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Virgo Full Moon Horoscopes

The Virgo Full Moon arrived on Tuesday, March 7, 2023 at 4:40 a.m. PST. Right on its heels was Saturn entering Pisces. This is a major shift in preparation for Spring and the astrological new year. What's needed now more than ever is to pace yourself, and move with a steady breath. In order to flow seamlessly with this transition and these changes, we need to give it room to breathe, and space to settle.

As per usual with Virgo, there is still a busy-ness and a sense of restlessness. Channel this energy into cleaning up the home, catching up on any chores you've been putting off, and refreshing your health with eating some fruit and drinking more water. With the end of Saturn in Aquarius, this shift into Saturn in Pisces, at the start, feels like the eerie silence after a building has collapsed, and the wait for the smoke and fog to settle so we can assess the state of things.

Yes, big things are happening for those experiencing their Saturn Return, but things don't shift into gear immediately when a planet goes 0°. Like all things in life, there's a journey and process to how it all unfolds. The best thing to do now as Saturn has arrived is to continue organizing the space around you and prepare it to be dissected and scrutinized.

It's time to look at things clearly. With the slew of information posted on 'manifestation' now, it's easy to confuse it with ignoring your issues and pretending that things are going well. However, the first step to manifesting is an honest assessment of where you are and the truth spilling of what and who you no longer want to be. No more putting off reality.

Detail everything about life right now; your finances, your home life, your family connections, your romantic connections, your work, your community. Nothing is off limits. It all gets assessed and judged. The past Pisces New Moon asked, what do you really want, and now, this Virgo Full Moon asks, what have you really been doing to get there? Who and what have your actions been for? The point is not to stress or chastise, but to face yourself and your actions. It's a reminder that we are in the driver's seat, that our opinions matter, that there's still time because on your journey, you'll never be too late. This is the beginning of a two year lesson on self-acceptance, trust, and faith.

Below are the horoscopes for the Virgo Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


For maybe the first time ever, you're putting yourself first in the relationships that you seek. With Saturn now in your sign, it's never been more clear on where your boundaries lie. You may have been someone that's prided yourself on living with no regrets, but perhaps in learning your boundaries and seeing them clearly now, you've rehashed some old memories of the past in which those boundaries may have not honored, and a slight feeling of regret has crept in.

On this new path, don't allow your boundaries to become a cage and make you hide away. Knowing better doesn't always mean perfect execution. Life is a learning process. It's not meant to go "right" all the time. The good thing about focusing your energy on the here and now is that when it pasts, you're free to let it out your sight in favor of the new present moment. Focus on that flow forward as you enter this new era.


When you stop to take a breath, you realize that maybe things aren't as urgent as it may have seemed before. When things are slower and paced, desires that seemed necessary suddenly lose priority. When all the panic and fear is removed, the real needs reveal themselves, and the steps you take can now actually bear fruit.

Continue to walk slowly as we approach your season. Carefully and throughly follow each step. Everything is on your time. Might not be a bad idea to start organizing your daily activities in a planner. Now that you're crafting your own life path from scratch, it's important to make a schedule to make sure everything gets the proper attention.


When was the last time you really had freedom? To go where you please? To spend how you want? To play when you'd like? Take the opportunity, even if it's only 15 minutes a day, to start catching up on all the things you've wanted to do but felt like your responsibilities or workload couldn't support.

There could've also been a pressure to impress someone but now, you've realized that you'd prefer people to take you exactly as you are. Sometimes, being your "best self" turns into wearing another mask, another role, and now that needs to be released. When you're just yourself, you reclaim so much energy that can now be used to empower the real you.


You've always been a kind of wild and unpredictable black sheep of your family and close friends, but you're shifting into putting down roots. Perhaps you've found the place you see yourself living for the rest of your life. It could be that you've found your dream job/contract opportunity and won't be the person hopping from job to job every two/three months anymore or the person with the gap in their resume.

On the flip side, it could be that you're leaving a place you thought you had found stability in for somewhere else that's actually more aligned to not only what you originally were looking for before you got sidetracked, but also to what and who you've grown into in the past three years. Embrace the changes as these will be permanent shifts. Let everything from the old life dissolve.


You've cleansed your heart chakra and you're now open to new friends. This new group/subset of people that you'll be attracting and interacting with will be more aligned because you're more aligned with the parts of yourself that you downplayed or didn't feel safe to share. Still, it's quality over quantity. Every step of the way, there is surely still a vetting process that needs to be done.

This time around, it will be less about who deserves to stand next to you or who looks pretty beside you, and more about what their spirit is like. It'll be more about the conversations that you can have, and how you can inspire each other for greater things. It'll be about spiritual evolution and growth and transformation. It'll be about laughter, joy, playfulness, freedom.


What's getting in the way of your cashflow? Journal your honest opinion of your earning potential. If you had to write on paper saying what your skills are, and the monetary value you believe each skillset deserves, how much you want to make from it, what would that look like? Afterwards, ask yourself if you are a reflection of that.

The idea of this exercise is not to boil your essence and being down to a dollar value. It's to get clear about your goals. If your financial goal is a certain amount, what gateways are you opening to allow that to come through, and are you reflecting that energy in your actions? This is about what you think you deserve, what you think your efforts and time are worth.

Here's an example of the list:

skill - being a beam of light to the world

worth - priceless, $infinity

reflection - living every moment to the fullest and sharing those experiences with as many people as I can


skill - good at figuring out what clothes look good on each body type

worth - $3M/yr

reflection - styling random people on the street, on the internet + friends, + myself, basically anybody i can get my hands on, and sharing


By now, you should have learned (yet again) that there's no need to pressure yourself into proving anything. It's great to try new things and try to master things you like to do, but there doesn't need to be this expectation to live up to. Once you believe, as everyone already sees, that you can do anything you put your mind to, you'll feel better about prioritizing peace and efficiency over ego.

Delegation and asking for support are your friends. Also, asking yourself how you can reserve as much energy as possible while still accomplishing your overall goal. A shortcut may seem like it's skipping over important details, but perhaps all along, there was just a shorter path that accomplished the same thing and more.


The self-scrutiny is holding you back. It's like every time you don't see immediate results, it sets you back to the same old mindset of you not being good enough, or just that you're doing something wrong. When you're told to believe in yourself, it's not so that the external can reflect it. The thing with faith, you have to be rooted in it even if the external never reveals it to be true.

Now's the time to ask yourself, would you still be going after what your goals are even if it never produces the results you imagine it will? What are you truly getting out of your current situation? How is it feeding your soul? Because if it's nourishing all the right areas, you lose the desire for external validation, and the new goal becomes inner expansion. When you have that kind of growth, and see it in your actions and the way you interact with the world, that'll become all the proof you need to see.


Sometimes, putting a label on things can feel like the end of a certain level of freedom, but when things shift, and you discard of what no longer resonates, what you want to come with you evolves. And yes, that is a certain type of death but only in preparation for something better, something new, something exciting.

Talk to your partner or romantic interests about ways in which you can stay true to yourself, your essence, the way in which you want to live this human experience, while also respecting the relationship and those involved. Perhaps there are other ways that your inner self can be expressed that you have yet to learn about. Perhaps things that you thought were best done alone are twice as good with some company.


All that attention you asked for is here. All eyes are on you now. Time to audition and state your case. This is make or break season, no pressure. You've had your time in the practice room. Now it's time to see if you can make it in the big leagues. But as the coaches say, it's just like we practiced.

You've know what it takes because you've already gone through the paces. You're prepared for this, and as long as you apply yourself and continue to believe in what you have to offer, you'll be taking off the right direction. Don't slack off now. Some things are your birthright, but that doesn't mean you don't have to still work to earn your place. That's honor.


It's feeling like extended vacation to chase a few more dreams. You're making great headway in your projects and now that you're settling in to this shift in your craft, you're toying with a few more ideas. We don't want to return to burnout, so keep it light, but doesn't hurt to do a little investigation.

This may be related or not, but, you may have been practicing spirituality from learned customs, and now, it's time to form your own traditions and customs. Over time, you have realized that the ancestors were also simply interpreting as best as they could and detailing what worked for them. Perhaps, there's something new that you could add based on your experience. This is how you build history.


You're ready to retire your loved ones with your new income. Everything's still coming together but the determination to pay off debt and make new financial commitments is strong! But don't move too quickly. Even though Saturn is out your sign, we still have to hold the lessons it taught about Divine Timing and patience.

Keep an eye out for unexpected expenses by always budgeting more than anticipated. Even though you may have gotten used to certain lifestyle, there may be some things that need to be temporarily sacrificed in order to meet your end goal. Treat this as a challenge, or a different level to a video game. After all, this is all the matrix anyway.

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