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Libra Full Moon Horoscopes

Perhaps the past two weeks have felt like having to scrap the whole plan and come up with something new on the spot over and over again. If so, what have you learned and observed about your ability to call forth new creations, and what gets in your way? Going forward, how will you adjust?

How have you handled the challenges and frustrations that came your way? Did you blow up at who you felt deserved it (perhaps, that was yourself), or did you take a step back, and try a different approach? Alternatively, did you stay quiet instead of speaking your truth, or did you put yourself out there and become an active player in this universe's game of life? The Libra Full Moon arrived on Wednesday, April 5, 2023, 9:35 p.m. PDT, and it's showing us a new path forward that teaches us control over our emotions.

For many of us, our emotions arrive like a bullet train, all at once, in a rush, unable to stop or derail, something to be endured until an unknown date when it hopefully leaves the station completely. Some find it easier to bury and ignore them. Others lash out and use them as weapons. The key of course is to find a balance that allows you to still feel these emotions move through you while also listening to them and allowing them to inform you instead of overwhelm you.

When our untamed emotions have control of the reigns, it can cause us to go way more off track than was ever intended, and create further delays in our goals. But when we can tune right in to the heart of the matter, we can easily eliminate unnecessary worry, and most importantly, our manifestations are able to hear us more clearly and find us easier and faster.

Your emotions are the byproduct of raw instinct, and can be trained into having any relationship with you that you want. When your emotions get loud and chaotic, understand it's because they're not really being heard. Sit with yourself, and build a new communication line with your emotions. The more you can practice this, the more trust you build with yourself. Soon, your emotions won't feel the need to arrive as a flood to get your attention. Instead, they'll be able to cut straight to the point, and let you know where you may need to be soothed. When we can do this, not only do we greatly improve the relationship with ourselves, but we can also call in healthier relationships with others.

Below are the horoscopes for the Libra Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Your strength has always lied in your "no". Your willingness to stand up for yourself against friends, family, lovers is a huge part of what keeps you continually blessed and inspired. You've learned the hard way that a half-baked "yes" can only every lead to temporary highs and permanent disappointments. Still, you wonder, how does one manifest and build relationships with others if the answer is always no?

There may be a feeling of loneliness or separation as it seems impossible to find others that align with this new soul journey you're on. But recognize that for there to even be a no, a yes must exist. Shift your focus to find what you're saying yes to when you say no so that you can start to name what it is you're actually calling in.


You could be looking into job changes at this time as perhaps your current role, or your patience for it, has expired. It's time to get some research done and see if there's a position that can allow you a little more flexibility in how you can choose to lead various projects and teams.

In the meantime, what are things you can incorporate into your routine to help promote stress relief, outside of food and exercise? Try being out in nature, singing and dancing, talking to a therapist, or maybe even some light shopping. If you're going for the new haircut/hairstyle, do it now before Mercury Retrograde begins in your season. By then, you'll need all your focus to work on your finances.


With Venus about to enter your sign, you're already thinking about how nice it would be to have a few new options on the roster. Get a few social interactions on the calendar but don't stray too far into old habits to where you forget your budget. The last thing you need is a reversal of fortune that brought you to the stability you're in today.

Still, it's been far too long that you've felt the butterflies for someone, or something, anything, and you're yearning for that point of connection where life feels worth living again instead of waking up to the same ol' same ol' adulting routine day by day. It's time to get in touch with your inner teen again. It's feeling very Love Story by Taylor Swift. Baby, just say yes.


When dealing with family, it can often feel like one step forward, three steps back. You're often asked to see things from their perspective, yet it feels like no one ever holds space for your point of view. You're the one to always have to be bigger person. You're the one who always feels like they have to compromise to keep the peace.

Yet, perhaps that is your role because that's the only side of yourself that you've ever shown. It's important for you to be well-liked by family members and so you often chameleonize yourself into whatever they need in order to fulfill that. Overall, when you're just playing a role, it's the role that becomes wanted, not you. Be honest about who you are and what position you can emotionally stand being in. It may take some adjustments, but eventually, as they always do, everyone will fall in line behind you.


It's not enough anymore to understand what and why certain behaviors or habits need to change. There needs to be proven, learned change through actions. Clear, distinct choices need to be made so that others know what side of the bridge you're really on. No more having your cake and eating it too.

It's a good time to get a good reading schedule constructed with some self-help books so that you can continue to open up your self-awareness and make better, more informed decisions for yourself and your future. This stage is about deepening your intuition so that you can trust the path that lies ahead.


What can you do to step up your earning potential? Things have changed and you may have one more mouth to feed than you thought. The motivation to succeed was hard to come by when it was just for you, and you were boggled down by feelings of unworthiness, but now that one more is counting you, you're urgently trying to awaken to your value so that you can be the best provider and caretaker.

It may feel hard to find a balance as in the past, focusing on the money making meant closing yourself off to your creative projects, your self-care beauty routine, and spending time with loved ones. However, start to recognize that earning potential starts within, with how you feel about yourself, and these projects and routines are the reason you're able to shine so brightly and attract opportunities. Continue to parcel out your time as if each bit of it is earning you something, and watch your vibrations level up.


More than anyone else, you're either feeling the pressure to remove yourself from those who keep you in toxic patterns or someone is removing you because of your toxic patterns. It's a time for separations but reconciliation is also on the mind. There could be someone from your past who you thought did you wrong that you're now realizing that perhaps you were also to be blamed for a few things as well.

It isn't the time to reach out to remedy anything, and it may never be the time. But there is room for you to reconcile things for yourself. Review all the actions that have taken place in past friendships and romantic relationships. Write a letter to burn, light a candle, take a bath, and finally release all the dense energy of anger and shame that may still be deposited in your body. Heal and release is the theme.


The full moon dreams have been going wild, and perhaps when the moon moves into your sign, a few things may come true or the next steps to your journey will be revealed. You could be gearing up for a promotion, a new travel experience, or a new level to your spiritual awakening.

Finding a new home, moving on from old ways, old traditions, old things, is all a theme right now. Memories that once walked with you daily can now be put to rest in favor of creating new ones. Strip yourself bare of old grievances so that all that's left is the truth.


Aries Season has given you a boost and you've made huge leaps and bounds in your goals. The last lap is upon you, and once completed, you'll get the extra time you wished for to be able to dedicate it to your creative projects. Now that you're so close to the end, the challenges and battles become even more ensnaring. Don't fall for the illusions.

Find a way to remind yourself daily of how much progress you're making and that you have made overall. Rich, rich abundance is just around the corner. Keep your spirits high by hanging around those with good energy, and just keep staying true to yourself.


Building a new business is indeed harder than it looks but you're also the happiest you've ever been. Cost of living is going up but it hardly seems to affect you anymore. You may not be where you want to be but you're living in the world and expressing in the way that you want to, and that's worth more than anything capitalism could provide.

Others may try to derail you by painting a picture that options are limited in an effort to get you back under some type of stability, but you can remind them that when the Divine provides all you'll ever need, there's no world that you can envision that doesn't include your abundance. Let external things change with it affecting your inner world. That's where your safety lies.


The home that you invested in and, at one point, was your ultimate dream, now seems like deadweight holding you back from pursuing the new life you want. Relationship and family dynamics have changed, and you may be thinking of either selling or renting it out to go travel for a year or two.

But don't be hasty. In a few months, you may discover new value and use for it. For now, fill it with as many good memories as you can. The time to move will come at the same time as a new job/income opportunity arises.


You've made great strides in handling your financial debt and also your karmic debt. But know, there is a difference between paying what you're owed, and punishing yourself for your self-proclaimed misdeeds. There's no need to push harder or go faster. Time will always collect what's owed, and the speed of that is out of your control.

Know that anyone pushing you to keep "proving" yourself is no company you need to keep. Continue to move with what your intuition guides you to do, and stay focused only on healing your heart. Work on removing those last deposits of guilt and sadness for the past so that you don't feel the need to put yourself on the cross. Continue to give yourself grace.

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