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Leo New Moon Horoscopes

The Leo New Moon arrived on Wednesday, August 16, 2023, 2:38 a.m. PDT. We've come so far when it comes to redesigning our personalities to reflect more of our authentic selves. Some are even gearing up to start new projects to match those inner changes, and others have rebranded to something that resonates more with their heart. With this new moon, we're continuing to find ways to keep that inner fire stoked, that inner passion raging, even when it's not all fun and games. Despite the fact that life does flow a lot easier when you're living in your purpose, that doesn't mean you never experience challenges or obstacles or tests ever again.

The Aquarius Full Moon gave us that first nudge in starting to release the need to switch things up because we're bored or because things are not going as fast as we want or because we're not seeing the results we hoped we'd see from staying the course for a certain period of time. This new moon invites us to remember that though being our authentic selves allows us to engage with the world in a more integral way and flourish in the world, those are just byproducts and not the reason we should choose to be our whole selves. One of my teachers, Maryam Hasnaa, explains that it's not about "being attached to the outcome or rewards of my work. It's not about creating a legacy, trying to change the world or even being attached to who we help. When we do what we love, we find joy simply because we are expressing our heart."

So as long as our hearts feel full and we continue to move from that space, there's nothing else we need to be concerned with. All of the things that society wants us to pay attention to and continue to be wrapped up in are all things that are the universe's job, and trying to be the master of those things is what lowers our vibration and dwindles our fire. And it's not about blocking out the noise so much as it is that when you stay lit up inside, any information that comes and tries to steal some of your energy, you can have enough awareness to pass it along to your angels and guides because you know those battles aren't yours. And as a beacon of energy and light, you give your spirit team access to work through you. So it's not about passing the work along to someone else and then going back to sleep. You are the channel, the gateway, the portal. If you shut down, your guides will not be able to cross over.

So how do we keep our inner fires burning? How do we continue to find ways to express our hearts, and not get our heads turned by what's happening in the physical world around us? What are the things that act as fuel? The answer will always be in cultivating more self-awareness. The more we learn about the truth of our souls, the more enraptured we become with living in it and expressing it. It's a great time for personality quizzes, or more in depth, a birth chart reading or a human design chart reading. In fact, even one like the Harry Potter Sorting quiz or any random BuzzFeed quiz can help to bring more insight into the different qualities and desires you may possess. Especially because we're growing everyday, we'll never run out of things to discover and remember about ourselves. With every situation, you can ask, what gems can I take from this? Why did I have this reaction and where did it stem from? What can I do differently or more of the same next time?

Don't be afraid to get a little obsessed with yourself, and continue to not let others' possible opinions make you feel ashamed or embarrassed of the avenues you may need to take to help keep you fulfilled. The sooner you can embrace your hero's journey, the sooner you can start to see all the gifts and adventures that you call tests that life prizes you with. Just keep holding the frequency until it becomes second nature. This is not to say that one stray thought is going to ruin your progress, or to say that you only need to think positively. The great thing about the authenticity frequency is that it allows for the whole infinite range of emotions. Moving from the heart space with integrity is the only requirement.

Below are the horoscopes for the Leo New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Brand new life, brand new start. Your emotional world is feeling renewed as you recommit to the love and respect you have for yourself. You're hyped and ready to tackle whatever comes next. Never forget that this isn't about or for anyone else but you. This new moon for you is the epitome of "I gotta put me first".

You should also be feeling a surge of creative energy and you gotta take full advantage and ride this wave. Get started on reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, and if you already have read that book, maybe there's an exercise from it that you can try again in order to stay focused and tapped in to your idea channel.


You've realized growing up that speaking up, even for a moment, is a great way to get others to look somewhere else and not sit in observation of you. In your moments of silence and observation, you've learned firsthand how much information you can pick up off someone when you just listen and let them express themselves. So in order for that to not happen to you, you make critiques about others, and while people are engaged with that, you dip away and hide.

This new moon, you're embracing not using your speech as a way to prevent others from getting to know the real you. You may feel like your raw personality is not organized enough to be digested properly by others or that it could be misinterpreted, but there's a different type of healing that comes from being observed as opposed to being the observer. When you practice this, you'll realize that when you get to be your unfiltered, authentic self, you're so excited to be expressing without boundaries that you'll forget to worry about how you're presenting yourself.


You may have realized that you need new friends because your current ones are messy and dragging down your vibration. Or perhaps, maybe you're the messy friend dragging everyone else. Either way, it's time to rethink the path you're on, and see what can be changed or improved upon.

Take time to reflect upon why you were ever drawn to the drama energy in the first place. Was it a need for excitement? A way to feel in touch with yourself? At times, we may feel so numb from the various experiences and traumas from our childhood that the only time we really feel anything anymore is through anger and chaos. Whatever the case, after reflection, see if you can find a healthy replacement so that you can stay fulfilled and not be tempted back to your old ways in the future.


You're ready to pursue the personal dreams that you've had from childhood, instead of the path that you thought you should be taking after graduating from the education system. Multiple people may be asking how you plan to pull it off, and it's okay to not have a structured answer and plan to present. It's okay to say "I don't know the exact steps, but I'll know things when I see them".

Let them call you crazy. It's high time you leave the spectators in the stands instead of inviting them unto your field and in your mental space. You're the only one playing the game, and your only focus should be to play it well. Get some songs that you know recenter you in a new playlist so that you can hold that frequency, and stay in the mindset that you need to make shit a reality.


You've unlocked a new level. You're on new heights. Keep this momentum going! This new moon, you're overcoming your fear of looking stupid, and embracing the fact that if everyone has to start somewhere, that you might as well just rip the bandaid off and get those first timer mistakes over and done with.

You're remembering and finding peace in the fact that mistakes don't make you unreliable. They actually draw people closer because it allows them to see the humanity in you. As much as society tries to program us into thinking we like it, no one actually wants to feel like they're interacting with robots. So trip, fall, stutter - all of it is growth. All of it is an upgrade.


You're looking for a partner that has equal or near equal psychic abilities to yourself. In the past, you may have been more open to being with others that are into different things, and though you're not yet clear if this is a quality that's required for you in a long term partner, you're open to giving it a try now because you need to know what spiritual growth can be accomplished when it's two forces working in tandem.

Perhaps you're also searching for someone to have a deeper sexual exploration with. If you are currently with a partner, this new moon is a good time to experiment and try to discover new desires in each other. For the singles, start to call this person in, not by re-entering the dating pool, but for right now, just meditate on what you imagine it would be like to be with this person. If you feel so inclined, you can even journal about it! Keep your descriptions as clear as you can.


It's time to go back to keeping a diary. Maybe you never stopped, but it turns out that there are some things we used to do in the rising as a routine that were more necessary than we thought. We may have seen them as childhood randomness, but many of those things, we only did because we felt drawn to it, and they had achieved their own purpose in our lives.

If you've felt like your current lifestyle has you drowning and living in chaos, and you're looking for somewhere to start to change it all around, look at what you did as a child, or while you were in high school, and see if any of those habits help to clear the clutter in your mind. We may have thought we were living in survival mode then and that nothing good came out of that phase, but we learned what we truly needed then because we were forced to look within. It's the best example to study.


You don't want to sound nitpicky or closed-minded to anyone, but you have very specific preferences, and without them, you end up stuck in situations that keep you uncomfortable and drained. In the workplace specifically, you may be forced to choose you or the job, and the answer should be you everytime.

The job may be one you actually cherish for many reasons, one of them being that it does keep you creatively fulfilled, but that doesn't mean it can't be better. And not because it's already good doesn't mean that you don't deserve or shouldn't be comfortable asking for other changes. Learn how to communicate these desires with love and gratitude and there's no reason those wishes wouldn't be fulfilled. If someone does indeed have a personal agenda against you, perhaps it's time to bring that to the light.


As you socialize with those in your community, you may have started to compare your age to others and might now be feeling either like you're the last to have shown up or that you're too young to be in the room. There may be regrets about not starting sooner or not waiting longer but as you well know, everyone is on their own journey, and you arrived exactly when you are supposed to.

Continue to be confident in yourself and in what you have to offer. Now is the time to show how open and playful and fun you can be. Expect new opportunities to explore new industries coming through. This is another chance to try your hand at a project that you've always admired from afar but never got your hands on properly. The goal is simply new stimulation.


It's that time again to do some light redecoration to your home. It could be just moving around the furniture but you could also be thinking to finally get some new art up on those empty walls. The home is our safe place and sanctuary and it's best to make sure that your space always feels as inviting and full of possibilities and life for you as it can.

It's a great time to read up on some feng shui tips in order to maximize the high vibrations in the space you have available to you. And perhaps it's time to start putting some money away for the home that you see yourself living in in your mind's eye. You may not be thinking about moving anytime soon, but it's never too early to start planting the seeds you need to for a later date. That way when you are ready for it, it's already abundant.


You're craving new ways to connect with others so that you can continue your healing work and services. You're ready to share your ideas and attract a new type of audience, one that was possibly completely isolated from you before, or hard to reach. What means the most to you now is accessibility and inclusion.

Remind yourself that even though you may have more seats, that doesn't mean others are obligated to sit in your area. Don't take this as a reflection that you should not be inclusive. When you've only serviced one space, it takes time to build up trust and authority in new spaces. You're only doing this because it matters to you. When others see the consistency, they'll be more inclined to fill your seats in much more of a hurry.


You're squeezing your sources for income now so that you can continue building the life you desire. The kids might be going back to school but your working summer isn't over until Libra Season. So as we get ready to enter Virgo Season, continue to stay on schedule. The focus right now is accumulation.

Continue to make yourself present and available. Continue to keep your diamond level ideas away from too many prying eyes. But don't take that as an invitation to suffer in silence if you feel like you need some support. Let only the ones close to you in on what you'll need to keep going, and continue to tune in and check in with yourself regularly to make sure you're pacing yourself and not heading towards burnout.

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