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Scorpio New Moon Horoscopes

The Scorpio New Moon arrived on Monday, November 13, 2023, 1:27 a.m. PDT. We've been fighting to be heard, and we've reached our limits. We can feel like we've approached the same problem a million times from every angle with still no path to be seen towards resolution. What really is there left to do when the ones around us insist on inflicting harm, insist on fostering an environment of perpetual violence and abuse?

What happens when others lie? When they justify their acts with what is completely out of touch with reality? What happens to us when others spread tales about us that never happened? Or when something that was true is used to represent something outside of our intent? When we start to feel like we can't see our intended impact, it can cause us to doubt and lose momentum and hope in our campaigns. We lose our power and we begin to feel small.

But what if we could start to see this diminishing energy of hopelessness as the ceremony where our expectations go to die in order for our faith to be reborn? When we have expectations, or 'hope', we give our power away to everything external. We mentally sit in stagnancy, waiting, blindly trusting in what we gave no discernment to, and then are surprised to be disappointed when it all doesn't turn out the way we wanted it to go.

Make no mistake, hope and faith are not the same because faith is not blind. Faith requires trust which can only be built with discernment, and discernment involves a verification process. This is a process of resonance, which is when an external vibration matches its natural frequency. All that is True already exists within us, making us the natural frequency. When we're able to quiet our minds and tune in with our soul essence, any question we ask will be answered. We know it is True because of its resonance.

Once we have faith, no matter what the outside looks like, we can remain in our sovereignty, and trust in the process of evolution and change. People can cheat on us, lie about us, hurt us, ignore us, yet regardless of it all, we can still find peace in knowing that as long as we remain in our power, our impact is having the necessary ripple effect, and will continue to long after we are gone.

Below are the horoscopes for the Scorpio New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


This is your New Moon! You're bravely stepping into this new phase of life, open and ready to receive it all. What you need to keep working on is your nervous system regulation. People throw energy at you all day long. Yes, you have a stinger defense, but some of that poison seeps back into you every time.

To keep your channel clear and filled with light energy, at the end of every day, if you're able, literally shake your body. Flail around, swing your arms. Bounce. Jump. Kick. And do it all with the intention that you're removing all the energy that people tried to stick to you throughout the day. You can also scream and shout, but find a way to vent so you can stay in flow and stay on mission.


You're unlocking codes right before your season. You're learning a lot about the history of the land and different civilizations. What knowledge passed down and from who did it truly originate? What truth has been co-opted and which parts still feel resonant? Your expansion in Scorpio Season felt a little like another Dark Night of the Soul but this illumination is priceless.

The cycle ends here. You're using this New Moon to step into your calling, and you're leaving behind past habits of questioning yourself. Try not to focus too much on what you will have to combat moving forward on this path. Instead, stick to gathering your resources. See it in your mind's eye, a portfolio, a library of everything you'll ever need while you journey on. This is where your safe space lies.


As you engage with your new community, keep a discerning eye for the ones who try to sneak by with the crowd that don't actually have a wristband to get access to you. You've already cleared your space out from the people who smiled in your face and spoke badly about you behind your back, and you're not about to enter that cycle again.

You're learning to catch the issues at their root instead of letting them fester and grow into a full blown disease. This doesn't mean you can't been friendly, and have to show up with a stern, off-putting energy, but friendly doesn't require you to leave your discernment at home. This sense of heightened intuition is exactly what's going to take you to the next level.


"Rise Up" by Andra Day needs to be your alarm ringtone when you wake up. Firstly, you should be rising with the Sun. And secondly, you have to start your day remembering all you're meant to do here! It's not wasting time pretending to be unworthy. It's putting yourself out there, 100% dedication and vulnerability.

If you find yourself being extra picky about your work options, that's a telltale sign that you're trying to find a way to self-sabotage. Accept the job. Work on that project. Put together that portfolio. Call in your team. Be the leader everyone else sees you as because that's who you are. It won't be perfect. But it'll be meaningful!


It's time to face the truth about where you've been deluding yourself. Where have you been holding yourself back because you're addicted to the pain, the discomfort, the making yourself small? Your intent and desire may indeed be pure and honest about wanting to grow into a better version of yourself, but this has to come with holding yourself accountable.

This isn't another free pass to beat up on yourself. Holding yourself accountable can be a gentle and loving process. Journal out with yourself, and remind yourself that it's safe to release. No matter what happened in the past, there are no consequences that will come to you stepping into your light. And to whatever does show up, you can meet it with Love.


Stop lending money to people you don't really know like that. In fact, stop giving your energy away to people you don't really know like that. These are the traps you can fall in, thinking it's no big deal, but later on realize that people are contracting you into a slow burn version of using and abusing.

There'll be some people who have been in your life for years that you've actually never seen for who they are or really analyzed what you both are getting out of your relationship with each other. Not to say that you should only engage in transactional relationships, but your exchange should be in service of your growth always. That's what Love is. Take a deeper account of where you need to call your energy back.


You're gonna be surprised by this because this is the last thing you want to focus on right now but your future partner is ready for you to stay committed to your Divine Union together, and the relationship you desire and that you deserve is still on its way to you. Do not give up on Love. Do not give up on Love. Do not give up on Love.

Times are bleak, but as a Venus-ruled sign, your loving vibration has more of an impact than anyone else. If you're going to put your foot down for something, let it be that no matter what you go through that no one or nothing will ever push you into a state of apathy. Don't numb yourself to life now.


Your to-do list could not be fuller, but you're stretching yourself in an expansive way through legitimizing your ideas while also keeping that creative fire stoked. Usually, you'd be on your way to burnout by now, but that was only when you were focusing on the way you thought you had to show up as, not as the way you really are.

Keep exploring new ways to make your daily routines more efficient. The great thing about always improving, you don't have the time to sit and overthink about what progress is being made, and if those results are good enough. Your only work is making sure that when you look at what you've produced, you see yourself in it, and no one else.


Whether you realize it or not, you've been making major strides at clearing your creative blocks. You may have thought that you weren't blocked at all or perhaps only needed help with a specific idea, but now that your imagination is blowing wide open, you've realized how much you didn't say.

Even with those who you trusted to hold safe space for you and not judge you, you still held back on your full expression. It could all stem from a time in school where you were always last to be picked on the team, or just some event in your life where you never felt socially accepted. Now, you can be assured that since you're sharing the whole truth, more of your bigger dreams can start to unfold.


You're building a new identity from all the shadow aspects of yourself that you had buried away in childhood, and it's been high time you gave those versions of your past self the voice they never got to have! This is completely different from your inner child or inner teen running rampant. This is soul integration.

Before, the old versions of you would come bursting out through tantrums or through sharing information that was not your responsibility to say, but now that you're giving those versions a specific podium to show up on, you'll be in better control of making sure that every part of your essence feels seen and heard.


It's a family reunion! It's time to be there for someone else's good news! Things may have been quite up and down with family matters this year, but this is a time of year that, for the most part, your parent/sibling squabbles can be tabled and everyone can focus on togetherness and showing support.

Usually when you're thinking about being honest, you have to worry about delivering a harsh truth, but this time, say something from the heart that promotes deeper connection. It's so important to give people their flowers while they're with us. This is a perfect opportunity to remind everyone that your bond as a group, as a unit, is forever and unshakeable.


You're ready for stability. Now that you're actually doing that work and not just putting in the most minimal effort expecting a miraculous result, you're realizing that it's a lot more things to juggle than you thought. However, this is not at all to say that you can't handle it. As we know, what God brings you to, She puts you through.

As much as you want to host and celebrate, now's the time to skip out on the events a little earlier, put any extra funds aside for the months ahead, and spend a little more time at home reinforcing your game plan and self-care work. Once you're consistently pouring into yourself, it'll start feeling a little less like missing out, and a little more like building up.

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