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Virgo New Moon Horoscopes

The Virgo New Moon arrived on Thursday, September 14, 2023, 6:40 p.m. PDT. Let's remind ourselves of what humility means. I touched on it briefly in the Virgo Season post, and even a little during Leo Season, but Jonathan R. Miller describes humility as "being aware that everything that you have comes from God and it's your responsibility to steward it well". You can swap God out for the Universe or Source, whatever you resonate with, but the focus for this New Moon is, how will you use your gifts to be a good steward? How well do you take care of yourself and others?

Virgo often feels like being a good steward means bending over backwards for others and sacrificing their own needs for others, but flight attendants, who most of us can recognize as stewards, always instruct you to put on your mask first before attending to others. The only meaningful and effective way to serve is from the overflow of your already rich and full cup, so the first step is understanding what fills your cup. Many don't ruminate long enough on this because they feel like there's no time to go that deep, with all the other responsibilities that they have going on in the world, but when you can cut away all the things that steal your energy, and give everything back to yourself, you get closer to the message that you feel called to share.

Which responsibilities make you feel burdened and which make you feel capable? It's likely that the ones that make you feel burdened contain things that were never yours to carry. It's time to do away with those and stick with the ones that make you feel purposeful and provide you with a level of healing. This Virgo New Moon only wants you to focus on the things that feel good for the soul. This is how we fine tune our message. When we understand what we're sharing, we can be much more effective at targeting the things we want and getting to the people we're meant to reach.

Speak only to the truth that you know. This is how you steward well. Erase the judgments, the bias, the assumptions, the fear, and then don't hold yourself back. This doesn't mean you get free reign to be a bully. Remember, non-compassionate thoughts, words, and actions come from a place of judgment. When you get rid of all the gunk and heavy weight, what's left is just the chance for you to honor yourself and stay in alignment by speaking your truth instead of your trauma. This keeps our channel and our bodies clear and healthy, our intuition sharp, and our minds' environment focused on searching out and attracting only what and who feels good.

We're rewriting contracts now that kept us belittled, caught in toxic patterns, and still living in someone else's idea of who we are supposed to be. It's time to plant the seeds for new worlds and new relationships with authority figures. Business plans made from the place of knowing yourself and living in that truth are the only ones that last for the long haul. Get out your planner, and organize the events and bills on your calendar. With Mercury going direct tomorrow, it's finally time to start looking towards the future again, and with this new you, it's going to be a bright one.

Below are the horoscopes for the Virgo New Moon for all the signs. These will most apply to your rising sign, but as you have all the signs in your chart, there could be a nugget of wisdom for you in all the 'scopes if you know how to apply it to your respective astrological houses.


You've seen the future, and you are the only one who knows that truth. You may think you need to convince others to at least believe in what you see even if they don't see it themselves, but this is not the kind of journey. You don't want to walk another journey alone, but, just because the ones you think you want to come along aren't going, doesn't mean you'll be walking alone. Other people have seen what you see and are waiting for you to connect with them!

This is surely a time where you can begin to plant the seeds to create a system for your soul tribe to find you, so that you all can be on mission together. This isn't a call to discard or cut off the people around you currently per se, but instead, it is a chance for you to remain open to the idea that it's okay for the ones close to you to be on their separate journey while still being alongside you. When you trust and allow everyone to walk on the path they are destined for, you'll meet up at the points in time that you're meant to.


Time to be honest about the ways people pleasing was slowing up your bag. Before you thought it was the opposite, that if you implemented boundaries, others wouldn't want to work with you. But now you see that by trying to gain approval from the masses, you've lost sight of your own creative energy, and are feeling stagnant and unable to grow.

Someone could have recently placed boundaries with you that actually made you feel closer to them than before. Honesty is a form of intimacy, and the right people are more likely to show up when they see that you're selective with who you allow in your space, rather than seeing you try to accept everyone. Just food for thought.


Time to talk to the people that have been where you are trying to go. This is to help expand your worldview on what you believe could be possible. The biggest block to the way you're manifesting is when you get into crisis mode and think that you have to find solutions as soon as possible, rather than waiting and finding and aligning to the solution that would be the best fit for you.

It's not talked about enough but you can at times be a very anxious person. You're action-oriented, not really into dwelling over something, but instead wanting to see results. However, dwelling isn't always a bad thing. It doesn't always mean recycling the same fear based emotions in your mind. Sometimes, it's about sitting in the discomfort just a little longer to see that there's actually multiple ways rather than just the one way you know to get out of the situation you're in.


Situations with authority figures have reached their peak, and you've seen all the evidence you need to know it's time to take control of your life. Before when you did this, it was all about ego, thinking you know better than everyone else. But these actions now are about discernment.

You've already done the work of aligning your future plans to what's in your highest good, and so you're clearing away any dead weight so as to have space to welcome in those who are just as passionate as you are about the things you're working towards. Don't make the mistake of thinking that losing a battle is the same as losing the war. Some things are just part of the process. Keep on shining! Your work will soon speak for itself.


What is love teaching you? The answer should be that love keeps you grounded, not floating away in the sky. Often, people search for this flying high off of passion feeling to validate that they're in love, but true, real, sustainable love comes from feeling safe, calm, supported, and clear-minded. Love is being in the now.

You can often fall into a role of trying to be the perfect partner, and you may have had a vision of being in a serious commitment by a certain age, with this kind of house and this many kids. But all those contracts are being rewritten to a newer vision, one where you can just show up as yourself, and build organically from the materials that are given to you, instead of trying to mold yourself and your environment into what you think is needed.


What you need from your partner and your relationships right now is support and trust. To be fair to the ones around you, it doesn't seem like you're putting your bets in a safe place. For some, it very much looks like you're confused about where you priorities are and that you're on the road to destruction.

In a lot of ways, you yourself are unsure that you're making the right decisions but you also can feel that it's the right thing to do, and you're trusting that the rest will be revealed overtime. There's a chance the people around you are taking this personally, but don't allow them to talk you out of it. Instead ask them to believe in the impossible, just like you're allowing yourself to.


You've learned new things about how to balance your masculine and feminine energies within yourself, and you're eager to see how this energy shift will call in new romance in your life. Remember the rule of high engagement, low attachment. Don't get sucked in to the expectation that your next soulmate is around the corner, but how would you act if they were?

Gone are the days where you feel like you'll accept anyone who accepts you, or feel like someone else will complete you. But that also doesn't mean that you just sit back and be jaded and just not believe that love or relationships are for you when transforming relationships though romance is part of your soul's contract. You are here to elevate the vibration of the rest of the world through sharing your heart. So keep it open, and trust your boundaries and discernment to filter out anything that's not for you.


You're most focused on diet and exercise under this New Moon. You're also feeling the cleaning bug, ready to make sure that your home environment, and your mind, is feeling uncluttered and polished. Take care of the laundry pile ups and buy a new plant for your home. Once you're organized, you'll be able to more clearly see how working from home could be most beneficial for your bank.

Running around paying extra for gas and eating out when there's food at home is eating into your wealth and keeping you sluggish. In order to get you back into tip-top shape, home cooked meals for every meal are the first thing to implement. Next is enrolling in whatever classes or workshops you need to in order to increase your earning potential from home. Dive into the research!


You could be getting ready to welcome a new child into the home! Either that or you're incorporating and integrating your inner child into your present actions. It's easy to look at the things from your childhood that you definitely don't want to repeat, but don't give that all of your attention. Now is about sorting out what it is that you DO want to repeat.

Maybe family dynamics were strained, but what about the times when you were with friends you loved or just by yourself? What were the things that felt good and brought you joy? Make a list and try to complete one thing a month to ease that joy back into your life. With romance, don't be afraid to get your flirt game on. As we edge closer to Libra Season, you may be pleasantly surprised by who pops up ready to be just as committed as you are to love.


All your bags are packed and you're ready to go. Your current living situation is outdated and it's time to leave and find something that feels more cozy. That could mean trying to get more space for a work/live type home environment, or downsizing to a one bedroom so you don't have to hear your own echo.

You're experiencing a big change in life direction, and the only advice needed at this point is to take it slow. Trust you know where you're going, and try to enjoy the ride. You could be feeling restless, thinking that there must be more you need to do, but everything is already in motion. Maybe adding an air fryer to the vision board wouldn't hurt anyone, but don't push it any further. As you know, you already have everything you need.


You've been called a lot of names over the years, but the only ones that ring true to you now are Mogul and Master Manifestor. You've learned that defending yourself to those who can't even see who you are only gives them more fuel to be delusional with, and so it's time to step back and stick to your lane, which consists of getting everything that you need.

This confidence is about to make you very attractive. Perhaps you're feeling flirty with a Taurus or a Pisces. Most importantly, you're magnetic to those who can help to bring your creative vision to life. This isn't necessarily a collaboration, but someone who could get you in the room to be the shining star that you are. Keep your eyes peeled.


Are you using the resources around you to their fullest potential? You're reworking how you see yourself gathering a new sense of stability, but you may be unsure if your intuition is leading you to that same place. If so, this is an indication that it's time to quiet the mind. You could be looking further ahead than is necessary right now, and it's time to come back to present.

The best path towards stability is building confidence in your money making skills. This is done through paying closer attention to all the different ways you can use what's available to you right now. Mastering your current tools is what will open the door to the next realm of possibilities. Trying to jump to the end is what leads to feeling like there's something missing. Step back from the bigger picture, just for now, and only listen for what feels good to do next. Trust everything else to shape itself out from that.

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