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Taurus New Moon Horoscopes

The Taurus New Moon arrives on Friday, May 19, 2023, 8:53 a.m. PDT. Calmer days await. The voices that were urging us to do something, anything, start to quiet down, especially with Jupiter now in Taurus. That phantom feeling of needing to rush now dissipates. This new moon is a chance to say, "I don't need to understand the future. I just want to sit a little longer in the present so I can live it to the fullest". It's about having fun now, and putting to rest the expired idea of saving happiness for situations that you only really desire because of comparison mode.

We're developing a new relationship with understanding the meaning behind our desires, and in doing so, we can put more time into practicing and living in the things that truly make our hearts sing. Furthermore, Mars enters Leo, a sign of childlike energy and play, just about 24 hours after this new moon. It comes right on time to add an extra sizzle of excitement and passion to this journey as the cherry on top.

This is the energy we're bringing into Gemini Season which starts next week. As an air sign, it certainly appreciates the freedom to try a whole variety of things, but what better to get back into than all the things you forgot you loved, or things you shoved to the side because you thought it wouldn't get you to your end goal. This new moon re-awakens our inner child, and helps us find solace in knowing that our inherent value and contributions to the world are priceless. As long as we continue to be ourselves, we'll always get to where we need to go.

So launch that new business and dream up new worlds. Sing new songs. Trust in your plans and ideas. Choose to be vulnerable to the world even when you can't be sure that they would be vulnerable and honest with you. So many of us get caught up in wanting others to prove themselves before we show our hand but that only gives a false sense of security. It’s time to be a living example. It’s time to make the first move. Remember, you’re not doing this for reciprocation and outside validation. This is personal. This is about your soul.

Where is your heart and what does it beat towards? Do you silence its messages out of fear that you’ll be betrayed if you express them? Understand, there’s a difference between discernment and being guarded. Of course, there’s no reason to purposely open yourself up to those who have already proven to be undeserving of your time and energy. However, consider the assumptions you make about others from fear of being seen that you group in with intuiting danger. Put that overthinking mind to rest. Find peace in knowing that everyone encountered on your journey is an opportunity for you to express your truth and level up. You just have to keep your eyes on you, because you’re the prize.

Below are the horoscopes for the Taurus New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


Time for a new tattoo? A new haircut? Anything to get a new reflection in the mirror, because we need something to reflect the internal changes you’ve been going through. While you were going through it, it could’ve felt like apathy, low energy, frustration but now you can see it’s been upgrade after upgrade after upgrade. Building mental fortitude to keep the limiting beliefs away and to make space for new lanes of happiness.

Take the time to start and create something in your honor that you can share with others. You spend a lot of time empathizing with other’s dreams and making them come true but what about yours? Re-familiarize yourself with the magic you have to offer. It may only seem more advantageous to support those who are already aligned with what you think you’d want to share, especially if they’re already ahead and have a foundation. You may think, surely, there’s no point in creating something similar only to then have to compete with the ones you’d like to support. But your magic is unique and cannot be compared, and however long it takes to bring your ideas to form is worth the wait.


There’s hyper focus on your mistrust of other’s intentions and deeds, so much so that you’ve self-isolated so as not to risk going through anything like that ever again. You’ve learned that even when you have the best of intentions, others still will try to put you down and make you out to be the bad guy. Perhaps you’ve been the main villain in many people’s stories. And you can shake it off and say it makes you stronger and say you’re transmuting it. You can even admit it hurts, but it still wouldn’t be the truth.

Sure, those things could be present, but underneath it all is also this element of jealousy. Sounds crazy? Maybe. Or maybe you’re in denial, thinking what is there really to be jealous about? There’s so much to be grateful for and so much to have love for in your life right now, and it is clear that you see that. But you feel a yearning for the support that your enemies get, even when they spread lies. Yet, how can others support you when they can’t find you? It’s time to come out your hidey hole, and step into the light. It’s time to rally and be the listening ear of support for yourself.


You’re finding more ways to integrate and be apart of the community. Times are evolving and it’s essential that you step out your comfort zone, and commit to always keeping things new and interesting. You could be looking to increase your social media presence, or maybe erase your current one and start a whole new platform doing something else. Has an old idea resurfaced? If it’s a new refined version of it, why not give it a try?

With new intention, even old things can develop high value. As you know, the key to creation is simply seeing the vision in your mind’s eye and believing in yourself. So put to rest any worries that you’re too old or that your time has passed to be involved with certain groups or in certain discussions. You may seem quiet, but the ones who know you best are waiting for you to step into roles and lead them. Believe in yourself just as much as they do.


Brand deals imminent. It’s time to get crafty and creative in your professional sphere. As Mars gears up to enter your sign, it’s feeling like you’re revving your engine, waiting to kick shit into gear and hit the road. Talks with a mentor or hearing old stories from your parents about their dreams before they became jaded can lead to major breakthroughs.

Perhaps you’re continuing the family legacy, or you’re entering positions that your ancestors could merely dream of. How will you honor these opportunities then? Will you take advantage by giving it all you got and then some? Will you learn from past mistakes? It’s time to get busy, and all that it takes is more visibility. As a sign ruled by the Sun, use your gifts to shine the spotlight on you. Anything to show that pretty face of yours.


As the new moon travels across your ninth house, you’re thinking of travel and engaging in new studies. Is it possible you’re trying to learn a new language now or immerse yourself in a culture whose traditions always fascinated you? All these are aligned! You enjoy learning more about others’ heritage, especially if it has connection to those you love. You enjoy dissecting where one comes from and how they evolved to be the person they are today.

Overall, you’re looking right now to expand the boundaries of your mind, and expose yourself to new worlds. For some, that could mean new job prospects in a field that has nothing to do with what you may have gone to school for. If your new path is seeming to take you far away from what you have been doing, answer the call! New discoveries await.


Venus ruled, you pride yourself on being an enigma. That's the first part to the web of attraction you weave once you acquire a love target. But when it's time to reveal your true self, there's a fear that you won't be accepted, as maybe you think the you underneath the mystery is quite underwhelming and overrated. Despite what everyone says, you think, perhaps you're not that special.

Your self-deprecating humor is not the transmutation you think it is. More than anything, it only reinforces your true thoughts of yourself and prevents even you from getting close to your real self. What if the you you think you are is not you at all? Step away from the attention of others for a moment, strip away the enigma, and take a minute to just be Self. Be objective. What do you see?


The theme for you is forgiveness. This could be a call to forgive someone or yourself. This could also be a time where you need to poise yourself to ask for forgiveness from someone else. We're repairing relationships with the women in our family or in our friend groups because it's time to move on. Maybe you won't be as close as once were but nothing lasts forever, and that's okay.

We have to be more honest going forward about who and what mindsets deserve to take up space in our life and which environments we actually feel closely connected to rather than being where you think you should out of some kind of misplaced loyalty. Based on the person who you are today, where is a ripe place for you to grow and bloom into who you want to be rather than who your younger self thought you'd be? Life often never turns out how we think it will, but that only means there's still more room for new adventures. Embrace that.


It's a busy season for you yet again, possibly the busiest and also the most important. You've learned great lessons on how to work with your time and now it's time to put it into action. Show attention to only what's key to your end goal right now. Schedule and organize your days down to your shower times and meal times to maximize your efficiency and rate of success.

Don't slack on your diet right now. Proper fuel is key to keep your body running at optimal speed. Just like you wouldn't treat your car like a garbage heap, running it on E, your body shouldn't be treated like a robotic resource to be used and abused. Give back to yourself to receive the power and creativity you need to keep catapulting forward. Honor your vessel by keeping it clean and moisturized, rested and loved.


Vacation may be over but the joy you've relearned how to tap into is ever growing. You're feeling more confident in your abilities to call in new adventures, romantic, friendly or other. You're overall feeling more open minded and optimistic about life. This can be a great time to try a new pottery class, or maybe you're more into cycling? Anything to take a break from your regular routine and fuel this new spark for living.

It finally feels like you've released the need to control every aspect of your life and so it's opened you up to more spontaneity. The need to control was what blinded you from seeing where others could manipulate you and try to inflate your ego. Now, you can easily spot that for what it is and bypass it before even getting involved in the drama. This new era is for peace and fun only. Enjoy it!


Expecting visitors? It's quite possibly that you're getting ready to host a dinner party, or maybe you're attending one at someone else's home. But whether it's with your birth family or your created family, it's time to be gathered together. They say there's three main ways that you can get family together quickly: a funeral, a wedding or a pregnancy. It's a turning point for you and/or your loved ones, and hopefully it's good news.

This is a time to review family values, and reminisce on the way you were raised or on the way you have raised or are raising your own kids. How close are or were you to your elders? How close are your kids to you? Will the traditions you build carry on? Or will your family only gather when it's one of three ways mentioned above? It's not too late or too early to start thinking about these things. Observe your next family gathering as it happens and take notes on what needs to be added, changed, or removed.


It's time to publish your creative works! You've been dreaming of turning this into a day job and it's like you've finally put all the pieces together in terms of clarifying your intention, identifying your audience, and creating something that is a damn near perfect reflection of your spirit and aura.

It was scary when you thought you'd never have the chance but somehow now it's even scarier that you do have one. Don't self-sabotage. Don't let the fear leak in. Not when you've overcome so much to get here. What you have to say and share is beautiful and the ones who are waiting are ready to receive this gift. Take this time to iron out the edges but launch baby, launch. Celebrate and be proud. This is your moment.


Your inner foodie is coming out to play. It may be getting close to the end of Taurus Season but with Jupiter in Taurus, it's like the season's energy gets expanded into the rest of the year. So you're trying new restaurants and planning how your money will be spent for the rest of the year. What other activities do you feel you're getting a new taste for?

Perhaps you've upgraded to a level of luxury that you're looking to maintain and you may need to add a new source of income to keep the good times rolling. Don't spend all your energy enjoying the fruits of your labor without remembering to refill the methods which got you here. Seek the advice of others around you who have achieved the goals you're now setting and choose to learn from their mistakes. And just keep having fun with life! Your good vibes is exactly what keeps your perfect world spinning.

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