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Sagittarius New Moon Horoscopes

Happy Sagittarius SZN!

If Scorpio Season was a downer for you, expect to feel a much lighter, humorous, playful energy moving into Sagittarius Season. Sagittarius brings a lot of good vibes and coupled with a new moon which represents new beginnings, you truly couldn't ask for a better time to successfully manifest a new life. Additionally, this particular Sagittarius New Moon on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 2:57 p.m. PST is supercharged with even more abundant energy as Sagittarius' ruling planet, Jupiter, will be coming out of retrograde and stationing direct in Pisces.

Jupiter is also at home in Pisces as it rules over both Sagittarius and Pisces. Apart from the fact that these two signs are mutable signs, this is why some may see some similarities between Sagittarius and Pisces. Having Jupiter in a favorable position during Sagittarius Season is key to having an easy flowing manifestation channel, and one can be assured during this time that if they are working intentionally towards their goals that reaping seemingly immediate rewards are inevitable.

Of course, we still have to keep in mind that Mars is still in retrograde, so depending on how it interacts with your natal chart, you may still have some challenges or obstacles to overcome before you can see results. But for the most part, if you've been working all throughout Scorpio Season without seeing anything budge, you'll be happy to know that opportunities will be popping up to see if you can handle what you've been praying for. Mars Retrograde is like losing cell service, but this Sagittarius New Moon will be like free Wi-Fi, with the blessings ringing in like notifications that you missed. Scorpio Season was the test, the fear that your "phone was dry", but Sagittarius Season proves that if you held the faith, you'll see that the absence of abundance was truly an illusion, and things will be showing up for you in the physical realm.

Romantic relationships have also been a big theme from Libra Season into Scorpio Season, and the flirt and drama continues into Sagittarius Season. Especially with Jupiter in Pisces, dreams of reconnections are a huge influence in your actions this season. But don't wait around to hear from that special person. Stand in your worth and leave the overly jealous and possessive behavior behind. This season is all about, if they wanted to, they will, and trusting that whoever is for you, will show up. At the end of the day, never forget we're sovereign beings who have all rights to do what we want and talk to who we please. This new moon, we're learning about respectful unions and healthy non-attachment.

Most importantly, we're learning how to go with the flow, and we're learning how to work with our spirit guides so that we can become one with divine timing. If you're planning on staying indoors and waiting for things to fall into your lap, unfortunately, that keeps you out of the access of Sagittarius' blessings. Sagittarius is all about travel and exploration, and so you'll need to embrace that in order to receive the most from this season. Keep showing up for yourself. Keep being unapologetically you, and take up as much space as you can in all areas of your life.

Below are the horoscopes for the Sagittarius New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Happy Birthday Sagittarius! With Venus moving into Sagittarius in the middle of Scorpio Season, you got a little bit of a head start in your season. I hope you used that time to tie up loose ends, and come out of your shell a little more. By this New Moon, you'll be fully stepping out and diving into your new life. This is what you've been waiting for, and it's never felt so good.

The creative iron is burning, and it's time to strike while you're hot. People have never seen you in this confident light and it's one that they're incredibly attracted to and want to support. Stop overthinking about how it's going to happen but also don't leave it abstract saying "possibilities are endless". Now is the time to speak clearly and in detail about what the end result looks like for you. You have to go into each day knowing exactly why you're showing up in the way that you are. It's called claiming the space you own, and it's about time you stepped into your purpose.


You're thinking about freedom. You're tired of living in the restrictions you set for yourself and you're ready to write up a whole new set of rules. It's been a bit of a tumultuous time full of change in these past months. Perhaps the support you thought you had turned out to be fake or non-existent, however, if you made the move to stand out rather than fit in, you're one step closer to the life you truly desire.

The focus for you this Sagittarius Season will be to work on staying true to yourself. If your old life truly has no place here, how are you addressing those old habits and patterns that play out subconsciously? Maybe you're still working on becoming aware on which actions are derailing you from total alignment with self. Find new activities that can help to ground you in this new life, but don't go too overboard and fall into numbing yourself or escaping into something else.


How do you handle conflict and disagreement? Are you open to having discussions about your intimate feelings? Or do you still think that keeping everything to yourself is a power move? In reality, it may be more of a method to protect yourself and your heart but you can't build meaningful relationships without sharing what's in your heart.

Things don't have to always be heavy. Understand you have control of how the conversation about your thoughts and feelings can go. Being vulnerable doesn't mean that you have no boundaries. All it means is that you remain open and truthful, without defense, in order to strengthen the relationships you have with the ones you love.


Perhaps there's someone with whom you can no longer ignore the connection you share. In the past, you often dated around to either convince yourself of what your real "type" was or you dated to forget and replace the pains of the past. This time around, though you're still triggered, you have enough awareness about yourself and your feelings to handle things in a different way and see if there can be some integration between your true self and your true desires.

Now is the time to declare your Truth. Maybe you don't understand or see a path that goes forward but when Neptune goes direct, the fog should clear. In the meantime, every time you take the time to find what feels aligned in each moment, it'll be like a burst of fresh air that pushes the fog back.


Pack your bags, you could be going on trip! Whether you're getting flown out by a lover or a job, take the opportunity to see how others live and use the experience to manifest more newness in your life. If you're still struggling with who you want to be in life, or the field you want to work in, know that your peace is centered in activities that keep you excited to wake up in the morning.

You're not always classified as a dreamer. Pisces likes to snatch that spotlight. But you see a far future ahead for yourself as well and you have big aspirations. However, whatever you're doing not only has to be active (somewhere you can use your hands, has a traveling component, etc.) but it also has to propel you into even more advancement so that you have the feeling like you're still climbing, still challenged, and just always on the precipice of greatness.


You've been putting up a front. Maybe for a while, the changes you were able to make were holding a pattern, but it seems the actions weren't close to your Truth enough to remain and become a permanently ingrained personality trait. There could still be more work that needs to be done, in terms of analyzing your self, why you are the way you are, why you do the things you do, how the role models in your early childhood affected you and your present day personality. It's a little more shadow work, a little more healing of past trauma.

This eclipse cycle has brought you through the ringer, and regardless of there being maybe a few loose ends, you've still progressed quite a bit and most of the heavy lifting is over. What's coming up now is the lesson of being human. You don't have to be perfect. You can heal and know all the right decisions to make, but we have full permission to honor our feelings when they arise. This is your human experience. No one else lives your journey, and no one understands the detailing in your contract with the universe. Toss aside the little commentary that could be made about actions being low vibrational and just feel into what is right for you at this time. Because that's exactly where you're supposed to be.


Many people may not acknowledge this, but you were right. Unfortunately, being right doesn't always mean having support. As much as you would enjoy having a close family group of disciples, with no leader, but with you as a disciple as well, not many people can humble themselves enough to survive in the same mental space as you.

Still, you already know that holding true to yourself isn't the path most traveled, but it's the only path that feels good for you to follow. Your life has been blessed tremendously for every time that you choose yourself fully, and this season is no different advice. Keep your heart open to receive and watch how Sagittarius Season will bless you even more during this season. Never forget, your peace is the most important thing to hold close.


You work best with a partner who works in a similar or adjacent field to yours. You are goal oriented, and if someone's going to be closely involved in your life as a romantic partner, they also need to have their eye on a prize. Bonus points if it's the same destination or in places where you can alternate tasks you can do for each other.

If you are single, this will be the best time to explore a few options. Forget about the people you dated in the past for a second, and consider getting to know a few new folks, including friends. This is not to say that you're committing to these new people, but just that maybe switching gears or perspectives for a second will help you to learn something new.


You're a gentle soul that's easily swayed and attracted to others who are also gentle and sweet-natured, however, you don't take well to those who get an attitude or those who disagree with your position. This is not to say that you should ever tolerate disrespect, but consider that not liking how you handle things is not the same as disliking you or asking you to be someone that you're not.

Consider also that not everyone who presents as gentle has your best interest at heart or is interested in your growth. This is an active season for you to be going out, going to festivals/concerts, dating around, overall just having a good time. During this season of meeting new people, try to shift the normal type of people you gravitate towards. Don't purposefully go for assholes but just keep in mind that all that glitters is not gold.


For those who can be a bit more reserved like you, you tend to only show your true self when behind closed doors, in the privacy of your home or bedroom. But, it seems like you've been a bit more open to sharing yourself in public as well. This new moon is going to take that to a new level.

You are still getting over how to not listen to other's perceptions of you, but in this next phase, you'll start to learn that most of what you think others are saying about you is really just your own assumptions of yourself playing tricks on you. Whatever you go in search of, you're sure to find proof of. Keep that in mind for whenever next you may feel the urge to find out someone's "true" intentions.


For every time that you think you're doing something in private, and that it doesn't matter or you don't have to put any effort because no one is going to see or hear about it, understand that you will see and hear it. It may not seem like much because you feel you've accepted the decisions you make for yourself, but with those same eyes that you use to make assumptions about others, you also use them to look at yourself and do the same.

In front of others, you put your best foot forward, but you may not feel like you have to uphold to the standard by yourself, or perhaps you feel like when you're alone, the stress of having to look put together seems unnecessary to burden yourself with. Whether you're aware of it or not, any time you decide to act "less than" for yourself and are only acting at your best with others, you are observing that and making judgements about yourself. This is the biggest knock to the progress of your self-esteem at the minute. Use this new moon to observe the groups that you've chosen to be a part of and see if that reflects the truth you live that feels the most un-burdensome to you. No action needs to be taken just yet. This is research mode only.


This eclipse portal poked and prodded at your self-worth, and rattled your resources, but I hope you've managed to see that as long as you're present and actively working on your goals, you have the power to take your life in any direction. There's a lot of work left to be done but not by you. You've done enough, and it's time for you to rest.

Spirit wants to know if you'll enjoy and commit to the present moment like you said you would. Don't worry about what to do or what's coming next. Just take a deep sigh of relief that you made it over that past hurdle and are finally coming back to yourself. This is a huge accomplishment. Celebrate yourself.

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