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Virgo Full Moon Horoscopes

The Virgo Full Moon arrived on Saturday, February 24, 2024, 4:30 a.m. PST. For the last full moon before a new astrological year, take a beat and rest up. Restore yourself to your truest and purest essence. There may be a lot of things on the to-do list, but none of it matters if you get too strung out to complete any of it. You have to find the time before time forces you to. If it really is that you can't ease up too much, then steal the time away. Go to bed an extra hour earlier. Do a ten minute meditation in the shower. Take deep breaths at stop lights.

You've worked so hard and you feel so close to the end that your ego may not want you taking your foot off the gas. But mentally, it's taking a toll putting so much effort into something and seemingly not getting anything in return. Many of us have been tirelessly slaving away, and as much as we know it's not true, perhaps we are now beginning to wonder if God has abandoned us. What does it mean to be promised a blessing that has yet to show its face despite all the effort you've put towards it? If God is all-knowing, how can he see that we've been through so much heartache and so much pain, and not come through to save us. The real and very simple answer is this: that we don't need saving. We just need to start living.

The blessings you desire are very real and still on their way, but remember, this isn't the primary reason as to why you're assigning yourself certain tasks. This full moon reminds us that this whole list of to-do's started because we wanted to work in a way that aligned with us, whether that was making our own hours and calling our own shots or writing and reading a specific number of books and articles per day. But along the way, these choices we made became just another way to allow others in so they can hold us to an expectation that we never wanted set for ourselves in the first place.

We had set our boundaries, and then we allowed others' voices to dictate how hard we should work on said boundaries and that they have to work in a certain way. We took on all that extra burden, when the whole point in the first place was to do things in a way that was in our natural state of flow, things that regenerated us and made us be love and feel loved, things that made us feel free. While we take a moment to review how our actions are really feeding us, let's ultimately remember that it's not that we have to do these things. It's that we get to do them.

Living isn't running from one task to the next because it's a means to an end. That's survival. Living is getting in tune with what your mind, body, and heart needs moment by moment, and staying in gratitude that you're available to experience all the quirky things life has to offer. It isn't about getting it all done so that you can rest. It's about resting so that you can always keep going. When continuing to grow and thrive feels more like an opportunity than a chore, that's when you'll know you're truly alive.

Below are the horoscopes for the Virgo Full Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


You're connected to everyone you need to be connected to right now. Accept this to start feeling good again. No more pining for the past. No more guessing what, or who, the future will bring. Everyone who is actively in your life now has their own purpose, and that's the only thing that requires your undivided attention right now.

There's so much you can learn about yourself through your current relationships, your friends, neighbors, family members, even distant crushes. Whether platonic or romantic, the same subconscious habits perk up when triggered. Use this as an opportunity to work on how you respond to those triggers. This way, you can level up to attract someone worthy of your romantic attention, as opposed to having to learn through any more karmic soul ties.


Your family members may have set out a certain path for you, to get your degrees, get a well paying job, get promoted, find a partner, have kids, and then pass this structure along to them. Anything outside of that order would be considered a failure, and so in order to continue to receive love, you felt pressure to follow the rules.

This opened up a whole new world of trauma for you called perfectionism. Even if you've rebelled against that formal path, in other ways, the need to show up perfectly could still be haunting you. If there's anything that's telling you that you "should" or "have" to do something, know that you have a choice. And know that whatever you choose, you can and will still be worthy of love.


Life isn't turning out to be as fun as you hoped but the more that you focus on that, the more it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You might be tired of hearing that life's what you make it because you've already tried so hard to put yourself out there and gain new experiences, yet all you've gotten in return was shit biting you in the ass.

It's not you though, Taurus, it's them. No need to blame yourself or submit to going back into hiding. The test of it all is to see if you'll commit to shining your light, no matter how many people try to throw blankets over you. Don't let temporary experiences put you in a permanent funk. Rise up, do something to make yourself smile, and show yourself that though you may fall down, you always get back up ten times stronger.


For the first time in a while, you have a stable home environment. No more bouncing around. No more living under your parents' rule. No more counting down the days for the lease to end wondering where you're gonna go next. No more waiting for someone to kick you out. You're in control, and you're determined to do whatever it takes to stay and reside in this vibration of 'safe and secure'.

While, yes, it may take a little hard work, you should draw on this season's creative energy, and start to stake your claim on your home. Remember, everything else around you elevates when you feel like you have a place that you belong in. So paint the walls. Switch out the furniture. Make it colorful and bright and inspiring. Make it the extension of your essence. When you wake up everyday in the place of your creation, you'll stay constantly reinvigorated that you can invent anything you put your mind to.


No more biting your tongue. This doesn't mean go off on someone, though you may be feeling the temptation to. This time, it's about saying what you're scared and hesitant to, not what you're eager to. You can't use the present to change the past, but perhaps saying now what was hard to say back then will help to remind you that the consequences you thought would come afterwards were more of your making than of others'.

Holding on to your true thoughts seemed like the only way to keep the upper hand, but from a bird's eye view, you can see that all it did was isolate you, and contribute to your own complaint of others not really knowing the real you. Speaking your thoughts and owning them may make you feel vulnerable, but it always keeps you seated in your throne of power. Expressing from the heart is where your magic is. Don't hide that away for a minute longer.


Just because other people bring you their problems doesn't mean it's your job to solve it. Just because other people ask you a question doesn't mean it's your job to answer it. Life isn't about finding ways to make yourself useful or relevant. It's about knowing your worth and applying your talents and gifts on your terms.

You know you have a lot to offer, and maybe, while you're waiting for everyone else to ask the right questions, you were willing to show up for things that were not your business to be involved in. But it's time to release that. You may worry that you could be forgotten about if you don't show up for others' minor inconveniences, but as much as people try to pretend, they can never really ignore the blinding light of hope that you offer. Sit back now, and wait for when the time is right for you. Others don't get to dictate your actions anymore.


Believing in yourself isn't the same thing as pushing yourself to do and control what's out of your range. One too many people tried to tell you to "be realistic" at a young age but you soon found out that others were merely threatened by your greatness. You could always achieve anything you put your mind to, and that was incredibly confronting and intimidating to those who couldn't see their own magic.

However, you've pushed so hard to the other side that you're now pushing past your own known limits, and your failures from that are starting to make you forget who you are. Instead of setting yourself up for failure, take a break from drowning in your own self-pity and start to give yourself the space and time you know you need to complete your tasks. These limitations aren't to hold you back. After all, "the man who knows his limitations, has none".


There's a lot of things that people want you to feel guilty for and in another era, it could've worked. But in this here and now, you've accepted that there's nothing to feel guilty about and you're finally moving on. It may not feel as easy as it sounds, but you understand that taking on others' projections just isn't worth the weight anymore.

The people who are for you will accept you as you are. And maybe those people seem few and far between right now, but it's perfect timing as a little solitude can help to heal the heart. And when you're ready, know that it's okay to give people chances. Don't take on your offenders' practices and start projecting onto others that they will betray you in the same way that past people have.


This full moon reminds you that there are wishes that have come true that you have yet to recognize and give thanks for. This isn't because you're ungrateful. It's just a sign that you've been too busy and you need to slow down. Once you take a look around at where you are now, you'll see it's exactly where you hoped you'd be months ago.

You've made leaps and bounds when it comes to facing your fears, and actions that once made you racked with anxiety, you can do now without a care in the world. That deserves a moment of celebration. The chance to acknowledge these small moments is what makes the whole journey to self worth it. Call up some friends and throw a victory party.


Your fantasies and dreams of the future now have the power to fuel your reality. It's more important than ever to keep your mind clear, focused, and filled only with what is of the highest vibration. All the shame, fear, the imposter syndrome, none of that has any place here. Replace it all with love.

The best thing you can do is to return to a meditation practice. This allows you to hone in on all the goals that are important to you and heal any obstacles that you've been avoiding because it hurts too much to look at. Let all the old emotions move through you now so you can start building your legacy.


It's time to remake who and what you think you're attracted to. You may have an image of what your future may look like with someone, but that image was based off old ideals and beliefs. You have to question everything, even and especially the things that look like it's a perfect match to what you're hoping for.

Instead of trying to picture what it all looks like, close your eyes and dive into what it feels like. Practice expressing these feelings by writing your experiences in a journal. You could be so used to getting the facts straight that it feels uncomfortable to tap into your feminine side, but the more used to it you become, the easier it will be to align with who and what is truly meant for you.


The only time finances become a real stressor is when you start looking at the whole year at once. Reel it in and take it month by month. So much can happen in a day alone that no matter how well you can see into the future, not even you could tell what will actually unfold until the time is near.

Remember, money, like everything else, is energy. This means as long as you set forth a certain amount of effort, such as intention setting or actual physical labor, you'll have the power to influence the amount of opportunities that become available to you. This also means that whatever you need, all you have to do is ask.

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