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Leo Full Moon Horoscopes

The Leo Full Moon arrived on Thursday, January 25, 2024, 9:54 a.m. PST. This luminary is ruled by the Sun in Aquarius, which makes this a moon that calls for dismantlement and radical intervention. This full moon gets us to start swinging in the opposite direction, making a major shift from trying to fit everyone in and please everyone to full on self-centeredness. Many like to condemn you when you try to take care of yourself instead of focusing on the collective, but in order for real change to occur, everything starts with you.

As we expand to be more of our Self than we've ever been, it will be cautioned to find in between steps to take in order to not feel to ourselves that we are simply putting on a show. We're not trying to brainwash or delude ourselves. In fact, quite the opposite. We're finally allowing ourselves to look through the veil and see the truth. However, when one has been walking in the dark for quite some time, even the dimmest of lights can seem blinding. Just as how we must give it time to get accustomed to the light again, we must monitor carefully how we go from not believing in ourselves and playing small to being our Higher Self.

The more we try to rush ourselves into being something that we don't believe in yet, the more desperation takes control as we become aware of how far away we may feel from our true selves. This causes greed as we try to grasp unto whatever we can, and anxiety as we feel the uncertainty of trying to ride the waves in a new territory. But when we can focus on dropping the act and the ego, we can receive the simplicity of knowing what we want to achieve and acting accordingly. In other words, instead of trying to prove ourselves innocent and perfect by doing everything in some new and improved way which would really just be based on another program since we didn't give ourselves the proper time to integrate, we just have to insert a sliver of a doubt that proves we are not as guilty as we thought. We do this by finding remedies for the small, day-to-day details instead of trying to address fixing the greater situation all at once.

Perhaps there's a story you're trying to break free from that says you have to make everyone you love feel loved by you at all times in order to be considered a good friend, partner, family member. Yet, your inner truth and boundaries let you know that your only job is to show up as you are, and that there's nothing extra you have to do in order to be worthy of love. Rather than jumping to cutting and cussing people off in order to start a completely new life overnight with your new standards, remind yourself as many times as you need to that mistakes are part of the journey and find ways to reclaim your sovereignty by focusing on the battles in front and not the war ahead. Understand that every time we try to jump ahead of our growth timeline, it's just another way to avoid accountability. The shame we may feel from not being ourselves may be hard to face, but when we can face it, we can realize that it's not the death of us. It's only the beginning of the showing of strength and fortitude from our true selves, and nothing feels more honorable than embracing that.

The key to this full moon is getting to the bottom line of each and every conflict, no frills, no backtalk. We take it step by step, addressing each concern until eventually, we regain full control over our own authority. It's not anyone else's fault what we allowed, and, we don't need to beat ourselves up because we temporarily acted in ways which are outside of who we are. With every step, more radical change than you can see ripples out as each small, re-aligned action makes the bigger actions easier and less daunting. Trust the process. Stay focused on the truth. And you'll get to where you're trying to go before you can even blink.

Below are the horoscopes for the Leo Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Where have you been allowing others to use you? There's a need to feel purposeful, like you are helping the greater good, like you're willing to make whatever sacrifices in order to make the relationships in your life work. However, the sense of pride you may feel from that could be a result of programming and not a reflection of what your true self feels.

When your actions are not reciprocated, this is when you feel truly empty, and attempting to fill that void with giving from an empty cup will only continue to reinforce that old story that needs to be purged. It's time to learn the difference between service and sacrifice. In service, you're still operating in deep reverence of self. This means that you still set the terms of your relationships. Start moving from a place of action, rather than a place of reaction.


We may know the right thing to do but if we knew how to do it, we would've done it from the beginning. Now you see you can't judge yourself harshly because learning how to do something is a whole other arena. It's being in the field where things are unpredictable as opposed to in the classroom, where things are more structured and safe.

You may not have had the family structure to learn certain relationship skills in the safety of the home, and so if you're finding yourself unable to understand why you can't act on what you know, that could be the primary reason. The best thing you can do is try to pause long enough to register your initial reactions to conflict, and then start to question them. Not everything requires an immediate response. Give yourself more time to process.


As you evolve on this journey, you get to a point where you plateau, and no matter what you do, it's like you can't get to the next level. The manifestation techniques or other practices that may have come through for you in the past seem to have now lost all their juice. When this happens, it's a sure sign that something that you may think is integral to your plan is what needs to be cut away.

Not all bad habits produce bad results. Remember, some bad habits stick because they produce the desired result. To you, it might seem counterintuitive to remove something that is giving you what you want, but what the current you wants may not be what the evolved you needs. Explore what you believe is bringing you joy now, and ask if it's really fulfilling, or if it's keeping you in a feedback loop that keeps your vibration from expanding.


Feeling financial secure is a big want for many of us but if that's the only way you feel safe in the world, then you're already robbing yourself. Everything in your life will always ebb and flow but what you can stay fixed on is your faith; not only in who you are but also in the fact that miracles and blessings follow you around daily.

It doesn't matter what the outside may show now. What you need to remember is that wherever you go, waves form. You can change any reality into your own Barbie Dream House as long as you never let what's happening around you shift how you internally feel and see yourself. Stay present. Focus on the waves.


You don't ever need to doubt yourself anymore. To others, it may seem like you have too many ideas, too many opinions, too many goals, too many desires, but the truth is it's still not enough. This isn't to inspire an attitude of never being grateful for what you have, but you can live in full appreciation for the present while still grasping for the next thing.

You were always meant to keep thinking up new things! This is your nature and a personality type that is needed, essential to the grand scheme of things. After all, someone has to be the innovator! You may have felt that worry that maybe things would all iron out smoothly if you just followed the status quo. But not only is that wrong because it's just not you, it would also just be a bore.


Honesty is the best policy, and you cannot stand for anything less at the moment. Nothing gets you more riled up than others playing a role, which is why it may be most upsetting to find you have yet again lied to yourself about your roles. You temporarily dropped back into the habit of supporting character, but as you well know, you're the main character in every season!

This is a call to spend more time on your self-love work. Remember, it's okay to take up as much space as you need! As a water sign, it may be that you don't want to come off as overwhelming. Lord knows you've heard enough of that over the years. But even the largest of oceans has a container. Let who washes away go. They were never meant to be the ones that hold you anyway.


What would I love right now? What's most important for me to convey right now? What is the bottom line of what I'd like to achieve? These are some of the questions that may be relevant for you to ask before you take action. These will help you to tune back into yourself, rather than reacting to the heat of the moment.

There's a chance you're trying to make things perfect when they need to be messy. Flow is a word that naturally aligns with water, yet sometimes, we try to make flow mean a structured hierarchy or chart, where things follow one perfect step after the next. When you go with the secondary meaning, you find that any misstep off the tightrope brings you to new heights of frustration. But when you allow flow to be a wild river that knocks up against all the rocks, and swirls around the land, eager to explore and engage in passionate moments with the Earth, you'll find it much easier to let things be more about the experience you gain than seeming to have it all figured out.


Where have you been carrying other people's emotional luggage again? Maybe you got tired of people saying you're too blunt or don't know how to hold space, and it caused you to rethink your approach. However, returning to the old plot of trying to do other people's work for them is not a solution.

At the end of it, any situation that prevents you from speaking your truth is one that is detrimental to your wellbeing. Revisit your rules of engagement. If you've never formally written them down, now is the time to try. Once you can look at a list, and be able to check off that you did every one of them and remained true to yourself, you'll have less worry that someone else's idea of love has more validity than your own.


In relationships, you've always looked for someone else to take care of you but maybe it's time to change the dynamic and think of how to take care of someone else. This is not to say that others are more important than you, but instead, this is a chance to explore a different side of you, one that's not always looking for someone else to step in and make all the calls, and save the day.

There is no more story of only one person being the taker and one person being the giver. All these roles are always in flux. So how would your relationships change if you came from a place of not just needing to have but also needing to give or needing to show? Needing to inspire? This is about embracing your own magic and watching it grow and thrive with every encounter you have. This is about seeing you in purpose, blossoming.


Before you burn yourself out again, take a moment and realize that all the extra energy you're expending on trying to find another way to do things rather than the obvious and necessary way is the root of the issue. Perhaps you think that the only way to find the best solution to a situation is to be able to weigh it against others. But there's also the use of intuition.

Your intuition can come through so clear and loud that trying to circumvent that by thinking you have to run through this checklist process to be sure is only delaying the inevitable. You have to discern when to use which knowledge, and then act decisively if you want any energy left over to regenerate your abilities and sense of Self. Otherwise, you run the risk of once again losing ourself to enemies of fear and desperation that cause you to act outside of yourself.


The phrase "everything happens for a reason" can be viewed and used as spiritual bypassing, but if you go through the appropriate grieving process, once you get to acceptance, you'll still arrive at the same conclusion. This is not to say just skip to the end, but, if there's an overall pre-understanding that whatever's happening is not meaningless, you can start early on seeing the beauty even in what looks ugly.

You don't have to like the process, and you could still hold that if it were up to you, maybe you would've done things differently. All of that is up to your free will. However, seeing as the universe turns with or without you, there will always be some unavoidable things that are just a part of life. If you have to hold any beliefs, let it be that all things are for the good of your evolution.


Like the rollercoaster life is, with every new beginning, there's a huge contraction. At the very least, if everything does seem to be taking a turn and making you wonder if you celebrated too early, then that occurrence in itself is the sign that you are indeed making the right calls.

It seems nonsensical but it is simply human nature that after a big release comes great fear. After all, the new beginning means that you're in the great unknown! It really is like "well, what do I do now? I don't know anything". But it also could be, "what can I do now? I could do anything!". No matter life throws at you, if you remain confident that you can steer this ship through any waters, you'll always keep building.

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