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Pisces Full Moon Horsocopes

The Pisces Full Moon arrived on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, 6:36 p.m. PDT. During Virgo Season when it's so easy to get consumed with shaping and molding our future, this full moon is just in time to remind us how much rest is required in the integration and solidification process of manifestation work. Not only does rest give us time to process what we've already learned, but it also allows us to learn new things we may have missed through our dreams. We spend a lot of time thinking that all our efforts need to be put into what's happening when we're awake but when people say sleep is productive, it's more than just the fact that our bodies and minds work more efficiently when we're fully rested. Remember, the soul doesn't need sleep.

A key part to manifesting is release work, so while we're asleep, our subconscious finally has a chance to show us all the things that we've ignored that we may need to pay attention to in order to have an easier, flowing life. This is usually regarding where we have resistance and limiting beliefs. You can even set the specific intention each night by just asking for dreams that give you clarity about the resistance you may be experiencing in your day-to-day projects. Although it can be very informative and useful to research and understand the various symbolisms you may see, you don't have to become a dream interpreter. Instead, studying your motives, feelings, and actions in your dreams may help to highlight the limiting beliefs that hide from us in our shadow, especially ones that were created in childhood, that are preventing us from attracting what's in our highest and best.

Instead of trying to google what green dolphins mean, focus on how you felt when you saw them in the dream. Which direction did you see them coming from? Did you want to join them? What were you doing when you saw them? Then you can ask how those feelings and desires are showing up in your current reality, how they're connected to where you've come from, and how they are currently serving you. This not only helps to sharpen our intuitive abilities, but also helps us to remain steadfast in our power to co-create. This Pisces Full Moon is ruled by Jupiter in Taurus, and it's asking how we're using our resources to create foundation, but we also can't forget that Saturn is currently in Pisces as well, and it's conjunct this full moon. This can feel like added pressure to create something long lasting, but it's more about understanding where you feel disempowered in your abilities, and removing those blocks.

Our days become so much more aligned when we can use them as a training course to reprogram limiting beliefs by responding differently as opposed to trying to fight them unconsciously and losing every time, every step of the way leading you to feel defeated, not knowing that things are repeating because you're responding with the same energy blockage(s) as before. Even if nothing changes about your situation right away, just the feeling of taking care of yourself by paying that close attention to yourself, trying to make sure you feel safe and powerful in your body and environment, increases the energy of self-love, allowing you to go through each day vibrating on a much higher level, which helps the challenges seem much smaller than before.

If no one else says it today, I'm here to remind you that you are POWERFUL. You're an absolute force that when resolute can never be defeated! There are times when it can feel scary to try something new, even when you know the old way isn't working, because it's like, what if you make it even worse? But it is Universal Law that when you break free from what you know is not working, and choose what you feel could be more aligned, you elevate, and integrate and solidify a better reality! Your spirit guides will see that you're making an effort and they become even more excited and more involved in helping to see that you're taking the right steps. In any transitionary period, that's when you'll see the signs of the universe pop out the most, because they're extremely dedicated in assisting you with your every need. Use this to draw support and ask for signs to confirm you're on the right path. You'll always receive an enthusiastic answer.

Below are the horoscopes for the Pisces Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Money might be a sore spot now in your relationships. Either yourself or your partner may be holding on to an old idea of how to secure your future and you're unsure how to move forward when you're not on the same page. On the other hand, what you can both be sure of is that you want a roof over your head and at the very minimum, a private bathroom where you can do your routines in peace.

Sometimes, it's not necessarily the risk itself that is the issue, but perhaps it's pressing on an old, dormant and forgotten about, instability wound from childhood. You can try to get to the bottom of this as a couple, and ensure each other that while the past situation was chaotic and stemmed from fear, that this route is inspired and divinely guided. Perhaps there are meditations that you can do together in order to ground in the abundant power that you generate as a couple.


How does love ground you? Sometimes, you use music as a way to connect with the love that's inside of you, and it's when you feel it coursing through your veins that you feel the most beautiful, at peace, collected, and inspired. But a lot of the times, this love is outsourced from your partner, and so without one, you can feel scattered, unsafe, and lost.

While Mars is in your sign, it's time to take back your power, and sing the song of love again to yourself. This doesn't mean go into isolation. It means find a way to be around others while not needing them to need you and validate your value and beauty. Find confidence in knowing that you thinking you're enough is the only voice you need to hear from.


Is rediscovering what excites you worth the instability? It's a question that might have crossed your mind in the past week as perhaps the ebbs and flows that have come with the lifestyle changes you've been making have made you feel more seasick than empowered. As much as you've said yes to this brave new venture, there seems to be something still holding you back.

Could there still be a part of you that doesn't fully trust that you know what's best for yourself? If that's the case, where have you heard that before? Pinpoint the place in which you were told to not trust your intuition and re-pour a big ole cup of love back into that space. You are the most credible source, and the only one that matters.


Every time you speak up and share your story, you expand, and make your safe space bigger. You allow others who are aligned to find you. You re-affirm that what you have to say matters. You're in your era of being the leading change you want to see in the world. If only you can stay out of comparison mode.

With every level you increase, you get more access to the lifestyles of the people around you, and suddenly you may feel like your blessings aren't enough. As an example, your living situation could be feeling a bit shaky right now, but you can't forget that at one point, you were trying to manifest just this. Keep taking it slow, building brick by brick, and focus on yourself and your message!


How to determine a test versus your manifestation made into form? These two things may look the same, and they might even act the same, but they won't feel the same. You've fallen for tricks before but with a much more fortified mind, you're feeling confident in your discernment abilities, and are ready to step back into the arena and play the game of life.

You may have unlocked a new level in your telepathic abilities. Listen to the messages you may get in your ear chakras. You can also ask your guides to confirm their presence through seeing a sign or symbol over a certain amount of days. It's definitely feeling like you're gearing up for a big initiation so keep your third eye peeled, and make sure you're getting your rest in.


This full moon, you're addressing triggers of being without. You tend to be more of a hoarder when it comes to money, feeling more safe physically and emotionally when you don't have to worry about your basic needs. While there's nothing wrong with ensuring security, where might you be actually bending your truth in order to gain your coins?

You may feel like you need to give in to certain demands of others to secure your position, and while it may not be big asks, you always reap more when you're coming from a place of full authenticity. Don't be afraid to decline what's not particularly aligned even if it may mean losing out on a regular check. Follow your voice, and it will always lead you back to abundance.


You are a magical, gorgeous human being, and this full moon is all in celebration of you and about empowering you. Take note under this lunation of all the manifestations that have come to fruition through just you paying attention to it. You are God's favorite and everything you touch turns to gold.

We're working on our I AM affirmations, and we're laying crystals on our body to fortify your energy. We're reminding ourselves that we are loved for who we are, and not what what we accomplish, and we are loved for the fact that who we are is determined, fierce, ambitious, and abundant. Get excited about your own energy. There's a lot to be amazed by.


You're learning a new language, and perhaps that language is numerology, or the other signs and symbolisms of the universe. You're definitely becoming more in touch, and you're ready to assimilate these new skills into your practice. You could be wondering if it's appropriate for the field you're currently in, but more people may be interested in what you have to say than you think.

If necessary, don't be afraid to break it all down and build it back up in a new light. It may seem like a Herculean task, but you may be able to draw support from friends and family who have long known your gifts and are excited to see you finally embrace them fully. Your audience is ready to see a new perspective and you're nestled in the perfect position for success.


You've come a long way in not being so guarded all the time but you still have a wild amount of boundaries up when it comes to meeting new people. The underlying story is still the fact that the majority of the world does not have good intentions and it's better for you to always keep a safe distance in order not to get your heart destroyed again.

It's time to forgive yourself for all the people you let close to you that never deserved a spot. Understand that it doesn't mean that you can't trust your own discernment. You had to go through that to know what to look out for now. You don't need to unconsciously call in untrustworthy people anymore by holding on to this energy. You deserve goodness and peace.


During this full moon, you're finding a method in the madness, and creating the output process/production rate that works for you. Everyone has their own method for how you should show up and what you should do when you want your message or art to reach a wide audience, but as always, what works best for you is the only business model that will ever make sense and bring you the success on the scale that you deserve and were meant to reach.

If your desire is to only work 3/4/6 months out of the year, that's absolutely possible without being burned out from taking on too many clients on during the working time or having to charge a ridiculously astronomical price that may isolate your work from reaching certain demographics. Keep sharing what comes up and you'll find the right balance. The answer is in the various type of services you'll offer.


It was always uncomfortable for you being the odd one out. As much as you may have learned to embrace or even admire that status now, that deep feeling of wanting to belong never really went away. This full moon, it's time to reach into the root of the wound, and pull it out fully so that it doesn't resurface again.

The work you're being called into will require being stood against the crowd, and at this point, you should see that that's just part of the contract you signed. You're an innovator. You're the one God left with the keys to open the gates for everyone else. It's time to remain in gratitude for this position going forward. Release the last bit of resentment and press on.


As Venus prepares to go direct in your sign, you're wrapping up on relationship lessons, coming out with thicker and more fortified boundaries. You've upgraded to a new level of intuition, and while you're fine tuning how to read these new subtle energies that you're aware of, you're also learning how to make sure it doesn't cause a sensory overload and emotional disturbances.

You may find that it's easier for you to sense when to give more energy to a situation and when to hold back, and you're also able to easier sense when someone wants to siphon your energy. That can feel like a huge violation, especially when it's happening with family and the ones you're closest to, however, many people don't understand what energy dynamics they're trying to engage in. It'll be up to you to discern who is worth explaining to and who you need to remain steadfast in your boundaries with.

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