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Romantic Synastry (Full)

Does this mean we're soulmates?

  • 300 US dollars


It's recommended to get the Romantic Synastry (Full) Chart Reading at least three months into a committed romantic relationship. Past the honeymoon stage, this reading dives into what a future could look like with this person. Along with going through your similarities and differences, this reading will analyze your union’s potential for long-term commitment, where you may trigger each other, the purpose you have in each other’s lives, and all the other spicy, juicy details about your chemistry. Note, a relationship only works when two people choose to show up and do the work of commitment. Without this, there is nothing. It is also my belief that all challenges can be worked through, and can bring you closer as opposed to further apart. Don’t despair if it seems like there may be a lot to work through. Similarly, two people who have great affinity within their charts isn’t necessarily a translation to a smooth sailing relationship. At times, growth together is not possible here and reacting with the same mannerisms as someone else can prevent both of you from overcoming an issue. All these things are just more reasons not to rush into getting a synastry chart reading. It’s important to have clarity on where you and your partner stand to know what potentials within this chart reading are truly possible for your union. The Romantic Synastry (Full) Chart Reading will fall to around 40-50 pages. It will be emailed to you approximately 8-10 days after the date and time you select for your booking to the email you provide in the booking form. There is no option for a live reading at this time. All readings are written and sent as a PDF, but you are always free to email me with any questions. Note, the chart reading will only be analyzing the energy of compatibility between you. My chart readings do not subscribe to gender norms. Each chart reading will have a full data sheet of both of your birth chart information to reference, courtesy of It’s a free site you can go unto as well and pull up the chart yourself. Though you may see many different asteroids listed on the data sheet, the Romantic Synastry (Full) Chart Reading will be covering the Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, as well as your North Node and South Node, Chiron, Lilith and Juno placements. The example provided below is based on Kehlani & Danielle Balbuena’s birth charts using their birth information found on

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