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Sagittarius Full Moon Horoscopes

The Sagittarius Full Moon arrives on Thursday, May 23, 2024, 6:53 a.m. PDT, which really feels like a round two of the past Scorpio Full Moon. We're asked to pay close attention to the realizations we're having now towards our attitude and relationship with luck, wealth, and abundance. Many people often going around saying they have the worst luck. Others believe they're only worth living check to check. Some tell themselves, consciously or subconsciously, that abundance is equivalent to greed. All these are just some of the ways we can block ourselves from our own blessings. With Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, in its last degree of Taurus, it's influencing this full moon to be a critical point where we have the chance to finally toss away the last of the things that have prevented us from expanding into our best lives and our best selves.

It's hard to just say be positive and cast away all the negative beliefs, because at the end of the day, if there are things you've been telling yourself for months and years at a time, your brain will not be able to register the positive belief as your truth. At the end of the day, if there is not real feeling powering an affirmation, all you're doing is lying to yourself. A good start in shifting out of lack and into abundance is to first acknowledge what about your negative thoughts are untrue, and show yourself an example of how the positive thoughts could be true. Even if it's just in a small way, that will make a big shift as it will help your brain to start looking for more ways in which the positive thoughts that went unrealized are true. You will become obsessed with breaking the illusion and trying to see what else you missed.

Outside of just negative thinking, we can now realize where we have purposely set ourselves up for failure when it comes to going after our dreams. We get stuck in our heads and create scenarios where even our best isn't good enough and we become paralyzed and don't even give things a real go. Any attempt is half-hearted, or we give ourselves a timeline that is unrealistic. We do these things because failure when you never gave yourself the best chance at success anyway doesn't mean anything and doesn't affect or hurt us. You can't be blamed, and you can trick yourself into thinking that life just didn't support you. Whole time, your half-ass effort was simply met with half-ass results.

If we want to dream big and make it into a reality, we have to be willing to risk big. When you're going after a true desire, one from the deepest caverns of your heart, that's when the stakes are the highest and you meet the most resistance. But living a safe life isn't really living. What makes life feel the most worth it are the moments when we approach the danger zone, when the thing we want is just on the other side of swimming with the sharks, and we jump into those waters anyway. With Mars still in Aries, we're reminded that failure is only a refusal to get back up after falling down, because no matter what, whatever you keep chipping away at is something that will always become yours in the end.

Commit to living life on the wild side. As I've learned from Mel Robbins, all we need to do is find that sweet spot between feeling inspired yet challenged. Put down the overthinking and the stress and anxiety, and just commit to going forward in any way you can with whatever resources you have. The only way to answer fear and procrastination is with action. It's not about how fast you're going or how many people you're reaching. The growth will naturally follow after consistency. Just keep pushing yourself to chase excitement and what gets you fired up. Leave the excuses behind with the old you.

Below are the horoscopes for the Sagittarius Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


You're at a point in your life where you have multiple pathways in front of you, and you can choose to experience any journey you wish. There are no wrong answers but there is a way that would best match what you're dreaming about now. To find the illuminated path, you must spend some time in the darkness and the silence to tune in to your intuition.

What you have resistance to can be what you need to stay away from, but it can also be what you need to overcome and draw closer to. Use your intuition now for greater discernment on these choices ahead. Trust that any pathway that supports your spiritual growth and evolution is a path worth taking.


Is your daily routine in alignment with the life you want to create? If you need to make some changes, let the motivation be because of what you feel you have rather than because of what you feel is missing. For example, instead of saying, "I need to wake up earlier because I don't have enough time in the rising to do my work", say "I'd like to wake up earlier because I have the flexibility to rearrange my schedule to whatever suits me best in this moment".

When we make shifts in our lives because we feel that we are living the wrong way or that we are not doing enough, the only thing that's being registered, the only energy that's being communicated, is that we don't feel we are enough. If we can incorporate changes while loving our present selves, rather than hating our present selves, we can stay in the right frequency, and double and triple our blessings.


Under this full moon, you are called to cleanse the heart space of any dense emotions. All your creative ideas come from the heart and you cannot work at your full potential without releasing fear, sadness, pride, and worst of all, shame. No matter how many have tried to make you feel small in your life, this moon will assist you in reclaiming your bigness.

Before you react or respond to anything, take the time to do at least 3 to 5 deep breaths. In this working, inhale and say the word which vibrates the energy or emotion you'd like to embody, and during your exhale, say the word which vibrates the energy or emotion you'd like to release. Repeat as many times throughout the day as necessary until the unwanted energy/emotion has been fully cleansed through the heart space and left your body.


Emotions and feelings you usually ignore and push to the side are becoming more impossible to avoid as they get louder, and life begins to bring more experiences so that you can deal with them head on. It's important to know that negative thoughts or emotions against others don't make you a bad person. Being in service and love to others is also about honoring your anger.

The key is to acknowledge it when it's a flame as opposed to when it becomes a full blown forest fire. Trying to act holier than thou, as if you're above such human things, only makes negativity grow within you. Practice now being honest about your feelings before they turn into a campaign against all who you think could trigger you. This is the start to the return of unconditional love.


Now is the time to leave a situation that doesn't serve you, that causes you to stay in a loop of suffering, and go in search of something that helps you to develop more compassion for self and others. Sometimes, when we enter a relationship, with a place or a person, we commit to it so fully because we want to give it our all. But this full moon helps you to remember that there are millions and billions of people and places out there.

A warning sign in a relationship is always when you feel shackled to something, as opposed to feeling free to leave and return as you please. This is when we know that instead of it being something that's life-giving, it is instead draining us of all our energy. This also applies to the labels that we, or others, put on ourselves. The ability to change your mind can also be a gift and a strength. Use it as such now.


Whatever you create is for you to release into the world, for someone else to build on and use to their heart's desire. Think about gift giving. When you gift someone an item, you don't monitor what they do with it or force them to tell you each day how much they love it. This is because you gave from an abundant place, knowing that whatever it is will come back to you tenfold.

Release the need to micromanage the outcome and simply create knowing that everything you produce is going to someone you love. Feel into the gratitude for even having the resources and ability to create what's in your mind's eye, and be happy that you're a part of spreading goodness and a positive vibration into the world.


Like Gemini, your life is at the pivot point, and this moon asks you to trust yourself and stick to your standards and boundaries. You don't get to where you want to go or with who you want to be with without saying no to everyone and anything else that doesn't align. Now is the time to trust the process.

From your limited POV, this may look like taking an L. But it's all in preparation for you to win the bigger prize in the end. This is how you step out of the cycle of getting the same test in different forms. Show the universe that you're ready for a new level. Follow the path your soul has set out for you.


Spend more time with what helps you to engage in the energy of love. Bonus points are available if you're not relying on another person to get you into this state. This could include meditation, yes, and it can also be reading your favorite book, watching a favorite movie, or engaging in a skill you know you're very capable of, just to name a few.

Now is one of those times where you need a reminder that you don't need to please anyone else, or work to be worthy of anyone else's attention in order to feel or be what you already are. All the love you need is already inside of you. You just need to practice pulling it out, and living through it for yourself.


There's a difference between being negative and having a gut feeling about something. Because we have the power to speak things into existence, it can sometimes feel like we bring certain negative situations unto ourselves. However, there's a difference when you're creating an energy and when you're receiving or feeling into a certain frequency or energy.

Negativity spirals out because it starts from within. One small insecurity gets set off by another deep seated belief, and sooner or later, you're being triggered by a reality you created. When getting an intuitive message, it shoots straight through you. Even if part of you may be worried, you're still open to all outcomes until you feel that clear slice into you and get that message. Learn to discern the difference now to help navigate situations with others more clearly.


As you remake your image once again, remember to discern whether you are forming it from who you know yourself to be or if it's coming from who you believe would have the best reception from others. One is the real you. The other is another mask. Start to consider the fact that when the great artists of our time put their work out there for the first time, it was praised because it was something new and different.

If great recognition is what you're after, it's not going to come from being another iteration of what already exists. Get back to the lab, remove all the idols, and trust that with just you as the inspiration, you'll be able to form something that has true novelty. You can't be afraid to stand out. Know that people think they know what they want, but what they really want is something they never knew they needed. That can only be created from you being your unique self.


The great thing about fantasizing is that you can make anything you want, but the not so great part is if you begin to feel that all these things in your dream world are out of reach, or worse, impossible to achieve in your current reality. Let this be a reminder or a teaching that if you're able to imagine it, you're able to bring it through.

In some way, shape, or form, you can create everything that comes into your mind's eye. The idea is to not get sucked into the details and to keep your mind on the bigger picture. Ask yourself what the overall goal is. At the end of all the quests, what is it that you want to come out with? This is where you'll find what really matters to you.


Our hearts are the most open when we are completely defenseless. This simply means that instead of walls, we have boundaries. The best analogy to differentiate the two is that a wall is a solid line, and a boundary is a dotted line. Walls prevent things from going in or coming out. Boundaries only separate one place from another.

Grief is often an emotion that leaves us wide open, but ideally, we'd want to learn how to get there without the trigger of something or someone being ripped away from us. Check in now to see where you still have walls and where you could be more open. Feel safety from knowing that, with boundaries, you can always send someone off the exit at anytime that you feel doesn't respect your heart. You can still honor what is misaligned without shutting yourself down.

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