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Friendship/Business Partner Synastry

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  • 300 US dollars


The Friendship/Business Partner Chart Reading is beneficial for those who are best friends and interested in learning what connects them, and for those who are trying to improve upon a friendship. The synastry chart can show where the clashes exist, and how they can be treated or remedied. Similarly for a colleague or coworker, this chart reading can help to clarify if this can be a successful long term partnership, what each others’ strengths and weakness are and how those complement, or if this is just meant to be a temporary collaboration. You can also select this reading to see what your synastry is like with another family member (see more instructions on this in the FAQ’s). For synastry charts, both parties involved will need to know their exact time of birth. The Friendship/Business Partner Chart Reading will fall to around 40-45 pages. It will be emailed to you approximately 7-10 days after the date and time you select for your booking to the email you provide in the booking form. Please specify in the comments whether or not the second person is a friend or colleague. There is no option for a live reading at this time. All readings are written and sent as a PDF, but you are always free to email me with any questions or further clarification needed once you've received the reading. Each chart reading will have a full data sheet of both of your birth charts to reference, courtesy of It’s a free site you can go unto as well and pull up the chart yourself. Though you may see many different asteroids listed on the data sheet, the Friendship/Business Partner Chart Reading will be covering the Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, as well as your North Node and South Node, Chiron, Lilith and Juno placements. The example provided below is based on Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg’s birth charts using their birth information found on

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