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Pisces New Moon Horoscopes

Happy Pisces SZN!

Admittedly, though Aquarius Season was research heavy, Venus being in Pisces throughout their season made it feel like we've already been in Pisces Season. With Venus being exalted in Pisces, the energy of Pisces was quite potent. It was a period for wild dreams, and changing how you see your worth. But, without the energy of Aquarius in the Sun to send us new knowledge, we would have had nothing to instigate that growth.

The Pisces New Moon arrives on Saturday, February 19, 2023, 11:06 p.m. PST. This is a moon that sits in limbo. It's the moment after you know better, but before you know how to do better. It's also coupled with the energy of Venus entering Aries less than an hour later. This makes it a new moon that asks, now that you've deepened into awareness of who you are and are working on integrating that into your being, what are your new desires and what would happen if you took action on them?

Think of this moon, and this season, as a test run. It's not exactly the real thing, but the results of what happens now surely affects how and if you'll be able to go forward in your intended direction. We still also have about two weeks with Mercury in Aquarius, so there are still a few puzzles to be solved, but this Pisces New Moon invites us to make active decisions that reflect our new self-worth.

The energy of Pisces can almost seem reckless because it encourages every action to be a risk. It's not knowing what's going to happen tomorrow, so we're doing it all today energy. In this way, it prepares us for Aries Season when it'll be time to command, lead and build. Now's the time to start generating the spontaneous energy that manifests those unexpected blessings. Now's the time to say yes to yourself.

During this new moon, follow your creative ideas wherever they lead you. Take time to fully recharge with good food and long naps. Take notes on your dreams. Meditate in a bath or shower, pool or jacuzzi, sea or ocean. Honor plant medicine as you feel called to by making intentions with its use. Disappear for a moment if you need to, but continue to protect your energy by standing in your truth.

Below are the horoscopes for the Pisces New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Happy Birthday Pisces! It's time to get your flirt on! Venus has been in your sign, helping you to connect with what you've made deep emotional ties to, but it has been more about healing and falling back in love with self than getting out there and sharing your beauty with others. With Venus moving into Aries a few minutes later, it's encouragement to step into your divinity, and let that light shine bright unapologetically.

This period is about making mistakes, but remember, a mistake isn't a choice made knowing there's a better choice. It's a choice made unknowingly. A risk that could or could not pay off. Whatever happens, know that the stage is finally all yours. Laugh loudly. Stay up all night. Paint it neon and then change it all tomorrow. Follow only what resonates with your entire being. Tune into that magnetic energy of yours, and draw all your desires to you one by one.


There might be a little frustration here. There's a desire to move forward and make a decision, but this new moon is asking you to spend a little more time reflecting. Your ruling planet, Mars, is still in Gemini, and the anxiety of it all, of the not knowing how it's all going to work out, is getting way past the boiling point.

There's a desire, not necessarily for intimacy, but for physical contact right now. Your go to when feeling this desire is to have sex but perhaps, there's something else that can better scratch this itch. Before rushing in to complete another programmed response your brain has, consider what your mindset was when you taught your brain this association. Consider if underneath the desire for physical contact is really something else, non-sexual.


You're ready to turn your mood around and get in with some good company. You don't necessarily want to fall back in with old friends and your old habits while you were with them, but your new habits, though healthier, are not as fulfilling to your emotional state, and you haven't quite found any new friends that are a true match for this new you.

Perhaps what you're missing isn't exactly the habits/friends themselves, but the sense of adventure and spontaneity that came with them. Now's the time to brainstorm how to get the spark with your healthy habits. Think of what things excited you about making these different lifestyle changes and how you've felt after implementing them.


You're returning to the art, to the purpose, to the reason it all began. When you get the call to share your gifts, underneath, it never is about how much money you make. It's about making a difference, changing perspectives, opening minds. If you've been walking in purpose for a while, you may have gotten a little distracted along the way. This new moon asks you to recenter on what's important.

It could have also been that you got involved with someone who influenced you to look in a different direction. It may not have been with bad intentions but, it's important to follow your own guidance and compass right now. Good news is, you've gained a lot of experience in what happens in the spaces you don't want to be in, meaning, you know just who and what to avoid moving forward.


The overarching message of this season for you? Keep going! How? By not putting so much stock in seeing the 3D results in the timeline you're on. Everything you want is already in motion, but it's not a two-way mirror. You have to trust the process. Simultaneously, don't discount the progress that is actually already being shown in the 3D. Not because it isn't the result that will get the reaction you want, doesn't mean things are stagnant.

There's a sense that there's a level of boredom here even though your schedule is booked and busy. But there needs to be time for real play and excitement. It seems like there's no space, but find time weekly for fun, active hobbies unrelated to work (not TV binging) so you don't loose the pep in your step. Extra points if it's a social activity or one that includes travel/a road trip.


More transformation is on the way! Could be healing in the home, in the family structure. Or perhaps there are other women in your present and past that deserve a second chance. Still, there's no rush to reconciliation. It could instead just be that you need a personal moment of closure for you to move on to the person you were meant to become.

It's still an emotional time so keep the tissues close and try to keep away from any and all drama. This is a great energy to strengthen your existing, trusted relationships and work on addressing any issues with your wounded feminine i.e. jealousy, feelings of possession, ignoring your intuition.


Dreams may be the most potent for you right now. Your subconscious is working overtime solving all the mysteries that you have about your gifts and purpose. It's also giving insight into your relationships. Is there a muse that helps you to focus your gifts? Or do you consider any tools or people of inspiration to be a crutch, to be limiting?

If you're a writer in any capacity, perhaps you're writing a book, these projects are favored right now. The channel is hot and inspiration could strike at any minute. It's time to get on the move. Right now isn't the time to worry so much about the tools you rely on to get a clear, flowing channel. Instead, consider that there could be a reason or symbolism for why it's an essential part of your practice.


You've been feeling a lack of support in the past few months, but there's no manageable way to carry the weight by yourself. You've made healthier habits to avoid burnout, but it's seeming like soon, there'll be no choice but to return to a time where you had to work morning, noon, and night, to make ends meet.

Fear can be easily identified because it often gives you an ultimatum. It puts you in a situation where things seem binary. The beauty of the unknown is that anything could suddenly come into your awareness without understanding how or when. You might be on a strict timetable but don't allow deadlines to derail your faith, and have you returning to already proven failed strategies. Keep brainstorming on new ways to improve your workload and finances. The only thing that makes it certain that your life won't change, is if you don't change.


You're ready to fall in love again, with life, with a person, with it all. You've waited a long time to achieve some sort of stability in life and you've finally realized that stability is really the same as having an organized mindset built from the awareness of exactly who you are. You've learned a lot about yourself, and it's now to the point where you know exactly what you want.

When the mind is stable, you're able to trust the ebb and flow of the 3D changes. Continue to trust that everything happens in the right timing. Feel into how you don't need to try and make anything happen because it's all already moving in your favor. Go out into the dating scene. Party a little past your bedtime. Switch up your routine, and give things and people a chance that you never have before. This leads to exactly where you need to be.


It's time for that wanderlust. And whether that be in the astrals or in the 3D, it's all valid to your journey. All the fear, and doubt, and shame, that's been clogging up your energy has been shaken loose and you're feeling lighter than ever before, like you're flying. But don't go too far into escapism.

The goal here is to share as many intimate details about your journey as possible. Privacy has always been very coveted by you, but you were never meant to be put in a box and shelved away. You're an artist, a mentor, a teacher, and your students are waiting in the classroom. Organize your intuitive thoughts in your Notes app or a journal, and start to teach others how they too can shake the denser emotions out their system, and start to realize and reawaken to their full potential.


Contrary to popular belief, if you could actually find someone you trust to delegate to, to do the hard labor, to crunch the numbers, you'd happily retire and lounge about, waiting to hear when it's finished. But don't get caught in the victim mentality. If there was someone who could do the same things you do, would that not make your existence redundant and irrelevant?

You say you want someone to do things your way, but you already have that in yourself. This is what you were made for. Perhaps what needs to happen is even more removal of your energy from other people and more investment in self. Keep hacking away at your projects and goals. If need be, pretend that these are someone else's dreams you're just assisting with. Maybe that will help take the pressure off and get you back to being inspired about the future.


After your birthday season, you're recharged, energized, renewed, ready for life again. While you're riding cloud nine, it's time to revamp all your ideas. Things may have gotten to a stagnant point before with your work where you felt like there was no more room for you to grow. So you settled. But perhaps you were just talking to the wrong people.

There are so many more options for you. Don't limit yourself to one field, or one idea. Have a T-shirt business in the day and then teach tarot at night. Tomorrow, share your gym routine, and then at night, start a reading club. Anything that you've remotely been interested in, experiment now with how it could look as a brand.

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