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Taurus Full Moon Horoscopes

It's a special full moon because it's also a total lunar eclipse in Taurus. Like we talked about in the Scorpio New Moon blog post, not every full moon is a lunar eclipse, but when eclipse energy is behind the moon, we're talking big transformational energy. Yet, there's another powerful energy in the midst of eclipse season - Mars Retrograde.

We're halfway through Scorpio Season, and it's felt like we've been overloaded with mental work, as Scorpio's traditional ruling planet, Mars, is currently going retrograde in the sign of Gemini. So much to do, but so little time, and the feeling of not having enough to complete our goals weighs heavy. However, with Jupiter now again in Pisces, we can see and feel what it's like and what it would mean to have all our dreams come true.

The Scorpio New Moon was about picking yourself up and forging ahead, doing what was necessary, but now that you've been in the trenches, this upcoming Taurus Full Moon on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, 3:02 a.m. PST, is here to ask you to take what's yours, what you deserve, without apology. Why are you acting like you don't belong? This lunar eclipse says, if you know this is your birthright, I need you - no, I DARE you - to name it, then reach out and grab it. This is the kind of harvest that you only get when you realize you have all you need. You're ready, and this seat at the table, it's yours.

The moon is also exalted in Taurus, meaning that the moon's gifts and talents become even more potent here. You reap the benefits best when you can be emotionally confident, meaning trusting how you feel and displaying that for all to see. But also, with all the wear and tear of change occurring, this is a great time to recharge, rest up, clean up, and overall take care of yourself and your body.

Taurus says, stand for something or fall for anything. The possibilities of where life will take you next are endless, but if you don't choose your path, it will get chosen for you. Continue to stand firm in your surrender to the Divine, and watch your life change before your eyes. This is an abundant moon cycle. This is where the magic happens. The only question left is, are you ready to receive your blessings?

Below are the horoscopes for the Taurus Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


You deserve love. Why not you? Why are you settling? It may have been a rocky journey so far. Maybe you felt the ones who you liked never saw you. Or the ones who liked you were few and far in between. But none of it is personal, and you deserve love as you are now and also as the person you're growing to be.

You're entering a new era. Season One, Episode One of a brand new show. This time, you're playing the role that you want, the one you know you were meant for. You may be challenged with others telling you that you don't belong, and to go back to your old life, but you've already been through the fire, and so that noise will be like a whisper. Affirm daily that you know where you belong, and continue to stay true to who you are.


This is the breakout moment. You ride hard for everyone else, but how hard do you go for yourself? It's time to flex for you. It's time to show everyone why they call you Big Daddy. Once Venus enters Sagittarius, it will be the start of the raining down of blessings for you. The only thing left is for you take up that space. Step out of the container they built for you, and shine as loudly and as proudly as you were meant to. Imposter syndrome is dead.

Remember, your art is for you and you only. Don't get caught up on outside validation. The release of your creations into the world are proof of self-acceptance, and it's only with that energy of self-love that you are truly tapped in to the abundance within. Focus on the energetic results, and the physical will manifest soon after.


If you were able to find a new place to move into, congratulations. If not, maybe there's just a bit more saving up that's needed first to get you into the place you really deserve; in which case, right now is not the time to get distracted by those who want to waste your time, those who don't see your vision, those who can't help you get to the next level.

Surround yourself with reminders that reinforce your vision for your new life. Dating around or having a new crush isn't the only way to feel revitalized and reborn. In fact, right now, that could be a setback. But maybe you could date yourself. Relearn your new likes and dislikes. When you're in better alignment with yourself, new things manifest much faster.


You have a routine that you believe works. It seems to be a pattern that gets you back on your feet, but doesn't include steps on how to get you out of the cycle entirely. Sagittarius gets all the credit for being able to quickly call things towards them, but you have that power too. The only difference is your viewpoint on what's realistic for you or not.

It's time to go back to your 'thinking out of the box' ways. You may have gotten comfortable in the life you've built for yourself now, but instead of settling for security, it's time to shoot for happiness. You've already learned how to survive. Now it's time to learn how to thrive.


Are we done with the telepathic communication? Is one of you actually going to reach out for a conversation? Could be. It feels like you're scared though of whether this connection is playing with your emotions or whether to rest easy that it's just a playful union. There are a lot of 'commitment-type' emotions involved on both sides but there's more to sort out before it gets to that point.

For now, enjoy the lightheartedness of the interactions you have with your loved ones right now. If going with the flow leads you to a date, go on the date. If it leads you to sex, have sex. If it leads you to FaceTime calls and GIF wars, play along. When you're focused on cherishing the time you have together with someone, you allow for everything else to naturally fall into place.


Big income opportunities coming your way! Getting paid is one thing, but getting paid for what you actually want to do hits different. Even still, be careful that your expectations don't ruin the blessings in reality. We know what your perfect life would look like, and this may not be all the way the way there yet, but it's a taste and a sweet one at that.

Focus on the impact you're going to make on your community with your service. If you're able to impact two or twenty people, that's more people than when no one even knew your name. Continue to stay diligent in increasing your knowledge in your field and your interests. Trust, the rest will come.


Be careful to avoid any heated confrontation with loved ones right now. Sometimes, dialogue opens a pathway to understanding, but you can't reason with ignorance. Or perhaps you're the ignorant one. Some, even though they could have the potential to grow and learn from new information, still choose to be blind to issues that for you are just too obvious to ignore right now. You can lead a horse to the water but you can't force them to drink.

Does it mean that there's not any relationship that can be formed with these people? Not necessarily, but this is more a lesson on discernment and a release of a need to have them understand you. You've come such a long way, but you don't need to explain yourself or have anyone explain themselves. We can all just agree to disagree and keep it pushing in our own respective lanes.


Mars has ordered you to halt and switch positions but within all the chaos, the message could've gotten lost in translation. Either that or the anxiety of staying still was just too much to bear. Your dreams have been a little on the wild side, if you've managed to get any good sleep at all, and the downloads have been coming in like fireworks.

I can't stress this enough but REST is essential for you during this time. Without staying still, we can't see what we're missing. There's a puzzle you're being asked to solve but you're missing a piece. If you can, put in for some vacation days at work but stay home, and take some time to recalibrate.


Because you're naturally ruled by the Moon, any action of the moon and its nodes get you in a sensitive mode. Eclipse seasons are always emotional for you, and for this one in particular, you're having problems discerning who your real friends are. You're so accepting that anyone from all walks of life can find a genuine friend in you but your group may be so diverse that you struggle with where you fit in with anyone.

You're the kind of person who would bend over backwards for your loved ones and you expect them to do the same. The bonding factor in your relationships is an open heart. Search within the hearts of the ones you keep around you to remind yourself why they're still here, or you may need to weed out those who may have only pretended to have an open heart in any effort to get closer and feed off your Divine energy.


In the in-between time, we're learning how to find that home is where the heart is. While the external undergoes major changes, how can you find solace and happiness with wherever you are? What happens when you sit with yourself? Do you feel anxious or at peace?

You're preparing re-launch and make some big announcements about your plans for the future, but to get there, you need to solidify the foundation you want to live in. The perspective through which you want to live life. Is it one that needs the external to reflect your internal world? Or is one that uses the internal world to manifest the external one?


You're living in your dream life right now - in the sense that with some aspects of your life, you've prayed for this moment for a long time. Perhaps you're planning a wedding. But perhaps there's a tiny part of you that's waiting for the other shoe to drop. You've done enough self-work to know that voice is fear, but ignoring it completely doesn't allow you to understand where it comes from.

Maybe you've been in this place before, and never thought you had to return, but healing isn't linear. Furthermore, with all you've learned, you can never go back to where you were, and even when reviewing a similar situation, you can now look at it with new eyes. Don't be afraid to discover new parts of yourself. With each deep dive, you're more equipped than before. You don't have to worry about becoming lost again when you are the light.


Hopefully, by now you've learned that you can't control the actions of others and you also can't control the way the future unfolds. But this doesn't mean that you have to wait on the external to act before you know what you're doing. Your actions still do have an impact on what kind of future you head towards, just not the when, where, or how.

There's still time to achieve the life you desire but you have to let go of the life you thought would lead to that. For you more than anyone, this eclipse cycle is about release, and how well you do this is essential to your survival. It's time to press the big red reset button. Bring it all the way back to "Hi, my name is".

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