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Libra Full Moon Horoscopes

The Libra Full Moon arrived on Monday, March 25, 2024, 12:00 a.m. PDT. There's a heavy emphasis on your relationships with others, but we also can't forget the relationship we each have with the Universe. The thought comes to mind, how would we act if we knew with absolute certainty that the hopes and dreams in our mind's eye were heading our way, and that all we had to do was keep putting one foot in front of the other? Would we continue to rush and be impatient, or would we slide into ease, entering a higher vibration of satisfaction and peace?

There's a tendency for most of us to want to attach and fixate on our version of how the dream unfolds. We hold so tightly to how we believe it's going to happen that even when the time for it to appear comes and goes, and plays out entirely differently, we can spend much time afterwards trying to course correct back to our vision, rather than opening up to the realization that maybe it's just unfolding in a different, much better way than we could've ever imagined. It's the same reason we stay in friendships and romantic relationships longer than we were ever meant to. We see a way that it goes in our heads, and when it doesn't go down that way, we hold out, waiting for people to change into who we wanted them to be instead of respecting who they choose to be.

Don't get me wrong, we are all powerful manifestors, and it is still true that our beliefs create our reality, but what matters is where these beliefs are born. If you find that the belief you're envisioning is one that you grip on to with tremendous force, the one that that you feel you'll die without, you can know with certainty that this belief is born from a worthiness wound. The true vibration that you're sending out is that you don't actually deserve a reality as such, and so in response, the Universe gives you the opposite of what you think is in your mind's eye. And even still, it's never as a punishment. It's only ever to shake you out of the illusion of pretending to be someone you're not, and to open your eyes to who you truly are.

In our souls, we all know without a shadow of a doubt that we are worthy, and so when we play the game of "we are less than", we can be sure that our Higher Selves had a plan, to take us to this other end of the spectrum so that when we do enter our worthiness, it's stronger and more fortified than it ever could've been without that knowledge. Most likely, our dream requires this, so that we have the vigor to maintain it when it does truly come, and not squander or waste it because we never developed the level of gratitude we'd need to have a proper container for it. For this reason, there's no need to wallow in the times when we forgot who we are. We can find the grace to forgive ourselves, and thank the lesson for showing us who we'll never be again.

When you have full trust and faith in your beliefs, there's no grip, and you also know that without it, you are still whole, and you are still loved. Under this transformative lunar eclipse, release your ties to the relationships you have to people and mindsets that have long past that only have life because you're too scared to pull the plug. It's time to find out who you have the potential to be when you're not spending your energy looking back on the things and people that have been more than ready to leave you out of their reality. Know that even without your plans and schemes, it's all already been written. Your only job is to take advantage of the moments that come.

Below are the horoscopes for the Libra Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Blind loyalty may be a trait that you expect from the people closest to you as that's how you assess who is worth investing in and who is not. But what about those who challenge, question, and oppose you? Are all those who do against you, or is there room to think that perhaps, they could be helping to hold you accountable to your highest self?

It's time to get to the root of where this belief stems from. Where is the trigger? Are you associating pushback with abandonment? And would you feel it was abandonment if you yourself were really on your own side? Use these questions as journal prompts and take a minute to reflect and do some self-inquiry. The answers that come will help you to pivot to where you need to go next.


It could be time for another ego death. Take some time away, do some breathwork. By now, I hope you know that in your spiritual journey, the goal isn't to get rid of the ego completely. None of us can exist here without the ego. But the point of the ego death is so the ego can be reborn in unity with the soul and not against it.

You'll know the ego has taken charge and shoved your soul to the back corners when you start to feel the weight and pressure of "I need to do xyz" and "if I don't do this now, then -insert self-created suffering here-". What you need to remember is you're always supported, just as certain as the ground always catches you when you fall.


Your greatest ideas and works of art pour out of you now as you realize it was never about having your gifts and talents be acknowledged by others or trying to find a way to monetize them and fit them in a capitalist structure. Instead, it was only ever about embracing your role as a co-creator of the Universe.

You may say this to yourself a lot but today you need the reminder that it's not about the destination, and it's only all about the journey. There's no need to reduce yourself into thinking that your survival rides on someone else's approval. Know with absolute certainty that you are the gift! You are the one bringing newness and vitality to everything you touch. Your only obligation is to keep listening to the spark inside you that tells you what to create next.


When you look into your future, what do you see? Do you know what your purpose is? The advice is always to stay present, and it still is, however, in order to get your current actions organized, you need to know what you're striving for. This is not to say that you should become fixed to a particular outcome. Instead, the idea is to become fixed in what you know your purpose is.

You're applying the same method to life as you do with money. Instead of just saying it would be nice to have a million dollars, you envision what you'd use the money for so that you can be clear on how much you actually need and what you can do in the present to build and get there. Basically, it's time to get clear on what your mission statement for life is, so that each and every action from this point forward can be integrated with intention and devotion.


If you want to grow faster, you need to slow down. It seems counterintuitive, but when you're moving at light speed, trying to get everything done on your timeline, you miss what your intuition is trying to say to you. Worse, you can start to confuse your intuition's voice with your ego's, because you're too focused on getting an immediate answer.

It's that feeling where people think cutting in front of someone on the road or driving 10 miles over the speed limit gets you to your destination faster. Yet still, the person you cut off arrives at the stop light the same time as you, and driving faster than the speed limit does nothing to affect your GPS' estimated time of arrival. These are the illusions we build ourselves. Know that even time operates on its own time, and everything is already unfolding as it should. Taking two more minutes to be still and silent, to ensure you're listening to your heart and not your head, is not the thing that's slowing you down. Only your interruption of the natural order and process can do that.


If you believe that you teach others how to treat you, then where can you take accountability for how people have or have not accommodated you recently? If others were truly clear on where your boundaries were, would they even think to approach you with certain problems? It's time to get clear on what about your energy is still saying, "I'm willing to sacrifice my needs in order to water your garden".

A good practice to take up is to answer only what is asked, even if you know more. Know that your dedication to yourself is the only true offering that serves everyone else. Reflect on whether or not your helping hand is a way to control and feel included rather than assist, if it's your ego rather than your heart.


For years, many called you selfish and self-serving when it really was just taking care of and belonging to yourself. For a while you abandoned that in order to gain others' approval, but now, we've come full circle, and you're ready to embrace selfishness once more. When you recognize that the word only has a negative connotation because people want you to be focused on them and not yourself, you realize that putting yourself first is what actually draws the right people in.

Putting others first draws in the people who think they are superior to others, but putting yourself first draws in community who knows that they can trust that you honor your energy and are thoughtful in where and how much you spend it. They will also see that it means you'll respect their own use of their energy and will more than likely honor their free will. This is what it means to unconditionally love.


After years of others projecting onto you that you were mean, or had a resting bitch face, or were destructive, the means you had of defending yourself may have turned some of these projections into your truth. Under this lunar eclipse, these old masks begin to wilt and melt away, and you feel the call to return to your true self, an open-hearted, loving being.

The goal is to stay anchored in love, and to do that, you have to recognize that other people's perceptions of you are only ever actually the perceptions of themselves, or an echo of what they've experienced from their own loved ones. Send them love and compassion, and also give yourself some so you can heal the wounds that yearn to attach to these stories that inaccurately represent you.


Your imagination is stronger than you think. The world, your world, very much operates off 'you see it, you like it, you want it, you got it'. The idea is to release the attachment to the tangible, and to spend more time tuning in to your other senses. This is to get you into the practice of truly believing that even if you can't touch it, it still exists.

You think of your favorite foods, and your mouth salivates. You think of your crush, and your body floods with oxytocin. So if what you want exists with a mere thought, you don't have to wait for it to physically appear to start applying that truth to your life. Instead of looking back on the 3D, run ahead and let the 3D work to catch up to you. You are the energetic leader.


If crisis is the mother of invention then let's begin to be thankful for it. When you're using all the usual methods but still get stuck and have no time to rework the plan, there's a special light bulb that switches on that feels like your angels and guides using you as a channel and simply working through you. That's what you need to access right now, and all it takes is surrender.

Trust that whatever comes to you is what you need to say or do now, and also trust that it will all make sense to you at some point. Even if the explanation doesn't arrive until years from now, as long as what you produce comes from the heart, you can rest assured that it is exactly what is needed in the moment.


You may have been feeling a sense of loneliness as you take off in a completely opposite direction than your peers. You're sure you're heading the right way, but the excitement is lacking as you know that you may have to travel this road for a long time before building new community.

Still, don't make it worse by cutting off those who reach out. Even if they don't understand or are not heading in that same direction, as long as they're not trying to convince you to turn around or believe what they believe, they can still be acceptable comrades. You more than anyone understand what it means to accept others even amidst the differences. Take a lesson out of your own book now.


This lunar eclipse in Libra, you're learning to accept compliments. No excuses or explanations. No downgrading yourself or reversing it onto others. A simple thank you is the only response you need. This isn't about finding validation in others' words. It's only about understanding your value and knowing your own worth so that the Universe can respond to that vibration. With each time you work on receiving, examine the thoughts that come up. Examine the feelings that flood your body.

If there's a sense of discomfort and cringe, question it. Is it that you don't believe it for yourself? That you don't believe you're worthy? Or maybe you feel a sense of danger, signaling that the person could be trying to lure you into letting your guard down so that they can manipulate you. Whatever the case, get to the root so that you can clear the space in order to receive the blessings the Universe has to offer you.

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