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Sagittarius New Moon Horoscopes

The Sagittarius New Moon arrived on Tuesday, December 12, 2023, 3:32 p.m. PST. We're thinking about the things that keep us forever young. It's not about defying death or resisting the natural cycles of life but about embracing and opening up to the endless streams of joy we have available to us at all times. Joy is not there as a defense against other more discomforting emotions because no emotion is an enemy and therefore no protection is needed. Instead, joy can be seen as a filter to where anything that comes in that is of a lower frequency doesn't get ignored but gets transmuted into something more beneficial for yourself and others.

This New Moon is followed shortly after by Mercury stationing retrograde in Capricorn. This makes this a new moon that is thinking about how to make your current resources work for you. Rather than your previous attempts to project yourself somewhere in the future and pray for the current reality to catch up, it's about being in the now and using what you see now, in a state of presence and full awareness, to outwardly build the vision that is in your mind's eye. In other words, abovementioned are two techniques, namely going towards your dreams (masculine energy led) versus drawing the dream to you (feminine energy led), in which one is much more suited that the other.

We're so overstimulated in our masculine energies, wanting to always chase after something, that we can forget how much more efficient the feminine art of receiving is, and how exactly to activate that side of us that remains weakened in this society. But, through living in the now, and building joy in every moment, like a magnet, more joyful experiences will want to be received through us because we live in them and honor them so fully. Through choosing to see each moment as a blessing, we ourselves on our own change our external environment into the place we thought we couldn't get to until others -insert conditions here-.

There's also an aspect of this new moon that emphasizes our need to embrace interdependency over codependency. Whenever codependency is identified, there's a want to swing over to the other extreme of independence. What we have to rememember is that at the end of the day, we as humans need each other. No one can do it all on their own. That said, there has to be some level of interdependence which points to the balance between the two extremes of codependency and independence. In all relationships, when we can let the other be free while also being there if needed in the capacity that they desire that equally aligns with us, we can all experience more of the joy that comes from an equal energy exchange.

Anger ages. Joy uplifts. At every point of frustration, ask yourself how you can gain more understanding and make it a joyful moment. Remove what doesn't work for you if needed, and redecorate with what's left. Stay open-minded and take the pressure off by recognizing that most of what you think matters, actually doesn't. Most importantly, never stop dreaming, and remember that it's not the having of the dream that causes disappointment; it's the never doing anything about them.

Below are the horoscopes for the Sagittarius New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Under your new moon, you're contemplating in what ways do you actually desire and need to feel loved. Maybe you thought you knew before, but now that you're actually reviewing, the stipulations you had in place before only served your survival mechanism that had been put in place from various traumas in childhood. Whether you consider it to be little t trauma or Big T Trauma, trauma sees no distinction.

Nevertheless, it's time to build a new system that works for the person you want to show up as today. And of course, the best person to show up as is who you really are. Pay close attention to your relationships now and make a list of which interactions have you feeling most connected to your Love essence, and which close you off to it, taking special care to ask in what way these methods actually serve you in order to separate the old survival mechanism from the new model you're trying to build from your current emotional position.


With Mercury retrograding in your sign and into your season, it's gonna be a slow start to coming out of this state of hibernation that you've been in, but you've learned a lot about yourself and your shadow and you're eager to share the lessons with the class as you've examined where you may have issues with control and having to use a rulebook for everything.

Overall, you've seen that surrendering is actually the fastest way to success. Ironically, the best way to share this infomation that you've learned from the work you've been doing on yourself is through some sort of step-by-step guide or course that you could offer so that others can follow your footsteps in finding their own catalyst for surrender.


You're calling in some end of year blessings as you prepare to commune and celebrate with old and new friends. Just remember there's still a next year approaching when you're spending your holiday bonus. And, as always, there's that underlying temptation within you to just quit everything and go backpacking around the world for a year, but you've been working and saving at a good pace so don't slow down now.

Try not to let the fact that you still have to do a bit of 2024 career planning during the holidays ruin your cheery mood. There's a chance that if you can focus on the laughs and the food and the drinks that you could end up getting gifted or sponsored in some way for a huge opportunity that aligns with your interests. Whatever the case, good news is around the corner so keep the vibes high.


It's a good time to review how the labels you've placed on yourself serve you. Maybe they were labels you thought you needed in order to be accepted by the ones around you, and though you've removed quite a few over the years, some have become so enmeshed that you have a hard time distinguishing which is actually you from which is not.

In a bold move, what if you didn't have any labels at all? What if you could just be? And in that way you could ebb and flow with the present moment, showing up in whatever way felt most appropriate or joyful at that specific time. It is your right through free will to embrace any loving experience and adventure you want in this life at any time. Let no one tell you how you need to be defined. You are a limitless mystery in your truest essence of Love, and that should be embraced as fully as you desire.


Either yourself or a close friend or relative is getting married, or recently in a new relationship. This is a time to come together to show solidarity and shower yourself or the people in your circle with love on this new embarkment and chapter in life. This environment is the type that inspires you to continue to discover the wonders of the world.

The winter season feels like it can be hard for you to stay motivated, but keep your inner fire stoked by always remembering how much there is to gain through connecting with others and discovering new paths to life. That said, if you're thinking about starting over, this would definitely be a good time to remind you that it's never too late.


This is a good energy to ask for a raise either in preparation for the early new year or as a extra holiday bonus. If you're perhaps looking for new work, this can also be a good time to get your portfolio together and start building towards the position title that you feel you'd be a good fit for.

The benefit of this period is to get used to investing in yourself again. You've cut a few corners to try to not have to work too hard, but that can leave you miserable as your needs aren't being cared for. Start believing you can get the best of both worlds. Never forget that ease is your birthright.


You can now very clearly see who you've been all along and what masks you've been alternating between wearing. So much of your energy was being sucked dry in trying to keep up certain performances in a few of your relationships, but ultimately, you could be realizing that you don't even like these people anyway.

Perhaps that's a harsh truth you've been denying telling yourself because these people may be who you'd consider to be "good people", well-mannered and well-intentioned. However, you are under no contractual obligation to befriend every decent human being. Give yourself a break and keep it pushing!


The theme for you is embracing multidimensionality. Before when you tried to adopt this concept, it really came out as trying to have one foot on your spiritual path and one foot on the worldly path. Of course as that didn't work, you eventually had to make a choice. Either you followed your highest passions and soul's calling, or you submitted to who the world wanted and expected you to be.

As you've traveled the path of what is in your highest and best, it felt like you felt you had to deny a part of yourself but through integrating all your shadow aspects, on a higher level, you've ascended to seeing the truth behind being in this world, but not of it. All of this to say, as you continue on this journey, seeing yourself as multidimensional will be a useful tool as not only does it open up gateways of infinite creative energy, but it will also help to stabilize your ability to use the knowledge of the higher planes through your work in the 3D. Stay grounded.


This is a great new moon to speak your life into existence. Normally it would be advised to keep things to yourself but it could be beneficial to talk to people about the ideas and projects you have going on. The idea behind would be to help generate even more excitement and create an environment where you're hearing yourself talk about what you do.

When you hear messages about your life in your own voice, there's a resonance that can be amplified upon using intention. If it's not talking about the life you're building with others, make recordings to where you can play them back to yourself in the risings, like your own personal affirmations playlist.


You're still in a season of opening your heart to real connection and intimacy, and you're ready to re-embrace the simple pleasures of life that are too easily disregarded or ignored. Right now, you're excited to take the time cherishing family and loved ones, even if it's just a few extra minutes, rather than being on the go all the time, and rushing to the next appointment.

Peace, joy and love live in the small things. Take pictures of every moment and save it. Show people instead of telling them how you really feel. Forget about what you think is embarrassing, continue to push through the fear of leaving yourself vulnerable and exposed, and just get really playful but honest with your self-expression. This is about strengthening bonds and staying grateful.


You could be feeling quite invalidated and insecure about a new art form or creative project that you've been working on. Either you're a beginner, or it's a talent that you've kept to yourself for so much of your life that by now that it's just a habit to hide it from others. However, it's the only thing you feel like really represents your spirit.

Now that you've been more determined to show up in this space, it's been a bit harder than you thought it would be when you compare yourself to others in the room. Perhaps you may not have the same education or know the same contacts, but what you do have is all you need: originality.


For a long time you chased money, thinking it was the resource that was missing from your life that would then make everything whole, every door open, every relationship mend. And while finances can be a sore spot in many aspects of people's lives, it remains minimal if even a factor at all to what we all really desire: Love.

No matter the financial hills you may need to climb, it's the ones that you've linked arms with that will give you strength for any battle. Hopefully, the sooner you march towards those hills, the sooner you'll see it was all an illusion of what you thought you needed to do to make money doing what you loved.

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