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Libra New Moon Horoscopes

The Libra New Moon arrived on Saturday, October 14, 2023, 10:55 a.m. PDT. It's a partial solar eclipse ruled by Venus in Virgo, and it is initiating transformation in how others are seeing us and what we can accomplish in this world. Many are returning to a point in time, a crossroads, that they've been to before, but on this go around, they're going down a path they've never taken before. It's time to learn what it's like to have the shoe on the other foot.

As we move forward with hopes to make real change and make a difference in the world and in other's lives, it's more important than ever to be surrounded by those who breathe life into our plans and surround us with good energy. Of course, every day is not the greatest day, and there'll be times we'll need to hold space for each other. However, especially with Mars now in Scorpio, we have to remember that the only way out is through, and there's no room for fear or stagnancy in the rebirth process.

We continue to grieve and cut the cords on past karmic connections, the relationships with loved ones that we got too enmeshed with that were weighing us down. But in a surprising twist, those who you may have thought hated you could soon turn out to be your biggest supporters. All your perceptions are changing, giving you a chance to call in new communities that are more aligned.

We're planting seeds for happiness, and little more sweetness. A new moon usually brings with it a breath of fresh air, a feeling of renewed energy to seize the day, but under a solar eclipse, it can be much more overwhelming. It can feel like being pushed into the ether, feeling completely ungrounded, lost, and unable to catch your breath or grasp on to any reality. Everything can feel like it's changing all at once, all while feeling stuck and unable to move. It's feeling blind, deaf, and mute. This happens to remind you to have a moment of stillness to listen to your soul.

When people say follow your heart, it's because the heart is tethered to your soul, and even when the relied senses are dull, the heart will always be the light to guide you home. Allow yourself to be in your true essence for once, a free flowing spirit, and let yourself be moved with the wind. Let yourself become One with the elements around you. Remember what it's like to be whole and bring that sense of wholeness back with you as you trek along your journey. It's going to be a long road but this is a time where you can look back to five years from now and say, this was the turning point for me. So now's the time to think, what do you really want your story to be?

Below are the horoscopes for the Libra New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Others have called you a liar, a cheat, a thief, and sometimes, when you are pre-labeled, it feels like too much of an effort to prove others wrong. In the past, that's caused you to live up to other's expectations of you. After all, if everyone already thinks of you as one thing, why go through the fight of changing their mind? But the fight isn't to change their mind, it's to change yours.

The more you played into it, the more you felt like it was your truth. But it's time to walk a new path, the one that was meant for you to begin with. On some level, you have been put here to be criticized, judged, and misunderstood, because that's the part of your soul journey that will show you why it's that much more important to show your true self instead of letting others keep you small and afraid of fulfilling your destiny. Try it out and see what happens.


You're deep in the thick of the underworld now. You could be feeling a bit forgotten about at this time and you could be judging yourself a bit harshly about the way your life has gone thus far. Whether you think you should be further ahead, or that you've made too many mistakes, there's a truth in the fact that it was all still divinely planned and orchestrated.

Use this time to release the last of your regrets, and start to call in gratitude for all the wins and the perceived failures. Every single one of your past experiences were necessary to teach and mold you into the person you are today. Remember, when you can say thank you to life, the Universe responds by giving you more reasons to stay thankful. Hone in on that vibration.


You have a lot of strong opinions that you feel very close to but it sucks to feel like you're always in debate or on a soapbox when you're trying to build light-hearted and free-flowing connections with others. This is the path of Sagittarius, the one who consumes new knowledge like no other.

It can feel like a blessing and a curse to know a little bit about everything because you're automatically pushed into this role of being an educator when most of the time, all you want to do is laugh, relax, and make out with everyone. They say ignorance is bliss but if you're really honest with yourself, the only time you feel complete and happy is when you're doing your own research. So it's time to stop trying to fight or hide or change that. The sooner you own it, the shorter your explanations will need to be, the quicker you can get back to living la vida loca.


You're learning, maybe there is not such thing as work-life balance, or maybe balance doesn't look an even 50/50 split of your time. In order for you to feel fulfilled as a human being, you may need to dedicate 80% of your time to your work and dreams and passions, and the other 20% to split between uninterrupted family time and self-care hours etc. Someone else's balance could look like 30/30/40 or 78/22. Whatever the portions, just know you don't have to feel bad if you find yourself dedicating more time to family over work or vice versa. You just have to find what feels right for you.

This is part of understanding and knowing yourself. If 70/30 is what you need to be your best self, then any alteration will only build resentment. Remind your partner(s) and loved ones that it's about quality of time, not quantity. If you continue to portion as much as you desire to each section of your life, no one will have to worry about you being tempted to misuse time dedicated to other things for something else that you haven't felt content in drawing your energy away from yet because you didn't get to give it as much as you wanted to.


You're starting to feel like you're connecting with the world again and that maybe isolation isn't necessary. Plus, there are so many reasons to love yourself, and it's time to get back into that zone of really not giving a fuck about what others think of you. This isn't like before where it was just you against the grain. After all, that's the energy that kept you in armor and defense.

It's you and at least one other person, and that's all you need. It's that energy where even if you inspire just one soul to claim what others have told them to hide, you will have went above and beyond in your mission. Book your flights. Take some trips. Just get out there. Magic like yours should never be caged in.


Your work schedule is way too busy to entertain anyone intimately, but your mind has certainly been on romance and maybe even starting a family. A chance to get to know someone slowly and deeply can appear during this upcoming Scorpio Season, so for now, it's time to review the dating rules you made for your new self.

The first question is if you know how to give yourself what you require and if you have already been putting that into active practice. The second question is are you happy? Your answers will determine whether the ones you attract or feel attracted to are karmic or dharmic connections. But either way, there'll be something to learn that will help propel your growth. Strap in.


It's been a while since romance has been heavy on the mind, but this is the start of a new pathway for you in this realm. Anything that was holding you back from experiencing real intimacy will come up to be reviewed over the next few months. First, you must return to the breaking point of all your past relationships.

What stopped the connections in the past from moving forward? Was it avoidance issues? Insecurities? Lack of self-love? If you can't clearly pinpoint the answer on your own, the Universe could give you a little boost and have the answer show up now in any current relationships, platonic or romantic. Watch for the signs, but try to observe from a point of neutrality. This is primarily for education purposes.


Health and wellness are always a priority for you but it is centerstage under this new moon. If you have any particular addictions/overgrowths, the root cause of the issue will show its face soon, if it hasn't already. This can be a good time to educate yourself on the spiritual causes for physical ailments so you can recognize it when you see it.

For long term afflictions, it's much more likely that there needs to be healing in the spirit body, just as much as the physical. It goes beyond journalling and affirmations. It's about the daily commitment to understanding your childhood and how you were raised, and also, what you believe your reason was for volunteering for this incarnation? Or perhaps, you're still at the point as to whether or not you choose to accept that your Higher Self, your guides, and your soul deeply desired to be here. Maybe that's where you'll need to begin.


You're in the midst of a new adventure and you have a renewed sense of love for life. Going into Scorpio Season, you feel the need to celebrate all the small wins with your friends and family. It's been a long road of working hard, and stressing over the small stuff, but this is a recommitment to living the dream.

The goal isn't necessarily to get into a new romantic relationship, but this is the time where sparks fly. Don't be opposed to some friendly, flirty conversations now. No pressure. If you're already in a commitment (perhaps with an Aries), try not to take their actions so personally during this time. Like you, they're on a path of self-discovery. Give them the space you would want to arrive to conclusions on their own.


Who do you feel at home with? What connects you to others? Humanity is the thread that weaves between as all, but what makes you so entangled with others that just one glance into a stranger's eyes can make your heart grow warm? You're breaking the habit of leaping before you look when it comes to building any type of relationship with others, and that starts with understanding how it forms. It could be a few things wrapped together in a beautiful bow.

The first is that you have a desire to be accepted for all that you are and so you give that to others before they ask in the name of proving it can be done, instead of it being for their benefit. The second is that as the first psychic child of the zodiac, you also personify as this energetic umbilical cord that nourishes all souls. You deeply understand the makeup of a soul, and so at times it's all you see. As you move forward in building new relationships, in the expansion of your biological and chosen families, remember to zoom out and see the whole picture. There's no more room for staying blind to one's human nature and actions. All information must be included for proper vetting.


You're revamping how you communicate and work with others. Are you a team player? Or do you find yourself directing the show and taking on most, if not all, of the responsibilities? You may feel it necessary to play a slightly more managerial role in order for things to sail smoothly, but perhaps that's more of an indicator to re-evaluate the company you keep.

The goal is to not play a lesser or greater role than is required. There's no need for a savior, and there's no sympathy for the victim. If everyone around you is aware of what their own and the group's values are, then everyone should be able to remain accountable for themselves, and allow space and room to just be.


Many have tried to derail you and sabotage your path, yet you continue to thrive. It may feel tiring, the constant lessons on resilience, but this is your greatest gift. Instead of seeking that old habit of revenge, you're leaving those things for the karmic cycle and swapping it out for diplomacy - not to be mistaken with kissing ass.

If the only thing in our control is how we respond, and that it's in our response that we reveal our truth, then there's a new desire to manage relationships in a more skillful manner, one that leaves your integrity intact while also displaying discernment, and a higher wisdom and ability to see the bigger picture. That's real diplomacy. That's what will take you to the next level.

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