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Taurus New Moon Horoscopes

The Taurus New Moon arrived on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, 8:22 p.m. PDT. Romance is in the air! There's a heavy emphasis on building with someone who complements you and truly cherishes you, but there's also the other side where it's about embracing that the quality that usually attracts you to others is one that you can already embody on your own. Under this new moon, we have the chance to see this quality in ourselves, let it shine, and relish in our wholeness and beauty. If we're able to truly cultivate this on our own instead of relying on someone else to bring it in for us, there's no end to what we can attract with all this benefic energy supporting us!

This moon usually brings a soft, cozy vibe with it but with Venus, the ruler of Taurus, also in Taurus, alongside Mars, Venus' partner, in its own domicile as well in Aries, there's a bit of a spark overshadowing the slow, relaxing vibes. It brings that extra sense of confidence you have when you're out with friends or your romantic partner versus when you're out with yourself. When you're out with those you're comfortable with to the fullest degree, you have a chance to reflect a side of you to strangers that is just not visible when you're alone. Even with those who feel comfortable with anyone around, with someone who knows you well, you're talking about things in a different way that you wouldn't with a stranger because there's a history.

With this new moon, you're remembering that you can have access to this side of you at all times because the person you have the most history with is yourself. It's time to redress yourself and take another look in the mirror at the person in the reflection. How much more can you get your outside to reflect what you know is on the inside? Are you comfortable sharing yourself with the person you see staring back at you? As we know, if we want true, deep connections with others, we have to start with ourselves. Otherwise, we'll continue attracting people out of lack, desperation, and codependency, rather than from a place of abundance, security, and love.

Try to set some time aside to test what it would be like if the person you were with friends or even at home when no one is around is the same person you bring out when you're meeting new people. How does that more full, more present version of you look, talk, act, even smell? What do they like? What do they want to try that they never had the courage to do before? The truth is, it doesn't matter what anyone but you thinks of yourself. So get into what it's like when you only have to worry about pleasing yourself. How much less pressure do you place on yourself? What do you prioritize that perhaps could've been on the back burner before?

As sweet as this new moon is, proper growth doesn't come without a little bit of tension. For the time being, embrace being stretched out of your comfort zone and accept that all good things take time. You may have had a grand realization that will take a bit of effort to implement into your daily routine. Just continue to trust the process. Avoid making any big financial moves to try to force new change overnight. Be smart with your investments, and everything will fall into place as you see and feel it will. Know that when you take the time to mold and create newness from scratch, the love that is cultivated and gets put into your work is a far better reward than trying to hold on to something you didn't truly earn.

Below are the horoscopes for the Taurus New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


There's an enlightenment around love at this time. It's the realization that love is just one word used to encapsulate so many different meanings and feelings, and each and every one of us has a totally different perspective of it. It's important to understand that what you may define as love may be completely different to what your partner or family and friends define it as. When you really look at it, most of us are projecting the ideal we have of love unto another when we hear them say "I love you".

Most of us have a different set of expectations and baggage when it comes to using that word. How often do we sit with each other to actually share the definition of love to another, and how many relationships would change after hearing that definition? It's not about judging each other's understanding of it, and trying to make them change it. It's about seeing whether any two people can really be a true match and be truly compatible based on it.


You can be quite impressionable and quick to try on different, interesting masks and personalities that you see others wear because they intrigue you and you want to see how it feels and how it fits if you were to attempt to demonstrate it in your own energetic field. It's the same idea as when actors read a screenplay, and rehearse until they feel that they've become the character that the screenwriter has created.

The problem of course is that when the show is done, how do you return to your own essence, and after performing so many acts, how do you know what is truly you? In a way, in becoming so close to different characters, you end up integrating small pieces of all and they do become authentically yours, but the mistake would be to think that the character that you were born as is irrelevant in any way. Use the next few days to play the role you were born into. Step away from all outside influences and move as if you were the only one in the world.


Life has come full circle for you. You're back to the point that you were before you went down the path of distractions. It wasn't the wrong path to take though it may seem that way in hindsight. Reason being because what you've learned and the growth you've had along the way would not have happened without that exact sequence of events. It's one of those moments where if you knew what you had to go through to get to where you are today, you probably wouldn't have chosen it, so thank God you were in the dark.

Everything is divinely timed, and now it's as if you have a second chance to do things differently while you're well-equipped with all the new knowledge you wished you had before. It's the repeat moment we all secretly desire. So instead of focusing on what and who you've lost, understanding that you have a new beginning, a clean slate, to invite and welcome in all the things that you are deserving of. There's nothing more gratifying than having the chance to choose love instead of fear.


It's a good time to make yourself as visible as possible as endless, new opportunities flow to you in the next few days. Take a risk on new creative ideas, and know that as long as your passion is seen, there will be others waiting and yearning to collaborate with you. The biggest caution would be to know the difference between confidence and arrogance, and humility and inferiority.

It's a fine line to walk but you must learn and master how to back yourself in any situation while also showing vulnerability by being honest about your experience and skill levels. You must also master how to show a willingness to learn new things without fading into the background and becoming shy and silent. It's not about editing yourself into perfection. It's about listening to the heart, and focusing solely on what is true.


To up-level your craft, it's time to go back to basics. You may already be an expert in your field, but what you need now is to see things from a new perspective. Enroll in a class or course where you can re-learn the basics from someone who is also a veteran in the field like yourself. Though some of the things may be simple revision, you may be surprised in how much you've forgotten, or in how much things have changed since you first started.

This will do a few things. For one, it will re-inject a love and joy for your craft where you may have gotten a bit jaded. Two, you may be looking to provide a new service in the same field and this can help to show you that new avenue. Three, you could meet someone that you'd like to partner with, as maybe the missing piece is that you're no longer suited for solo work. Whatever it is, the only thing this moon asks of you is to be open to new possibilities and new journeys, even with the things you feel you've already mastered.


There's a healing from solely seeing yourself through the eyes of others, and you're starting to only see yourself through your eyes. In the past, it was easy to become heartbroken as if others responded in a way that felt like rejection, you would immediately feel unworthy and just less of who you actually are. Now, it's clear that what others tried to place on you is a weak projection of how they actually feel about themselves.

The worthiness journey is one that goes up and down, and some of us need more of a reminder than others. But at the end of the day, if you try to remember that others' responses to you is a reflection of them and not yourself, you can safely detach from the negative stories that float around in your head, and start to build a safe space where you can uplift yourself and see a true reflection of your love essence.


This is a great moon to graduate from any petty behavior and embrace being the bigger person. This doesn't mean you're not allowed to defend yourself or that you have to stay quiet while others tarnish your name and reputation. It simply means that instead of allowing someone to get under your skin and into your energy field, you remain centered, neutral, and in your seat of power.

This looks like retiring the victim mentality and pointing the finger, and remembering that others' pain points have nothing to do with you. When others become threatened by you, by default, they've already put themselves in a weak position and there's no victory in kicking someone while they're down. Instead of matching their energy, choose to shower yourself in your own love energy, and focus on what makes you confident in yourself.


Lifestyle changes are at the forefront for you this new moon. This is a good time to commit to new eating habits, and perhaps even a new fitness routine. This time around, instead of changing your body because you feel that's what would help you to better fit in, it's about doing what you think will make you feel good, and having the outside reflect what you feel like is on the inside.

The best part is that you don't have to worry about rearranging your entire life. This is just small additions and subtractions here and there. The most important thing in this whole process is to simply take it at your own pace. You're not in any race trying to keep up with anyone else. The key is to always check in with how you feel and if each new thing helps you to feel happy.


There's an alchemy that happens now when reviewing your past relationships. Instead of seeing them as failed divorces and something lost, you can now see them as conscious uncouplings and something gained. Even if there was a bitter and angry and seemingly unresolved end, that in itself is information that makes you aware and teaches you something.

We're getting back to gratitude, and beginning to see ends as completions and successes. Life is like a video game, and when you've passed a level, you don't keep trying to restart it or extend it as that's not what gets you to the finish line. The win and the victory is in the moving on. There's a happiness to upgrade and see what life brings you next, and a peace in knowing that what's done is done. Embrace this concept now.


Under this new moon, you can discover your purpose, or other gifts and skills can come online now. This happens because of a deeper level of love that you've developed for yourself. In accepting yourself the way you are, even more of you has shown up in this reality. But this also means that it's time to take on more responsibility.

In trodding down a new path, not everything or person or mindset from your old life can come with you. It'll be up to you to take space from what no longer works, and replace it with what better serves you. It's not all daisies and roses, but ultimately, this is the beginning of a journey that helps you to bloom into all you're meant to do on this Earth. It's a great time to redo that vision board, and get your new moon bath going to really get clear on what your heart is saying to you.


Take a watchful eye to your mind's racing thoughts now. It can be easy to get carried away and stuck in a rabbit hole, but it can be just as easy to think positively and build something new and productive. What you read or watch will be important during this time. Is the media you're intaking information that supports your dreams and goals, or is it keeping you in comparison mode?

This is not necessarily a hint to stick to self-help or more spiritual books and media as if your vice is feeling like you're not already perfect as you are, then this is exactly what's going to get you in an unproductive headspace. The first thing to assess would be, "what makes me feel good about myself?", and then you can draw for the right supporting materials after that. Try not to have any agenda outside of joy. The last thing you need is to get into any unwarranted competition.


You have some money making ideas, if only you could stop judging yourself long enough to see them through. You may have been quite crippled by your self-criticism for a long time and it's pushed you into playing it safe. It seems uncharacteristic for your sign, as you're known for going after what you want, but oftentimes, the impulsivity is fueled by the desire to quiet that inner voice.

Still, impulsiveness doesn't exactly heal the root of the problem. If you're wanting to hear another voice, you have to slow down enough to hear your Higher Self. If meditation is not your thing, try getting into dream interpretation. Before sleep, set an intention of what you'd like to improve on or how you can move forward with some of your ideas, and instead of focusing on the symbolisms and people that may appear, try to take note of the feeling you have right before you wake up. This could help to highlight where you're blocked or find the real service behind your critiques.

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