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Scorpio Full Moon Horoscopes

The Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse arrived on Friday, May 5, 2023, 10:34 a.m. PDT. Along with Mercury Retrograde, we now have Pluto, Scorpio's modern ruling planet, in retrograde as well. This signifies a withdrawal of energy from anything that you feel is draining you, and preventing you from being great. It's cutting the dead weight, taking control again. It's about re-establishing who's really in charge. It's the fight for power and greater authority over your life. One last stand.

Lunar eclipses are for trusting your instincts, and that's exactly what you'll need to do to keep moving forward. This eclipse comes in like a red flag waving, pushing to see if you've really changed, or if you'll slip and take the bait. Now's the time to see these games for what they are, and prove you've cultivated emotional maturity. Relationships with family members especially can be particularly stressful and strained at this time, particularly if you're all living together and/or are still receiving financial assistance from a parent/guardian(s).

This is also one last healing pit stop from your last romantic relationship or the last one you witnessed. No matter if that was 3 months ago, 3 years ago, or 10 years ago. No matter if you feel you've already cleared all you needed to from it and have completely moved on. There's a thought pattern that was formed due to that last relationship that needs to be reviewed. For some, it could be the belief that one has to be single for a certain length of time before cultivating a new relationship if they want it to be real and meaningful, and not just another repeated cycle. In reality, all that it takes for true love to fill you is an open heart. Love does not deceive. It's us that gets swept away by Love's all powerful force because we are not grounded in Self. There's nothing to fear if you know yourself like you say you do. So don't put any more limitations on yourself.

Additionally, be wary of where you could be projecting. What may look the same to you, because of past biases, may actually be something completely different. The truth is we choose to create illusions for ourselves all the time because we're afraid to see what's really behind the curtain. We're afraid we'll lose ourselves in a sea of emotions. But we can't delude ourselves forever. We need to keep our eyes open, and we need to let go of any force we had suppressing our true feelings - or the eclipse will do it for us.

Clarity comes with communication. Close out any final ties with the understanding that these will be your last words, because a bright, future awaits and we can't linger in the past any longer. Speak from the heart. Purge so you can once again be made new. Trust that even with all that's happened, you've always and will always be worthy of the best that life has to offer.

Below are the horoscopes for the Scorpio Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


You're thinking, will I ever find real love or is the partner I'm looking for a myth? More than ever, you're proud of the self-growth you've achieved thus far, and it's a certainty that you'll never give that up for anyone. You know what you're worth now. But does that mean that it's time to pack up your things, and start looking toward a future where you just stay single for the rest of your life?

You may have recently had to dissolve a partnership you thought would've lasted forever. Or perhaps you're in a committed union but at the sacrifice of something else you wanted. Regardless, the message is that you can have it all. No reason to make any decisions now, or throw yourself into dating, no matter how much you think that time is counting down on you. But never give up on what your real vision for your life is. If you don't keep your eye on it, who will?


Has there been work drama or have you been keeping to yourself? It could be that an old cycle of rumors has resurfaced, possibly amongst those you work with or are in the same field as. Or it could be that others are trying to offload their workload onto you. While this time certainly reveals where you need to cut ties, consider these acts to be a reflection of the expectations you may have set for yourself.

What stories do you tell yourself about what your 'work identity' or your role in group dynamics is? Do you present yourself as someone who is willing to do favors to try to gain favor or make yourself look more agreeable/laid-back/easy going? Instead of trying to be the best fit for the role, show why the role doesn't work without you, your styles and methods. This is your "your way or the highway" era.


You're resting more, pacing yourself, and making more time for play with friends and with your kids (if any). With Mars still powering through your sign, it's a lot of pressure to make things shake right now, but keep steady. You've worked hard to achieve this level of balance in your lifestyle. Now it's about maintaining it.

Last year this time, you were confused about how you were going to make this life that you have now a reality. You were focusing on the how for so long that by the time you actually stopped to look up, you realized you couldn't even tell when it all first started to really change. This time, as you go through this next phase/transformation, you'll keep your eyes open. Now, you're living like you believe miracles can happen, and you're not gonna wanna miss this next one.


There are many hidden messages within your dreams right now, so pay attention to them at this time. Deeply buried memories from the past could also be making their way to the surface. These could be about scandals in the family or from old relationships that your brain tried to protect you from. These will erupt feelings of betrayal from you which are important to clear out at this time so that you can move into a life with more stability and security. Essentially, you're dropping the baggage and taking out the trash.

In another scenario, these memories could instead remind you of a time where you fought back instead of internalizing issues, and there could be a call to return to the fight. Hear me good when I say, you're not a weak bitch, so it's time to stop letting others treat you like one.


You're growing into a more agreeable person. Not because your boundaries are slacking, but because you have changed, and so have your standards. You've realized that the rigidity in your ways of certain habits were actually the long way round or the harder version of what you were trying to accomplish. You've learned there is an easier way to do things, and mostly it's due to simply minding the business that pays you.

Not everything is a reason to get your undies in a knot, especially when it's to do with how others choose to live their life. So you're retiring as everyone else's manager and starting to see fluidity and change as the real guide to take orders from. Remember this the next time you're tempted to resist the flow.


A new love target has been spotted and acquired. You are now locked in to the story fate has begun to weave. Physically, this person is outside of your usual type which, honestly, was formulated from a more magazine, photo-shopped look. Instead of getting the model with the bad attitude, you're going for the raw uncut diamond with a heart of pure gold.

Still, be on the lookout for distractions. Vultures have seen that you've opened your heart again, and may swoop in to try and steer you off course. Stay grounded in the growth you've made in yourself, and listen to what your soul whispers about every new person you meet at this time. Continue to take it slow and steady.


Your secrets are spilling into the streets. Whoever you may have presented yourself to be is falling away, and the truth of who you really are is being revealed right now. If you had nothing to hide, this could be a greatly cathartic time for you where you feel you can finally release all your self-hatred about your body or all the internalized unwarranted opinions that you're fake or mean.

But if you indeed have talked behind other's backs in a negative manner, your karma will find you swiftly now. Understand that there are deep, internal wounds that exist if you find yourself thinking badly about others who have done nothing to deserve that from you. The most courageous thing you can do is to sit with yourself and try to figure out what's underneath your urges to put others down.


This is a time for deep reflection and introspection. You're more aware of your mortality now, and overall, you're deeply in tune with how much older you're getting, how much wiser you've become, how much restraint and self-discipline you've cultivated, how much faith you've mustered to get this far.

This is the final look back at all you've accomplished and all you've been through to get to the point you're at today. It's the time to cry tears of sadness for all the dreams you thought you wanted that had to die. It's the time to cry tears of joy for finally betting on yourself and believing in your manifestation power. This is the moment before the dawn breaks, and once the sun rises, you'll feel more in your power than ever before.


You're ready to start planning vacations with all your besties. You've spent a lot of time weeding out the fakes and for really the first time, you can say that you have a lot of trust in and love for the ones you're surrounded by at this time. Grateful doesn't even begun to cover it.

If you're in a situation where you feel your only friend is your significant other, investigate what the difference is in your past friendships versus the romantic relationship. What is usually the breaking point in your friendships? And do you also apply these standards to your romantic relationship? Ask yourself, does your partner only remain loyal to you because of a sexual tie? Understand, community is essential to our magic, so it's important to take the time to review what you can do to find all your soul connections.


"Prevention is better than cure" is the phrase that comes up for you at this time. You may be called to guide someone at this time into the next phase of their life, and you're working hard to give them what you would've wanted. You certainly don't want them to make the same mistakes you did but you also need to be careful to not be too pushy in the way you present this information. That could do more harm than good.

It could also be the other way around, that someone is trying to guide you, yet, that strong, rebellious streak wants to have the opportunity to lean on your own devices and figure it out yourself. In the same way where you can't force a message down someone else's throat, sometimes the smartest thing you can do is choose to learn from someone else's mistakes. You don't need to put yourself through every struggle in life. It's okay to choose and trust ease.


You're exploring new desires, some romantic, and new interests. In some ways, you're trying the opposite of what you're used to, just to get a little variety, and in other ways, you're finally having the courage to delve into something you've been dying to try, just to learn from the experience, see how life unfolds with different decisions, see if others who may have tried to convert you in the past were right. Basically, you're trying to upgrade your life because the way you did things before just doesn't work.

Lately, you've been able to see yourself and your past decisions with more objectivity, and saw the moments where you chose to believe and act in the negative things others saw in you. Even though those urges underneath to self-sabotage may not be completely gone, trust that you definitely have the strength right now to subdue the intrusive thoughts and commit to a new life. All it takes is practice!


Life is short, so your main focus is to live the best life you can while you're here. Grief is a process we all have to go through, so when you have a good moment that you can capture, capitalize on it! These will be the moments that carry us through the dark times, and give us reason to go on.

This eclipse is a reminder for you that happiness is a choice. If you've recently lost someone or something, and are dealing with survivor's guilt, have some compassion for yourself! These are big emotions to work through and it takes as long as it takes. Don't run from them. Embrace it! But know that if you're still here, then there's more that life has to offer you. The universe is waiting to comfort you through its experiences. Don't close yourself off to it.

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