in what you want to share. There's so much you haven't tried, and even more that you haven't discovered.


Things that you've struggled to keep private may come to light now. Perhaps you've kept these things to yourself because you were unsure of how your close friends and family would react. However, instead of worrying about how everyone will receive your secrets coming to light, use this time to analyze if the people you've kept yourself surrounded by are the ones that you feel emotionally safe with.

As much as you rally on about being able to accomplish things all on your own, it's not the energy you want to operate in. Deep down, you're afraid to be lonely, but surrounding yourself with those you have to second guess how you express yourself with is the loneliest places you could be. Gather the strength from this full moon to break free from this environment. Know that even if you're the only one around who you feel safe with, that'll feel loads less lonely than you think it will.


Your community is changing, your throat chakra is being nourished, and you're ready to build something in your new image. How you look, how you talk, your routines, everything about you is different. For most of your life, you've felt othered, or that you couldn't be completely yourself in society. However, you've found a way to align all the different aspects of you, and allowed them to shine through you.

You've always been unique, and now that you've embodied that belief, be ready to receive new learning opportunities. Whatever your skill/craft, don't be afraid to advertise it. Change the way you view 'rejection'. Imagine you knew how many closed doors it would take before someone said yes. How fast then would you move to experience the no's? You are the prize. Keep going until someone recognizes that.


How does one prepare to make more money than they ever made? By releasing control, letting Spirit hold the wheel and steer the ship. This is a time for peak visibility, peak virality, a chance to go to places you and your ancestors have never been before. All that's required is showing up.

You've done it before, and you'll do it again, on a larger scale than before. What's different now to then? Your level of self-awareness of who you are, your belief in yourself on what you can achieve, trust in the universe to co-create with it. Continue to go where you are called, speak when you are told, and new love will find you in the form of greater friendships, greater community.


"We need to talk" is the phrase for Leo on their full moon. It comes with the clarity of who you want to be. It's time to start over with a clean slate. To re-introduce yourself to even the ones who've been closest to you. Is there hope for acceptance? Perhaps. But that's not the focus, not the reason for the push to be washed anew.

This phase of your life, for once, isn't about pleasing others. It's solely about you, and putting yourself first, putting yourself in an environment where you thrive, in places you feel comforted, loved, open and ready to bloom, confident enough to shine as bright as you are. You don't have to carry on the performance any longer. Put down the costumes, un-memorize the lines. This time around, you get to just be.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, Virgo. You've been making a few scattered moves, but nothing has seemed to come out of it. That's because you're missing a vital factor: imagination. Maybe a vision board isn't for you. As an earth sign, it's important to be fully immersed in the lifestyle you want to cultivate. It could be time to make a few more new connections.

Look for experiences that allow you, even for a night, to live in an aspect you want to create for yourself, and see how that changes your ability to call new things forward. It's important to look the part too. Never underestimate the power of a beauty day. In fact, it may just be that you have to call your Pisces friend up to get you inspired and thinking out of the box again.


You're wary of making new connections, that's for sure, but it's certainly made you extremely grateful of the ones who you know you can count on, who's stood beside you through thick and thin, even during the times when you've pissed them off and been in the wrong. Nobody's perfect, yet no one feels the pressure to appear perfect more than you.

It's important that you have others around you who understand that the beauty in humanity is that we are flawed. We make mistakes but we grow and evolve, and then we do better, and in turn, build deeper connection. Not everyone has the patience to unravel you, but you wholeheartedly deserve someone who will try. Resist the urge to hide away, and continue to be brave and put yourself out there. Don't let the lack of others' understanding keep you from being yourself.


You've never been one to run away from the truth. So what makes this moment scarier than all the others? You face fears for a living, yet, you struggle to speak the truth in your heart. Maybe you don't want to hurt the ones around you. Maybe you feel there'll be too much public backlash. At the end of it, these are all excuses that cover the deeper issue: that you don't want to be hurt.

Fighting other people's battles? You'll do it all day, all night, slaying the scariest monsters. But perhaps because you've seen the worst, you're more able to concoct a version of scary that you know will leave you absolutely paralyzed. And what's scarier than running towards love? This time, it's about slaying your own demons. And maybe there's a you for you that can step in, and help you with this battle. Look out for them.


You have the power of bringing different people together, of getting unlike minds to listen to one another, and it's time to bring that gift to the forefront. Collective gatherings continue to be a theme as we get closer to the astrological new year. It's time to fully heal from being seen.

There may have been times in the past where others have publicly shamed, embarrassed and tarnished your name, but these events were never meant to cause you to go into hiding forever. These were lessons, helping you to build mastery over shining authentically no matter the crossfire. Does that mean you were never meant to be in hermit mode? No. Each season has a reason, but hermit season is over. Nomadic season is over. This time, you're building roots, standing tall, and truly embodying your expansive nature.


No one can do it on their own, and no one should. But with this next phase of planning in your life, there's a level of privacy that needs to be protected. Anyone can come up with a new idea, but your gift is that all your ideas can withstand the test of time. Nothing you do will ever give 'one hit wonder', but this also means that you take a little longer to hit the ground running, which appears to others as being behind in the race.

But remember, these other people couldn't manage the track you're built on. Your knack for longevity is most coveted in the financial community, but it's time to use these gifts for yourself only. Take a break from giving everyone the codes to the kingdom and spend some time in your fortress planning your next moves. The next time you speak, you'll be ready to take action.

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