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Sagittarius Full Moon Horoscopes

Is it really Gemini Season with a Sagittarius Full Moon if you didn't have an existential crisis leading up to this point? We've been running around like headless chickens, trying to make dreams into reality, only to realize we've been running in circles. We sat down, delved into why we wanted certain desires, and some of us may have realized that what we were asking for was actually a far cry from what we really want and need. We also learned that instead of focusing on the end result, what really mattered most was how we sustained ourselves throughout the journey along the way.

The Sagittarius Full Moon arrives on Saturday, June 3, 2023, 8:42 p.m. PDT. The new point of realization is that the end goals are actually just cherries on top. They'll never hold the importance or deserve the focus that we think they do. We may have thought that only looking towards results kept us disciplined and steady, but all it did was keep us narrow-minded and battered down in our confidence every time a result didn't immediately come to fruition.

But society warps us. It focuses on things like our résumé, which only lists the results of our hard work. Society wants to know what we have accomplished, and then it teaches us that if you just reverse these steps, you too can reap these accomplishments. This is what we based our manifestation models from and then wondered why nothing was really happening. Because truth is, real success, real fulfillment, doesn't come from what school you went to or what certification you received. And it's not from how many videos you post, how many people you know, or how many people know you.

A full, enriched life comes from heart, and passion. It comes from the courage to take risks, the courage to be ridiculed and othered by society. It's from believing in yourself, and taking every action no matter how small from the root of that belief. Living it. Embodying it. Therefore, to be successful in life, you have to know yourself. So yet again, we find ourselves here, at the center of the Real, ready to delve that much deeper into our self-awareness, until we discover more about Truth of our spirit.

The phrase "don't let the bastards get you down" comes to mind. Let it serve as a reminder to not let the negative critics infiltrate your Divine Mission. We are here to remember ourselves and live in full expression of it. We're not obligated to anyone or anything outside of that. And when we do stick to that, hard work feels easy, drive comes in spades, joy and love fill us so that we shine bright and serve as a beacon for others so they too can start the journey of becoming themselves.

Below are the horoscopes for the Sagittarius Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


This full moon release and illumination targets your 7th House of Relationships. It may be time for a separation, and/or you could discover some new truths about the ones you've gotten intimately involved with. But instead of retaliating in the way you used to, which was by pulling a bunch of low blows, you're taking the higher ground, and walking away. Even if you may feel temptations to use your fists to solve this battle, you are increasingly more aware this time around that aggressive action won't bring you the peace that you truly desire.

A prophecy you told may have come true, but it's still no reason to use this disappointment to draw a line between you and everyone else you're yet to encounter along your journey. When you approach the world with a fighting stance, the world finds ways to fight against you. Continue to put yourself out there, and find peace in the ebb and flow that people come and people go. That's the natural order.


You’re transitioning, or getting ready to transition, into a new job. It's giving wish fulfillment! This time is about taking care of all the final details to make sure you can stay secure in your new position. It's an incredibly busy time that could be overwhelming but keep on listening to that still, small voice and you'll be able to pace yourself just fine!

There may be a bit of pressure to get things sorted before your birthday season, but remember the lessons. The timeline isn't for you to decide. It takes as long as it takes. That's not an invitation to plant negative thoughts that say you can't achieve what you want. Instead, hopefully you can open your mind to different possibilities where you can see that working while the Sun is shining on you could be just the exposure you need to build the security you deserve.


Bit of a trigger warning here. The song "29" by Demi Lovato comes to mind on this full moon illumination. You're learning that the things that you thought made you the "cool" kid that everyone should be jealous of actually indicated where someone may have been taking advantage of your inexperience and trusting nature.

Now that you're coming out of comparison mode and returning to yourself, it's time to create your own sphere, your own world, of what's cool. Instead of being influenced, you become the influencer. Time to set new trends, and get especially creative with your fashion. You're in charge now, and the world is ready to follow your lead.


You've learned there's more safety in change than you thought. Where there's change, there's room to grow, room to become whoever you want to be. Where there's stagnancy, there is only death. Therefore, you see that building a life where you're stuck behind four walls isn't a life worth living. And maybe privacy is a bit overrated, and keeping things hidden only keeps you from connecting.

A home isn't meant to keep you in, yet somewhere along the line, this sanctuary became a prison. Even if you're still striving to buy a home for yourself, the one track mindset you've built in service of that goal is keeping you from seeing all that life has to offer in the journey along the way. So commit to your mutable energy, and be ready to go with the flow and live life more out in the open. Be willing to be more seen.


You could be worried about looking like a hypocrite right now, partly because you're still putting too much stock in what you've made others think is for you over what you really think is right for you, but mostly because you're not ready to let go of the image you want to portray of yourself to the world. You want to be seen as someone who practices what they preach, period. But understand also that what you choose for your personal life doesn't take away the privileges of what you can support in public.

As an example, you can only buy strawberries for your home because it's your personal favorite, but that doesn't mean you have to stop rallying that people buy more apples because they're a good source of fiber. You can choose to be with a man as someone who is bisexual, but still rally that there is no shame for bisexuals who want to be with women. You can choose to not have children, and still campaign for better ways mothers can raise their children. We love to tell people that they can't be part of the message if they're not deemed as part of the community, but facts don't change no matter whose mouth it comes from. The point of the messenger isn't always to be an example of the message spoken, but it is always to allow those it resonates with the opportunity to live a more aligned life for their sake. As far as anyone should be concerned, if you're living in a life that truly resonates with you while preaching and supporting that others do the same, that's true sincerity. It's when you're living a lie and telling others to live in truth, or vice versa, that you can start talking about hypocrisy.


Maybe it doesn't have to be about being in a position to make the most money. You don't want those around you to have to worry about how they're going to pay for anything but in taking on that financial burden for everyone, you still leave yourself stuck in a world and mindset where you're always worried about where the next check will come from.

Maybe others find more value in you than what you can monetarily offer, and if it's not the ones you're surrounding yourself with then perhaps it's time to outsource a new crowd. You're more than just someone who can pick up the tab, and you deserve to be around those who don't want you to have to worry about paying for anything. Let's reverse the roles and see who steps up to take care of you for once.


Reinvention season. This full moon illuminates your 1st House of Self, triggering a new identity, a more aligned sense of self, to the surface. It's a return to the point where even though you've learned so much, you've also seen that there's still so much you don't know. In comparison to the universe, you're still just a baby, and it pays to have the humility to remember that.

Right now, we're looking inward and discovering new ways to express that outward in its purest fashion. Spend some time in silence, listening to your heart. On your exhales, let out any sound that the body wants to release without judgment. Hold yourself. Dance with yourself. Shake off those last pockets of density that kept you weighed down. Toast to the death of the old, and celebrate the rebirth of the new.


It's a real feel good time right now. The vibes are spiritually high as your intuition gets an upgrade. Perhaps you've been reading new books and articles that have rubbed off in a positive way. What was once impossible for you to interpret due to you being clouded by stress is now crystal clear thanks to new discernment brought by a relaxed, and regulated nervous system.

You deserve some quiet time. Don't disturb it by interacting with people from your past. Sometimes, when things are going good, we want to spread the wealth, but it's giving away our blessings that left us vulnerable to shaking and shifting our vibration. You may think good vibes are better shared, but that's only because you haven't truly tasted what it means to sit in them with yourself.


Communing with friends and family is still a big highlight for you, but how's your social battery doing? If you find yourself running low, don't feel bad for taking a minute away from the group and sitting with yourself for a few minutes to gather your thoughts and your energy. Others may see it as unhealthily withdrawing or detaching, but with proper communication, it's called respecting your own needs.

Others love having you around, and as much as you love to cater to that, your solitude is essential. Only you know how to best take care of you, and that's the way you prefer it, even though you're also the first one to offer to take care of others. In some instances, yes, you should allow others to help you too and believe that they can learn the way you need to be cared for. But, at other times and in this case, there is medicine that only you can give to you. That's nothing to feel guilty for.


You're approaching, or perhaps you've already arrived at, a peak in your journey. And don't worry, this isn't the only, or even the highest, peak you'll see in your lifetime. But it is the highest you've been so far, and it's exciting mostly because it's also the most aligned you've been.

What you may not be looking forward to is the amount of work it takes to maintain this new status that you've achieved. Take solace in knowing that because you have already been doing the work, what was hard before will seem like a cake walk now. It may look difficult and like a lot more added responsibility, but you only made it this far because you have the ability to see it through. So keep the vision alive, and move on upward to glory!


Maybe you felt you already knew this, and if so, let this serve as a reminder that you're not working this hard for the accolades. You're doing it for the knowledge you gather along the way. In school, we remember things only long enough to get a good grade on the test, but life isn't about having perfect recall for one event and then discarding the information.

In life, if you don't actually learn and retain lessons, they come back around ten times harder. But when you do learn and apply what you know, you open yourself up to more abundance, to be even more blessed in miraculous ways. Return to the joy of the practice to avoid the misery of not receiving credit or crowns.


You find yourself plagued again with money issues. Before you let it drive you off the emotional rollercoaster, remember that you got through this once, and there's no reason you can't do it again. There may be the temptation to get a little reckless, and just say fuck it, we ball, but spending what you already don't have only to be more in debt is not the practical solution.

You may have a habit of using material things to comfort you. Right now, you may be working through a phase where you care more about what things, useful or not, you have acquired, over doing without for a little while longer to gain an even more secure position. Resist the temptation now and show the universe you're ready for a new track. This new path could show you a different way to get your debts cleared off.

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