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Scorpio Full Moon Horoscopes

The Scorpio Full Moon arrived on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, 4:49 p.m. PDT. Under this cycle, we're training our hearts to be lighter than a feather. We start this by facing the real reason why we have yet to go after the things that our hearts truly desire. Whether we've told ourselves that we're private people, or that we like an air of mystery around us, or that we're waiting for an appropriate time, or that we're waiting to save a certain amount of money, it's time to admit these for the excuses that they are. Our fears are only as great as we make them, and under this full moon, we have the chance to shrink and discard of these monsters of our creation, and step forward into the limelight.

There's enough room on this Earth for all of us to try our hand at anything we want to do, and it's time that we remember, not everything about life is about making money and achieving status. In fact, that's the tiniest and least significant aspect. The majority of life is for exploration and gaining experience, for it's here that we can gain wisdom and grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The big question under this full moon is, "how does this make me feel?". When we find something that matters to us in the moment, do it immediately, and then journal to this reflection question. Rinse and repeat, and notice the joy that comes from gaining knowledge in what your soul craves.

When we hide from our interests, it only sets us on a destructive path, especially when we run into others who follow their heart, or worse, we see others move bravely into the exact things we want for ourselves. This is how the heart gets weighed down as it becomes filled with jealousy and contempt. We stay in this demeanor long enough and we can become unrecognizable to ourselves. We become passive aggressive, or just straight up violent, and going anywhere without a mask starts to feel like hot water on a raw, open wound. Luckily, all it takes is one moment of choosing to do what makes us happy to ease the pain. And when we continue to rinse and repeat no matter what thoughts arise to pull us back to the old way, eventually, it'll be like the cold side of the pillow after a long day, and we'll wonder how we ever went so long without choosing ourselves.

When the negative thoughts arise to drag you back to a lower vibration, keep your center by reminding yourself of the feeling in your body when you decided to do the thing that pleased you most in that moment, and then tell yourself that that was the only goal. Nothing else matters. Even if it didn't give you the complete feeling of ecstasy you may have been expecting, just bringing it into your reality as opposed to leaving it on your list of "what ifs" is not only informing you on how to improve for next time, but it also frees up manifestation space for you to get more specific and intentional on your desires. Just to be clear, this isn't about impulsivity, chaos, and lack of discernment. This is about building the experience from your highest passion, and experimenting with the results.

In the end, as always, it comes back to gratitude. When we use the resources we have at our disposal to continue our role as co-creator no matter the cost, we show the Universe that we recognize our privilege to be here and that we're not wasting our time or our energy. We prove our determination to our purpose and we in turn attract even more of all that's meant for us. Use this full moon to let go what's rotten and dying. Take out the trash so you can find the treasure. It's up to you to make room for your blessings. Don't hold yourself back a minute longer. Liberate yourself.

Below are the horoscopes for the Scorpio Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Close, long-time relationships dissolve under this full moon. And if you're honest with yourself, there's a relief. Not only is there more time for yourself, and less time worrying what the other person thinks of you, but it was just more work and anxiety in trying to keep this person in your life. Perhaps it just always felt like there was something they were holding back, but now you know the truth, and you can return to ease.

There's also a reminder that closure is something you give yourself. See this as a gift and spend time nurturing yourself this week. Use the lessons you've learned from this and see if there is anyone else in your life whom you'd like to provide clarity for, even if it means another dissolving. The idea is to wipe the slate clean so you can start over from a refreshed standpoint, with your energy operating at full as opposed to tired and depleted.


Most of you will be feeling the urge to leave your job and old work life behind, but for some of you, the right call is to instead bring something back into the work you're doing. How can you leave when you haven't even achieved what you came here to do in the first place? It's time to go back to why this was an initial passion for you, and see if you can realign to that track.

Maybe it will require asking for another position in the company, but mostly, the new perspective needs to come from you. It can feel hard to re-inject passion and adventure when you feel you're at the end of the line, but maybe you can partner with someone who is young and fresh in the business to remind you how it feels to be eager and ready to achieve greatness and leave your mark on the world.


There's a difference between labelling yourself as the villain and others labelling you as a villain. In the first, you inherit and begin to embody the story and identity that you are bad, and at its worst, you begin to purposely do things to inflict and project your pain and suffering on others in order to reinforce that belief. It becomes just another way for you to self-hate, which in turn is just another way to make yourself the victim.

In the latter, that story of you being the villain remains an illusion to you even if it exists as truth to another. You remain grounded in your truth, taking accountability for what's yours and nothing else. You remain focused on your journey, rather than trying to play a supporting role in someone else's. Here is where you can give yourself grace. Here is where you can practice self-love.


You're learning to set intentions for the future while releasing attachments to the outcome. This is a delicate balance as often we believe that once we set an intention, we have to always keep our eyes on that prize in order to bring it into fruition. But keeping that hyper focus is how we build attachments, and worse, how we stay narrow minded and block even greater blessings from coming into our lives.

Let us remember that setting an intention is about gaining clarity in the purpose behind your actions. Once that is set, it's immediately interwoven in all we do, and doesn't require any more attention than simply living in that alignment. When we can let go of what we think will happen after the intention is set, that's how we can leave the door open for our dreams to come true.


Being quick to criticize where you went wrong is not the self-awareness you think it is. There's a way to be honest and hold yourself accountable that doesn't include beating up on yourself. Cussing yourself out does not make you any more enlightened. It only reinforces your own belief that you are not worthy of true friendship or partnership.

Believe it or not, you too are human, and all of us humans make mistakes, and that's okay! In fact, if we didn't make mistakes, how would we grow? Our only job is to recognize them and do better next time. So, no need to stew in the disappointment of your actions. You can still be trusted! And you still deserve to be loved.


If your friends tell others who you are, what do you see when you look at the people you surround yourself with? How is that a reflection of your current state? This can be quite confronting if you've been hiding from yourself, and using the company you keep to bury that true you. But if you can face your fears, you can meet the light.

To find true commitment, we have to first commit to ourselves. Do a life audit under this full moon to see where you stand. If you're lucky enough to be surrounded by those who shine in their own light, use this moon to celebrate with them. Not everyone has the chance or the courage to do the inner work and find true partnership. Never forget what a blessing this is.


There's only so much apologizing you can do for your past. Let it end today. As much as you are the person who has been involved in things that weren't completely aligned, you are also no longer that person in the present moment. There are those who would love to keep you there by constantly reminding you of your old behavior, but this is just an indicator that those are not the people that have your best interest at heart.

Moving on with your life does not mean you've shirked your responsibility to take accountability for any damage done. But taking accountability doesn't mean paying for your sins for the rest of your life. As long as you've adjusted your behavior and committed to a new life, your payment is complete! Don't allow yourself to be guilt tripped for a minute longer. Free yourself so you can stay committed to the present.


You could be feeling cooped up and wanting to escape into a new reality. It's not in the sense that you don't love your life now, but there's just the feeling and knowing that there's more for you available, and you're ready to claim it. If this is true, this is a sign of your expansion. You're growing into your wings, and you're ready to fly.

There's nothing to do but wait until the moment your intuition gives you the nudge to move, but in the meantime, you can find joy in the fact that you've made it through another evolution. What you thought you couldn't get through, you did. You came, and saw, and conquered. All of your rewards are closer than you think.


In a world where others promote fear, be the light. You've never been afraid to stand on your own, to go in the opposite direction of the crowd, but there can also be an exhaustion in always having to be the one to put up boundaries and have standards. There are just times you wish that your name didn't always have to be the one in others' mouths, and that you could just for once blend in. At the same time, you also understand that someone has to lead the charge into a new society and a different way of living.

It's not a responsibility you take lightly and you're committed to the role you play. Under this full moon, there's a reminder that as much as it may look and feel like it, you are not alone. There are other revolutionaries like yourself placed all over the world, leading their own charge, and one day, you will all converge in the same space, and you'll get the community you're looking for without having to force it or abandon your cause. Draw strength from the full moon, and keep carrying the torch so they can recognize you when they arrive.


Where are you biting off more than you can chew? Filling up your schedule can make you feel more productive, but it doesn't actually do anything for your growth if you're just going round and round on the hamster wheel. Take a break so you can reset your priorities. Instead of simply going through the motions, set a path for yourself where each step progresses from the next.

Basically, use your ambition for climbing upwards instead of just staying busy. And always remember that taking the time to replenish is a necessary step in building a new reality. There's no need to feel ashamed if you need to rest up in between tasks. Most importantly, make time for your creative expression. Even if it doesn't look like it, working out that part of your brain is an upward, forward step. It keeps your intuition and imagination active, and keeps you from getting too rigid in your daily life.


No amount of travel will help you to run away from your problems, so it's best to face them head on so you can get through it and truly move forward. As much as you'd like to protect yourself from pain, denial of the truth only does the opposite. It may delay the inevitable, but it also cause the explosion to be bigger than it needs to be.

You may be asking yourself, "what does it all mean?", but you can't intellectualize everything, especially if it has to do with other people's choices. The best thing you can do is to find what shines gold in the dark. What is this a chance for you to express? Purge and cleanse now, and perhaps the reason and lesson behind it all will make itself apparent to you.


Under this full moon, you integrate certain shadow aspects of yourself. Things that you once couldn't look at are easily accepted now. The ways in which you allowed yourself to be treated in the past no longer make you cringe. In fact, you can see them as the journey you needed to take in order to have your eyes opened and evolve in the way you needed to.

You can find peace now in the fact that everything happens for a reason. Use this grace that you're giving to yourself, and shine it outwards. Take a step in forgiving someone today. Lighten the load in your heart. Some grudges are just not worth holding, especially when you realize it does more damage to you than anyone else.

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