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Taurus Full Moon Horoscopes

The Taurus Full Moon arrived on Saturday, October 28, 2023, 1:24 p.m. PDT. Ruled by Venus, it is a continuation of the energy from the Libra New Moon. Venus is still in Virgo, but this earth energy combo with Taurus is letting us know that we still need to evaluate what is eroding. Coming off of a three day void moon, this partial lunar eclipse can feel like getting caught up in a landslide, but on the other side of your metamorphosis, you will have been made into new.

What's been shown is all the ways you have ran away from what you asked for when it appeared. This showed up as a test, or many tests, and it's so easy to stick to comfort, and react with instinct, but in grounding into the earth, you could withstand the winds of complacency, face your fears, and survive to grow even wilder in a new world. Make no mistake, the in between of the eclipses has been a storm, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, whether it outwardly looks like it or not. That's not to instill fear, but to remind you of the power of change that is happening in your life and how it needs to be honored.

We're taught that the storm is in its nature to be destructive but the storm is simple swift and radical movement. It's the byproduct of this movement that can mean the destruction of what once stood before, but it's always a dissolution of what never worked, and what needed to be born again. If storms were destructive in nature, it would take everything, and not only what was weak. Foundations built strong and rooted, in Nature's image, can weather any storm, and can remind you of your own inner strength.

For those with their Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio, this is the closing of the cycle for you. You've learned all you can, and you've gotten all the tools you need to survive and thrive in the years you have on this Earth. You've learnt gratitude, patience, and how to properly sustain yourself. Now it's time to rebuild. Whether you have been shown that you need to start from scratch or that it's okay to believe in continuing to build where you are, what's sure is that the message is the more we embrace the change, the easier it all flows.

Reminder, we never get anything thrown our way that we cannot handle. And we never have to do more than what we have to do. Get clear to stay connected to your mission. This is a weekend to give back to the Earth in some way. Replenish her. Sit with her. Listen to her. Talk with her. Laugh with her. Pray with her. Love on her. Cry with her. Celebrate with her.

Below are the horoscopes for the Taurus Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Look at the choices you have available to you. A shelter from the storm. Light to see in the dark. Freedom of movement. If you are able-bodied. If these are all options to you that you can choose to take advantage of, reach out and grab your blessings. The energy for you is very much, if you have it, take it, and if you love someone, let them know.

If no one is physically holding you against your will and you are not being held in a restrictive system, then you still have the choice to craft the best life you can. We show gratitude for our choices and we lead the charge into a new state of being for all when we honor and use our blessings when we have them. If the only thing holding you back is your fear of what others may think of you, now is the time to understand where that comes from so you can find the link and break that chain.


"Survivor" by Destiny's Child is your theme song this weekend. You only have to look back at what you've been through and where you've come from to see that you've been chosen and protected every step of the way. You've also learned or remembered that the only one that prevents you from growth is you.

Sometimes, the ideas that you have seem larger than what you can accomplish, but it came to you because it was for you! It knew that you were the one that could get the message and the lesson out to the masses in full reverence and humility. So whenever you feel like you can't, remind yourself that you can and will get through anything.


There's a deep satisfaction that you have with your life at this moment. You're embracing the true value of a genuine laugh and a bright smile, whether you've given it to yourself, given to others, or had it given to you by others. If this moment in life is as far as you go, you'd be happy.

That's not to say there's no need to continue to strive for greater things, as if anyone could stop you. But as someone who spends their life on the mountaintop, sometimes what's healing is being in the valleys, where there's socializing, celebrating, and connecting with people from all walks of life. Savor it.


Your dreams right now have been filled with signs and plans for your life in 2024. A wild journey could await you in the astrals over this weekend as you get a glimpse into your future. It's time to start taking notes, and then go out to collaborate and put the pieces together with others so that you can get the full message.

It's so tempting to stay indoors, close the blinds, and shut out the world, but you've grown past the stage of needing to recharge in a familiar place. When you embrace that the world and all its resources are for you, everywhere becomes a sacred space where you can tune in and feel at home, comfortable and connected to Source. No more excuses.


Pisces is dating again and ready to have more than a few new conversations. You've learned that there's always something in life that gets in the way and the only time you have is now. To bank on the future is a gamble, and a bit disrespectful to the medicine of the present when you really think about it.

Key tip on this go around: at every turn, remind yourself not to judge yourself. You don't have to load up on fake positivity if that's not where you're at, but that doesn't mean you have to beat yourself up either. Take notes of what old thoughts come up as you re-enter this world from a different angle. Stay focused on how it all benefits and upgrades you. And in fact, this could all just be chatting practice for the person that you're meant to connect with in the New Year. Stay tuned.


Two is better than one. By now, you know that you can't do everything alone, even if you think others aren't as competent, efficient, and hardworking as you. But maybe you hadn't realized until now how much sweeter it is to have a partner, or better yet a community, there to support you, hold you, and not judge you.

On the real, your biggest issue is trust, specifically when it comes to waiting for the other shoe to drop whenever things seem to be moving well. Because you're waiting for everything to turn on its head, you subconsciously self-create that scenario and feed into your own delusion. Your sensitivity to bullshit is a response that was needed for survival in your younger years, but it's okay to release that now and look clearly and accept what's in front of you.


Activated by the Grand Trine with Venus, Uranus and Pluto, new life is breathed into you. You are immensely blessed and reinvigorated as you're sent in a new direction with your life's purpose which is also Love. You're awakened to new truths, but before you can step into it, you're being called to do one final purge.

This is a great weekend to setup a spiritual bath for yourself, and cleanse in the waters, asking it to purify you inside and out. An alternative is to whip up a healing tonic in the kitchen. Whether that's herbal-based, or a veggie smoothie, a hot cocoa drink or even for you, it might be a glass of wine, the idea is to take the burdens of yesterday and tomorrow off your back.


You might be running a little shorter on cash than you're used to, but you're never broke. Spiritually, you're in your overflow, and so it might be a bit confusing as to why the two aren't matching up. Be assured you aren't doing anything wrong. You're not out of alignment or needing to work harder.

It's so easy to blame ourselves but majority of the time, whether it's with the people around us or with the Universe, nothing is personal. Everything is for the journey. There's no lesson. There's only a call to keep listening, keep serving, and keep sharing. The timeline is shifting and the tides will change as you continue to sail forward.


This eclipse, you're releasing blind loyalty. The only thing I should be hearing from Cancers for the rest of Scorpio Season is them reclaiming what they deserve. "I deserve a great partner". "I deserve a great friend". "I deserve a clean bill of health". "I deserve happiness and prosperity".

You repeat these affirmations daily, or at the very least weekly, until you're no longer susceptible to the veils and illusions. It's so easy for you to get caught up in connection, or chemistry, and the story line of it all, but those out loud statements remind you of what you want for your future. You can also choose an affirmation to carry with you at all times. Whether in your pocket or your bag or your wallet, write it on a piece of paper and keep that energy with you as an anchor.


The story of Jacob holding on to the angel and refusing to let go until he received a blessing comes to mind. There are various interpretations of the story but I'd like to focus on an alternate lesson it gives about honing your resolution. As you move forward into your professional ventures, this is how much you have to grip and demand that you be placed where you deserve.

You already know you don't need to take anything that's already yours with force. You simply wait to receive it. So why would you grip? Because this season about fiercely protecting your position, and you holding on shows that you respect and will fight to the death to defend what you are chosen for when necessary. There's this energy where you're going to do what you want to do with or without support, but also that you'll do whatever it takes. Keep that momentum!


You deserve to have a great love. One that you talk about for ages and lifetimes later. One that transcends time and space. You deserve to have it as many times as you want in fact but even just the once would be enough. They say you meet your soulmate before you turn 18, so you may not have to go too far to find them if you don't already know who it is.

The best gifts are the ones that were right in front of us the whole time. And that's not just for love. That goes for life. Don't get too caught up in the expedition and conducting a nationwide search. Knowing you, conducting a strategy is just another way to distance yourself because getting what you want can be scary! But simply meet the frequency, and keep yourself present, available, open.


The ones who mocked and made fun of you will soon come to ask you how you did it. It's a tale as old as time. But it's not your job to facilitate others' new beginnings. It's not gatekeeping. It's refusing to do the work for others.

You don't have to do a single thing you don't want to do, regardless of what everyone else tries to tell you is your "duty". When you're clear on your purpose, it's much easier to see where to step up and where to hold off. Continue to trust that inner knowing and guidance.

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