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Scorpio New Moon Horoscopes

Happy Scorpio SZN!

We're starting the season off with a bang coming off the high of a Venus Cazimi, Saturn stationing direct, and having a partial solar eclipse just two days later.

While eclipses can only happen at a new or full moon, not every new or full moon is an eclipse because the Earth's orbit around the Sun is angled slightly differently from the Moon's orbit around the Earth. For an eclipse to happen, the moon's shadow has to fall over the Earth, or the Earth's shadow has to fall over the moon. Sometimes, this is only a partial shadow, hence partial eclipses, and other times, it's a total shadow. Regardless, this alignment only happens for about four to seven times per year, and coincides with the lunar nodes, aka. the North and South Node in your natal chart.

This upcoming partial solar eclipse in Scorpio, aka. the Scorpio New Moon, occurs on Tuesday, October 25, 2022, 3:49 a.m. PDT. It asks, when you've sorted through the ashes, what did you find was left? Did you find who you are really? Are you re-acquainted? What have you seen about your true power and your true direction in this life? Do you have all you need to get to where you want to be? Most importantly, do you believe your life can be different?

New moons are signifiers of new beginnings, and with eclipse energy added to that, it's really forcefully taking this new start, whether you believe it's for you or not, whether you believe you're ready for it or not. It's transformation energy, evolution level events. And we all know Scorpio loves a good rebirth. Sometimes, new beginnings are disguised as fateful endings, and so for a lot of us, this new life that awaits starts with even more shedding of what isn't working anymore. A mindset shift.

Coming out of Libra Season, we've been left with a pile of breakups and divorces, in relationships and in other areas of life, and so if you've already shed everything you've needed to, now it's time to assess what you have left, and how you can use it to get things moving in forward motion again. I know. It's exhausting that there's still hard work to do. Just when you thought the hard part was over. What's certain is that you have the strength to continue. There was a point when you thought you couldn't get to where you are now. And look at you. Don't give up. You're so close.

Below are the horoscopes for the Scorpio New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Happy Birthday Scorpios! You're looking a little too comfortable in the back seat, but it's time to put on your driver's cap and get to work. I hope by now you've realized that the dreams you thought were unattainable are very much well within your grasp. Financially, new ventures begun now will be blessed, specifically if it's a product/service shared that helps to raise the collective vibration.

But first, you've gotta make a few shifts. You may have quite a long laundry list of things you've said you don't want to do, but the path forward requires a little more flexibility. Don't block your blessings because you think you've done enough, or you've paid your dues. You're not where you want to be yet, so you still have to get your hands a little dirty. Stay focused on the end goal, but consider that this is a short temporary season to keep you on the path of greater success.


Back in Taurus Season, you decided to go out on your own, and find your independence (again). You knew the risks, you knew it would be grueling, but you also knew that if you could pull this off, your life could be forever changed. You're on a path of purpose, and there have been incredibly fulfilling moments that have affirmed that you were doing the right thing. But you committed to this, for better or worse, and just one last time, you need to prove that you're in this for the long haul, that you can be trusted to follow through with your tasks.

You've had a lifelong struggle with discipline, and usually rely on your quick thinking and luck to hodgepodge your way out of a pickle. But on this journey, there's no other way around putting one foot in front of the other, and charging forward. Be gentle with yourself, but know that you're skilled enough to pull off whatever you put your mind to. Be your own cheerleader if you need one.


Steady income has been coming in but nearly as much as you'd like. It can be hard for you to be around friends right now as you tend to hang around people who have it all together, and right now, you don't feel like you do. Social media doesn't help either, as that's where everyone posts their blessings and not their struggles. Take a step away before jealousy takes root, and use the space to understand what you're really offering in exchange for money.

Consider taking a class to help you learn the skill(s) you may feel you are lacking in order to get a better flow on income. An SEO/Marketing class could be what you need to help reach a certain target audience but also think about how the customer is benefitting from your marketing work. Going deeper, why are you really in business? Is it to serve your community, or is it for a 7 car garage that you can use to flex on your friends?


Saturn is finally direct in Aquarius. Yet, it doesn't feel like you landed on two solid feet.

Where did that confidence go? It's like you saw that new beginning approaching and then decided you aren't capable. You're relying on old habits to get you through, but as you already well know, those pathways are not viable - especially if it includes enlisting help from someone from your past. Things are uncertain, but things have always been uncertain. That's life.

Show up scared. Honor your fear but honor yourself enough to give yourself a chance. Bet on yourself. The lesson here is on surrender. You can't control someone else's response but you are in control of how you choose to show up. At the very least, show up scared. But if you can, try to show up confidently. Fake it til you make it.


Pisces, are you really the one that has it all together right now? Not exactly everything is in place but it's pretty close! You're feeling like you and the universe are finally on the same page about who you want to be, who you are. This person is a creative, someone spiritually gifted, someone who knows what mission they're on and is living in that Truth.

Your services are being discovered and you're making headway in a field that finally feels good to you, somewhere you feel you have a real kind of authority. Don't be afraid to flex that a little. Meaning, don't keep acting shy. Speak up. Take the lead. And remind people who the HBIC is!


So your romantic plans didn't turn out the way you thought it would. Don't go around acting like a martyr now though. Don't tell yourself a false story of why it didn't work out. It doesn't have to be that you let them go for their own good, or how you somehow had to do this for them. Sometimes, people just aren't compatible. Doesn't make either party less than the other or less than any future partner. Just means that it's not yet time for that kind of partnership in your life.

Love is still something you can cultivate on your own. There's no need to sulk at home because there's no need to wait until there's another person in the picture to turn up the romance. Set up a date night at home. Grab some popcorn and catch up on Love is Blind. Use this time to learn about all the ways you can make yourself happy and fulfilled.


Taurus feels scared that they've lost a good thing forever. You've had to come to terms that maybe you don't have all the tools you need to sustain the relationship you want. How do you plan on changing that? It's time to create new habits. Do you have any mentors that you could look up to and practice with? What resources are accessible to you that could help shape you into the better version of yourself?

The more you can learn about yourself, the closer it brings you to the relationship you desire. The 3000 Questions About Me Activity Journal from Target could be a good book that helps you to flesh out what you want, what you're attracted to, how you want to show up in your relationships, and get active steps on how to work towards that. Don't worry, all is not lost.


You're feeling flirty but you need to stay focused on your money now. There's so much you want to do and there is still quite a ways to go. That doesn't mean you need to take it all on right now, but just focus on working diligently and saving up what you can. If you don't have a savings account, consider opening one now and get a fixed percentage of your paycheck deposited there each time.

If you're in an enjoyable work space, rest easy in this energy for the time being and get to know at least one of your coworkers. You don't have to become best friends but it's good to be able to relate to each other as human beings as opposed to worker #1 and #2. If it's not a work space you want to be in, limit communications you don't need to have and keep your head down. There's no need to kick up any dust and cause trouble right now.


Like Aries, it feels like your romantic life hasn't exactly come together like you hoped it would, and perhaps it's for the best. Lay dying situations to rest and look forward. Now is not the time to try to pretend like there weren't serious issues. Where is the natural flow of life taking you right now? I suppose it's a bit of an adventure. The world is your oyster.

Focus on preserving your peace. Instead of worrying about how your happily ever after is going to look, what are the things that make you happy to be alive right now? You've done so much gratitude work this year, and so you know how to be happy with what you have, but now, how can we turn our every day duties into the most pleasurable tasks? Let's try to inject even more joy into life.


Childhood wounds could be coming up during this Scorpio New Moon, but the hope is to find new acceptance in being your playful, child-like self. You can be very sensitive to how others perceive you but the journey now is to block out the noise, and dance to the beat of your own drum.

If you've been in a relationship for a little while, perhaps you're now coming out of the honeymoon phase and realizing that relationships are more than just cuddles and kisses. Building a home with someone is serious endeavor, and requires all parties to be adults, and put their childlike habits to the side. But is there a way where the responsibilities of life don't have to feel like a drag? Set goal posts so that with each finished task, you can have a mini celebration. If you're still thinking about moving, now is a good time to more properly plan that out. A good opportunity could come by when you least expect it. Get prepared.


It's time for you to have a little more of a social presence now. Go to Halloween Horror Nights. Host a sleepover. Post ten times a day on TikTok. Engage with new people. It's out of your comfort zone, but you're shifting into new territory. Not only does this require new knowledge, but also an open mind. A reset to whatever happened in that past that made you more wary of trusting others.

Leave the shell behavior to Cancer and step on the podium where you belong. Introduce yourself. Get your name in rooms you never thought possible. Do all the "cringy" things that feel right to you just because you can. Live your best Benjamin Button life. Anchor in the fact that you trust yourself and your discernment.


Libra, where do you live right now? There's a lot of decisions still to be made if you're meant to craft the life you really want, but it means getting busy. Stop planning how long you think something is going to take and just start taking action. Do the first thing on the list, and when you're done, move on to the next thing on the list. You have to trust now that everything will get done when it needs to be, and just keep pressing forward as best you can. And remember, there's no forward if you're not taking care of yourself and your health.

Trust also that you're making the right decision for yourself. Keep yourself uplifted by sharing your gifts and talents publicly. Never let them forget who you are and why you're here. Staying silent is not an option. Pack up your pride. It has no place here. Closed mouths don't get fed.

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